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Pride flag pastel palettes! Names of the flag should be there if you click on it. 


“And why did you play this game?”

“Board games are played when you get bored.”

“Not this one!!!”

u know that feeling where you’re just preparing for the worst and shit keeps happening and things keep trying you and it’s like… rlly hard to think there’s ever gonna be a positive side at the end of it bc fucking god yh man mood

Egoplier Headcanons: Candy

wow my second ever headcanons (for @markiplier‘s egos obviously) yee yee here we go. this is basically just what the egos’ favorite candy would be.

tagging the lovely @markired and @intplier again bc i think they’ll enjoy these (im probs gonna tag you lovelies in like everything i post im so sorry please tell me if im bothering you)

Wilford: He loves literally all types of candy. The only exception is black licorice. According to him, that stuff is worse than eating tar.

Dark: Denies liking any type of candy, but is a hard core chocoholic. Rumor has it that he’s even snuck Kinder Surprise Eggs across the US border just to try the chocolate. He loved it so much that he orders about a hundred every few months and has them illegally shipped across the border. (He gives all the toys to Wilford and Bim, don’t worry).

Doc: He only really likes black licorice, much to Wilford’s dismay. However, they have a system where every time either of them gets massive amounts of candy (Usually just on Halloween. Usually. Wilford can be sporadic sometimes.), Doc gets all the black licorice while Wilford gets the rest. It works out in the end.

The Googles: They don’t eat often, but they all enjoy marshmallows, despite the fact that they’re not technically candy. Sometimes they throw campfire parties (which Wilford is always oddly absent from) just to roast marshmallows. 

The Host: Likes candy corn (a very underrated candy) and sour gummy worms. He says they’re good snacks for when he’s writing.

Bim: He’s absolutely in love with tootsie rolls. One time, Wilford surprised him with a 5 foot long tootsie roll and Bim didn’t stop thanking him for days. 

King: Will only eat Paydays and refuses everything else. He says it’s for his squirrel’s sake, since they won’t go near him if he doesn’t smell like peanuts. Wilford tries to tell him he definitely does not have to worry about not smelling like peanuts, but he still only sticks with Paydays.

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what’s in my bag tag (and gender reveal!)🎒🍼

i figured i would kill two birds with one stone & reveal that des’ baby is a little girl! this is set midway through act 3 so if it seems a little ahead that is why!

thank you for the tag @andromeda-sims & @simonmars!!! you are angels and your tags were so good it made me so NERVOUS to do this!

Rules: Choose a Sim of yours, post a picture of their bag content and tag 10 of your friends/followers/favorite Simblrs! Please tag #inmysimsbag. :) It can be done with any Sims game. (You can do it as many times as you want) 

des was the kinda guy to just use his pockets… so his bag is now just full of his daughter’s belongings, from colouring books to stray socks. he has a couple things of his own though, including parenting leaflets, a gym membership card and… his colouring book.

i am going to tag @felicitum, @bullsim​, @desertbloom@winterbjorn & @cellblocksimmer, if you guys don’t wanna do it i’m sorry! 

Imagine you sneak out of the bunker to hunt vampires but then Sam and dean find out that you hunt.

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Hunting is in your family but your brothers don’t like it to let you hunt. You want to hunt with them really bad but every time you ask it, it is a no. They always say that you need more training or you are too young. You are 17 years old and you know that they were hunting at the age around 12. You trained every day and did the research for them. You know anything about monsters. And really about killing vampires

You like to kill those son of a bitches. Every night you sneak out to hunt those suckers without being busted by your brothers. You always waited when they go to sleep and then sneak out the bunker. Over the time you got a trick to sneak out quietly out of the bunker and it always worked.

It was the night to go to your next vampire hunt. You waited until the boys were sleeping and that took some time. After the time every light in the bunker was out and so could go. The trick was to get out your shoes and walk on your bare feet. You walked to the stairs until the light where switched on. You turned around and saw Sam and dean sitting in the library.

“and where are you going?” dean asked. He stood up to walk over to you. he looked you in the eyes. “hunting vampires again?”

You looked away from him. Try not to look in his eyes. “yes” you looked him in the eyes. “yes, I do hunt vampires. And why? Because you guys don’t let me hunt with you.” then you thought a little. “how did you know that I was hunting?”

“we have our ways.” Dean said and looked from you to Sam. “but first, why are you hunting them?” he asked you when he turned around to look you again in the eyes.

“I know anything about them and I want to hunt guys. I’m 17 and I want to be out of this bunker and not staying here to do research. I’m training every day to hunt just like you but you guys never let me hunt with you.” you almost yelled. You felt the anger  in you. you are angry but sad to. You looked dean in the eyes and you saw a little sadness in deans eyes.

Dean was just staring at you until Sam broke the silence. “we know that you want to hunt but we want you save. I know that dean don’t gonna like it but extra hands always works.” Sam said. Right away dean looked Sam in the eyes.

“okay, but you listen to us the whole time and I help you train with shooting.” Dean said after a minute of staring. A huge smile appeared on your face. you jumped around from happiness. “and a little test. how do you do it?” he asked.

with a big smile on your face. you told the whole story about it and how you kill it. dean and sam lister really good but there was nothing wrong about the information. after you where done with your story. dean smiled proud and say. “thats my girl.”

You hugged sam and dean. “thanks guys, im not gonna let you fall. Im always has your back.” You said.

“you better do”

A/N: i was going to write a new fic but that turned out to be a lot longer then expect so i had a little imagine. i hope you like it. im sorry if it is cracked up because im still sick. its get better but im not 100 % but now i can write.

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Why Julian is not being a starter for PSG (for the moment)

okay, i’m gonna tag this so people finally stop dramatizing Julian’s situation. 

Julian has joined full training in the last days. He has not done a proper pre-season, which means is risky to make him start an official game because: 

I) You only have 3 substitutions. That means you can’t change him once he feels fatigued, like in a friendly game.

II) It is an official game. That means higher game demands, that could easily make fatigue appear sooner. More fatigue = increased risk of injury. 

So no, it’s not because Emery doesn’t want him (as a person who has followed Emery’s career since 2006 I can tell you there is no way Emery doesn’t count on Julian, trust me). No, it’s not because he prefer other players. 

It is more of a matter of Julian being fit and available to play with the injury risk as low as possible


When it comes to Rose of Sharon Cassidy, Noel Burgess has two rules: don’t ever, ever try to outdrink her, and don’t ever, ever fall in love with her.

I wish I could stop having, like, weird anxiety attacks in the middle of the night, cus they keep happening lately and it’s been very Frustrating

the signs as all time low songs













“they’re not people”
…………this is why i’m not publishing any more off-anon messages, i’m not gonna let people like this come after my followers.

i hope this is the last i’ll have to talk about this but how can anyone support and believe that somebody like this has good intentions if this is how they treat a group of people that has nothing to do with this?

and don’t you see that in their blind hatred they’re feeling entitled to throw the most hurtful comments at a stranger that they believe to be a p*dophile (for those who are too lazy to read: I’M NOT)
nevermind that this person might have their own issues (which i’m not gonna expose so that ppl will feel sorry for me and side with me, but i just want to make people THINK) but who cares, right? they’ve done something i believe is wrong and deserve to be dehumanized and a target to my sickest fantasies.

because now that i think about it, OP has been making up sick fantasies of school shootings, z**philia and who knows what else and projecting them on me. and the difference between the violence on my blog vs what they say is that they are not consensual (in fiction the reader can consent to reading/watching or leaving anytime if they don’t want to see it, but in real abuse you don’t get a choice) and they’re thrown at me without a warning with the intent of hurting and upsetting me, shocking the crowd and inciting them to take action against me. or would any of you express disapproval for somebody else’s sick fantasies spewing out even sicker fantasies in the process?

and btw, imagining, writing, watching or reading dark scenarios, fanfiction, books, movies, tv shows is not proof that somebody’s a bad person. i dare anyone who doesn’t believe me and is genuinely concerned to ask a psychologist.

(and just to put things in perspective, ask yourself, does watching movies or shows like game of thrones make you a pervert? is the director who imagined kyungsoo in self harm, murder and child abuse scenarios (yes, kidnapping is child abuse even if it sounds worse than it looks) and casted him for ‘i remember you’ a demon? is kyungsoo who wants to experience acting as an immoral character and thinks it would be a fun experience where he can show a different side of himself a bad influence too?)

believing so is ignorant and shows that you’re not mature enough to be exposed to this kind of content so (even though most of the actual posts on here aren’t nc-17) i hope that OP and anyone who agrees with them can stay away from my blog and stop terrorizing me and my followers and obsessing over me.

don’t get confused, these people are bullies who have been making up lies and aiming comments that would be considered “triggering” at me and attempting to manipulate the crowd to support their accusations, to which i’ve already responded here saying they were false.

i tried not to read the whole “call out post” because seeing it from their perspective it was starting to get really frightening but what i remember is enough to recognize that what they’re doing something that is called performative social justice.

i know i can’t make anyone believe me but what i can do is offer my side of the story and hope that people will consider it.

they say that i’m not following the rules (which i believed i was but i’ll reconsider) when everything they’ve done breaks the very first rule:

i’m not asking people to report them, or at least not yet, because they could always come back under a different username and i think it’s better to know who we should be cautious of, but i just want to say that we can’t let people like this intimidate us!! this is why i’m always speaking about certain fandom problems, like that aggressive and intolerant kind of shipping mentality that makes people very conflictive and always causes trouble if not against others within their own community (like people driving fellow shippers away with harrassment). but i try to talk in a general way and i’ve never targeted single users (some people might feel personally offended if the shoe fits though) and even when specific people have come at me i’ve never put the crowd against them, because the root of the problem is not a couple of people but crowd mentalities or social problems that go beyond our fandom.

i know OP might sounds intelligent and they & their friend(s?) have taken the time to collect “evidence” and construct a convincing argument but don’t let yourself be impressed by shocking words, consider different points of view and decide for yourself. it’s ok if you don’t like some of the things i’ve said or fic i’ve posted, they’re not meant for everyone, but there’s a reason they’re in here only. this blog is full of warnings even though most of what i post is sfw, but if people don’t pay attention to warnings and don’t use blocking tools to hide content they don’t want to see there’s nothing i can do about that. and even with all the precautions, content that might not be suitable for some people is everywhere because we can all be affected by different things, so it’s impossible for a single blog, a single movie or show to take care of everyone. they can take precautions to help, like putting ratings or warning for common sensitive topics, but that’s not a perfect formula and you also have to take care of yourself.

i tried ignoring and i blocked the hell out of this person since the first abusive comment i saw them add to one of my posts and they still went ahead and targeted me with their “call out” post so let’s hope that they can stop.

and to everyone else who’s helping spread their lies and celebrating what they’ve done against me: know that in a way you’re participating in targeted abuse too.