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I’m kinda confused why so many people in the Eldarya Fandom don’t like Ezarel because he’s ‘so rude to Erika’ and 'such an asshole’.
Well, Castiel is one of the most popular boys in the MCL Fandom and as far as I remember, he was also kinda shitty to Candy in the beginning.
Trust me, Ezarel is getting easy to like in the next episodes and he’s actually my favorite boy in this game! (Also Nevra and Kero, but you can’t date this cutie, sooo..)

This blog doesn't support TV Negan in the slightest. This blog is over giving chances to this monstrosity AMC created. Hate for TV Negan is valid and warranted and nobody should be made to feel bad for hating, disliking or being endlessly disappointed with what the show has done to this amazing, brilliant character from the comics.



Well someone once reminds me that Saeyoung wanted a real family..

Saeyoung sleeping with the babies because ha-neul doesn’t want to let go of him. Ha-yun just copying him.

Oh and look finally the mcs appeared in this au. In case you guys don’t know the left one is saeran’s, the right is saeyoung’s. Yeah my au is kinda complicated. I will try to explain later-  😂

The picture of saeyoung and babies is based on a video. Another quickie art of MM before I start cramping myself with commissions.



Rogue One alternative ending: Jyn Erso & Cassian Andor blowing up the Death Star.


Casual Prompto! Look at him wearing his boyfriend best friend’s clothes
D’awww how gross, they match ahahaaha!
Here we go something that isn’t quick this time!
Sister piece to the Noctis one I did a while back


How Dan and Phil probably broke up #25
  • Dan: *wins another Dan vs. Phil*
  • Phil: all or nothing

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