faith-in-the-rain asked:

It seems like you have a lot to do. And yet, despite your crazy workload, you spend time making videos, answering questions, providing masterposts to help thousands of people all over the world. I stumbled upon your blog over my winter break and I'm so glad I did. You inspired me to start a bullet journal and that has been a life saver for me. I had never heard of Muji but I ordered the highlighters and markers after I saw your video. I ADORE THEM! I just wanted to say, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!

heyheyhey!!! thank u so much! sometimes people forget that i have my own schoolwork to do and i appreciate this message sooooo much aaaah like i read this aloud to my family thank u for sending me this ur so sweet 💕 it makes me SO happy to know ive helped u to get organized!!! i hope u have a fab day!

With FE Fates just beyond the horrison I will be picking up a Fates muse to kick start my return here! I’ll accept suggestions on who you guys think I can pull off and go from there~ :D

mod2amaryllis asked:

wow ha ha we both had totally crazy nights last night, you went to a show, I sliced up my fingers trying to open a can of coconut milk and got blood in the rice pudding I was trying to make, ha lmao we're so wild

to be fair, blood in the rice pudding is a pretty metal concept

melting-in-feels asked:

I hate/love imagining Beckendorf being alive and just being a big bro to Leo and working together on projects. And Beckendorf is just so proud of his hyperactive Latino little bro when he tamed and fixed festus and when he found bunker 9 and I just... Ahh!! And then just being UNSTOPPABLE together with their machines. And Leo meeting beckendorfs mom (she's alive right?) and just... Yeeeess!!!


to add to that!!!!

  • charlie taking NONE of leo’s shit. ranging from “you can keep making dumb jokes, but i know you’re not okay” to “you thought that was funny, but it was super rude. go apologize to that person.” 
  • that includes the “you know you don’t NEED to be in a relationship to be part of the gang, right? it’s okay to be on your own” talk. leo needed it from someone who maybe understood the whole ‘maybe i should just stick to machines and not people’ thing
  • charlie/leo teasing each other about random things. “i’m surprised you can lift that drill leo, your arms are basically just. noodles.” etc
  • the nicknames leo would give charlie omfg. please imagine leo calling beckendorf ‘charlzilla’ just picture it
  • nyssa clunks them BOTH over the head with a wrench when they’re annoying her and they both just mumble “sORRY….”
  • leo telling charlie about his mom eventually–after charlie notices the tapping out in morse code leo constantly does. he understands enough of it to get the message, and asks. leo is embarrassed but tells him anyway. after that leo gets a random invite out to the beckendorf household for the next big holiday. it’s a nice few days for him there.
  • and now i’m stuck thinking about how after the gaea battle, charlie would never be able to watch fireworks.
  • how he’d have to tell their siblings that festus is gone, that leo isn’t ever coming home
  • he doesn’t let himself cry about it openly, but he’ll vanish to the bunker on his own on the bad days and come back with suspiciously red rimmed eyes and a roughness in his voice
  • :(