ha! proud of my country

When you accidentally make one of the best NPC’s you’ve ever come up with, but also are acutely aware the party most likely won’t ever come across them.

jackson out here having dance battles with the jabbawokees, being the greater china region ambassador for the emas, being on popular shows, working with brands like fendi and kenzo, putting out his own music and topping charts. he’s honestly living his best life and i’m so proud of all he has achieved!

Chapter 11 | Painkillers, DREAMERS | The Girl from the North Country
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“I’ve sent them to kill your brother.” Joffrey uttered it like others said love poems. “I’ve sent them to bring me his head.”

“Oh,” Sansa’s lip trembled and Sandor waited for the right chance, the right moment. He needed Joffrey to take his gun out, to disarm him before he could do anything.

“Did you hear me?” Joffrey stood up and crossed the space, grabbing Sansa’s chin, hard, and yanked her gaze to his. “I said, I’m going to bring you your brother’s head.”

“Or maybe he’s going to bring me yours.” Sansa shot back, in defiance, and Joffrey’s gaze went wide, but he recovered and with an enraged snarl, he pulled his gun to aim it and her, and–

Sandor was faster. In a moment, he had grabbed the barrel of the the gun, angled it away from Sansa, yanked it from Joffrey’s hand, spun it around, and used the butt of it to effectively pistolwhip Joffrey across the face. With something between a screech and a cry, he stumbled back, the same moment as Sansa moved back behind Sandor with a gasp. He spun the gun again so that it was pointed at Joffrey, looking down at him with hatred that was building. Joffrey looked at him, mewling.

“They said you’d be loyal!” He shouted, to really no one in particular. Sandor couldn’t help his snort of derision at the childlike anger.

“Aye, I am. To her.” The words were truthful and he couldn’t help but glance back at the said her, who was peeking around him. “Little bird?”

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Last night at 7:30 I knew who I was going to post today because Taylor Swift did something that moved me. I am an American. I am quite proud of that fact. I am a product and citizen of the great experiment formed by a group of people driven by humanist enlightenment thought and the end point of a legacy of ever expanding liberalism. The ideas that all men are created equal. There have been missteps along the way but I genuinely believe the world is a better place because of it. Much of Western history since has been driven by Enlightenment ideals and the idea of man’s right to self determination. That has been under attack in recent years in a way I thought I would never see again. I remember the fall of communism and the collective sigh of relief. Authoritarianism wasn’t extinguished completely but we were moving that way. Things have gotten ugly. Not just in my country but around the world as we have seen people seem to genuinely consider that perhaps Democracy is not that important. It is. My country has done things I am not proud of. Things that frighten me. I staunchly believe it is not who we are. I believe most Americans are good people. But I believe our talk is dominated by the insincere. People who are maliciously willing to tear us and our values apart to enrich themselves. War is good for the wallet, especially when it’s ideological. I have long been critical of Taylor Swift for saying nothing. I know many will congratulate her for taking a stance they agree with. I agree with everything she said. I am impressed she took a stance period. I think it is important to speak your convictions to drown out those who don’t even believe most of what they say but know someone will. I am certain there is already a gnashing of the teeth out there because it’s the world we live in now. But it doesn’t have to be and Taylor’s post was excellent at demonstrating this. She might have given the most apolitical political endorsement I have ever seen. Parties were not mentioned. Simply the issues she finds important and why she finds them important. Statements, that at least in public, everyone endorses. Respect and dignity for our fellow man, no matter what he looks like, what gender her or she is, what sexual orientation. That no one should suffer because they were not born into a preapproved group. Then she asked people to educate themselves and vote their convictions. This is all I want and all I can ask of anyone. I know some people only want to see their side endorsed or their side encouraged. I don’t mind if someone disagrees. Someone who genuinely wants what is right and is voting by their convictions can be reasonable. They can be talked to. They can be convinced. I grew up in a world where gay marriage wasn’t even a term. If it had been the 13 year old me probably would have been against it. Certainly my parents would have been. They are not anymore. Because for all their flaws as people they are not evil. Discussion, enlightenment. It has changed views. It’s a long game but voting matters. Learning who you are voting for and what matters is important. I was thrilled to see Taylor Swift had taken a stance because it is important that she spoke to her convictions whatever they are. I am thrilled at the way she asked people to vote, the way she encouraged them to think. It gives me hope and it’s a wonderful thing. It has been said that the present state of this country does not represent who we really are as a people. It is time we prove it. Today I want to fuck Taylor Swift.

Rainbows all over Ireland today as for the first time ever Marriage Equality for all regardless of sexual orientation is voted in by the people. The last 8 years have been rough on our little island and today has been a lift that was sorely needed. I am so proud of my country and the Irish people today. Equality for all :)  

I have never been more ashamed to be an American.

Despite my problems with the country, despite our past, part of me has always been somewhat proud of my country. I like the idea of America: a place where multitudes of cultures could exist simultaneously, coexist, learn from each other, be equal. Sure, we aren’t there yet but we’re getting there! Slowly but surely. I believed in this. I served in the military on this belief for God’s sake. Call it the Captain America brand of patriotism.

That’s gone now. I could, physically, feel it die beneath my churning stomach and behind the tears welling in my eyes. As I write this, 56,505,857 Americans chose fear. They chose misogyny, they chose xenophobia, they chose racism, they chose homophobia, they chose hate. They chose a man who brags about assaulting women. They chose a man who wants to repeal marriage equality. They chose a man who preaches the evils of immigration to a nation of immigrants who can’t seem to see the irony. They chose to make the world an uglier place.

Trump is going to be our president, my president, and people want to talk like this one man is the problem. No, Donald Trump is not the fucking problem. The problem is what his winning reflects. The problem is every single one of us who let this happen. The problem is Americans. WE are the problem.

I am disappointed in us. Disgusted, disillusioned, and, most of all, livid. We very likely just threw away what was likely our last chance to see real, positive change in our lifetimes in regards to climate change, gun control, economy, and racial, religious, gender, and/or worker equality. And make no mistake, people are going to die because of it. But I’ll be DAMNED if I don’t spend the next four or more years using whatever privilege I have to protect those in my orbit who lack said privilege. I refuse to fucking lose anything else to fear.