that i appreciate you all so damn much?! like, i totally love you all to bits. i want you all to fulfill your dreams and have at least one happy moment per day.  i want you all to be strong and healthy and blooming. i want you all to live well and prosper. and i want you all to appreciate each other too. because you’re all great af.

this has been a gentle psa.

The present

I wrote this for @mustardyellowsunshine‘s Writing challenge 1: A story composed entirely of dialogue.

And here it’s my attempt at following rules xD

“Happy Birthday Dogboy!”



“Shut up, it’s too early”

“Come on! Stop hiding!”

“I’m not hiding. You’re too noisy!”

“Let’s celebrate your birthday

“Too early… come back in a couple of hours”

“Don’t be like this, come out of there and open your presents!”

“Don’t wanna”



“Open your presents… pleaseee.”

“Do they have legs?”

“What? No. Why would they–”

“Then they won’t go anywhere. Let me sleep”


“If I open the stupid presents will you shut up?”

“Maybe… Hey! Don’t throw that”


“This is the first one!”

“That face of you is pissing me off.”

“I’m just smiling!”

“No, you’re not. Is this a prank gift? Is this why you woke me up at this hour?”

“Stop sniffing at it! It has nothing bad inside!”

“Don’t believe you”

“Just open it! Stop staring at me that way and move!”

“I don’t want to open it anymore…”

“Ugh…Could you please do what I say, for once?”

“If it has something like Miroku’s gift last year I’m gonna make you pay.”


“So you say…But that face is creepy.”

“Nice thing to say to your wife.”

“Nah! You are hiding something. I can FEEL it.”

“Inuyasha open the fucking present, Now!”

“I really don’t want to…”

“You know what? Give it to me! I don’t want you to have it anymore! You ruined it! Give. It. To. me!”

“NO! It’s mine! I can decide when to–Stop doing that! Kagome! You will… fall. See? Are you ok?”

“Just gimme.”

“Are you ok? Why are you crying? You hurt?”

“Don’t touch me!”

“Kagome! Answer me!”

“I don’t feel like it”



“I’ll open it! See! I’m opening it! Look at me! I’m opening the fucking present!”

“I don’t care.”

“Don’t go! Kagome!”


“W-what the…? What are these?”


“Kagome. KAGOME! Why did you give me these?”

“I don’t want to tell you anymore. You ruined the surprise”

“Are you? …Are we?”


“Kagome, fucking answer me!”


“Why two? Stop doing that, I don’t understand when you do that! Use your fucking words!”

“The doctor said they are two.”

“REALLY?! Wait…Doctor? You went to the doctor without me?”

“Yeah… You said it was too early.”

“I thought you only had a fucking flu!  I don’t care what I say next time, drag me there!”

“I promise…”

“See! That is the face that freaks me out! That is–Ouch!”

The  end XD

Pepperony Week Day Seven: Free Day

A/N: Thank you all so much for liking, reblogging, and commenting.  I had a great time this week and I hope to see you all next year.

Nick Stark’s first word was creampuff, and there was a funny story behind it.  Tony had realized early in his children's’ lives that with his personality, he was eternally consigned to the role of ‘fun’ parent.  Embracing his destiny wholeheartedly, he took to bringing them along on his weekly Avengers training days.  With Happy to watch over them in the stands behind reinforced plate glass, the two thirteen month olds gurgled and laughed as their badass action dad handed his teammates their collective asses.  His newest suit came with an upgraded anti adhesive gel which rendered Peter’s synthetic web useless.

“Come on, Creampuff, gotta do better than that,” Tony grinned as Peter paused to catch his breath and recharge his web shooters.  Baby Nick clapped his hands, his tiny red covered feet flailing in the air.  Tony’s heart melted.  “What do you think, Nick?  Should the creampuff here hit the showers?”


His enunciation wasn’t perfect, but the word rang out loud and clear.  All training had to be postponed until next week as Tony dragged Happy and the twins straight to Pepper’s office.  They cooed over their son and filmed him shouting his new word for hours.  From then on, anytime Nick caught a glimpse of Peter, he’d point and yell ‘Creampuff!” at the top of his lungs.  Peter, while annoyed at first, got used to it surprisingly fast.

“It’s better than Penis Parker,” he said.

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honormalachai  asked:

What beautiful, angelic devils.

There’s so much more I have in store and even more I want to show dfsdfsdfds from why Ame does what she does to why lives are being stolen ahhHHH I’m just really really grateful for the handful of all of you who are sticking around despite the change in emorock I’m so os so os so so ha ppy and p r ou d because  it means the world to a creator for people to enjoy their original content