ha ji won

So, Fight For My Way, was actually kind of perfect, I am 90% happy with that ending and with the drama as a whole, which is kind of surprising considering that I usually find endings a bit lacking; I prefer very clear cut endings and this was as clear cut as I could have wanted. Plus, it was too cute and too sweet and very much kept with the realism of the drama and it just honestly, pretty darn perfect.

The conclusion did feel a little rushed to me, I feel like the writers didn’t really realize how much they had left to conclude on and it was all lumped into the last episode whereas, with a little more planning, it could have been done over the last two, maybe three episodes. Hye Ran’s sudden and brief reappearance in the last three episodes after a week of no-show (I’m pretty sure she didn’t show up for 12 & 13), and the need to conclude her arc was definitely a contributing factor and it just seemed out of place. I guess the bit about the porridge was needed, it might be the reason why he proposed and probably demonstrated how long Ae Ra loved him, but I don’t think anything would have been missed had it been left out either. Also, the bit with Tak Su and his coach was so awkward as well; he barely appeared in the last two episodes and all of a sudden he did a 180 and became earnest with his fighting? It was just too unbelievable and I wish there had been a contributing factor that lead to this sudden change of character that was shown. Both the Hye Ran and Tak Su arc were overall so sloppy (Ae Ra’s mom and that stalker producer as well) and with better time management they could have been developed better.

Sul Hee and Joo Man…of course they ended up together again even though I hoped against all odds this wouldn’t happen, but not altogether disappointed. The writers did a good job in developing Sul Hee and giving her that bit of independence and selfishness she was missing before and the fact that she stuck to her decision for 2 straight months definitely showed Joo Man he can’t walk over her so easily again. In the end, he didn’t cheat in the true meaning of it and people have been forgiven over more, plus she really did make him work to earn her forgiveness and 6 years of devotion and love is really hard to throw away.

Finally Ae Ra just accepted Dong Man’s fighting! Though she still obviously disapproves, at least she wasn’t dropping ultimatums left and right and guilt tripping him. Passion for what you do is so elusive and when you try to stifle it, I just can’t support it. I understand the worry and the reasoning and I 100% believe it should be expressed, but not to the extent you hold someone back like Ae Ra was trying to do with Dong Man, it would be hard to believe resentment wouldn’t develop between the two if she had succeeded. In addition, Dong Man’s fighting is so integral to his character; either way he would have probably been doing taekwondo, so one way or another, Dong Man would have been in the “ring” and in harms way.  

And bless them for doing the epilogues properly! When My Secret Romance did it, it started out as a way to show a hidden scene and to shed further light upon certain actions or stories, but later it became an unnecessary repeat of a plot point addressed and it just became so annoying and pointless and time not used well. With Fight For My Way, they did everything right with it; characters were better developed, relationships better explained, clues/hints were revealed, comic relief was provided and it served to enhance the drama like epilogues are meant to do.

That joke in the end though, oh my god I actually had a minute of panic and doubt when she thought it was all a dream and I was so ready to rage, but thankfully it wasn’t so, but the writers could most definitely have pulled it off if they’d wanted to be cruel, bless them for not. Imagine though, just imagine if it had all been a dream………….

Unfortunately, it’s all over now, but I really hope its success prompts for slice-of-life dramas in the future! It’s refreshing now and then to have a drama where you can basically 100% relate to the characters and the plot and obviously the ratings seem to support that.