London Has Fallen


London Has Fallen Movie Storyline :
In London for the Prime Minister’s funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders.

SO. I just scrolled back through my photos to find #proof of Kit Purrson. I am missing a few but “kit Pursson” was definitely a name given by N through discussion with fans, because of course Kent would name his cat after himself. I’m kind of upset that I don’t have more tweets but Kit’s name was established, as seen with the use of the shortened “purrs.” Also Kit Purrson had his own Instagram, where he would model along with money and champaign (sadly I don’t have these tweets either) So yes Kit Purrson is canon and was an integral part of Kent’s on twitter character development that sadly most comic readers missed out on. 

tygermama  asked:

I keep thinking about foodie!Anakin. like Shmi was such a good cook, someone bought her and Anakin off Watto and made her the ship's cook and Anakin was her helper and then they bought their freedom a few years later and now Anakin is this ridic famous chef, bringing Tatooine cuisine to the Core and using it as a platform to bring awareness to slavery on the Rim and that's how he meets Padme and Obi-Wan's not far behind and then Skywalker Tzai secret recipe becomes a critical plot point?

What an excellent idea sign me up immediately!

Just imagine: he opens a whole chain of restaurants and they’re entirely staffed by escaped and former slaves.

He meets Padme at a benefit held at one of the restaurants, and he’s a bit surprised by her because she’s the first Senator who’s offered anything other than money. She actually seems to want to get involved, to raise the issue of slavery in the Senate and actually try to do something about it.

He meets Obi-Wan because, while Obi-Wan can’t cook to save his life, he really enjoys eating food, and he can’t go to Dex’s all the time.

Okay, no, actually he could. And probably would, if he hadn’t been assigned to Senator Amidala’s security detail once when she announced she needed to go talk policy with the restaurant owners.

But hey, the food is good, if spicy, so Obi-Wan keeps coming back. He prides himself on enjoying a wide variety of cultural dishes. (Anakin decides he likes the guy, and will therefore never tell him that the food he’s eating is the “outlander version,” and significantly milder than most traditional Tatooine food.)

For their first date Padme takes Anakin to this top tier Mon Cal seafood place, because he’s a foodie, right? So she wants to impress him.

For their second date Anakin takes Padme to Dex’s, because he’s heard through the grapevine that she likes it, but also because he wants to send a message. Upscale isn’t really his scene.

Also please imagine an Anakin who’s never had any Jedi training, but has kind of figured some things out on his own. So he uses the Force for really mundane things, and Obi-Wan is alternately fascinated and horrified when he sees plates levitating around the kitchen.

And then there’s that awkward moment when, after they’ve been dating a little over a year, Anakin just kind of blurts out that he should teach Padme their tzai recipe sometime. And Padme doesn’t get why he freezes and then starts babbling, because she doesn’t know enough about Tatooine culture to realize he basically just asked her to marry him.

(She asks Shmi about it later, though, and Shmi is more than delighted to tell her.)

when the worst is over, it’s time to chill

I can’t stop thinking about all the lads in pastel now….what about them being the pastel lads with their tuff gents. the lads in pretty pastel skirts and crop tops and jackets and beanies and the gents wearing cut up jeans and leather jackets with spikes and chains and slicked back hair