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Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 3 Teaser 3 + SMTM5 Performance


Kim Kyungmin: 19 Years (20 in Korean Age 13th March 1994)  Winner of the me2day Search for After School’s 9th Member in 2010 (along with Ara). Featured in “Funky Man” (After School Vol. 1 – Virgin) Specialty: Dance.

Kim Sooyi / Sohee:  Made her appearance through 17tv teaser with Son JuYeon. She was one of the backup dancer from nuest’s “Hello” and in Kym Bum Zu “Game Over” MV. She did cameo in some doramas too! 

Naeun: Made her appearance in Kym Bym Zu “Game Over” MV with Kim Sohee! Age unknown.

Park JungHyeon: 15 Years (16 in Korean Age 14 November 1999), made cameo in After School’s Bang MV, Orange Caramel AING~ and Love Letter MV and performances!

Kim Minkang:Official winner of the 2011 Happy Pledis audition.Age unknown

Jie Qiong Zhou/Pinky: She’s chinese. 15 Years (16 Years in Korean Age)

Oh HyeYoung: Age Unknown. Here’s a video of her dancing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5GjRANXk0M

Kang YeBin: Age Unknowk, she has good vocals. 

Son Juyeon: Age Unknown, won 2011 happy pledis audition with Minkang and made her appearance in 17tv teaser with Kim Sohee.

The last girl i didn’t know her name yet, was actually Naeun, sorry. ^^’  she was in Seventeen TV with Pinky, Kang Yebin and Kim Sohee dancing “Call Me Maybe” Here’s the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zkLj4zrb5U

There’s more Pledis Female trainees / Pre school girls but we don’t have any photos yet, we have a performance of pledis girls dancing Mannequin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5zfuhfGFPU

Naeun, Junghyeon, Yebin and Pinky are in that video, the other 3 girls we don’t know the names yet! 

Exy: Listen kids. If you die out there I’ll be responsible, so I’m going to have two of you act out a scene where you get confronted with someone who wants your money.

Exy: Dayoung. You’ll be the murderer. And Yeoreum, you’re getting threatened. What do you do?

Dayoung: Hey you! Down on your hands! Floor on your head! GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!

Mei Qi: um doesn’t she mean down on the floor hands on your h-

Eunseo: shhh she’s concentrating

Yeoreum: [screams]



Yeoreum: u wanna go get ice cream

Dayoung: sure

Exy: i quit