Would you consider professional flirting a power? Idk

Zen’s the guy you’d go to if you need some help in hand-to-hand, blade-to-blade combat. Replication is his main thing, and it comes in handy when tackling the bigger, badder villains. The clones however, only possess his base proficiency at combat and flirting and none of his other powers. He also has a sporadic Psionic Intuition, which allows the team to see glimpses of the future (psychic dreams anyone?). Albeit fleeting, Zen tends to be extra sensitive to the bigger-scale, future-altering, history-making events. He might not be able to see how well you’d do in a test, but he’d definitely see Godzilla rising out of the water a couple days or weeks before it happens, so don’t worry. :D

Adoptive Muscle Memory is less of a power and more of a skill he developed. Quick perception and hella body-eye coordination allows him to study your moves and learn them with time. Short battles are of no use to him, but if the duel is extended or you come back for a rematch, then watch out bc he’s probably got all ur moves figured out. 

Yes, I did the math and estimated that his sword would be about 0.84m long in proportion to his height, which I think was about 5″9. I’m extra that way.

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Can i request uhhhhhh an MC who has those glow in the dark stars on her bedroom celling and shes embarrassed about it ( but also loves them bcos she loves space ) and how the RFA + saeran + v would react to it ?? Big fan btw ^^

hello hello and thank you so much! ^^ also a big fan?? rip my heart

ahh I used to have them too they were great! this was also hella cute!!   (female mc since you used those pronouns in your request!)

no cut cause that didn’t work well last time haha ^^;; also route spoilers


  • are you kidding?? he has them too. that’s not even a “probably”
  • probably saw her bringing a new pack of them to the apartment and got excited
  • when he first brings up the space station mc squealed at the idea and he got super blushy 
  • but she didn’t know he knew she had the stars 
  • when he comes over to the apartment she offers him the bedroom at first, forgetting she put them up 
  • he denies that but she eventually forces him and realizes as soon as they walk through the door 
  • she starts getting all embarrassed and stutters about taking them down
  • but he just laughs and pats her head, telling her that he has them too 
  • the two of them end up talking about how cool space is and fall asleep on the floor lmao 
  • they are now the Space Aesthetic™ couple


  • he went over to help clear her apartment when they move in together
  • mc was looking around the living room while he unknowingly went to her room
  • he saw the stars and automatically thought they were super cute
  • when mc found him he was looking at the ceiling with a huge grin
  • she took it as a “im laughing” grin and got super embarrassed
  • “ahaha sorry about those,I just..like space…I know I should’ve gotten rid of them by now..”
  • Yoosung literally does not care: “they’re adorable!!” 
  • his name on the messenger has a star there’s no need to be embarrassed, mc
  • they end up taking them to their new apartment and keep them up
  • probably buy even more and cover all the walls, too. and in different colors


  • Zen found out before they “officially” moved in together 
  • It was the night Unknown broke into rika’s apartment
  • She had trouble sleeping and at first Zen just thought it was due to what happened
  • but not even a bedtime story kept her asleep for long
  • When he finally asked if there was anything she thought would help, she muttered something about glow in the dark stars 
  • he didn’t hear her at first so she repeated herself but it also came with a fast spoken excuse about loving space and the stars 
  • you bet he thought it was the most adorable thing
  • actually went out and bought some and decorated the ceiling for her 
  • and after a bit of cuddling she was peacefully asleep 
  • she didn’t stay in his house for too long, but he kept them and put them in his room
  • now it helps him sleep because it reminds him of her
  • also reminds him of the first time he took her up to the roof aww


  • the first “girls night” they had at her place, she saw the stars while setting her bag in mc’s room
  • had more questions than an opinion on it, really
  • when she asked mc, she was like “oh no I was supposed to take those down;;” mc you can’t say the sweating emoji come on
  • Jaehee is immediately like “no no, they’re cute. I was just wondering”
  • mc explains to her how much she likes the night sky and space and it ends up being a long explanation with her slowing down and blushing in the middle of it
  • Jaehee is grinning while listening because her “best friend” is so cute 
  • believe it or not but those stars helped get them from friendship to relationship
  • mc’s stars were losing their glow, so Jaehee bought new ones for her birthday 
  • the present also came with a note of a cheesy pickup line(she’s never asking the rest of the rfa for those again)
  • said pickup line was: “these stars light up your room, but you light up my life” …@ myself that’s both cute and making me want to roll my eyes


  • mc was super embarrassed to tell him 
  • …so she didn’t 
  • she just kinda..bought some and put them on the ceiling when he was on one of his trips
  • she needed a bit of help…it’s a high ceiling
  • but he came back late at night, almost 3am, and saw that mc was sleeping with Elizabeth in her arms and the stars on the ceiling 
  • he found them cute so he wasn’t planning on doing anything except letting her know he was back and getting into bed 
  • she woke up all sleepy and excited that her husband was back 
  • wait…her husband’s back  and there’s glow in the dark stars on the ceiling
  • she’s wide awake again before he settles into bed and straight up starts apologizing for being childish 
  • Jumin is so surprised he just stares at first before he realizes and puts a hand on her cheek before kissing her forehead
  • tells her he thinks it’s cute and to not apologize for her interests 


  • V here actually visited her after like a week after the party(mc got with no one >.>)
  • she was surprised but invited him in because no one had seen him since like the third day she joined rfa
  • they talked about some stuff like where’s he been and the success of the party
  • V requested to take a look around the apartment to make sure it’s safe
  • he also probably never seen the whole apartment
  • when he turned off the light to the bedroom before leaving, he noticed something glowing
  • “mc..what’s that?” *cue unseen blush and desperate attempt to explain*
  • he listens and chuckles after her “I just love space” bit, which only makes her talk faster good job, jihyun
  • stops her by putting a hand on her shoulder and smiling
  • “I think putting up stars on the ceiling is a great idea, and it suits you”
  • it’s a secret between them, but V likes to tease her a bit because he has so many cute pictures of them and her grinning up at them


  • you see, Saeran won’t even let her get embarrassed
  • he loves it, immediately. it’s a rare time where he let his excitement get the best of him
  • “this is a great idea? it’s like always having the sky with you!”
  • mc is in awe of him being excited, she forgets being embarrassed
  • he totally rearranges them into some constellations 
  • Saeyoung doesn’t even say a thing, teasing or otherwise 
  • those little glow in the dark stars now mean everything to him
  • he really likes to cuddle with her and just look at the constellations they made 
  • but like, he doesn’t tell her that she still knows though lmao
  • they also end up with more than they started out with, even the floor has some

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Hi! What about a Headcanon about how everyone would react to MC who does Mukbang's?? 😊💜

RFA + V + Saeran reacting to MC who does Mukbangs  (vlogs while eating food) 먹방

Oh my god I loved writing this headcanon ^_^ I’ve never seen anyone do an HC about this and I actually thought it was so creative! For those of you who don’t know, Mukbang is just livestreaming while eating food and interacting with the viewers. It’s actually something that’s getting popular lately in Korea so I totally see MC actually doing this xD Also, some who do mukbangs actually get money for it~ Thank you for requesting :D


  • This boy was literally playing his video games while supposedly studying
  • Of course it was LOLOL and he was legit hacking at his keyboard
  • It’s a miracle that his computer is still alive up to this day
  • You had texted him a few times to see what he was doing before you started your live stream.
  • It’s not that you wanted to keep it a secret from Yoosung but it’s a natural reaction
  • No one really likes explaining themselves for what they like to do right?
  • It’s just one of those things you kind of hope that someone else doesn’t find out about
  • You already had a pretty large fan base for your vlogs and live stream as so it would be a matter of time before your boyfriend found out
  • You were sitting there on the floor with a large bowl of spicy rice cakes and a side a kimchi.
  • Today’s theme was comfort food on a budget and you talked about how easy it is to cook all this stuff and how satisfying it is when you taste it
  • While live streaming you always read the comments and answered them because it was fun
  • Some were so cute and some were extremely nice
  • You would make this little motion if shaking your shoulders when you read cute comments
  • Oh the flattery.
  • Yoosung started noticing that a lot of his friends were logging off and was so confused
  • They were in the middle of PVP and like no one ever logs out in the middle of a battlefield.
  • He quickly asked those still online why they were logging out and they said it was to watch a Mukbang live stream
  • They said that the host was really cool and sweet and cute
  • They sent yoosung a link to the video and his reaction was priceless when he saw your face
  • He started sending in a spam of comments hoping for you to read them
  • Oh the secondhand embarrassment.
  • With a slightly full mouth, you cough in surprise
  • Not graceful at all
  • “Yoosung!! What the heck! You’re supposed to be in class right now. Get back to class”
  • And then you tell everyone who was watching that commenter “yoosung⭐” was your boyfriend
  • And after that, all comments during the video turned around to be about you and yoosung
  • What can you say, your fan base really wanted to know who you were dating
  • And Yoosung gained some serious street cred in LOLOL for being your boyfriend


  • You began the livestream fairly late at night but it was the only time you were free
  • And really, the only time you were hungry that day
  • Jumin hadn’t arrived from work yet while you got off work very early that day
  • So you set up your camera you had secretly bought “borrowed” from V (woops)
  • You decided to livestream outside on the penthouse balcony and also for the good lighting
  • You start and give your wacky introduction with some funny chopstick moves
  • “Alright guys, I know it’s been a while but I’m back tonight! I’m outside for a change and we’ll be having late night snacks today”
  • You showed them a box of gyeranppang (계란빵)/Egg bread and some hotteok (호떡)/Korean pancakes.
  • “Actually I didn’t make this. I was feeling lazy and craving some street food. You can’t ever go wrong with street food!”
  • As per usual, you interact with your viewers asking them questions about their favorite street foods and late night cravings
  • It was all fun for you and you had missed doing these broadcasts for a while
  • You were surprised you still had a solid fanbase
  • Then suddenly the comments started blowing up, saying that there was someone behind you entering through the door
  • MC there’s someone in your house!
  • Intruder alert intruder alert!
  • Turn around and run away MC!!
  • So you were a little frightened by their reactions until you looked back and found Jumin right behind you
  • And you looked glamorous
  • Half a hotteok pancake was sticking out from your mouth, so instead of Jumin giving you a kiss as a greeting, he simply took a bite directly from the same pancake sticking out
  • Oh God you were blushing so hard as everyone tuned in was watching this unfold.
  • Jumin saw the camera and the video being recorded and simply asked
  • “Commoner food all of a sudden?”
  • You still loved it when he considered your favorite foods commoner foods. It was really cute in your opinion because he liked that type of food just as much ever since you married him
  • You finished your hotteok with wide eyes and turned back to the screen for a moment
  • “I forgot to tell you guys something. I actually got married while I was away from mukbangs! He’s actually my husband not an intruder.”
  • Jumin caught on and introduced himself super formally (chill boi, just let loose)
  • “Long story short, I married him in 11 days– Ya! Jumin get back here and join me!”
  • He changed clothes first before joining you. He was actually really delighted to do a mukbang with you
  • Given, he had no idea what a mukbang is because “commoner” things
  • “So. What exactly do I do here?”
  • You couldn’t help but laugh. He actually needed help with this
  • “Well first of all, sit right next to me. Really close to me. And then eat. Oh and talk to the viewers too! Looks like they want to meet you. And, I think we’re going to need more food…”
  • Jumin couldn’t deny that the food was so delicious. Remind him to buy more of this food when he gets off work
  • After a while he got comfortable with the live stream even though it was his first time and you left him to it while you went across the street to buy more food
  • You were overjoyed to come back and see him actually enjoying himself.
  • You loved seeing him doing “commoner” things after all
  • The live stream went well into the night and the both of you weren’t no strangers to PDA.
  • Besides, it was fan service anyway.


  • “And on today’s episode of Vlogs with MmmmmC, I’ll be doing something different”
  • Today, your mukbang wasn’t the traditional livestream. Usually you would just be at your apartment eating food that you made for Jaehee because Hey someone’s gotta make food right
  • You were actually doing a lowkey promotion of yours and Jaehee’s Cafe.
  • Considering how large a fan base you had, you decided to use it to your advantage honestly
  • It would make jaehee so happy to know that a lot more people were coming to her Cafe.
  • IT would be a little gift to her from you.
  • You were live streaming from your phone as you walked over to the Cafe
  • “Alright so today, I’ll actually be going to a Cafe and tasting food from there. It’s a somewhat new Cafe but the food is soooooo good.”
  • As you walk in through the door, Jaehee sees you and is suddenly confused. She was cleaning things up before planning to close for the day.
  • “You guys want to know why the food is so good here? It’s because I work here and my girlfriend owns this place! Jaehee come here!”
  • You tell her to introduce herself to your viewers and she does so but very shyly.
  • You give her a little kiss and ask if it’s okay to show them some of the pastries that were in the fridge.
  • Jaehee was totally on board with this and actually took your phone and started showing the viewers around the cafe even though this was her first mukbang
  • The comments coming in were super friendly and positive
  • Most of them were anxious for you to reveal the address of the cafe because for one they wanted to meet you but the food also genuinely looked delicious
  • Some of the fans even begged for more fan service and how could you deny it
  • You loved Jaehee so much, no one had to tell you when to kiss her or not anyway.
  • Every chance you could, you gave Jaehee a peck on the cheek and at one point of the live stream, you were being a cringe cuddly couple as you both fed each other desserts.
  • At the end of the live stream you revealed the location of the cafe and the next morning there was a line outside the Cafe
  • Jaehee was just wonderstruck
  • But she couldn’t thank you enough
  • A part of her was also thinking that there was going to be so much work ahead of you.
  • But it’s okay. You made sure to get Zen and Yoosung on board to help out with baking
  • You already knew you had a large fan base but you didn’t expect them to be this dedicated


  • Zen found out about your Mukbangs the same day it came out into the news that the two of you were dating
  • “And in breaking news, famous actor Zen Ryu has been found to be in a relationship with Ms. MC, a well known mukbang online celebrity.”
  • Okay it was a stretch for you to be called a celebrity but you were definitely well known online.
  • You were surprised that Zen didn’t know yet but it made sense.
  • He was always busy with rehearsals  
  • What he didn’t know was that you also make it rain with your live streams.
  • As the news continued, clips from your old videos were replayed along with some newer ones
  • You were cringing at the old videos
  • Oh my god you were actually a very embarrassing girl back when you started these videos
  • What even was up with your hair and clothes??
  • You couldn’t bare to watch the news so you were going to change the channel but Zen took the remote from you, chuckling at your reaction.
  • “Oh come on MC. You were adorable back then. What happened to you? You became so gorgeous.”
  • “Noooo, it’s so embarrassing! I don’t even know what I was doing back then. Why was I even dying my hair back then oh god what was I”
  • Zen was trying so hard not to laugh
  • For the rest of that day, Zen insisted in re-watching your most popular mukbangs and you gave in
  • You actually laughed at yourself.
  • You were so messy when it came to eating ramen and other noodle dishes
  • Then you got the idea to film another mukbang
  • After all, it had been a few months since you did one and you were feeling kind of nostalgic
  • You looked in the fridge and saw some left overs and thought that was just fine for this episode
  • Finding a camera wasn’t hard and you set up the live stream
  • The viewers came swarming in as they were super excited to see you again especially after the revealing of your relationship with Zen
  • “HI everyone! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Well I’d like to introduce you to a new member of my mukbang Vlogs!”
  • The viewer count reached a new record for you


  • This kid knew about your mukbangs since the beginning
  • Surprise surprise
  • Even if he was in the middle of work he would always join in and watch your live streams
  • He thought you were always so cute but one day he started seeing comments in the chat asking whether or not you have a boyfriend
  • You were both actually at home that day but he was in his office working
  • You were actually surprised when someone asked you that, that you ending up coughing while you had food in your mouth
  • You cleaned yourself up first before telling your viewers about your boyfriend
  • Oh god it was like a slippery slope. One person asked and then a flood of chats came in only asking you about your current relationship status
  • You have no idea why but it made you blush all of a sudden to talk about it
  • But looks like you didn’t have to because Saeyoung actually hacked your livestream
  • So now he was the star of the show and you were just completely dumbstruck
  • “Hi MC! Guess what? I knew about your mukbangs all along *insert cackling noise*”
  • “So you guys were clearly asking her about her boyfriend and let me tell you, she’s taken. By me. And a space ship”
  • He was literally doing his own mukbang with your viewers as he ate honey Buddha chips and talked on and on about you
  • Some viewers were still not convinced about him being your boyfriend as you continued reading the comments
  • Since he was pranking you, you had to get some payback.
  • You grabbed the ramen plate and the udon noodles and went downstairs to his office
  • You casually entered and Saeyoung didn’t notice you there so from behind, you dumped ramen and udon all over his head.
  • Then once again you appear on his camera and say
  • “Yes everyone. This noodle boy is my boyfriend. And well I didn’t really give him permission to hack my livestream. Did I, Saeyoung?”
  • You were literally a laughing mess as Saeyoung was still frozen in his seat.
  • You sat on his lap and well you gave him a kiss on the lips that clearly tasted like spicy ramen
  • You look at the camera, chuckling and say
  • “I think ramen tastes better this way. I encourage you to do this to all your boyfriends and girlfriends *wink wink*”
  • You decided to end the livestream there because you two were about to do some NSFW things
  • It all started after you took his glasses off that were covered in soup


  • V started catching on when he was finding that his video camera always went missing
  • He had it stored with all his cameras so of course he would know what’s missing
  • The only other person who knew where he stored his cameras was you so he went to ask you where it was or if you happened to be using it
  • It didn’t bother him that you just took it, after all he does trust you with all his equipment considering that you also did photography as a hobby and video editing as well
  • You were up in the attic when he found you doing a mukbang livestream
  • It’s called an attic but really it’s your own little secluded room that V had remodeled for you
  • It was a little private space for you to do video editing and pretty much anything
  • You actually didn’t go up there all that frequently because you enjoy being by V’s side rather than away from him
  • When V walked in, you were in the middle of eating Korean fried chicken. So of course your mouth was full and you were messy when he saw you
  • He noticed that you were live streaming as he saw the camera he was looking for and it was hooked up to your computer
  • “Oh my bad. I didn’t mean to bother you MC!”
  • Before he could leave, you grabbed him and sat him down next to you in another seat
  • The comments were flooding and they were asking if this was the guy you always talked about
  • They asked if he was your boyfriend but all you did was kiss him on the cheek to show your viewers the man you loved
  • “V, I never told you that I do these kinds of videos sometimes.”
  • Then you whisper in his ear, “I actually make money doing this”
  • You just didn’t want to rub it in your viewers faces that you make some decent money from mukbang
  • You pull away and ask him to get comfortable and interact with the viewers
  • He talks all about his occupation and he’s so distracted that he didn’t notice you left to get one of his cameras that had recent photos on it.
  • When you come back, you asked him if you could show them some of his photos
  • Seriously you wanted to brag all about V now
  • Of course not to be overbearing or anything.
  • He let you show them some of the photos after all
  • After the live stream ended, you checked your bank account once again and finally you reached the number you wanted so you smiled
  • You pull him out of his seat and downstairs giving him a moment to put on his shoes
  • “Come on, hurry up! I think the store is gonna close soon!”
  • V had no idea what you were trying to say but he quickly got ready and went to the car and you drove to this high end photography and camera shop
  • Once inside, you point at the one camera that’s been on display for so long because it’s legit the best camera in the store
  • “V, I’ve seen the way you look at this one. I know you want it”
  • Oh god V was so flattered and insisted that you shouldn’t buy it for him
  • Ignoring him, you asked the nearest salesperson if you could buy the camera
  • You had absolutely no regrets even if all your money in your side account was drained
  • V had absolutely no words
  • He couldn’t believe what you just bought him but he showered you in so many kisses
  • You tell him that it’s a belated anniversary present. You were saving up for it
  • Then he suggested getting some take out food and added
  • “From now on, can I join you in your mukbangs?”
  • YES


  • Explaining what mukbang was turned out to be harder than you thought
  • Not to say he was dumb or anything of that sort, he just wasn’t up to date with all the trends
  • Because honestly he couldn’t care less about trends
  • So you settle on just showing him instead
  • He helped you make the food but after all that he still decided to only eat an ice cream cone
  • As you turned on the live stream, he sat in the far back behind you watching.
  • What was up with this kid???
  • He legit looked like a ghost in the back of the camera and people in the comments were actually asking if there’s a poltergeist in your house
  • You take this chance to poke at saeran and when you looked back you said you saw nothing even though saeran was there
  • Oh it bothered Saeran that you were messing with him like this
  • Then the chats started blowing up as you ate. The viewer commented with tips on how to get rid of a ghost
  • You looked back and continued to say
  • “Guys I don’t see a ghost!”
  • Finally, Saeran got up and got closer to the camera but you acted like he wasn’t there while everyone was just freaking out that your camera must be supernatural or something
  • Now that you got his attention, you took Saeran’s ice cream cone and ate it
  • The poor puppy face he made (>﹏<)
  • But you also pouted and that had him melting
  • “Saeran-ah, you haven’t eating all day! Just eat what I made and I’ll eat your ice cream. Deal!”
  • So he conceded and pulled up a chair and basically did the mukbang for you
  • Of course it was super awkward but you helped him out
  • Before ending the live steam you said
  • “And that’s how you live with a ghost as a boyfriend! Stick around and maybe in the future you’ll see more of my ghost here!”
  • With his pretty much blank face he literally just shoved some food in your mouth to get back at you. Of course he wasn’t aggressive when he did it
  • that had him chuckling deep inside
  • Then he told you
  • “I’ll join your Mukbangs. But not as a ghost”
  • You were surprised that he even said that he would accompany you
  • You never even mentioned or suggested that to him
  • But looks like he actually enjoyed it despite looking a little peeved
  • Then you returned the favor and shoved food into his mouth
  • “Eat up. Unless you want to actually become a ghost, Saeran”


Rumor has it on Halloween night when the moon reaches the stars, you can hear a rare Zen and Jaehee Kang chanting over and over in unison: “Jumin Han, Begone.”

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Good night! :) The request are still open? Maybe can I ask some HC, please? I've got this idea for a time and... How do you think the RFA boys + V & Saeran react to a Fem!S/O who's always been treated like a man for her family and friends? Like she talks, dress, act and treat other people like a man, but gets all shy and blush when her S/O treats her like a female because she thinks that she's not pretty enough to use dresses and stuff like that. Maybe a little bit of nsfw in this? Thank u!!

Good night/day to you, anon :) And of course, you can request things! My ask box is always open!! 

I hope I got your request right - it’s like a…”tomboy” mc, yeah? ahh I’ll try my best, please let me know if I read your request wrong ^^;; I hope you enjoy anyways! And for you, a little nsfw thrown in~ 

alSO I know anon said the rfa boys, but I can’t leave my wife out so she’s in a separate post! edit: which is now [here]!!!

nsfw-ish! (tbh it’s not that nsfw but i tr ied) 


  • it never really occurred to yoosung that mc wasn’t very ‘feminine’, but he did realize the only time he saw her in a dress was at the party
  • which was totally her choice, but it was also how she acted
  • she seemed to always try to be tough, taking on things she probably shouldn’t be doing but again, go her! 
  • but he felt bad that she wanted to carry all those heavy boxes and such
  • then when they went shopping one day, he saw her eyeing this dress 
  • he asks her about it and she says no, which made him pout
  • they left without that dress but he was determined to get it for her..so he did, surprise! 
  • mc grinned at first but then got all shy and asked him why he bought it
  • “Because you wanted it! I could tell..I just..thought you would like it..” what an angel
  • she tells him that yes! she does like it, but she doesn’t think she could pull it off *confused yoosung noises*
  • “honey, you’re beautiful!!” she gets even more blushy and shakes her head 
  • yoosung literally attacks her with kisses until she’s all giggly - kissing her face, neck, and to her shoulders, that they end up on the couch
  •  “come on, hun. how am I beautiful? I never wear dresses!” “you’re beautiful no matter what you wear-even wearing nothing, I want you to wear whatever you want”
  • this whole time, he’s like on top of her on the couch
  • “even wearing nothing?…” mc asks, smiling up at him. he blushes. 
  • “yes. and i’ll show you.” and boy oh boy he does

707 / Luciel / Saeyoung

  • saeyoung kinda knew what was going on, but really found out when he was trying to convince her to cosplay with him
  • “but mc, it would be so fun!!” “but saeyoung, you want to put me in a dress.” 
  • *pouts* “but you’ve seen me in a dress..” “that’s not the point”
  • “please please?? i won’t show anyone or take pictures and even put it on myself!” to really prove it, he throws on a dress himself
  • mc finally agrees 
  • he lets her pick the dress, but doesn’t let her lift a finger after that 
  • helps her undress and even put the other dress on 
  • mc is all blushy 1. from the undressing and 2. from wearing the dress
  • saeyoung grins at her when he’s done and ends up staring a bit
  • mc blushes more, “saeyoung, you’re staring..” “well…you’re hot”
  • “you’re ridiculous” “no seriously. I admit that I glanced a little while helping you” “sAEYOUNG”
  • “I mean, I can return the favor” and he literally takes his dress off right there
  • wow mc is red 
  • and now he starts pointing out his physical insecurities, all of which mc finds ridiculous he looks so good
  • she can’t help herself and starts kissing to what he points to 
  • and now her dress is off and he’s doing the same for her 
  • at the end of that, they look at each other until saeyoung pulls her into a deep kiss
  • guess we’ll have to cosplay another day


  • they were looking through his old costumes and some of them were a little, uh, revealing not anywhere bad geez i mean they were ripped
  • mc is kind of amazed. she asks how he wears them without being so self-conscious 
  • turns out he has a process, it’s not just his ego my boy here has his share of  insecurities 
  • she tries that process one day with a dress when he wasn’t home
  • but he got home early !! and saw her !!! 
  • obviously zen thinks she looks like The Most Beautiful Person Ever 
  • but mc blushes and runs to the closet to hide 
  • “babe! where are you going? that dress looks great on you!” 
  • “no it doesn’t, zen! stop it. I’m just gonna wear jeans forever, even to the party.”  what a dramatic couple 
  • he convinces her to come out of the closet, the dress still on
  •  but she has he arms crossed and is all pouty and not looking at him
  • luckily, he knows exactly what to do
  • he takes one of her hands and kisses from her hand to her shoulder, whispering little compliments until he gets to the other one 
  • and the next thing she knows, he’s doing that for everything?? 
  • her face, stomach, chest, even her legs hahahah i love the body worship hc 
  • and now she’s blushing for a whole other reason…which zen also takes care of ;))


  • oh boy
  • this man wants to spoil mc with dresses, but she never wears them 
  • he asks about that at dinner one night
  • and mc spills that she thinks she’s not pretty enough to wear dresses and it’s so much easier to just…be not feminine 
  • he understands, a little
  • and you know, he could just.. tell her that he thinks she’s beautiful and that she could try wearing dresses if she wanted to 
  • but noooo 
  • this man had to buy her a bunch to tell her
  • mc is shocked when she got home 
  • “i just..” jumin starts, “I think you’re beautiful, and I want you to feel comfortable in whatever you wear. So I thought we’d practice, just here”
  • she indulges him and they have a mini fashion show that’s just her 
  • jumin is there like “wow my wife is amazing”
  • she starts getting more confident at like, the 6th dress but she also starts getting tired
  • so they take a break, she sits next to him on their bed
  • he pulls her over and makes her look at him
  • “see, my love? you’re beautiful in anything..” mc smiles “which was your favorite?” she asks 
  • “this one.” he answers, “because I’m taking it off”

V / Jihyun

  • also pretty much doesn’t care and actually didn’t notice she never wore dresses (ps this baby got the surgery here he deserves this)
  • until he asked her to do a photoshoot with him! 
  • he get so excited about backgrounds and outfits its so cute
  • but mc starts getting shy and of course, he notices  
  • so he asks her about it 
  • and looking into his eyes, mc has to tell the truth i couldn’t lie to him either tbh
  • he listens and smiles at her softly when she finishes talking
  • “oh, angel..you can wear absolutely anything you want and if you don’t want to wear dresses, you don’t have to.” 
  • however, she decides to wear one. Just for him and the photoshoot
  • she surprises him when she comes out of the changing room and V is like, in awe 
  • he thinks she is amazing! wonderful! and he lets her know! 
  • *cue blushy mc* *and grinny jihyun*
  • he gives her a kiss for the surprise and wants to give her like, thousands more
  • but since he’s not that into pda, he takes her into the dressing room to shower her with kisses
  • and then mc says she’s “uncomfortable” in the dress again and that she needs his help “taking it off” bad mc
  • thank god he has his own studio 


  • my bean here gives no fucks 
  • mc is thankful bc she’s so comfortable around him and can do whatever 
  • until the rest of the rfa tells her she has to wear a dress for the party
  • so she tells him to complain a little, but she’s still gonna do it
  • “i think it’d be nice to see you in a dress. different, but nice”
  • aw damn, now she really has to 
  • they go shopping together, saeran picks a really pretty one and she loves it
  • but in the dressing room, she doesn’t think she looks that good
  • “hey, mc! do you need any help in there or?” he calls out
  • “uh, no thank you..I don’t think I’m gonna get it though, Saeran”
  • “why? let me see.” and so he comes in 
  • he tilts his head “you look great in it, why don’t you want it?”
  • she gives him the mini explanation given their whereabouts
  • he frowns and turns them to face the mirror again 
  • “look, I think you look beautiful in this dress. and I know the rest of the rfa will, too. if you really don’t want to wear it, I’ll tell them myself, but if you like it, get it.”
  • both of them are blushing now, but saeran means it
  • and she buys it. they walk out of the store holding hands
  • look i have a hc that saeran is ace so…. 

anonymous asked:

Your suit hcs just killed everyone, so I was thinking.... what if you made formal wear hcs for the girls? Would that be possible? My gay ass is thirsty. Completely okay if you don't want to, though, or if you just can't imagine it. Just an idea. :)

Ladies clothing is a whoooole new can of worms. May you quench your thirst. ;D

Original Suit Headcanons here, part 2 and 3 respectively.

Kiyoko. [Elie Saab]

  • Long, plum velvet that falls to slightly below her ankles. The dress is a long, thigh high split dress with a staggering deep-v neckline that resembles two pieces of fabric falling forwards and being belted around her slim waist with an elegant twist of the cloth. Splits both below and above, this dress is reminiscent of a toga-style, bare backed and embellished with large crystal brooches the shape of bird feathers and other sequins and diamonds clustered around her left shoulder and her right hip. A pair of bare, strappy metallic sandals of around four inches complete her look.
    • This look is all Kiyoko. Her style, her choice and her favourite colour, this dress, although baring a lot, covers without fear any part that isn’t commonly seen. It glides around her like waves due to the reflectiveness of dark velvet, and the cutting wraps around her making her as slim and mysterious as willow.
      • By far, this isn’t the only thing she thought of wearing. Because of her milky skin and slim figure, she can almost wear anything at all and bring it to its potential.
      • However, for an evening affair and among such close friends, she chose fashion and elegance over making a statement or being too eye-catching. Perfect for her personality.
    • Her black hair is left in waves behind her back. Slightly curled and not too long, they cascade past her shoulders and swirl around the base of her neck, adding to her striking profile.
      • Truth be told, she rather dislikes having her hair up. With her jet black hair and stern expression, people usually assume that she’d wear something austere, but she much prefers to let loose.
      • There is minimal product in her hair, except for the heat curling and a setting spray. It looks far too shiny for anything else to tamper with the smoothness of her hair tonight.
    • She doesn’t touch the dance floor at all, despite being asked multiple times by multiple men, she declines them all politely. Preferring to spend time with her team and catch up with other managers that she’s become friends with, she nurses a single martini for the whole evening and enjoys the relatively relaxing mood of the jazz band.

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Everyone’s Getting Married

The Rise of Kamiya

Kamiya is dead set on pursing Asuka, even though she’s in a relationship with Ryu. Since Ryu is a commitmentphobe, it’s easy to see why Kamiya thinks he has a chance. Kamiya wants the same things out of life as Asuka, though he seems obtuse when it comes to picking up on signals. This rather works in his favor.

Kamiya reminds me of an older type of shojo manga love interest—the “alpha male,” if you will. He is the pushy type, but because Asuka doesn’t return his feelings we feel her discomfort.  

Ryu is much more of a contemporary love interest because he reveals his thoughts to us and he’s allowed to be unsure of himself.

Though I am not that keen on Kamiya in general, I am enjoying this war between the older and newer type of romantic interests. I feel that if this series were written a decade or two ago, Kamiya would win. Ryu has had it pretty easy in terms of defeating Kamiya so far, but now Kamiya seems to be evolving into a better guy?!

Volume 5 is out in bookstores this month!

-Editor Nancy

Roka fruit and Obiyuki

As we know plants have special symbolism in AnS, (e.g. the decorative flower Shirayuki has and then Ryu gives Obi its seeds.)

So I thought maybe there’s meaning behind Roka fruit too, because there’s a weird pattern – it  always seems to be featured in the episodes/arcs where Obiyuki’s relationship reaches some sort of a milestone. It’s like the fruit illustrates the ups and downs of their relationship.

For example: the very first time they’re properly introduced to each other is when they harvest Roka fruit together (and he probably recognizes her from somewhere, when he rips off her mask.) Even the fact that the fruit needs to be picked with caution (coz the smell can intoxicate you) might be hinting at the fact that their relationship is still kind of on thin ice.

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anonymous asked:

sorry to ask a history question regarding hwarsng as I know you've posted a lot on it but.. I am honestly so confused on how Ban-ryu has a stepfather and a biological father ?? thank you for your great posts btw they really clear up confusions regarding numerous kdramas

Adoption was a common practice among noble families in East Asia (especially in Japan) that was used when families didn’t have a capable male heir or a son altogether. It was a way for them to ensure the continuity of a reliable male line that would take over as the family head. Those who wished to adopt were encouraged to look within their own extended family for suitable candidates. Though, I’m not sure whether it was the case in the 6th century Silla - for that you would need someone with a Ph.D. in Korean history. 

If you watched Moon Lovers, you might remember that Wang So was an adopted son of the Kang clan from Shinju because King Taejo wanted to appease the powerful clan by adopting his own son to them when their son died. As always, these relations were used for political reasons, alliances and as a way for consolidation of power.