I’m going to say my peace and be done with it.

We prided ourselves on it then and should pride ourselves on it now. 

We fought with our resilience and determination. With our education and faith . We fought with our presence and unity. Most importantly, we fought and won without the use of our fist. That in itself allowed the world to see the real enemy for the savages they were and still are. 

Don’t believe me? I have the proof sitting right next to me, the proof in the form of a strong, accomplished black woman. My grandmother, who lived it. My grandmother who marched, who along with thousands of others used her tongue instead of knives to cut through the hate. She sits next to me a college graduate, voter, hard worker, money not an issue, a happy and successful marriage and a large multiracial family surrounding her. Most of those things wouldn’t be possible if non-violent protest weren’t the route taken. 

Did they get everything accomplished? No, but they got a hell of a lot further then many others. No matter how frustrated, how furious, just remember they felt the same…they felt stronger. Now it is our turn to finish what they started by walking in their foot steps, taking the high road, same as they did the heroes before them. 

So to answer your question… I agree, violence is worse.

sometimes i see someone in the tags (read: the pagan tag) and check their blog to see if they’re serious and they are and I don’t even know how to handle the mess of ‘jews are actually aliens from another planet/sacred geometry/crystal pyramids in the Bermuda triangle/Atlantis/alien gods’ thing because unraveling that amount of tinfoil and science denial would take like three more scientists, a deprogramming specialist, lots of charts, trips to five different countries and more reading material than my private library (which at the last count clocked in at 2k books going onto 3k).

And I just… how can you be so far removed from reality and still know how a computer works. how does your brain deal with the cognitive dissonance. HOW.

Out of all the clones:

  • Rachel has two mediocre mother figures, and one dies before the series starts and the other one is barely a mother figure at all (how do we classify Marion even)
  • Alison’s mother is only mentioned, she is terrible
  • Helena has two mediocre mother figures, and one dies before the series starts and the other one she brutally murders
  • Cosima’s mother is never mentioned
  • Sarah and her link to Kira is the center of the show, and she has a mother figure in Siobhan

I don’t know. Discuss?!

It’s frustrating not knowing what’s happening or what the plan is right now but I have to say that I’m extremely impressed with how Louis’ image overhaul is going so far. The people working for him are doing something right for a change.

And with that being said, I’m going to trust that they know what’s best and that they have their heads on their shoulders. Even if we don’t see exactly what we want or what we think should happen I’m deciding to trust in what’s presented to us. There’s still over a month left of break left and look how far we’ve come in just a few weeks.

i’ve gained a few pounds recently and my tummy has become a bit pudgy and instead of being negative about it, i’m genuinely like ‘look at my cute little body, i’m happy anyways’, no joke tumblr has infused so much self-positivity in me over the past two years and it really has payed off tbh

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What if ISU changed the judging system to all or nothing. No deductions, you can only accumulate points according to decently executed jumps. If you attempt a jump but fall on the landing, zero points. If you stick the landing, then the points for the jump will be determined by GOE. One would say that difficulty should come into question, however if one attempts something they ultimately cannot do, why should they receive credit for it. Actually nvm, I feel like a mean teacher now lmao.

Maybe you’ve forgotten what figure skating is. Figure skating is a sport, and the essence of sports is pushing the limits and breaking boundaries in the world of the sport. If these judging systems were to be implemented, figure skating would simply turn into a performance of how “perfect” you can make yourself look, and it’ll definitely hinder the growth of the sport. Imagine Kurt Browning not landing the first quad ever, Yuzuru Hanyu not learning all those different quads, Adam Rippon not attempting the 4Lz. The current system is not perfect, I have to say, but it’s not a completely flawed system. It rewards skaters who try to improve, who attempt new jumps that others have never tried before. In fact, I think we should reward more skaters who take risks, rather than be happy with a performance that’s flawless, but plain and mediocre. It all leads to progress for figure skating, and especially for figure skating, which is a sport where there is no apparent limit (yet) for how far the sportsmen can push. 

And no matter how much of an ass Cinquanta is, I don’t think the ISU will ever change figure skating judging into this ^^” 

Not annoying in the slightest.  And I would like to think that you are not the only person wondering, hence why I’m answering this publicly.  (I do hope you don’t mind.)

I’ve actually been pondering when I should start posting the story - it’s more or less ready for prime time (particularly when you consider that the Alphaverse, which was actually written first, is really, really not), but at the moment I’m still struggling with an uneven amount of time on the internet, so finding the time to upload and then respond to reviews (let alone properly promote it) is tricky.  

(And honestly, I feel terrible about not being up to editing the Alphaverse right now.  I just don’t have the brain power to devote to it, and it really needs some substantial devotion.)

Plus I have a PLAN to start posting another chaptered Heart ‘Verse story in the next few months, but that one is going to involve a slightly extended posting schedule (akin to wendymarlowe did with Dear John, and what flawedamythyst is doing now with Skeletons).  I hate posting fics simultaneously, so I don’t really want to start one when I haven’t finished the other.


Basically, I am one big mess of sleep-deprived uncertainty and self-doubt.  Which I think makes me a writer.  Or a mom.  You know, same old same old.

(Also, anyone looking for adorable pics of my adorable sons, they’re over on my LJ at the moment.  The big one learned how to ride a bike without training wheels.  The little one learned that if he shoves his fingers in his mouth, there’s no room for the bottle.  It was an educational week in many ways.)

the amount of moral and logical absolutism I see on this site makes me seriously nauseous sometimes… like… pls do not shun your responsibility to research and think critically about the things you preach 


               Clint doesn’t love to wear hearing aids for the fact that he doesn’t like drawing attention to his deafness. Stark’s redesign of his hearing aids are still noticeable, two purple shells that wrap around the back of each ear are hard to miss, not to mention they can make his ears a bit sore when worn for long periods of time (like headphones). Clint wears his hearing aids maybe 60% of the time when he’s not on missions.

My mom is trying so so hard to be supportive and I know that and I just. I just smiled so big bc she’s on the phone and idk was referring to me but kept things completely genderless and that was like the first time I’ve heard her do that without like pausing and getting slightly flustered. And she’s trying. She still tells me I’m pretty and doesn’t understand why that upsets me so much but she’s really trying and i appreciate that so so much. I love my mom.

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So I know you're not about labels yourself, I was wondering if you identified more with Ronan or Adam because of the way they're written? I was just curious on your take on TRC's treatment of sexuality in general.

i saw this friday and just now answered because i’ve been trying to come up with a good answer.

Sexuality wise, I like Adam and Ronan’s story-line.  I’d be fine with Adam and Ronan’s sexuality stand-alone but their ‘romance’/sexualities aren’t the focus or the only ones in the novel

bottom line is the problem is the way Ronan and Adam’s story and sexuality is shown juxtaposed to Blue and Gansey’s.

Blue and Gansey are both blatantly heterosexual, or at least have their heterosexuality mentioned:Gansey was mentioned to have several girlfriends, Blue’s curse is always built around the boy she’d fall in love with. the closest thing we get is Ronan’s response to Kavinsky’s “but you didn’t say you don’t swing that way,”  but that’s the thing. no, he “didn’t say that”. we hardly get anything from Adam. nothing that’s explicit. nothing that’s blue’s “I have a crush on Richard Gansey.” I honestly don’t have any reason to think Adam returns any of Ronan’s feelings (again, not through with BLLB, but I’m close and we had Adam telling Blue she’s pretty just a few chapters in TRB).

There are a lot of people who have said much better things on this subject in a lot better ways, but here’s me struggling through it

its 2:45am and im working on my presentation..but here are some homey AU’s just because
  • You stay up late and work at night so I bought you some coffee and a light snack. I also bought my blanket so I’m going to lie down here because I dont wanna sleep alone in our bed.
  • You hate doing dishes. I hate doing dishes. We end up eating out of disposable plates for a whole week after having a fight over whose turn it was to do the damn dishes.
  • We live in an apartment. I wanted a puppy. You got me a plant instead. WTF!
  • You keep ‘accidentally’ using my toothbrush. YOU’RE DISGUSTING! WHY DO I LOVE YOU?
  • You’re an idiot. I’m an idiot. But you’re my idiot. And I’m yours