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Wyatt Oleff Facts

  • He was born on July 13, 2003
  • His birthplace is Chicago, Illinois
  • He started acting in 2012
  • He has guest appeared on shake it up and once upon a time
  • His parents’ names are Jennifer and Doug
  • His zodiac sign is a cancer
  • He prefers texting over calling
  • He likes twitter more than Instagram
  • He likes the comedy genre over the horror genre
  • He has a dog named roro (short for Romani)
  • Legend of Zelda is his favorite series
  • He loves old school gaming
  • He’s been playing the piano since he was 5
  • He loves to sleep in
  • He is 5’6”
  • He has an older brother and two younger sisters
  • He has brown eyes
  • His middle name is Jess

anonymous asked:

can you share any of the fashion blogs you look at :o ?

  • stylenanda_k  (instagram)
  • chuu_official  (instagram)
  • koreanfashion  (instagram)
  • imjennim / Jenn Im  (instagram - youtube)
  • iamkareno / Karen Yeung  (instagram - youtube)
  • edweird0 / Edward Avila  (instagram - youtube)
  • ha-roro  (tumblr)
  • hyokko  (tumblr)
  • liliest  (tumblr)
  • lianyu  (tumblr)

(also included 3 of my favorite bloggers/youtubers cause I love their style)

20K Follow forever!!

Thank you guys for helping me reach 20K followers :]. To celebrate this achievement, I organized a giveway! BUT I’ll also make a follow forever cuz I’m just in the mood for one, okay? So don’t judge me

You guys are the sweetest people I’ve met on Tumblr. Thanks for taking time to talk to me, liking & reblogging my stuff. It really makes me happy to see your names pop up on my notifications and seeing your posts on my feed. I hope everyone will have a blast of a summer vacation!

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so I hit 1.6k followers and one of them asked me to do a follow forever to celebrate this, so here you go

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Hello everyone, it’s Mina! I was supposed to do this follow forever when i hit 1k but i got lazy lol (sorry) but now i’m nearly at 1.4k so thought i need to do this asap so here goes! I just want thank you all for following me and for loving my blog! I never imagined having this many followers especially considering how somewhat new this blog is (also since my main which is “quite” old is no where near this follower count) so i’m super duper grateful!!! I’m also sorry if this post messes up your notifications!!   (i just want to generally show my appreciation for each and everyone of you by doing this post!! i love you all and hope you have all the happiness in the world!!)

Please let me know if i missed anyone! I’m super sorry if i did but i will add you! By the way if you didn’t know my main is @kyuhuyn​ cause i know some of you became mutuals on my other blog when i technically followed for this blog (if that makes sense?? lmao)

Also i always say this but i hope you guys would talk to me more!!!! I just want to make more friends on this blog, so feel free hit me up with a ask or message or something! I just want to get to know you all better!! (ngl i’m jealous of people who get like regular asks and have constant interactions with their followers! like how do you do it? where can i get this amount of love? lmao) 

Anyways I hope you all have a splendid day!!! 🙆💞💐❤️

💕 Mutuals (Your blogs are amazing i don’t deserve you to be following me, i mean i’m so trash compared to you all??)

💓 Special People (Thank you so much for being such sweethearts, i even included you if we only spoke like once or twice cause i really appreciate you taking your time to talk to me lolol)

Bold Faves (I admire you and aspire to have a blog like yours )


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Hi, would you mind making a blog rec?? Thanks ❤️

Sure! I already have one under the navigation tab on my desktop, its called “fave blogs” but i’ll do one under the cut here! Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged! Also, there are plenty more blogs i follow that i love, but i’d have to go through almost 2000 blogs and no. 

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Megalovania - VY2 Acapella
Megalovania - VY2 Acapella

i tuned this thing at one million miles per hour

i told you it would be dumb

MIDI transcription by Manel Návola

Uyuyamıyorum, ff list yapayım bari.👇🏻👇🏻


@synqra tagged me to list 10 songs i’m listening to atm and tag 10 people:

1. sigur rós - ný batteri

2. gangly - holy grounds

3. foster the people - loyal like sid and nancy

4. phoenix - telefono

5. tyler the creator - find your wings

6. bee and puppycat farmer ost. - uniform assignment

7. wave racer - streamers

8. sin fang - walk with you in space

9. snail’s house - grape soda

10. shawn wasabi - otter pop

tagging: @rnirae, @liliest, @aaayas, @tiram2u, @shi-wu, @dlwlrna, @ae-mii, @floweroftheothershore, @ha-roro, @y-oji