ha it looks like i got tats

hes rlly awkward and stiff cos his clothes are kinda too small and he always wants to fidget bounce pick n shit so he has to think about keeping his hands at his sides and it looks so uncomfortable lmfao i wanna give him some cool indie tats and hes deff got a wild side, but, you gotta work to get it out of him lmao

he lowkey totally knows how to ride a motorcycle??? from when he was younger. he likes netflix and lives off starbucks and is basically just. ykno. ur modern day anxious dweeb who dresses like he raided his dads closet but is too tall to fit any of his clothes and always makes self deprecating jokes about how hes like a middle aged white woman cos he likes wine and facebook memes. he was totally a grungy late teen in the nineties and misses bein that way but feels like hes gotta Be An Adult™. etc etc more character explanations.

what an awful muse. i love him.

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so we all know gladio has that big fuck off bird tattoo, what about the others? do u have any headcanons for that? (also if ur not feeling it right now pls dont rush to answer this, just look after yourself 😘)

Hell yeah I have headcanons for that! I briefly mentioned it to @kerrtrash like forever ago, but since then I’ve been slowly coming up with other ideas.

And hey, thank you. 

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  • The real reason he won’t take his shirt off in Lestallum is because he has this giant tattoo across the right side of his chest. 
  • He got it because he lost a bet (to Prompto) while he was in high school. He’s managed to hide it from Ignis, Gladio, and his father since then by some miracle. It’s this constant fear in the very back of his mind that he’ll get found out and scolded, so he’s very careful about what he wears and how he’s seen.
  • It’s a tattoo of a moogle riding a chocobo. It’s chibi and the colors are a bit on the bright side. And by a bit, I mean… a lot. 
  • Noctis always makes sure to avoid water whenever he’s wearing a white shirt. Prompto laughs in silence and Ignis and Gladio are just confused (and slightly suspicious).


  • Initially very scared of tattoos because of the method of obtainment – namely, needles. It reminds him too much of when he got his barcode, even though those memories are pretty vague…
  • Was startled at first by Gladio’s tattoo, the first time he saw the whole thing. Constantly asked him questions about it. “How long did it take? How could you sit still for so long? Did it hurt?”
  • A few years after the first dawn, Prompto finally reaches his breaking point with hiding his barcode. He knows the bros were accepting, but he also knows that everyone isn’t like that. He’s not over his fear, but he’s (mostly) willing to look past it for the sake of getting the code covered.
  • He asks Gladio to go with him, and he gets a cover-up tattoo from the same artist that did Gladio’s bird. Prompto’s tattoo is of the Engine Blade surrounded by sylleblossoms in memoriam of Noct and Luna.


  • Has very small, subtle tattoos on the insides of his wrists. One of them is a feather, and another is a basic version of the Lucian crest.
  • He traces them with his thumbs whenever he gets nervous about something, but it only looks like he has his hands folded in front of him.
  • The tattoo of the feather was done by Gladio’s tattoo artist, who turns out to actually be Ignis’ tattoo artist, since Iggy got his tattoo first. (The feather actually partially inspired Gladio’s tattoo.)
  • Gladio and Noctis are the only ones who know about the tattoos (Noct was really impressed with it). Prompto finds out after Ignis goes blind because he noticed that Ignis was constantly rubbing his wrists and thought that something was wrong, along the lines of a rash, only to find the tats. He thinks they’re pretty cool.

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hola, i love your blog im new! im sorry if you already answered this but what kind of girl do you see shawn with? like if she were a celebrity and if you could create her (don't have to include looks wise if you don't want to.) also would you describe shawn as the goofy one of his group? i see him more as the sarcastic, cool, alpha male type lol

I don’t think I’ve answered anything like this before, actually! And I loooove thinking about this type of thing…

I could see Shawn with a girl who has a good sense of humor, first and foremost. He’s got such a quick wit and such a sarcastic way about him and I could see him really enjoying someone who could just volley back and forth with him, going tit for tat and keeping comebacks at the ready, you know? Someone who could go neck to neck with him when he’s in that kind of mood to joke and play and give everybody around him shit…

I think he’d also appreciate someone who’s curious. Someone who’s always willing and ready to learn and grow and expand their mindsets and their understandings about things. Shawn’s still young and I feel like, in a way, he’s still figuring out the best ways to balance life and fame… I think there must be a lot of unique situations that pop up for a young person who’s trying to navigate these things – things that we as “normal folks” cant ever really know – and I think he’d need his significant other to be ready and open and willing to get to know those things right there with him, by his side.

And then lastly, I think he’d need someone independent. Someone who’s their own person… who’s secure enough in themselves to really BE themselves and be okay getting shit done on their own, if need be. Shawn is crazy busy and crazy, crazy ambitious. I mean, the kid hangs out at the studio on his vacation. Like, *that’s* how committed he is to his craft. So he’ll need someone who gives him the space he needs to continue on that way and who has her own focus and her own life and her own business to tend to so that when they do come together, she’s got something of her own to contribute to their conversations and to their experience as a couple.

And as far as what role I think he plays in his friend group? I think he’s got two sides to him, truly. I think he can be the quick witted, sarcastic, goofball (like I mentioned above) when the time is right and when the group gets that chance to relax and just be young and enjoy themselves. But I think that he can flip that ok a dime and be that serious, ambitious leader that the group needs when it’s time to focus and buckle down and get shit done, too.


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jackson from got7 for character analysis please! thanks~

if it were possible anon, i’d press a kiss to your forehead for requesting this because jackson is the purest soul on this earth and my most favourite person. i can’t believe you basically gave me a free pass to fangirl. but ofcourse *coughs* we’ll be a tad bit more professional than that. let’s get into it, shall we?

  • so kind, so pure. if the sun were a personality, this man would be it. he is so warm as a person, you can just tell that when it comes to his personality and identity, the light wins against the dark on almost all the days.
  • but given that, i do think he’s gotten more subdued over the past year. during the early years of got7 he used to have this unbound crazy energy about him like a little puppy (therefore, wang puppy) but now, it’s like he doesn’t have the physical energy to go along with his old ways. this man, is getting old. 
  • but more than that, i think something’s upset him recently or he’s in one of his overthinking moods again. jackson is one of those people who can’t hide his emotions or keep his thoughts to himself for long. he’ll always spill it eventually. he has his heart written all over his face and its such a beautiful thing, but probably not very advantageous to him. i suppose it comes from the loving and supportive parenting he’s received. strict too, i believe.
  • i know that jackson has a strong sense of barter in most of his relationships. like the fact that he got a gold medal in the asian games to trade off coming to korea to train to be an idol, i think thats how he looks at relationships. he’ll do as much as you do, or even more. if someone puts effort into taking care of him or making him feel nice, he’ll return it twice fold. but, he wont do it selflessly. it’s tit for tat, no one way road to devoted worshipping bullshit. but if you love him, you’ve hit jackpot basically it’s very clear, the way he is so devoted to his igot7′s. very admirable trait
  • he’s got a strong strong sense of duty and loyalty. i think the one kind of person that jackson cannot tolerate in this world is someone who goes behind on their word or lies through their actions. if you just lie to him with words, he might just understand if you apologise. but if you promise him one thing and act the other way? nope. no going back. a very strong sense of honour too 
  • he keeps going on and on about “what a man would do” which is very indicative of a typical asian upbringing. the sense of gender and gender roles is very specific in asian countries. but, he seems to have gained quite a few liberal views . he’s also one of the most open supporters of LGBTQIA+ people out there. warms my heart, really
  • i know ive been on and on about his positives so far but this boy does have his negatives dont worry. we’re going to be very objective about him. he’s too stubborn. not even “i’ll keep pounding this rock until the end of time” kind of thing but an irrational, “i must do this!!!!!! i’m going to do thiss!!! nothing will stop mee!!!” sort of attitude about things. this usually acts up when he’s losing a game or competition or tackles something that requires bravery and wit, and he’s got a shortage of those - we all know
  • but other than his stubbornness, i can also see him very emotionally led. which means he might have a high chance of emotionally processing things. not a good thing. emotional processing is when people try to solve problems by coming up with solutions that “make them feel nice” even if it doesnt solve the problem in the long term. you can see how this will put him in tough situations right??
  • he’s also a people pleaser and this is really not a secret in the fandom. he will go out of his way to accommodate others into his life and do everything they want, the way they want. sometimes i wonder if he forgoes his comforts and wishes for the same reason
  • but the boy is also childish and spoilt. im sure he eventually gets to a breaking point and is like “im sorry but im going to do what i want now thanks kbye”
  • has the emotionality of a fresh 21yr old at 3AM in the night. definitely not a ronald weasley thank god
  • but pls, for the love of god, i hope he never has to suffer rejection or disdain because he wont take it lightly. however, he doesn’t seem to be predisposed to depression or anxiety so thats a good thing
  • jackson is the sun guys. so warm, so thoughtful. the ultimate husband material. he might be physically too overpowering and needy and occasionally a bit too jealous to be logical but i mean, he’ll never make you doubt for a second that you are the light of his life. whoever he ends up with, better understand what they’ve got on their hands because he is a gem
  • also, wang jia er with a scruff is my favourite thing on this planet.

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I felt like my 20'stuck Roxy looked a lot like Charlotte La Bouff and well 


SuperCat Week Day 5 Soulmates: “Diplomacy”

Fanart: Despite being on opposite sides in a war, human vs elf, mage vs paladin, their souls are bound together, and they cannot stay away, so must find a way to create peace.

Please don’t repost, use in your own creations, claim you painted it, or otherwise act like a jackass. Thank you.

To see it on AO3 (It’s larger), click here.

Notes behind the cut

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You're a Good Man, Dean Winchester

creativespite submitted:

A/N: Okay so a few months ago I found this prompt I really liked. I can’t remember the specifics and I think it might have been filled since but it was something about Dean being really down on himself and depressed and Castiel cheering him up with tickles. Well at the time, I was a little drunk and decided I NEEDED to write this. Later, also sober, I finished it and now I’ve gotten the balls to actually submit it. I’ve never written anything like this before so sorry if it sucks! Gahhd I’m so nervous! I love this page and you all c:

Summary: Dean comes home from a long hunt and can’t stop thinking about the things he’s done wrong. Castiel sets out to cheer him up.

If there was anything Dean loved in the world as much as he loved his brother, his car, and his bacon cheeseburgers, it was the Men of Letters bunker. He couldn’t remember ever having a room to call his own, and beds in the bunkers were worlds above those in the cheap motels Dean had stayed in for years. And Dean loved sleeping. So when he and Sam returned from a two week long hunt, and he flipped on the lightswitch and saw the familiar set up, he didn’t know why he still didn’t feel at ease.

He made his way immediately to the bathroom. He didn’t want to even look at his bed until he’d scrubbed himself clean of the whole trip. He never wanted to wake up and have to guess if the blood smeared on his pillow case was his or not, or even if it was human. Dean had plenty of stains on his sheets, but none of them were going to be demon blood.

He turned the water on as hot as it could get without burning a layer of skin off. As he took off his shirt and peeled off the tee shirt underneath, he turned away from the mirror. He’d learned that it was best that way, because whenever he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, all he could see looking back was the damned Mark of Cain. It taunted him. It whispered to him all the things he had done, it whispered all the things he would do. He couldn’t bear to look at himself. He finished undressing and slid in to the shower.

The burn of the hot water felt nice. Sometimes, they’d go on a hunt and it would take a while to really get a good lead, and they’d have more time on their hands than they knew what to do with. This past venture had not been like that. Dean hadn’t had a good shower in more than a few days, and the murky water swirling around the drain proved it. He breathed deeply, taking in the steam, hoping it would clear his head. It didn’t help. His head just kept spinning faster with anxieties and worries, he began to think about when things were simpler, and how they’d never be simple again. He turned up the hot water a little more. He thought of the people he promised to protect, the people he’d failed, he thought of the innocent people who were lost because of him. He turned the water up as hot as it could go, so hot he could barely breathe, so hot it was scalding his skin. He thought about the people he’d killed. He looked down at the Mark. He knew he would kill again. He gasped for air, finally putting his hands over his face to shield his eyes from the water, too hot to bear.

By the time he stumbled out of the shower, his skin was red and his eyes were bloodshot. He threw on a tee shirt and a pair of boxer briefs before reentering his bedroom. As he opened the door, he came nose to nose with a figure. He jumped back, grabbing the door frame for leverage.

“Hello Dean.”

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Now I'm wondering what a Junkertown Tattoo parlor might look like, IF there even are any. Tbh, I don't know much about piercings and tats, so Im wondering if a good and sterilized piercing would be considered a waste of good resources. At least Hog and Rats tats look great tough. Hog might have gotten it before the crisis, but Im wondering wheter Rat got it in Jt or out of it. Or if he attempted diy and Hog was MORTIFIED and dragged him into the first parlor outside of of OZ for a cover up.

oh i’m absolutely positive junkrat has tried several stick n poke tattoos and they got infected and it was horrible. he might be missing toes. maybe that’s why he wears the bandages on the other leg.

i’m sure they have an autoclave. and that just needs to power a pump for pressure, and hot steam. the tattoo & piercing shop might have to share it with the local clinic and the barbershop and so on, but i’m sure they have one. you couldn’t run a shop without one.

his skull tattoo being a cover up makes… so much sense lol. i wish he had more tats, tats are nice. that antique shop au where he has a bunch of little rat tattoos is so good and ic.

Actual things said by my dad playing Pokemon Go

“We live in a Pokemon poor village.”

“Look I caught one! It’s a Rat-tat

“Oh wait no it’s a rat-tat-A

“Hakunah Ratata”

“Look that dumpster’s a Pokemon!”

“I think that ladies a Pokemon”

Zoobat if that even is your real name” (it was not)


“Pinche Zoobat”

“I wasted like six balls on that bat”

“Look I caught one it’s a Red Bird

“Oh wait no it’s a Pigeoto”

“Look at that dude thinking he’s so tough”

“I need to put him in his place”

“Once I’m level five”

“Alas I am level three still”

“Ok I got two, this one’s a poisonous bug. A weed bug.”

“This one has a magnet in his brain.”

Bonus:”Your mom married me because she thought I was serious.”

ATTN ppl with hand tattys

is all of this mania about (top of the hand) hand tattoos having like a 4/5 chance of fading or blowouts true? recently got a small tat on my finger, has been a week and it looks fine. am i in the clear?

Try What? - Nate Maloley

Request: Can you do an imagine where Nate wants a baby?

A/N: To the anon who requested this, I am so so so damn sorry that this came out later than expected. Originally, I had planned for this to come out on Saturday, but then I completely got writer’s block. By the time I was okay to write again, I had two more summer finals to finish this week, BUT I’M DONE WITH MY SUMMER COURSES! I know this is so super late, and I’m sorry again. ): I really hope you’re not mad, but if you are, then tell me! I still hope you like this. (:


The sound of muffled pitter patters from the heavy rain pouring down surrounded your house while scented candles were plastered everywhere, giving off an aroma of fresh sea breeze throughout the rooms. The power had gone out over a little an hour ago and it definitely didn’t help contribute in any way of your desire to catch up on your television shows. 

You let out a heavy sigh as you plopped onto bed next to Nate. “Now I guess I’ll never know if she finds out the truth or not,” you playfully joked and folded your arms, referring to the episode you last stopped on. 

“Oh, stop it,” Nate chuckled. He closes his laptop and turns his head to you. “The power company said everything will be up by the morning.” You could use his laptop seeing as yours is low on battery, but you’d rather take the time to just spend it with Nate instead.

You turn your head to face him also. The dimly lit room brought out a very few of Nate’s features - his nose, broad forehead, dimpled cheeks, soft lips, and his slightly scruffed up chin - while shadowing the rest. You leaned forward to give him kisses in all the places visible.

Surprised and joyed, he asked, “What was that for?”

You stared at his lips before you replied. “Nothing. I just felt like kissing you.” It’s time like these where you learn to bask in the moment to remind yourself what you’ve been blessed with - an amazing guy who loves you for you, and out of all those girls that pined for him, you were the one that stood out. Here in bed with you was Nathan Montgomery Maloley.

“Is it okay if I kiss you back?” Nate sincerely asked. No matter how silly the question seemed to other people who knew you were together, it still didn’t stop you from thinking it was the cutest thing Nate could ever ask permission for. It comes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover because even though Nate looked like the bad boy, a straight up muggin’ tatted, looking type of guy, if you really got to know him, he is actually this gentle and genuine human being who has a passion for everything and everyone he loves. This included you, but on a whole ‘nother level of course.

Your eyes redirected back to his lips and you cheerfully nodded. He slowly brings one of his hands up and lies it on your cheek, inching your face closer to him, and before you knew it, the skin of your lips made contact and leisurely moved together with each synchronized movement. The kiss deepened as you brought your hand to his neck, turning the kiss turned into a small make out session. He then pulls away from the kiss as he kept his eyes closed and leans his forehead against yours. The feeling of the kiss lingered on what seemed to be like forever.

You look at him. “What’s wrong?” His face gave off a feeling of distraught and irratation, but then his demeanor loosened as he gave you half a smile and opened his eyes, letting you go from his grasp.

He sighs, “I was wondering.” He paused and you waited patiently for him to finish what he wanted to say. “Do you want to try?”

Confused by the question, you asked, “Try what?”

“I feel like… now is the best time in our lives to finally try to… have a baby?…” Nervous to look at you and hear your answer, he stays still from any motion.

“Nate,” you spoke. “Are you serious?…” You gave it a second for the notion to sink in. “Do you really mean it, Nate? Do you really want to try?”

Your tone was enough for Nate to look at you and reply with hope. “Yeah, I mean, we’re financially well off, our schedules match up to where we can take care of a kid, and everything else just seems perfect right now. Don’t you think so, (Y/N)?”

Your lips were slightly parted open, mesmerized by the idea of having a child, but you snapped out of it and shouted, “Yes! Of course I think so, I wouldn’t think anything else!!” His head shot up at the sudden outburst of your happiness, his smile stretching from ear to ear. You get up and start jumping on the bed as you bring Nate up along with you. You hold his hands and jump joyfully with him. “I can’t believe we’re going to do this!”

The jumping stops with the sound of panting filling the air. “We’re going to have a family, (Y/N),” Nate grins. “We’re finally going to have a family.”


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(popstartats(.)com/louis-tomlinson-tattoos/half-sleeve-arm-tats/) go down to the paper airplane part. literally everyone knows

Paper Airplane Tattoo on Louis’ Arm

Part of the half sleeve tattoo Louis Tomlinson is working on includes a small image of a paper airplane in mid-flight, which is inked in black and white on the inside of Louis’ right forearm. Louis’ paper airplane tattoo is inked just below the singer’s “OOPS!” tat and it looks like the two images are part of the same tattoo. They aren’t, but they do have similar meanings! Remember, Louis got his “OOPS!” tat because that was the first word he said when he met Harry Styles. Well, when explaining his paper airplane tattoo, Louis once said, “Harry’s necklace. I love it.” Apparently bandmate Harry Styles has a necklace of a paper airplane and Louis liked it so much he decided to permanently ink the image on his arm. We’re beginning to think these guys have way too much time and money on their hands…

Okay but also this;

Louis Tomlinson’s Large Compass Tattoo

Any pop star would probably admit that, along with all the good things, there are also some bad things about being a celebrity, including being away from home so often. As a tribute to his home in London, Harry Styles once opted for a giant ship tattoo on his left arm, while Louis Tomlinson got a more discreet but still pretty large compass tat for the same reason. “It has an arrow pointing to home. I miss it,” Louis said about his compass tattoo, which is inked on the inside of his right forearm, just below his stick figure tattoo and above his flock of birds tat. Louis Tomlinson’s tattoo was inked in December 2012 at the Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in West Hollywood, at the same time as Zayn Malik’s tattoo of a skull on his arm.

But wait there’s more;

Louis Tomlinson’s “OOPS!” Arm Tattoo

There’s no doubt that Louis Tomlinson and his bandmates love random tattoos, and Louis’ “OOPS!” tattoo on his arm definitely falls into this category. Shortly after inking the stick figure on his arm, the pop star added another tat to what is well on its way to becoming a half-sleeve: the word “OOPS!” with two lines below for emphasis. The singer’s arm tat was inked in Los Angeles and was first revealed in November 2012. According to Louis himself, “[Oops! is] the first word I said to Harry when we met…” Isn’t that cute! “I also make plenty of mistakes,” Louis elaborated on his arm tattoo meaning. Similar to Louis’ “OOPS!” tattoo is Zayn Malik’s tattoo of the word “Friday,” which was inked because the singer is always asking if it’s Friday yet. Harry Styles also has the word “Hi” inked on his arm, and, according to one source, Louis’ “OOPS!” tattoo is actually inked in Harry’s handwriting. We wouldn’t be surprised if “Hi” is the first word Harry said to Louis!

And of course;

An Infinity Rope Wrist Tat

Louis took a little break from inking up his arm until June 2013, when he got a tattoo of a rope on his right wrist. Louis’ wrist tattoo features a black and white rope twisted into the shape of an infinity symbol on the outside of his wrist. The rope encircles Louis’ entire wrist, meeting up with the singer’s quotation marks tattoo, with the two ends of the infinity rope disconnected on the inside portion of his wrist. Although Louis hasn’t explained the meaning behind his rope tattoo, fans are speculating that the ink represents broken ties of some sort. It’s interesting that Louis chose that particular location for the rope tattoo, especially since the broken part of the rope intermingles with the quotation marks tat that so many people believe relates to Harry Styles.


Basically this is the best article ever

[FAN ACCOUNT] 140202 Block B Fanmeet @ KPub BBQ

So, I’ll just summarize all that I remembered at yesterday’s fanmeet~!!! ^^

Starting out with my first impression when I finally saw them on stage.

B-bomb: He’s so quiet and doesn’t talk that much. But I always see him talking to Kyung coz they’re the one standing beside each other. He’s so handsome too. (((Ayyyyyeeee~ Plus, he’s really sexy)))

Kyung: He’s so charming in real life. His face always looks so serious but his smile is so cute. He always stare at other people like “yo i’ll eat you” LOL just kidding. Coz he always stare at others. (((Why didn’t he look at me. DAMN)))

U-kwon: His face is so damn good looking! And his biceps really attracts me the most tbh. He always smile and it’s so cute like a kitty! He’s not that chubby at all in real life. He has a fit body. (((His gf is so damn lucky!!! T^T)))

Taeil: He’s small and so cute! He looks like a lost child that doesn’t know what to do. His smile looks so sweet! His skin is so flawless like a baby. (((I’m mad coz I didn’t see any of his tats lol coz he’s wearing long sleeves)))

Zico: He’s so handsome. He always look everywhere, left and right. He’s so playful! He’s so tall. I laughed when he got shocked and said “OH MY GOD” when he saw the cake as a present for them from Block B PH. (((whispers I LOVE YOU OPPA)))

P.O: He’s so cute and handsome. He’s so playful and always making cute expressions! He’s so squishy, I wanna squeeze his cheeks. He has fine skin too. (((I want to take him home tbh)))

JAEHYO: He’s more handsome in real life. Flawless skin. Pretty eyes. Tbh, he’s just like Taeil, like a lost child on stage. He’s always fixing his hair. He smiles a lot (((You can tell that he’s dumb just by looking at him lmao i love u bby)))

Aos headcannon: sometime in the academy Jim got bones really drunk and then lost him. He ended up getting a tattoo and really liking the way the needle Inks his skin and gets a bunch more so by the time he’s assigned to the enterprise he has full sleeves under his uniform.

@septimore thank you so much for this

imagine that whenever bones has to where his medical scrubs, he ends up surprising some new crewmember cause ‘Doc!! I didn’t know you had ink, that looks amazing!’ 

imagine jim introducing mccoy as ‘my painted bones’ 


there’s a large debate among the fandom about who is (possbily?) topping Clarke tattoo girl is. 

First thought: Lexa because WE HAVE HOPES AND DREAMS OKAY.

Other theories I’ve seen: 

  • Niylah
  • some random chick because bby Clarke is dealing with a lot and needs to get laid to relieve some stress (you get it gurl)
  • a flashback of Lexa and Costia??
  • and some random chick Lexa bangs (a girl has needs but the whole closed off to ANY AFFECTION thing makes this the least plausible theory)


as I was watching the trailer for the 84th time I managed to pause it exactly before tattoo girl take of her shirt. I was aware of the arm tat before but never got a good enough look to decipher if it could be Lexa’s. I tried my best to brighten the screen BUT IT VERY MUCH LOOKS LIKE HER BICEP TATTOO.

Think about it: her arm is up the skin is going to fold, the tattoo will look scrunched and slightly distorted. Also it’s the right arm in both pictures..

Am I really reaching with this or COULD IT BE COMMANDER HEART EYES??