femslash aesthetics ♥ hermione x ginny

every second i’m with her, it hurts less. that sounds an awful lot like love. it could be. you’re not scared anymore? she makes me brave.


Just ah post from Amani- an updated 

Been in the hospital fa ah while, some shit happen when me and a homie was chilling in the car. I was extremely blessed to walked away from the situation as fa Chase, he didn’t. The suckers coward people who did this gonna have theirs one day till then they didn’t stop me from my dream or hustle. All they made me see was that I gotta go harder with this shit, peace.

Tutti dicono che l’amore fa male, ma non è vero. La solitudine fa male. Il rifiuto fa male. Perdere qualcuno fa male. Tutti confondono queste cose con l’amore, ma in realtà, l’amore è l’unica cosa in questo mondo che copre tutto il dolore e ci fa sentire ancora meravigliosi.
—  Oscar Wilde