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Mc buying jumin those cheesy ass cat shirts and he lOves them??


  • He doesn’t wear t-shirts outside of the apartment 
  • He’s a very serious person 
  • Still he’ll wear them on days when he doesn’t have to work, or when he’s making MC breakfast or when he’s sleeping
  • So when they get those shirts for him, everyone in the RFA is really confused because like, yeah, it’s funny, but what does he do with all of them, because he doesn’t wear t-shirts 
  • Then, to prove their point, MC has to start taking pictures of Jumin wearing his cat shirts, but they know he’ll get upset if he knows that they’re taking them so they make a much bigger deal of it then in necessary
  • They pretend they’re still asleep and when he gets out of bed they sneak a picture
  • They stay up later than him to get a picture of sleepy Jumin wearing the stupid cat shirt with a small smile on his face 
  • Jumin making pancakes with a soft smile and a cat t-shirt
  • But they know that if Jumin sees the picture it will be the end of them, so they can only send the pictures to the RFA members through texts 
  • But one day, MC accidentally sends one to Jumin with a picture of him asleep on the couch with Elizabeth curled up on his stomach and him wearing a t-shirt with a cat (well actually two if you get what I mean) on it 
  • He immediately finds them and just “How long has this been going on? 
  • But oh no, it doesn’t stop 
  • They just stop hiding it
  • and now they post the pictures in the main chatroom
  • it’s a great bonding activity for Zen and Jumin since they both want the pictures to go away

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Heyoo, how nervous do u think the RFA is before their wedding w/ mc? Hihi

I’m going to do this as least to most nervous.

Least: Jaehee
At this point, she’s just relieved that her marriage to MC is legalized.
More excited than nervous.
Her wedding to her best friend is FINALLY happening. She has absolutely no doubts.

Next least: Jumin
He’s very confident. All he wants is MC. He knows that she loves him. And he planned the perfect wedding with her.
However, when the church doors open and he actually sees her for the first time, walking down the aisle towards him, he has a moment.
MC is the loveliest, kindest, most patient and understanding woman on earth. Was he enough for her? Could he be the husband that she deserves?
But, it’s only for a moment.
At the very least, he’s going to die trying.

Third: Saeyoung
He’s happy when his wedding day finally comes.
But, he’s progressively more worried as the day goes by.
He and MC stick with the tradition that they don’t see each other on the wedding day until the ceremony. During that whole day, he starts to doubt himself.
He always thought MC would be better with a normal man, after all.
But, those worries wash away when he sees MC at the end of the aisle.

Fourth: Yoosung
He gets nervous for the same reasons Jumin did: was he enough of a man for MC?
But, he also has similar resolve.
The only difference is that Yoosung would have more moments of unsureness. He might have a few episodes of uncertainty while planning the wedding, and the morning of, but overall, he pushes through it.

Most: Zen
He’s a romantic wreck.
He’s nervous while planning the wedding, because what if a jealous fan attacks MC?
He’s nervous while inviting people, because what if his family doesn’t come, after all?
He’s nervous the night before, because what if the weather’s bad?
He’s nervous the morning of, because what if MC changes her mind? She could have any guy; what if she stands him up?
His heart nearly beats out of his chest when he sees MC in her dress, because this is an ANGEL. What is a sinful man like him doing with an angel like her?!
He’s nervous during the vows because what if he stutters? MC deserves a man who doesn’t trip over his words!
He calms down during MC’s vows because she’s telling him how much she loves him and that she’s devoting her life to him.
He panics again with the rings because which hand is left?! WHICH HAND IS LEFT?!
But when the kiss finally happens, and they are officially pronounced, Zen comes back to himself. He did it. He got the girl. And he’s never looking back.

rfa + v + saran react to a MC is a musical actress in the musical heathers she is veronica and zen is j.d

A request from @awesomehauntedturtlecollectionme

I watched the movie for better accuracy and its quite interesting and then I listened to the musical and I saw a musical version of it.

What I not do all for research but it was good so I did not mind.

I hope this is what you wanted !

They are in a relationship with MC and they know what profession she has.

Fem MC here I can rewrite  it for a male MC if anyone wants that


  • Zen was really happy as he found out that you are a musical actress after that he would keep his eyes open for a chance to act with you.
  • So one day he sees the perfect chance for that they plan to play heathers and they hold auditions.
  • He is really exited and he auditions as J.D while you want to do Veronicas part.
  • You both are getting really exited after you get the parts.
  • Zen spams the chat and annoys everyone with countless selfies of himself in costume.
  • You are more moderate about it but you are more then happy to play with Zen as he is but you try to keep professional.
  • You practice a lot with Zen he really loves to rehearsal with you specially “Dead girl walking” you two practice that song a lot.
  • He says its just for practice but you know he just has too much fun with this.
  • The performance is a great success even when the ending makes Zen really emotional but he just loves doing a musical with you.
  • Zen waits for more opportunity´s like this your fans and his fans join forces since everybody ship you two really hardcore.


  • He is proud that his girlfriend is a musical actress he loves to see your performances.
  • He is happy that you got the new role but then you tell him you play with Zen as your male lead.
  • Yoosung really does not like that so much specially when he watches the movie and then he hears the songs.
  • First of all he finds the story kind of scary and the love scene really brothers him but he does not want to stop you either.
  • Yoosung is really conflicted but he decides to support you since he knows he can trust you but he definitely can´t trust Zen.
  • He is jealous that you will have some intimate scenes with Zen and he does not like how much time you spend with him.
  • Yoosung often picks you up from rehearsals and he keeps an close eye on Zen.
  • You know how much it´s bothering Yoosung so you invite him to a dress rehearsal.
  • He likes your performance a lot till  the song he fears the most -Dead girl walking-
  • Yoosung feels really bad when he sees what you are doing with Zen even when you told him before head how it´s done.
  • He just feels bad about this the rest of the rehearsal he thinks why you are with him when you could be with someone like Zen for sure.
  • After the show you see how bad Yoosung really feels you tell him it´s just pretend you not even really kiss you offer him to do the song with him and he agrees even when he is nervous.
  • After this he understands it a bit better.
  • Even when you will have to make sure he knows that you are only love him.


  • As soon as she knows that you are also a musical actress just like Zen she is fangirling just as hard about you.
  • She loves all your performances so much she goes to every single one of them.
  • When Jaehee hears that you are auditioning for the same musical as Zen she double fangirls and she is almost more exited then you are when you get the part.
  • Jaehee supports you 10000percent she insists on you to watch the movie with her and she has bought the cd as well.
  • You are very well prepared for the role thanks to her.
  • Jaehee even does rehearsals with you at home she can play all roles once you are done.
  • She makes sure that Zen does stay professional with you since Jaehee knows that you are 100percent professional.
  • On the day of the opening show she got the best place possible.
  • Jaehee got you a huge bouquet of flowers and she is just so sweet to you he is your biggest fan ever and you offer her to become your manager since she is obliviously the best for the job.


  • He has some mixed feeling about you performing with other guys but Jumin knows you love your work so he will not stop you.
  • He supports you when ever he can even when you are not wanting him to pull strings for you.
  • You just rather make it with your talent then with Jumins money and he likes how devoted you are.
  • He is happy that you got a lead role and he does not mind so much that Zen plays a role too at least till Jumin hears he will be the male lead and there are kisses and a love scene in the musical.
  • Jumin does really not like that he feels like Zen is not professional enough to play with you as their partner.
  • Jumin talks to you about this he wants you to put the role down but you really want to play it and you also see that Jumin only focuses on that love story part even when that is only a small part of the play.
  • So you show him the movie and then he understands it a bit better and then he does some research -aka he asks Jaehee- about love scenes and kisses in musicals and he finds they all make believe so that makes it easier for him.
  • He rents out the entire theater for his visit on the opening night – even when you told him not to do that-
  • Jumin also made sure that Zen knows that he does only act with you and nothing more -he threatening his with bringing Elizabeth the 3rd to his next performance if Zen does not behave-


  • He first was a bit worried since you are a public person and with his job he has to life in the shadows.
  • He still supports you 100percent and more then often you are wearing so heavy makeup that no one recognizes you anyways and you are more shy then Zen too and you are really so important to him that he accepts your Job after a while.
  • Specially when he sees how much passion you put in to your work he ends up really enjoying your plays even when he only watches Videos of your work.
  • When you tell him about your new role he is happy and he does not really mind that it´s with Zen.
  • He knows that Zen is a good guy and you both are professional actors.
  • He later does some research about Heathers and he sees the movie , what his much darker then he expected.
  • Their he also finds out about that love scene and that brothers him he does trust you of course but he just can´t stand the image of you doing that with Zen on stage even when its only an act.
  • You tell him over and over again that you only love him and even show him how you make it look real.
  • He still feels a bit insecure but he does not stop you.
  • On the opening night he is actual their for the first time ever you are surprised to see him after the show is over and you jut are so happy you hug him and kiss him and their he knows he never actual had anything to worry about.


  • He likes your profession and he loves to see you on stage -yes he can see is this-
  • He is their by every performance you give and he loves taking pictures of you in costume.
  • He made your set card and he always supports you 100percent in what ever role you want to play.
  • V is is your biggest fan no doubt about it.
  • It does not brother him at all when he hears that you get to play with Zen after all he is also a friend of Zen.
  • He trusts both of you too so he does see nothing wrong with a love scene or a kiss scene maybe it is was a stranger but he knows Zen and he knows that Zen is a professional.
  • He comes to your opening show and he enjoys it even when the love scene brothers him a bit in the end.
  • He would never tell that to you though so he comes backstage and you ask him what he thinks and he tells you how much he loved the play.
  • But you notice that he is slightly bothered by something so you ask him if he is alright he does not really tell you his thoughts but you think you get him and give him a kiss and tell him that you are only loving him that works on him and he goes back to be cheerful again.


  • He does not mind that you are musical actress but he does mind that you play with males.
  • It took him very long to trust you but he does not strangers and its only worth with males.
  • He often tries to stop you from plays where you play with a male lead.
  • You love being a musical actress though and you tell him that its all just show he is not very happy with it but he really does not want to loose you so he just lets you do what you want.
  • He does not go to your show though since he would not be able to stand it.
  • Its not much different when you get the role in Heathers and actual it´s a better at first that he knows Zen.
  • Even when Zen has a certain flirty attitude Zen always keeps his distance and when Saeran tells him to back down he is not offended.
  • But when he finds out that there is a love scene and how it will look -since he looked a video from a stage play of it-
  • It makes him really angry he really does not want you to do this at all he feels really betrayed by you to do this to him.
  • You show him the whole scene to show it´s just make believe there is not much actual skin contact nor is it as bad as it might looks.
  • Saeran does not mind it when you do it to him but to Zen seems still quite bad to him.
  • Even when you ask Zen to show it with you for him it really does not make it better.
  • But you want to play the part and that one scene is just a small part of it so what can you do?
  • You try to convince the director to chance the scene a bit so you are not really to see or that you are not lighted so much but there is no way around it.
  • For the sake of Saeran you want to give the role up even when you want to play it you don´t want to make Saeran sad.
  • He already pulled threw a lot for the sake of your carrier you know it hurts him its not really worth it to make him feel bad.
  • When Saeran hears you talk to Zen about this on the phone how you want to give it all up just for him since you just love him so much he realizes that it was stupid of him to be jealous like this you love him you will not cheat or leave him for anyone.
  • Its just a act so he tells you to not quit and that you better play the best Victoria their ever was.
  • Of course you promise him that and you also tell him again that he means the world to you and that you are really happy with him.
  • He keeps an extra close eye on you still but he knows deep down that you will never leave him even when he is jealous of your male partners.

Take a look at my Masterlist , I have headcanons ,writings and some drawings.

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We willingly joined this app for cute boys (and girl) did we not? That's what the game(wizard who created it) told us. We might have been a helper because in Zen's DLC normal end 2 (Oh god, I'm still suffering from heartbreak) he says that he knows that the MC has automated choices, nothing of her own say. For choosing to be a part of this "game" we must accept the optional choices forced to us.

There are many hints (not only in this DLC) that we’re fully aware of what’s going on, that we’re aware this is all just an app. We can say it for sure. But as for us/ThePlayer being the Wizard’s helper it’s still just a theory, and rather too far-fetched, but who knows ;) I saw CG from happy ending with Zen in this DLC and its seem interesting. At the weekend I will try to unlock this ending and maybe I will find some more hints.


Well someone once reminds me that Saeyoung wanted a real family..

Saeyoung sleeping with the babies because ha-neul doesn’t want to let go of him. Ha-yun just copying him.

Oh and look finally the mcs appeared in this au. In case you guys don’t know the left one is saeran’s, the right is saeyoung’s. Yeah my au is kinda complicated. I will try to explain later-  😂

The picture of saeyoung and babies is based on a video. Another quickie art of MM before I start cramping myself with commissions.



did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

click on them for better quality~

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You go boy. Yah more things for my AU. Angry waifu is more scarier than finding a bomb in your room. _(;3

Mc A: You’re so bold today~

Saeran: Sighs…

when u gotta text someone but also gotta keep the hacker aesthetic 

Jumin: If that’s fine with you, what I’ve been wanting to do is… I wanted to hug you…

MC: Well I… I wanted to kiss you…

(when will Cheritz give me more kissed with Jumin…)