“Aedion grinned at his queen as the entire world went to hell.”
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why a sana season will be AMAZING

sana bakkoush was my first favourite character on the show, as it was the iconic first bus meeting in ep3 of s1 that really sold me on this show! this post is really just all my positive thoughts and feels about my girl sana possibly getting a season and it is waaay too long, but it turns out i love sana a lot ok?? ok:

  • probably most important: a muslim hijabi girl as a main character. 
    • amazing representation that young hijabi girls deserve. 
    • also in the current political climate in europe and the us, this is so important
    • the show is and should be targeted at norwegian teens, and muslim girls are a group of norwegian teens that are rarely represented in our media
    • i want to know more about sanas relationship with islam, what does it mean to her? we know a bit and i would love to know more
    • also related to that, how does islam fit into norwegian cultures and traditions and how sana interacts with that?
    • im a culture nerd, literally that is what i study atm, so: culture in our global multicultural society is ever-changing and closely related to our identities and how chose to take part in different communities. sana is a perfect character to explore this: 
      • obviously, she choses to wear the hijab which right away signals to others her faith
      • she doesnt want to drink or hook up, her faith is more important
      • but she actively wants to take part in a russebuss, a tradition very closely related to some of those things she isnt interested in
      • she also wears the traditional costume of norway, either bunad or festdrakt
      • basically, sana is representative of so many people in our society today, who challenge the outdated way many people think about culture as something static and clearly defined (looking directly at some right wing politicians in norway, who talk like they only know the 1960s definitions of culture)
    • the show smacking down on islamophobia - i am READY to see that on my screen and on the most popular show in norway atm
    • the lovely @imansmeskinis​ wrote a very good post about things she wants to see explored wrt sana and islam, if you haven’t: read it!!
  • and obviously: more sana - who is undeniably a Badass character who has had some of the best moments of this show tbh
    • when she took over that first bus meeting, with a “well-functioning plan”, leaving all the girls shook and very ????? and sana goes: “i think this well good..” with that knowing look. ICONIC SCENE imo
    • that time she apparently asked one of the penetrator guys if his nose was bigger than his dick!!???”!?
    • actually got at least vilde and eva to believe that her hijab was magical, that she was psychic and that she could see the ghost of kasper lol
    • getting the guys’ weed out of evas house while the police was there, then use it to blackmail isak into going to kosegruppa while still keeping 10% of the drugs, because it’s “good to have”
    • wrapping said 10% as a christmas gift for isak
    • what a legend!!
    • imagine a season where every clip has the potential for this level of greatness!

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Hello, friends!

It was requested more than once so here it is: my YouTube channel!

I’ll be posting a variety of content: speed drawing videos (both digital and traditional), tutorials, art tips, drawing challenges, q&a videos in my pajamas, etc. Maybe even a random vlog here and there. And, of course, suggestions are always welcome!

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don’t you just stand in awe at what kusanagi did here? because i do. she said awfully lot about multiple characters without letting them even speak about it.

she is using her characters to explain each other. like did soo won say anything about himself? anything at all beside those two clipped shocking lines? did he make any certain expressive expression in the two panels he appeared in? non. but why does it feels he was there the whole time? because indeed he was, in the eyes of other character. because he was viewed through their own, mind you, completely different, views.

we got min soo’s view of why he may be hated, ogi’s view of why he may be loved, and in these views we saw the confusion. even though min soo does hate him, he can’t help but seems to understand his actions considering his position as a king. while even though ogi loves him, he can’t help but mind his betrayal. they actually represent us the readers. all akayona fans are divided into these two confused views when it comes to soo won. and there goes kusangi, making you relate with secondary characters who appeared for what? 2 chapters? because you think the same, you almost said “me too!” at one point (tell me i kept saying it every time ogi spoke) all while making these characters help explain the main, complicated one.

Kusanagi is using her cast in the most flawless brilliant manner to build the story. the world feels so real and complete on its own it’s like she isn’t even there. like, yes, she is practically feeding us pain, but doing it so magically i can’t even complain. 

I understand if you’re pissed at Marvel, as you should be, as you ABSOLUTELY should be, but I think an all out boycott of the company will not be effective. Because right now Marvel is attempting to pass the buck and pretend like it’s ‘diversity’ that’s pulling down their readership. They’re not learning from low sales, they’re doubling down on the Nazism because of it.

To them, Nazism is a spectacle, an event, something to lure people in.

So, a more effect protest/boycott is to stop spending money on the series that are currently Hydra-infested shitholes and spend the money instead of diverse titles. Not because this protest is necessarily effective, it’s not really. But so that titles about diverse characters or written by diverse writers don’t suffer because of this. People still need the America Chavezes and Kamala Khans and Miles Moraleses of the world. Kids still rely on them on representation and I just KNOW they’ll be the first characters/comics to go when readership really does get that bad.

Drop something as soon as Hydra touches it, do not support this blatant Nazi-apologism, but recognize that a blanket protest is going to have a lot of fall out and the comics/characters/creators hit the hardest aren’t going to be the Nazi-apologists, it’s going to be the newer, more diverse characters.

So, I ask of you–let your protest have nuance. But I also ask that knowing that a lot of people cannot bring themselves to support Marvel in any way at this point and if that is true, please support non-Marvel comics about diverse characters written by diverse people.

(Also, if you’re still invested in the characters that are currently being fucked by the Nick Spencers of Marvel, PLEASE remember there are free online alternatives. You can find out what’s happening without supporting Marvel financially right now. You may not think your individual purchase matters and, for the most part, you’re right, but these things add up.)

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I feel like Dre has a special liking for other red-eyed Sanses, since they come from the same place.

Cereza!!! @ecto-tiddy


found these super old sketches while cleaning out some ancient folders.. probably shouldnt post these lol but then for some reason posting stuff always makes it feel more like closure lol. clickthrough for descr.

Taking baby and child spirits away from their parents is such an awful idea. Sometimes you have no choice to take in a child for their safety, or you can’t find an adult of their species to help care for them, I understand that and applaud anyone who can handle the difficulties. I have young spirits I’ve taken in for various reasons and some of them I couldn’t find an adult to help, because there were so few of their kind left I literally could not find a single other individual or they were exiled from their civilization for their (deceased) parent’s crimes or other reasons. I’ve rescued orphans of a species I had badly wanted to work with for a very long time where, after taking them to adults who could help, the entire species declared me an enemy because my involvement with the child meant I had a part in their tragedy, nevermind that I had been the one to rescue them. And I still returned the child knowing this would happen.

There are issues with babies that have been said before: Chances are that you’re not prepared for a human baby, much less a spirit where you do not even exist within the same plane and cannot be there for them the majority of the time they need you. The issue of exactly where you or the spirit shop obtained the child. That they’re a developing creature and not something cute to be your pet. I won’t list every issue.

But consider this too: No matter what you do, there is a high chance of the child’s development being stunted. It doesn’t matter what you are Over There, you’re a physical human here and this is where you are centered. Even if you are a member of their species Over There, can you really say that you have the full experience of growing up and adulthood necessary to raise them?

Can you show a dragon where their fire comes from or reassure them that yes this is what it feels like at their age and their feelings are perfectly normal, no their fire isn’t sick? Or reassure them that the bursts of magic and energy beneath their scales are at a normal level and you don’t need to see a healer? Do you know what to do when they get a headache from the influx of magic that every child of their species goes through? Can you make sure they’re learning everything the other dragon parents are teaching their hatchlings?

Or what about taking in a young demon and they have no choice but to follow you on this plane, how well equipped are you for handling the insecurity and other issues that can come from seeing the way humans view demons? What are you going to do when your child sees nothing but Christian depictions of evil demons and bad horror flicks? Are they even going to see anything beyond biblical demons in media if you live in a mainly Christian area, or are you going to have to deal with their issues from that as well?

When a multiheaded spirit with separate personalities can’t stop fighting and begins to hate themselves and wish they could remove the others, are you really able to help them through that? Do you have any idea how to talk with them? Do you even have the slightest level of personal experience so that they don’t feel like you don’t understand a single thing they’re going through?

With any number of predatory spirits, can you help them to understand that their urges are natural and everything is okay? And really help them to understand what is okay to hunt and what is not, and why you still have certain morals, and how to use their weapons and hunt properly and not get hurt in the process? To not get lost in their bloodlust? Gods forbid you have a cannibalistic spirit or one with major hunger issues, can you handle those instincts?

I could list any number of examples but my point is that you are a human on this plane and they are not, and your development cycles and learning are not mutual.