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taxicabphil  asked:

can you please explain this whole thing for me? like is this going to be a band i'm so confused

we all certainly hope it’s gonna be a band :D
so back in december pictures and videos of dallon and ryan seaman performing songs at emo nite la surfaced and several sources called their project/band “i don’t know how but they found me”
all of the videos and pictures i could find online are on this blog (tagged ‘emo nite’) but whenever people asked dallon about the band or song or anything he straight up denies everything, tells people it isn’t him in the pics etc (i have some tweets on here too)
then in january the two played another gig at the sassafras in hollywood and the same thing started again - pictures and videos turned up, people asked dallon about it, denial
unfortunately since then not much has happened except that ryan changed his instagram and twitter bio to read “i don’t know how, but they found me”

there’s also quite some stuff (tweets, ig pictures, comments) that make it clear that the two have been working on this for years, stuff dates back to 2009

tl;dr - it’s a ~secret~ band project dallon has with ryan seaman, they have performed own songs and now we’re just desperately waiting for them to release them

What Your Favorite Achievement Hunter Says about You
  • Your favorite is Michael: The Play Pals and Off Topic series are your absolute favorites. You care deeply and feel deeply. You've loved Michael from the start and laugh so hard at everything he does. You probably found AH via Rage Quit.
  • Your favorite is Gavin: You've either just gotten into AH or have been here for so long you've lost count of the videos. If it's the latter you've had past favorites before but went back to Gavin for some reason, most likely because you have sympathy for the way everyone messes with him (because you're oblivious to how much you mess with other people first).
  • Your favorite is Ryan: You're a Basic Bitch™. You love the Minecraft letsplay's and everything Ryan does in them, especially his digs at other people. Depending on whether you like his gta persona or not, you a bit of a sadist. Or you have a daddy kink.
  • Your favorite is Geoff: You definitely have a daddy kink. You have a shit attitude and you like to piss people off. You love Geoff's laugh more than life itself. You enjoy hanging out with your friends but get easily angry when they start shit. It's likely you're a RT veteran.
  • Your favorite is Jack: You are the Mom Friend™. You tell silly jokes and laugh at everything. You feel like Jack is underappreciated and will fight anyone to the death who tells you otherwise. In fact, you constantly remind everyone how great Jack is. It's absurd. You love him too much.
  • Your favorite is Jeremy: You're a piece of shit and you know it. You also know Jeremy is a piece of shit and will admit it multiple times. You have dreams and love Jeremy because he's a walking success story. You love a good laugh and like inside jokes.

Katie McGrath + wearing her watch on her right wrist (even though she’s right handed)

The ultimate VS: Ender Eye Ryan vs Googly Eye Jeremy

You wouldn’t like him when he’s frustrated.

based of @samijen ‘s AU

k so i made this for @officialah‘s fanart contest on the discord and MAY have like Just finished by the deadline so i rushed it a lot so its not nearly as good as id like it to be, but take it anyway because there was absolutely no way i wasnt gonna do art of this lets play i mean come on its a maximum ride au wet dream