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Vote For Your Favs (1/15)


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I-see-this-at-netflix-all-the-time! Am I only one who think they will kiss and stuff??? Please tell me I’m not only one!

“It resounded throughout the school,
all kinds of crying and shouting;
the school was all for us now,
and my heart began to pound.

Just as we arrived on campus,
the sports meet began;
on the sound of the pistol,
on your mark, get set, and RUN.

In this obstacle course,
let’s shoot for first place;
as we eat our ice cream,
where shall we go next?

The popsicle thrown into the air,
it was devoured by a giant maw.
The boy I’m crushing on…
is a titan monster boy!”

Imagine Woozi smiling to himself after hearing a song with lyrics that reminds him of you.

This is the conversation that takes place just before Vriska claims responsibility for Jade’s narcolepsy, so I’m pretty sure Tavros’s explanation here is intended as a mirror for Jade. She sleeps a lot because there was something that happened that was incredibly terrible.

Yet despite Vriska’s propensity for claiming ownership of character moments, there ought to still be some truth to her claim? You could say… she acts as an agent of wish fulfillment? Her manifestation as John’s death wish indicated that he wanted the green flames that Vriska orchestrated through the production of Bec Noir, and the conversation above implies that Jade wants to sleep a lot of the time, and Vriska is obliging her. Even when she jumped Tavros off a cliff, she was cruelly enacting his fantasy of flight?

I must say, even with two months behind me– I am still finding it a bit hard to unpack everything; hopefully with this weekend coming off shift, I will be able t go shopping for a bit more things that make a home seem, a bit homier. But, besides that– how is everyone doing tonight? I’d like to venture out in meeting more people that are not in fields of my work, it would be nice to talk to someone not covered in blood or unconscious. Hopefully this site will help with that.

i keep seeing people say they’d kill to have *insert fantastic music mashup tumblr audio post here* as their ringtone etc, and i have good news for you friends, xkit does have an extension that lets you download any audio post…

i literally have every audio post ive ever liked on tumblr in my phone/itunes lol


The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans.