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Heyo~ could you please do the RFA +Saeran +V coming to MC's house to hang out for the first time and reacting to her cool ass pet mini goat? And by cool I mean this goat can do tricks and shit and is just really weird but MC is has this super close bond with it 😂 this must be a weird request ^^;

You know what, it may be one of the stranger requests I’ve gotten but HECK if I don’t love it, if a friend of mine had a goat that cool at their house I’d be bouncing off the walls tbh



  • The longest gasp you’ve ever heard in your entire life, he is starstruck by this little hero
  • MC’s like, “You think that’s cool now watch this
  • She sticks her hand out in front of the goat and it lifts its hoof and shakes her hand
  • Yoosung almost faints he is so dazzled and he applauds and begs to see more
  • They spend the entire day like this, and MC shows him how to hold treats slightly above the goat’s head and make it stand up on its hind legs
  • Yoosung demands that if he and MC both call the goat and it comes to him, he gets to keep it but there’s not even a contest… the goat adores MC and completely swerves on Yoosung
  • He doesn’t want to leave MC’s house, she has to forcibly shove him out the door but he comes back the next day without asking and they do the same stuff all over again


  • I mean, he’s not the biggest fan of goats but he is certainly amused by this one
  • Thinks it’s absolutely hilarious when they scream like humans, he practically falls on the floor laughing from it
  • As a fellow performer, he’s impressed with all the tricks she has this goat doing… and tbh he’s kind of jealous that they have such a great relationship
  • But as the day goes on Zen gets progressively fonder towards the goat, they don’t spend the whole day with it like Yoosung did, but the goat tends to follow MC around so it’s usually there
  • MC goes to the bathroom for a few minutes and when she comes back Zen is stroking the goat
  • Everyone gets so attached to this goat, even Zen’s obsessed with it, this little guy has charm
  • He takes a million selfies with it


  • She’s kind of… scared of it
  • Because of Elizabeth the 3rd, she hasn’t really had the best experience with animals and she’s never even been around a goat before so she has no reference level
  • She keeps on asking MC all sorts of safety questions like “will it bite me” or “does it headbutt”
  • Thinks that the tricks are kind of cute especially when it leaps around and jumps off all its feet at once
  • Until it screams for no reason and unlike Zen, Jaehee HATES IT like why is the devil’s voice coming from this small creature
  • She can appreciate MC having a pet, really she can, but why this one,,,,, why,,
  • Although she does kind of soften when she sees how sweet the goat acts towards MC and how MC will give it kisses


  • He thinks that all animals are good animals
  • So, although he certainly was not expecting MC to have a goat when she mentioned a “pet,” he can appreciate it for what it is
  • “MC, why are its eyes like that”
  • The tricks make him want to teach Elizabeth the 3rd something, he had no idea goats could do all of the things MC taught it
  • Mentions that she could probably make a lot of money doing shows with this goat and showing off its talents… maybe he could offer to work with MC on some kind of goat business, it’s a very charming idea
  • By the end of his visit he feels a sense of camaraderie with the goat, a sense of mutual self-respect, and catches himself talking to it once or twice
  • Feeds it tons of treats when MC isn’t looking


  • This is the most hype MC has ever seen him, and that’s certainly saying something
  • He insists that MC teach him every single trick in her book, and becomes a master at it shockingly quickly; he can get the goat to do anything for some reason
  • But the first time MC shows him how it’s done he whoops and hollers and applauds like he’s at a concert
  • Asks multiple times if he can keep it, and the most annoying thing is he doesn’t stop even after MC says no
  • They take the goat on a walk through the neighborhood and Saeyoung is grinning from ear to ear the entire time
  • When it’s time for him to leave MC had a feeling he would try to steal it and lo and behold he’s sneaking it into the back of his car when she comes outside


  • He’s charmed by this adorable little thing
  • Unlike Yoosung’s incredibly long and loud gasp it’s actually the cutest thing because V lets out this tiny sound of surprise and joy like he’s enchanted by this goat even though he can’t see it, he knows from the “baaaa”
  • From the way MC talks about the goat he knows that they have a special bond and he loves it
  • His favorite thing is idly petting the goat, and the animal seems so at ease in his presence, they mutually calm each other
  • V almost falls asleep petting it, he loves it so much
  • Even though he can’t see MC doing tricks with it, he still is very impressed by what she explains that the goat can do
  • Asks a lot of questions about how and why she got it, facts about goats, etc. and is seriously thinking about coming back to MC’s house the next day


  • But alas it’s impossible, he just stands there slack-jawed in complete awe at his first sight of the goat, when MC said she had a pet he assumed a cat or a dog not a goat
  • He wants to pet it,,,,, so badly,,, his edgy side and his need to pet the goat are battling each other furiously
  • And MC knows that the tricks will do the… trick (i’ll stop)
  • She breaks out a yoga ball and just lets the goat at it; while it’s chasing the ball around Saeran can’t help it and he cracks a tiny smile
  • He can’t understand WHY it’s attacking the ball so vigorously but it’s hilarious and he’s fighting the smile but can’t keep it away
  • In the end his plan to stay unaffected by the goat has failed, and in defeat he agrees to MC’s offer to come back another time and visit this beautiful creature

well since u asked nicely

707 x MC x V

  • i really love the idea of MC reading to V and describing things to him that he can’t see or can’t see very well and seven being too hyperactive to really listen but he loves having the sound in the background and sometimes if he’s really tired but still can’t just go to sleep he’ll lay with V and they’ll both close their eyes and listen to MC’s voice 
  • but also sometimes if MC isn’t around and V doesn’t have anything else to do he’ll sit with seven while he’s at his computer and ask him to describe/explain what he’s doing and seven will instantly shoot into a way too complicated/detailed story about what he’s doing and how he’s doing it and where that method or tool was developed and everything it can do and V never knows what he’s saying because he talks too much and too fast but seven will see him smiling about it and pause and ask why he’s smiling and V won’t answer and just insists he keeps explaining whatever it is he was before he stopped
  • also V teaching seven how to cook since he can’t really move around in the kitchen that much but he still has recipes memorized and it kinda becomes a bit of a game for seven to apply V’s words into actual actions and food
  • V stops taking photographs with his eyesight but he gets into painting and other art forms instead so he paints what he can see and applies the different colors he sees from synesthesia and business is fucking booming
  • there’s one painting though that he did of MC and seven where seven was napping with his head in MC’s lap while MC read and casually played with his hair as V was in the middle of a completely different piece but he stopped what he was doing to paint it and he decided not to let anyone see it until he gave it to seven and MC as an anniversary present
  • there’s a lot of time where it’s just V painting and seven clacking away at his keyboard making random hums and “aha!”s while MC reads or listens to music or does some other idle pastime and it’s all very quiet and calm and peaceful and everyone agrees that spending hours like that is some of the best times they’ve had
  • nocturnal sleeping schedules since seven is up for more hours than most people before he sleeps and V paints and seeing shapes is a bit easier with more focused light vs. natural light and MC just doesn’t want to not see them
  • awkward family dinners when saeran comes to visit since he thinks his real brother abandoned him and one of the people he’s dating was partially responsible for him being brainwashed by a cult and the other person he’s dating he tried to trap and then kill in the HQ of said cult but eventually he just kinda becomes everyone’s brother and all is good 

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Idk if youve done this already but could you do a headcanon of RFA + V and Saeran with and MC who has really bad social anxiety? Where they get easily overwhelmed around other people other then their s/o. Sometimes even gets too self conscious to get close to their s/o and they get frustrated with themselves because they just wanna be "normal".

Hi! I haven’t done this request before, and it was interesting to write because I suffer with social anxiety myself. Even if I’m better at managing it now, sometimes I would rather hide than talk to people, even if it’s my relatives. This request does sound personal though, so if you suffer with social anxiety then I hope you’re seeking help for it - it’s just not a road you can walk alone.

But thank you for letting me do this request! As always, 🌠My requests are open!🌠


·         He spends a lot of time on LOLOL, does he even remember what the outside looks like?

·         He noticed that something was amiss at the RFA party – he could sense that something was wrong, but couldn’t tell what.

·         He only finds out when you guys are on a date and you have an anxiety attack – like he’s scared and worried because what is he meant to do!? But somehow, he’s able to calm you down.

·         Tbh, he might sometimes get a similar feeling too, most likely around new people. He’s said himself that if he sees someone he likes in one of his classes he’s too nervous to approach them.

·         He really wants to do his best to be there for you. He feels like he’s failed Rika, and he sure as hell doesn’t want to fail you.

·         He spends a lot of time researching social anxiety and how to help someone with it, because damn if he needs to prove his devotion and commitment to you, now is the time. He thinks about asking Seven for advice, but then he thinks about the fact that what if you don’t want anyone else to know just yet? He’ll probably ask when you tell the rest of the RFA… and get trolled.

·         He knows that on some days you really won’t want to go out because your social anxiety plays up, and even though he tries to encourage you to go outside, he won’t force you. On days like that, you two probably end up staying indoors and watching a movie, your favourite TV shows, or playing a ton of video games. He’ll also cook you some amazing Korean comfort food, even if it’s unhealthy! Food always makes everything better, after all! (or so he believes)

·         Lisa ends up becoming your therapy animal <3

·         However, he does try to get you to go outside, like if you need to go shopping he wants you to go with him. He doesn’t mind going out at night when it’s less busy, if it makes you more comfortable! Even if self-service is a nightmare…

·         If he sees you about to have an anxiety attack in public, he’ll take you to somewhere quiet and help you calm down. When it’s over, he’ll hug you tightly as if he won’t let you go.

·         You hate not being able to act like a normal couple and after you have a particularly bad anxiety attack, you tell him this. But he tells you it’s okay to be different, because normal couples don’t exist.

·         He still loves you all the same, and just views your social anxiety as another part of you! And that’s fine by him, because he’ll never give up on you.


·         He notices that you fidget a lot. Like sure, he understood that you would after rescuing you from Rika’s apartment, but nothing has changed a month down the road. Not that that isn’t okay, but you didn’t need to be scared of him!

·         He also noticed that you were really reluctant to go to the party and would only agree to go if you could leave early.

·         Nevertheless, it’s shockingly easy to lie to him about it. You can lie and say you feel sick when you don’t want to go out or you want to leave somewhere – he pretty much never gets ill and doesn’t know what it’s like, so it’s easy to bullshit.

·         When he finds out about your social anxiety, at first he’s honestly a little hurt that you didn’t tell him before, but the feeling quickly goes away; he’s got to be supportive of you!

·         As an actor, he can share tips with you that he used when he felt nervous about going on stage when he first started out.

·         He’s also seen some of his co-workers suffer from anxiety, so he asks them for tips on how to help you, but ultimately, he asks you if there’s anything he can do to help you manage it.

·         Honestly, he’s so supportive of you. You might find the job of being his manager stressful because it involves you talking to people, but if it’s too much for you he understands. He wants you to be comfortable, so he doesn’t mind if you don’t go to his rehearsals either.

·         If anyone mocks you and says that you’re too shy to be his girlfriend, he’ll get mad. They’re going to be scared when they see him after he – your shaking and nervousness snaps him out of it and instead he focuses on calming you down.

·         He might say things like “Babe, you have to go outside! The world won’t see your beautiful face otherwise!”, but if you aren’t in the mood for jokes he’ll stop immediately.

·         Whenever you feel dread because you don’t want to go outside, he’s totally okay with it – he’ll stay at home with you, doing improv, singing random songs, reciting lines from his latest play or even just spooning you on the couch, Zen holding you close as he plays with your hair.

·         The contract may forbid you from having an open relationship with him, but you still get irritated because you can’t say those damn three words to him without feeling like he’ll make fun of you. Of course, Zen would never do that – your love is enough for him, though!

·         He’s going to accept you no matter if you have social anxiety or not and he’ll always be there for you.


·         She suspects that you have some sort of anxiety at the party because you looked super anxious. When she asks you about it, you have an anxiety attack, and she immediately takes you outside and calms you down. If you think you’re being pathetic, she’ll reassure you that you aren’t. You were strong enough to even show up!

·         Her suspicions are confirmed when she updates the RFA records since she has to add you in. You tell her because you feel like you can trust her and she won’t be judgemental about it.

·         Tbh, she might have had anxiety symptoms in the past, for example if she was trying to finish documents for Jumin on time. Also, she’s seen some of her ex co-workers have panic attacks in the past, so she has some sort of idea about it.

·         Still, Google becomes her best friend in looking at the most effective methods to help someone dealing with social anxiety. Even though she asks you about it, she doesn’t want to pressure you about it, and besides, she feels like it’s her duty to research it.

·         She wants you to seek therapy if you already haven’t. Even if you don’t think it will work, surely it’s better than living the way you currently are?

·         Opening the café with her was a big deal for you. You were triggered by having to talk to the customers and begged Jaehee to work in the back, but she didn’t want you to. Instead, she works on making sure you aren’t overwhelmed; she makes sure you don’t serve too many customers and you can focus on baking when you run out of desserts.

·         If it prevents you from going to the café, she’ll send you sweet texts and call you to let you know that it’s okay. Even if she finds it tough to do all the work herself, she would rather that than make you uncomfortable – she won’t shame you for it.

·         If you don’t even feel strong enough to go to her house, she’ll bring her favourite Zen DVD, chocolate, and your favourite flavour of popcorn. You can lean on her shoulder as she speaks to you in a calming voice, telling you that sometimes the world can be too daunting to face.

·         You’ve created codewords with her; for example, when you’re in public and it gets too much, you can say one of the words and she’ll take you home.

·         “You’re going to get through this, _____, no matter how long it takes.


·         When you stayed at Jumin’s house and he wouldn’t let you go home because of the hacker threat, you found yourself getting very panicky whenever Jumin was around. You were so anxious that you couldn’t look at him in the eyes, and every time you heard his footsteps you were filled with a feeling of impending doom.

·         You feel like you can’t tell him – he’s a corporate heir, he wouldn’t understand social anxiety because talking to people is part of his job. He’s so extra when you have a cold anyway, and you can only imagine how big of a deal he’ll make it.

·         When you tell him, you’re surprised. He’s very supportive. He might be mocked for having a heart of ice, but he’s super compassionate and knows this is very serious. He wants to hire a therapist especially for you, but if you don’t want one then he’s okay with that. However, he asks if there’s anything he, or anyone else in the penthouse, can do because he knows you can’t fight this on your own.

·         He probably asks Jaehee to prepare a report on social anxiety so he can read it and learn more about it… Poor Baehee

·         Sometimes it’s hard to go out in public with him – the constant paparazzi and cameras make you want to hide a million miles away.

·         Elizabeth 3rd becomes your therapy animal and honestly?? She’s actually really good. It’s like she has a natural mother instinct and can magically calm you down. It probably boosts Jumin’s ego about cats which pisses Zen off lol.

·         You don’t even have to worry about not feeling up for going to work – you’re in a relationship with one of the richest men in South Korea so your boss should probably fear for their career if they punish you for not showing up.

·         Most of the time, if you can’t bear to leave your room, he’ll just work at home so he can look after you. Not that he wants to be overbearing, but he wants to make sure that you’re alright.

·         You often get angry with yourself because you want to be more romantic with him, but there’s always something that stops you from doing it. Like what if he thinks you’re being weird? Stupid? Dumb?

·         However, he doesn’t think like that at all. He can feel your sincerity and he can feel how much you love him.

·         In all seriousness, he won’t ever leave you because you have social anxiety. You changed his life for the better, and so he can’t just betray you like that.


·         This is awkward… He never goes outside… But jokes aside!

·         He knows that you have social anxiety from that background check he did. And honestly, he feels super sad, like what was it that gave you it in the first place? How did it get so… deliberating? He wishes he knew, but he won’t force the answer out of you.

·         Likewise, even if he knows, he waits for you to tell him about it.

·         Tbh, he probably has a very good idea of what it’s like – the fear that comes with risking his life on a few missions, running errands for his mother when he lived with her, and trying to rescue Saeran from Mint Eye.

·         He’ll act super goofy when you don’t feel up for going outside, but if you feel really upset, he’ll get serious and comfort you; after all, his jokes aren’t always going to make the anxiety go away.

·         He reeeally wants to make you a robot, one that will sense whenever you get anxious and will help you calm down, but you have so many already… And you have one to dispense medication… But he has an idea…

·         He buys you a cat as a therapy animal! It might be because he wants a cat so badly, but he knows they help, heck, Saeran most likely has one to calm him down. As much as he wants to name the cat Elly, he lets you name it whatever you like!

·         Don’t worry though, he’s super gentle with it! When he first held it he almost cried, because like damn is it so cute and its life is so precious… And finally, he has a cat! Poor Zen is gonna hate having to deal with more cat photos in the chatroom…

·         He heard that fidget spinners are supposed to help calm people down! He got one for you but it didn’t really work, so now he uses it to do awesome tricks and make stupid memes lol.

·         He actually starts charging up his glow in the dark stars because he learned that it calms you when you have an anxiety attack. And they look really awesome on the ceiling at night too.

·         He always gives you support and encourages you to go outside. He’ll give you cute kisses on the forehead, telling you that you can do it! And when he isn’t home, he sends sweet and encouraging messages like “Come on, _____, you can do it! Go out there and conquer the world today!”

·         He celebrates every time you’re confident enough to go outside, even if it’s just to buy bread from the nearest store.

·         But if you don’t feel confident enough to go outside, then he doesn’t mind staying inside with you. One of his favourite things to do is to play girly games and watch girly films with you, because you two find it hilarious that you are well out of the age range, but you don’t care. What’s even better is that he adds his own commentary in a surprisingly amazing Morgan Freeman voice, and that just makes it funnier. There are plenty of hugs too, and he’ll tell you it’s okay if you’re too anxious to go out.

·         Really, he feels so sad inside because someone that seems as strong and sweet as you has something which is so deliberating that you’re terrified of going outside.

·         Meanwhile, you hate how he can always say he loves you like it’s no big deal, but it’s hard for you to do the same to him. He would probably mock you in the chatroom if you did. But when he finds out how upset it makes you and what you think his reaction would be, he works on quelling your fears. You don’t have to tell him you love him – he knows you do, and everything you do for him is proof. Besides, he’s far from normal, so why should you two act like a normal couple?

·         “What’s normal anyway, ____? Everyone’s weird!”

·         Your social anxiety won’t get in the way of your love. And he’s going to make sure of it.


·         You’re really apprehensive about telling him – he has so much of a burden already, even though he’s open with you about all his problems. You don’t want to stress him out, and you don’t want to appear weak in front of him, since you think he doesn’t deserve that. However, you do eventually tell him when you have an anxiety attack, since he wanted to go out and you didn’t feel ready.

·         He has a vague idea of how to help you be comfortable, but he still wants to sit down with you and talk about it with you. He wants to know if there’s anything he can do to help you and what he should look out for.

·         However, he wants you to be super honest about your feelings though. He doesn’t want you to bottle it up and suffer in silence.

·         He does try to encourage you to go outside, even if it’s only to the garden or porch, to show you that the world isn’t scary. But he’s fine if you don’t want to – after all, he won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do! Instead, he’ll just show you some of the beautiful photos he’s taken and ask if you want to take some with him when you feel better.

·         He’s pretty much blind, so he can’t see you if you have an anxiety attack in public. But he can sense it. And even though he’s never helped someone through one, he’s surprisingly good at it. He’ll take you home, do breathing exercises, and talk to you in his sweet voice.

·         He often misses photoshoots because he wants to stay by your side and comfort you when you get anxious. You’re his world and he doesn’t want you to have an anxiety attack when he isn’t around.

·         Honestly, he’s so sweet and gentle? He really doesn’t mind the fact that you have social anxiety. He still loves you the same.

·         One time he could sense that you were crying, and when confronted, you confessed that it was because you hated how you couldn’t show your love for him like a normal significant other. He wasn’t going to have that; he embraced you and held you close, telling you that you didn’t have to make grand gestures for him, because he could feel your love.

·         “Could we ever be normal, ____? I’m blind… so it’s okay to not fit in.”

·         Really, he wants to help you in any way he can. You’re his light, the one who guides him through both good and bad times.


·         When he’s still in recovery, still feeling angry and betrayed, he’ll probably say things like “Why are you scared to go outside? Don’t be so pathetic.” It hurts you like hell; you’ve been so supportive for him and he dismisses the fact you have a mental health condition!

·         Truth is, he’s struggling to understand himself, and therefore struggles to understand everyone else around him. He thinks he’s the only one who has suffered and nobody else can have fears, phobias, anxiety, and so forth.

·         The worst time was when he tried to drag you out of bed (quite literally), but you were so afraid of going outside that you did everything to grip onto the comfort of your bed. You ended up crying so badly that Saeran wasn’t sure if you would ever stop, and you had injuries from where you had been dragged and tried to claw your way back to bed.

·         However, when he’s making good progress with his recovery and starts to feel calmer, he realises the things he said to you were pretty hurtful and he apologises… in his own way. It won’t be directly saying “I’m sorry for saying those things”, but whatever he does, you can feel his sincerity and therefore forgive him.

·         He’s probably terrified of a lot of things as well, so he can understand how it feels to have social anxiety – I mean, he knows that feeling, the tightness in your chest, hating being the centre of attention…

·         You’ve been helping him through times, so of course he wants to return the favour – he would feel bad if he didn’t – however he might be awkward about it. But he tries his best and you can feel that he’s trying his best.

·         As mentioned in Saeyoung’s headcanon, Saeran probably has a therapy animal. You find the animal comforting when you don’t feel strong enough to go outside, so he doesn’t mind sharing it with you. On some days when it’s all too much to bear, he’ll hold you and you’ll hold the animal, so you’ll be in some sort of sandwich (why wouldn’t you like it though? Hehe). He won’t do it at any other time though, because he’s too shy to initiate it.

·         On some days, you can’t even bring yourself to go out of your room, so when he sees that you haven’t come out, he joins you. He doesn’t like being alone.

·         However, once when you didn’t want to go outside, he grabbed a pillow and hit you with it. At first you thought he was being mean but he wanted a pillow fight – to bash away the social anxiety. And you joined in; what was even better was that Saeyoung wasn’t around so he couldn’t sabotage your game. Even if it was a bitch to clean up… At least it made you feel better!

·         Some nights you find it really hard to fall asleep, especially if you were triggered. Since he still suffers from night terrors, he understands the feeling all too well. Often when both of you are having a restless night, you two hold each other, not saying a word as the first signs of dawn begin to crack through the night sky.

·         Sometimes you feel bad when he wants to go get ice cream. You are terrified people are going to judge you for eating too much, or people will watch you make an order so that they can laugh at you when you mess up, so you two usually go when the parlour isn’t that busy. And as someone who loves ice cream, Saeran knows the best times.

·         He finds out that you wish you could be more open about your feelings with him when he sees you crying out of frustration. And he agrees with you, not because he wants you to be more open, but because he feels like that too. He wishes he could express himself and act like a ‘normal’ person his age, but he struggles to because of all the trauma he’s been through in his life.

·         Even so, he isn’t going to let go of the one person he can actually trust in his life. He found solace in you, and it would hurt him tremendously to lose you.


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24k_seobs: What I felt while on Click Starwars Weekly Idol Ranking Show

1st week - flustered and confused
2nd week - not as much embarrassment or confusion (I want to go to ‘Hyori’s Homestay’..)
3rd week - neatly confused
(This time I must see 'The Mimic’)

So far this has been MC Hongseob for Click Starwars Weekly Idol Ranking Show!! Thank you everyone ❤️ #24k #MC #hongseob
#thankyou #iloveyou #everyone

when u gotta text someone but also gotta keep the hacker aesthetic 


Taemin Han AU (JuminxMC AfterEnd) [[Please DO NOT repost this set]]
[READ THIS AU GUIDE FIRST if you have questions]

01: Taemin taking a photo with MC. Jumin wants in
02: Yoonri pulling another LOLOL all-nighter
03: Jae Keun sleeping && being pranked on
04: Jincheol ‘stealing’ the affection of Taemin’s dog
05: Seojun: “im in me mums carrrr… vrooom vrrroom”
—–Seven: “get out me car”
06: Hyun-Ae catches Taemin picking up after his dog in the park
07: ??? sent you a photo.

Drew some fake CGs for the AU – i tried ((each took 3-4 hours)) ;;v;; yes sorry I had to draw the original RFA members older ;;v;; reality bites O<-< sorry I had to watermark the heck out of it // things have been quite hectic regarding reposts and art theft ;;v;; anyway thank you so much for your interest && support ♥

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did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

click on them for better quality~

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Doge Dreams
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He finally has a name now! I think someone suggested it to me or something – idk I can’t remember but yes I know SHINee ((i listen to them)) plus I think Taemin fits the kid well lol