i’m angy because i feel like the producers are playing with the fact that people are gonna watch the drama for takuya and jaejoon when they’re never gonna show a concrete romance scene since “its korea” etc. although there was potential to do something great, their relationship is probably gonna turn out ridiculous in order to keep the audience without really risking anything. it’s becoming basic queerbaiting they’re like, doing really “stupid” scenes in order to keep the bromance going, like the scene in ep4 for example. i think it’s too bad they’re not taking the fact that the show is rated nc-17 as an opportunity to display a real relationship instead of just doing sexual/gross jokes that are just becoming tiring

Love meets modernity when it comes to an episode of Mnet’s The Lover, a drama based around four couples living together. The show is groundbreaking in South Korea, where most people live with their parents until marriage, and many Korean dramas revolve around people who date only to get married.

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Ryu moveset thoughts

SO. The smash update has Ryu’s theme hidden in the files, which might not mean anything but might also mean he’s the next dlc

now, it sounds really easy to come up with a moveset for ryu as he’s a fighting game character already, but there’s several ways they could go about it, especially in regards to A moves. so here’s what I think:

Neutral B: Hadoken

Shoots a fireball in a straight line. Now, I don’t think this should be like Lucario’s fireball, but you might still be able to charge it slightly like Sakura’s fireballs - it should shoot immediately though. Charging could also change other properties like size/speed/distance, or you could even aim it like pit’s arrows (so he’d have Gouken’s ability to shoot fireballs in upwards angles). In the air it’s obviously like marvel’s air fireball (travels diagonally downwards)

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worldwanderingfighter asked:

The dark aura permeates the air. Even common passerby can feel the evil nearby, and quicken they're pace. The mighty warrior, Ryu, has succumbed to the dark Satsui no Hado, and his blood lust is unquenchable. He sits in wait, eager to kill.

Corry looked around the area he sensed a dark evil presence “something’s not right here” he examined his surroundings a malevolent aura came from the demon