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Let's be real here. T'Challa suddenly opposing the Accords in fic and turning into an ATM for the Secret Avengers has absolutely nothing to do with T'Challa or his political stance, and everything to do with sparing Steve the minor embarrassment of having to call Tony to ask if he can keep using daddy's credit card despite the CW.

I mean, I feel lucky because I’ve only seen ONE fic where that happened (well, I saw one where he provided them gear but I was actually kinda okay with it, in the framing of the story) but yeah. I mean realistically, if Steve wants to do anything he’d either have to get to Fury or he’d have to call Tony. They are FUGITIVES FROM THE UNITED NATIONS. Who were apparently so frightening that 117 countries got together to try to form a council to oversee them. The world doesn’t seem to be huge fans of the Avengers so really Steve is not just awash with options here.

As a writer I understand the need sometimes to try and convey controversial topics in our writing, but I find if you have absolutely no knowledge or experience with some of it to write it appropriately you just shouldn’t do it.

I recently read 3 separate fics that upset me. One of them being the reader was in an abusive relationship. As someone who has been in such a relationship, I felt it was in just such poor taste all the way around and lacked the proper message that this sort of behavior IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE. Yet there were messages saying the man’s behavior was “hot” and “attractive.” It was made justifiable by the authors writing because he “loved,” her and she “loved,” him.

That isn’t love.

It’s CONTROL. Absolute control by using someone’s trust against them and mentally bullying them into a corner. Running them down until they feel helpless and worthless and, above all, confused.

If you cannot properly write that mental struggle to free yourself and properly depict such behavior in any shape or form as vile and UNATTRACTIVE please, I beg you, do not voice on something you have yet to experience. That you have no idea how it can affect the abused years after they are freed from it.

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Im new to DC and Im really confused about Barbara Gordon. Is she currently paralyzed in canon? Thank you!

I’m afraid not :( new 52 erased her time as Oracle in BoP, too. In Gail Simone’s run which was from Batgirl #1-34, they had her miraculously get better but Simone did a lot of work to show the affects of the paralysis, including flashbacks and PTSD that impaired Barbara’s work as Batgirl. However with Batgirl #35, her mental illness seems to have disappeared and Babs has been infantilized a lot. 


don’t get me wrong here, mick, i’m OVERJOYED that … we’re gonna try and make us work & all. i’m just … really worried that people are going to be angry at us for — jumping back in so soon after you broke things off with noella. and i know, i care too much what other people think, but if i’m being honest, it’s more i don’t want to wake up to tris smothering me with a pillow.

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Omf I'm looking at all of these anons talking about height bc I stalk your blog every night and like. I'm about 6 foot and only 14 omf😭😭😭😭

Teach me your ways because I need that

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By the same token though I've come to understand that trans aus and 'gender swap' aren't totally equivalent either because it's silly to pretend that trans people and cis people are interchangeable (not because trans people aren't really their genders but because they are marginalized and the details are complicated) so people decided to use the term cis-swap instead because then it's not inferring that the word gender would automatically have a cis meaning.

of course, i think i got the term wrong (i said binary swap instead of cis-swap) and i realize they aren’t completely interchangeable, but hey, i’m fine with a trans au so i just kinda stuck with that! it wasn’t completely in place of it or “the only alternative” it was just kinda what happened. i’m sorry if the change seemed like it was devaluing the concept? i didn’t intend that at all? (also don’t worry about starting discourse i’m not angry or disagreeing with any of these opinions, and if i get a ton more messages correcting all this i’ll just make a little post about it) i think i just liked the concept of a bunch of trans voltron characters so that was that. they’re completely different aus i just changed it to the other one because it seemed nice and that was what was suggested to me.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i’ve done trans aus and i’ve done cis-swap, this one just turned into a trans au

Music Box "Reminiscence" BETA
  • Music Box "Reminiscence" BETA
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Another composition sample before they’re all released on the site.

This one highlights Aaron and Melody’s innocence in their childhood. It’s got kind of a sad tune in it, but not by much. It’s difficult to make things sound like the words “explore” “mystery” “innocence” and “sadness” all in one, but it’s just a BETA after all.