ha i wish i could be that talented


film meme: (1/10) favourite movies 

The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) – Good things about Tom Ripley? That could take me some time. Tom is talented. Tom is tender. Tom is beautiful. Tom is- Tom is a mystery. Tom is not a nobody. Tom has secrets he doesn’t want to tell me and I wish he would. Tom has nightmares. That’s not a good thing. Tom has someone to love him. That is a good thing. Tom is crushing me. Tom is crushing me. Tom. Tom, you’re crush….

The signs as Edgar Allan Poe quotes:

Aries: “Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.”

Taurus: “I would define, in brief, the poetry of words as the rhythmical creation of Beauty.”

Gemini: “I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat.”

Cancer: “Science has not yet taught us if madness is or is not the sublimity of the intelligence.”

Leo: “We loved with a love that was more than love.”

Virgo: “All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry.”

Libra: “Stupidity is a talent for misconception.”

Scorpio: “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”

Sagittarius: “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

Capricorn: “I have great faith in fools - self-confidence my friends will call it.”

Aquarius: “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”

Pisces: “Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.”


i’ve always admired and loved louis since the beginning not only for his incredible talent but for being the amazing person he is, but right now? that admiration and love has gotten a million times bigger. what he did tonight has left me speechless. losing someone you love is the hardest thing someone can go through, mostly if you’re so young, you feel like the world is going to end and all that motivation you had left dies. but he went out there, found the strength, got on stage and performed this beautiful song in tribute to jay, a song that has such positive lyrics and that truly anyone can find comfort in and i’m just speechless. he’s one of the strongest and bravest people i’ve ever had the pleasure to admire, love and look up to and i’ll never find the words to describe how proud i am of him and i’m 100% sure the angel that now jay is is too. you deserve the entire world, louis tomlinson.

2016 CS Fic Recs, WIP Edition

Yesterday, I recommended some of my favorite completed fics–and I’m back again today, with some glorious WIP action. 

There’s no way I could do an exhaustive list, because this fandom is way too talented. 

Right on Time by @acrobat-elle

Higher and Deeper by @aloha-4-ever

101 Days of CS Drabbles by @bromfieldhall

about a boy by @captainkillianhjones

Learning to Love (Again) by @captain-k-jones

Knock, Knock by @charmingturkeysandwich

To Make Your Heart Race by @fergus80

kal no ha no by @icapturedkindness

The Pirate Chef by @lenfaz (SO good)

Call Me by @mayquita

Anchor Me,

Dover Beach, and

Prairie Lullaby by @ooshka-babooshka

As You Wish by @optomisticgirl

I belong to you, you belong to me by @peglegsjones

Falling Slowly by @phiralovesloki

Breaking the Hinges by @piratesails

(don’t wanna be) standing still by @swallowedsong

23 by @swanisms

Five Verbs by @the-captains-ayebrows

Given the Choice by @winter-by-the-sea

Fragile Design by @xerxesrises

I doubt Peridot has ever had some chill time just for herself.

It’s your chance Steven, teach her the wonders of doing fucking nothing and enjoying it.

Steven oh my god.

You ridiculous child.

I love the absolute contempt with which she says the word “music”.

Do you think she knows what that is? Imagine a life without music.

Oh wow holy fuck.

She learned the entire scale just by listening to it ONCE.

That’s… more than impressive. That’s actually genius.

Peridot really is the smartest gem we’ve seen yet. She has a great talent for learning things. Wish I could say the same for myself.

I really wish some armys could see how lucky Hoseok is. He’s greatly appreciated and so many people care for him and acknowledge is talents and accomplishments yet some armys don’t see that and claim he gets nothing? You guys really think he gets barely any love or praise for what he does? Seriously?? I honestly don’t see the point of complaining when there’s so much love around Hoseok. Hoseok IS loved.

no offense but i hope mark lee knows how genuinely he is loved by so many ppl nd how appreciative everyone i know is of all his hard work for all nct units nd albums nd i know he’s probably rlly stressed out but i just rlly wish he could see how much we all Love him like i cant even go an hour without seein a post talkin about how talented or hardworking or beautiful he is nd???? it just makes me sad bc he probably has no idea Just How Much everyone’s rooting for him nd praying for him from all over the globe nd im just!!!!!!!!!!Emotional

We all have that one follower...

The one who arose from seemingly nowhere and has amazingly BEAUTIFUL WRITING. That sucks you in and writes in ways you could NEVER possibly dream of.

The one that stepped out of the darkness and into the light and made you think, “Fuck! I wish I could write like that.”

The one that makes you sob a little bit in the corner wishing you could conjure up some magic of your own and steal their talent.

The one who is WAY TOO DAMN GOOD to be following you and deserves all of the love and followers.

If you have that one person, or maybe a few you just don’t feel worthy of, don’t forget to remind them how fucking awesome they are and how glad you are that they actually follow you.


Here’s looking at you, kid.

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Tumblr has brought some very important people into my life. @xaidrawsandwrites is one of them. She is family that I have found that lives on the other side of the world! 

I am so fortunate to interact with such a talented, intelligent, loving and beautiful person. I am inspired daily to continue to work harder and try my very best because of this woman. I wanted to draw something…. I wish I could see you in person in your beautiful gown.

I would give you the longest hug ever…to the point it would become awkward LOL :) 

me: *watches a shit ton of Yuzuru Hanyu skating videos*
me: wow I want to learn how to ice skate!!!
me: *is about as flexible as a brick, unathletic as fuck, has 0.2 talent*

Happy New Years!

Hey everybody!

This past year I have been grateful for my families health and happiness! The year was also made better because it’s the year I joined Tumblr! You all have been so kind, welcoming, and encouraging! I have written more in the last year that I have in the past several. Thank you all for your kind words and actions! I wish I could thank you all individually and give you great big hugs. I will try and thank as many people as I can!

@dragondancer28 for being a safe place to share my writing without shame or judgement. You are so talented with so many things and an absolute delight and a wonderful friend. Why do you have to live so far from me?! Thank you for sharing so much of you with me 💙

@itsmandymo we’ve only just started communicating recently, but I feel like I’ve known you for longer. It has been so fun sharing our passions for writing and art with one another, and I can’t wait for more!

@rutbisbe another indescribable talent. Your art is so beautiful and unique, and you are very generous with your prompts and gifting pictures to people. Your kind comments make my day!

@ladyvegeets oh my dear; you are such a treat. Your talent for writing is inconceivably excellent and has been a source of joy for so many people. It’s a happy day when I get to read one of your pieces. And you are a doll to boot.

@vegetapsycho you are the QUEEN of Vegeta art. I bow before you and your ability to make my lady-parts quake with delight as a half naked picture of our Saiyan prince graces my page. You are also wickedly funny, and your posts make me laugh like crazy.

@saiyanprince541 you are always so kind to me about my writing and the comments you leave. Thank you for reading!

@thats-my-bulma you are always liking, reblogging, commenting… you are what makes posting my stories so exciting! Thank you!

@pickleandthequeen you and your blog are the reason my passion for writing came back and with a vengeance. Thank you for exposing me to the glory of chiccolo and for being so kind about the stories I’ve posted. I can’t thank you enough.

I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone names as there are so many of you who are supportive and wonderful ❤ please know I love all of you and wish you nothing but joy and happiness in the coming year!

XOXO ~Mousey

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Maybe he and Mia's relationship is fake, fine I don't care about that but he has not been in a secret relationship for 6ish years with Chris.

Seriously what is in the water today?  Why are you people harassing us?  

You are right anon. Thanks for clearing that up.  Chris and Darren are not a couple.  You have successfully proven that by your very compelling and reasoned argument. 

The fear is the atmosphere must be stifling. 

I truly wish someone could tell me why it is so offensive to think Chris is in a relationship with a handsome, smart, talented, creative , intelligent, and loving guy.  Who literally looks at him like he is made of the moon and stars. And much prefer the alternative where he’s dating an unemployed (has to be if you believe in the narrative sold) man that relies on chris for everything. It baffles me and makes absolutely no logical sense. 

 Keep deluding yourself.  


Artist: Nika 

Commissioned by: Tabby

  • Emily and Seven~! Now… all I need is Yoosung and Emily ~ I love 707 and Yoosung a hella lot, ha ha ha. I’m buying so much art of Emily (MC 2).  I’m suuuuuuuuuuper attached to the blonde MC! LOLOLOL! (Whispers) Thank you so much for letting me commission this from you @kawamamilosc <33!!

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Ask meme: 66, who are you jealous of?

Actually a lot of people, which is embarrassing. 

Firstly I’m jealous of @pennigg101297, because she is both beautiful and talented and how is that fair? Also her writing is bloody perfect and while she has the ability to make me move to tears it’s also infuriating because god I wish I could write like that.. 

Second, I’m jealous of every single person who lives in near proximity to my wife @mvlfxy (she’s my wife she should live closer to me tbh so I can hold her hand 24/7) or near my best friend @stellathetumbler

And mostly I’m jealous of every single person who met Lin Manuel Miranda. That man is a god, basically. 

Ask me stuff

OMG. I’m on my mobile and I just noticed I have 217 followers. I had no idea I hit 200! Thank you so much lovelies! I have no idea why my blog has all these followers but I’m grateful to share things I play and the sims stuff I enjoy with you guys. It has also been very pleasant to talk with and getting to know some of you. Let’s have fun together in the future! I wish I could make a giveaway but I’m broke and I don’t make cc or have any editing skills. I have no money or talents, I’m sorry! If you have any suggestions how I could thank you guys or show my gratitude, tell me. But for now I’m just gonna thank you again and remember that I’m always here if you need me! You guys rule and I’m glad I joined this community.

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I really want Lena and Callie to bond. Stef is gonna handle all the legal stuff but I want school drama. Like a teacher is rude to Callie or something.

You gonna get your wish because I am pretty sure Monte (I mean who else is administration) will not like Callie’s senior project.

Anonymous said:                                                                      I think what put me over the edge with Kamar was his Instagram of him singing. “I’m not a singer anymore…”  What?  That goes away?   It was like he was just out there trying to get the likes.  And you could see him checking the lyrics on the computer in his glasses. 🙄🙄 I’ve followed him for a while. Not for any other reason than his path has crossed with some talent I really like. And he’s not that talented. Sorry. He’s just not. Sorry. Just kinda ranting about this. It’s been bugging me.             

Oh, dude, I don’t follow him. I might have to check that out. The singing thing must bother him because his family is very talented. I mean, he’s an average soap actor. And that’s it. Ok, I saw the “singing.” hee. Ok, anyway, I am glad you got to rant. I don’t know him, but I do get that vibe that you have gotten. I hope they’re happy, truly. 

I want a Dangan Ronpa anime, where they normally go to Hope’s Peak. No murder. No Monokuma. Junko is either normal or 100% Ryoko Otonashi. Everybody lives. New Dangan Ronpa V3 kids are legit SHSLs. It would be so cool if we could just watch them grow as a normal, peaceful collective at school and see them normally displaying their talents in clubs etc. I like Dangan Ronpa as it is, but it also has so much wasted potential since it’s all about pretty much everyone dying.


Hobi’s birthday countdown 0 days to go… Happy Birthday Jhope!

It’s finally here! The day one of my most favourite people in the universe was born, all the stars were aligned that night and it was decided the world should be blessed with an angel who could change the life of others. I’ve written countless of notes dedicated to Hoseok which express my admiration for him and here is another to add. I really hope he has an amazing day especially with the concert today, I hope he is showered with love and gifts and gets to see his family today. I wish for this year to be another successful year where him and the boys achieve even bigger and better awards. I’ll keep this one short.. Happy birthday to the talented golden boy Jung Hoseok!