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Okay so I had a thought (I don’t know if someone’s done it before but hey)

  • what if Annabeth got swapped instead of Percy in Heroes of Olympus.
  • I think it would’ve been really interesting to see Annabeth, who is generally untrusting of new people, try to fit in when she arrives at New Rome.
  • Also, it fits because Hera really hates Annabeth, so uprooting her life would be like the ultimate punishment.
  • The roman demigods would all be doubtful and stigmatise her due to her godly parent, like what they did to Percy slightly but worse, because the Romans (Octavian) don’t believe Minerva should have children. 
  • “daughter of Minerva, definitely cohort five” 
  • Octavian makes little digs at her constantly, but she is Annabeth so she doesn’t take any his shit, and makes sure get him back during war games. 
  • Instead of using water in the war games she would help Frank plan their tactics and kick everyone asses with amazing fighting skills. If they thought Percy was impulsive with his technique wait until they see annabeth.
  • I feel like hazel would look up to her as an older sister (maybe ask for advice on fighting, Annabeth would tell her of course but she’s amazing and doesn’t actual need the help), Frank would respect her a lot (like the mark of athena amplified) and would be in awe of her battle planning skills maybe even envious.
  • Annabeth would constantly reassure him that he’s very good himself, and each time she says it he’d feel slightly better.
  • Okay here is where it gets gay Reyna has an implied crush on Percy (that, lets be honest, is down to compulsory heterosexuality and I just read it as desperate for help?).
  • and Percy is 100% type person who you can rely on.
  • Annabeth though, Reyna would be dazed by her, like she’d feel so star struck by her when watching the way she holds herself in battle (and her muscles, come on, especially ABS) 
  • when they are about to leave for their quest, where they probably use trains or something reminiscent of the lighting thief, Reyna pulls her aside and reaches out to her.
  • Annabeth would take a while to clock on that she wants a relationship, then she’d probably feel guilty because she wants to help her, but she remembers hints of a boyfriend who she seems to like a lot.
  • Embarrassed, she’d change the subject immediately. 
  • Then a month later, she’ll meet Rachel and live happily ever after.
  • When Annabeth, Frank and Hazel return from the quest, she’d fight the giant for Athena (I forgot the name) and do a similar thing to Percy I guess but Annabethied.
  • I feel she’d use talking as a diversion and maybe have a plan before starting the fight?
  • Reyna hugs her after, but pulls away fast coughing and blushing.
  • Bonus: pipercy and jercy bonding at Camp Half-Blood

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Um I don't want to offend you by asking this, but do you have any recommendations for mm cc creators? I love your work, but I want a variety in my game with cas and build mode. Also, cc creators don't only use THEIR cc. I think. Thanks!

Hmm well there are A LOT of mm creators. And ur definition of mm is probably different then mine, bc some people think recolors aren’t mm enough lmao. but ‘off the top of my head(see page 10000000)’ the mm cc creators I see a lot of stuff from is:


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Do you have any good fluffy klance that you recommend?

Yall are keeping me busy xD but here we go!

Again, all of you can search through this list, its been filtered down to klance ^^

Theres also these works of mine: One, two, three, four, five. All are pretty much angst free, if there is any, its really light.

And, action! by staysharp

Summary: “Listen, where do you go to college?”“Why does a movie star want to know?”“So I can take you out for coffee as an apology.”(or alternatively, Keith receives a call not meant for him but he manages to get involved in the caller’s life in ways he never would have imagined)
WC: 106237 (17/17)
General Notes: laksfbgagah, keymashing is all i got on this fic, just read it 10/10

First Day of My Life by eso/cazzy

Summary: Lance has avoided asking about it all night, mostly because he’s pretty sure it’s weird to ask your friend if they’d be interested in cuddling in the same bed.
WC: 9445
General Notes: this fic is ridiculously fluffy, god these boys are awkward and lance is losing his mind, i love it. 9/10

Not That Bad by varelsen

Summary: “Am I really going to have to explain this to you?” “No, I’m totally fine with you shutting up right about now.” Hunk cups his hands around his mouth. “You. Are crushing. On Keith.”Or, a college AU featuring coffee shops, silly rivalries, motorcycles, arcade games, friendships, and lots of warm, fluffy feelings that are both confusing and delightful all at the same time.
WC: 67847 (12/12)
General Notes: the college university is just the best, bless. Lance is a dork, and Keith is just a ball of anxiety. like same keith same. 10/10

i bet you look good on the dancefloor by xShieru

Summary: “So like in ‘Step Up’?” Allura shrugs. “Now that you put it like that - yes. I guess it’s just like in 'Step Up’.” The smile that she sends Shiro’s way - followed by a shy wave, eugh - is sickening to say the least, and Lance still doesn’t believe in dance camps.-Lance McClain’s dancing career begins and ends with Keith.Keith just wants to find out what Lance’s deal is.
WC: 43291 (7/7)
General Notes: hahahah its literally the dance au that everyone knows about, and like a shit ton of fanart has been made for. its really great, like A+, lance again is a huge dork and Keith is mr moody and broody, 9/10

Take the Easel Way Out by legendarydesvender/svenationalist

Summary: Oh no, he’s hot, Lance thinks while he’s dying.(Pidge elbows Lance sharply a little while later. “You’re not dying, dumbass,” they whisper. “Pay attention, the pose started.”)***Written for klanceweek day 1, “Red/Blue”. Art class AU where Lance can’t focus because one of the new life drawing models is too attractive.
WC: 4094
General Note: in which we are all lance xD 10/10

Color Me Intrigued by dreamcp

Summary: Lance draws. Specifically, Lance draws Keith. A lot. Wonder why that is?
WC: 5235
General Notes: lance doodles and i just really love this, like its seriously one of my hcs that Lance just doodles in his down time. 10/10

Costumed Identities by Trashness

Summary: Lance and Keith are rival cosplayers, who only know each other by their online usernames. They are fiercely competitive, but are also desperately attracted to each other. You’d think they would just get together already, but there’s a couple of problems: 1. Keith crossplays, so Lance has absolutely no idea that Keith is a boy. 2. Both of them are idiots, and can’t seem to figure out that that hot cosplayer they like, is also that hot guy that they drool over every day at school.
WC: 41538 (3/3)
General Notes: i dont know much about cosplay, but like this is amazing. keith and lance are both idiots in love. 10/10

nothing’s quite as sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts, thebrotherswinchester

Summary: Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street.
WC: 50370 (yes one chapter xD)
General Notes: tbh, i really love the tags on this fic: keith kogane; human disaster and lance mcclain; sunshine boi. like thats literally the fic. its really cute and i love it so much. 11/10

Secret Ingredients by Lynn1998

Summary: Lance lives a comfortable life in the outside mall nicknamed the streets of Voltron. He bakes for a living with his friend, Hunk, and enjoys the company of the other store owners near him. Life seems great and easy until some pretty boy with a mullet opens a bakery across the street from him.
WC: 48193
General Notes: my face hurt reading this fic. its great. like godbless. 9/10

Catching Feelings by th3blackcat

Summary: It’s easy to spot Lance. The college student always has his nose in a book, whether it’s for one of his classes, a class that he’s a TA for, or for fun. It isn’t until Keith, an engineering student who’s closer to him than he realizes, saves him from walking into traffic that he realizes that maybe finding solace in books isn’t the best way to get through life. Soon enough, the life he knew began to change and the more he learned about Keith, the more he learned about himself.
WC: 12338 (4/?)

Sleepy Rumbles and After Shower Warmth by BoyBitingDemon

Summary: Restless nights are hard for Lance, especially where going to sleep is concerned, so what better way to combat that energy than tinkering with a high tech blaster and a sleepy boyfriend?Or that time Keith got Lance to calm down and sleep without having to do anything at all except exist.
WC: 1056
General Notes: summary says it all and its hella cute 8/10.

free throw by breadpoetsociety

Summary: “Shiro, uh, Takashi Shirogane, pretty much changed my life. His skill was– is– unparalleled, and he’s my hero,” Lance smiled fondly at the bench before turning back, eyes roving the crowd again. “He introduced me to the greatest love of my life. And, actually, that’s not basketball. But his brother, Keith Kogane.”Keith’s eyes widened, and he turned bright red. But still, he smiled. He couldn’t help but to smile.
WC: 1673
General Notes: this is so fucking cute, basketball player lance, and cheerleader keith. thats all you gotta know. 10/10

Like We Used To

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Ex-lover!Kang Daniel AU

Note: it’s been awhile since i last updated. it’s been pretty tough, especially with the events happening around us so i decided to write something to keep my mind off of things. i sincerely hope everyone is doing okay and if you ever need someone to talk to, you can always drop me an ask.

  • you were scheduled to go on Master Key - one of the rising new variety shows
  • you, being a rookie in the industry, immediately said yes when your manager asked if you were keen to join the show
  • you were so excited since this is finally the time where you can mingle with other idols and celebrities
  • on your way to the Master Key village, you even asked your manager who will be present for filming so that you could mentally prepare yourself
  • the moment you got to the venue, you immediately went around and started greeting the cast members and staff
  • just as you were about to head back to your room, you heard a familiar voice called out your name
  • “it cant be…”
  • this was when you wished that you were wrong
  • you turned around and saw Kang Daniel walking towards you with a grin
  • you felt butterflies fluttering in you why does he still have that effect on you
  • while everyone knew Kang Daniel as the nation’s pick, you knew him as Danik, your ex-lover
  • both of you were very good friends then and you also were each other’s first love
  • however, it was during his first year of being a trainee when you broke up
  • despite it being your decision to break off the relationship, you always wished that you could be a little more selfish and have him to yourself
  • but you wanted the best for him and in order for him to succeed, you mustn’t be a distraction to him (words said by his manager then) hence the break up
  • seeing him now, in front of you, brought back so many memories of your relationship
  • “hey, are you filming today too?” he asked
  • “um yeah i am. i didnt know that you’re here,”
  • “yeah, well it was kinda last minute so…”
  • silence filled the space, despite the crazy number of people who were on set
  • you heard your name rolled off his tongue again - how much you missed hearing his voice and craved for his touch
  • “i miss-“ before Daniel could continue, your manager called out for you to get to hair and makeup which you were secretly glad
  • you were this close to dropping everything and holding him again
  • no one ever knew of your history with Daniel
  • you hid it like a well kept secret
  • in order for you to move on from him, you need to get rid of everything that reminded you of him, including the memories of your relationship which you refrain yourself from telling others
  • however, Daniel often spoke of you - for example in an interview, they often asked how he would treat his significant other and he always spoke of the things he did for/with you
  • like how he would help you put on your shoes and calling you ‘kid’ as a term of endearment
  • but he never mentions your name so no one knew, apart from his close members who knew who you were by name
  • the staff were still getting ready to start filming so you looked around the set on your own
  • “i believe we havent met. I’m Ong Seongwoo,” he approached you with a soft smile
  • “i’m _______” you shook his hand
  • “_______? as in-“ you suddenly saw Daniel standing by you
  • “yes hyung, _______ from the new group,”
  • classic Daniel, you knew he always cant stand it when guys approached you, even if they were his friends
  • before you could say anything, the staff gathered everyone to commence the filming session
  • after they had presented the keys, you moved on to join your assigned groups
  • luck was really not on your side that day
  • all you wanted was to be away from Daniel but instead, you got placed in the same group as him
  • Daniel, on the other hand, was relieved to know that you were in the same group
  • “dont worry, i’ll help you along the way,” he whispered to you
  • he always stood beside you throughout the session and took care of you
  • during this time, you wished that you could hate Daniel but he made it so hard
  • he was still that sweet and kind boy you met many years ago - the one that made you melt everytime you hear him call your name
  • the feelings that you surpressed kept resurfacing
  • it didnt help that the hosts kept bringing up your past
  • “oh? _______ and Kang Daniel actually knew each other from before? how did you me?”
  • “we were schoolmates actually. we were pretty close friends,” he answered for you
  • you were glad that he was the one that answered, if it were you, it wouldve been word vomit - bringing up the good old times you missed
  • as the filming session went by, you have gotten more and more comfortable with everyone but with an increasing amount of fluttering feelings as you interacted more with Daniel
  • “now for our last game, 2 members of each team will have to jump rope together. the team with the higher number of jumps wins this whole round!”
  • somehow this show has a way of bringing up your old memories
  • jump ropes was something you and Daniel had always done - it was your way of ‘exercising together” and both of you were really good
  • Daniel, of course remembering this, immediately volunteered the both of you to do the challenge
  • before you knew it, you were standing in front of him and placing your hands on his BROAD shoulders, getting ready to start jumping
  • both of you kept jumping, you couldnt look up at him at all and were this close to losing the momentum
  • “________ just look at me, it’s gonna be okay,” he whispered in between of the jumps
  • the moment you locked eyes with him, you lost your balance and tripped over the rope, resulting to a sprained ankle
  • everyone stopped and quickly got the paramedics who were on stand by to aid you
  • thank goodness it was the last segment so they quickly wrapped up filming so that you could get proper care
  • while you were icing your ankle in the sick bay, you heard a knock on the door
  • you were expecting your manager but it was Daniel who came
  • “hey i just wanna apologise-“
  • “no no no, it was my fault! i lost my balance and yeah you know, clumsy old me,” you quickly looked away and directed your focus to the ice pack on your ankle
  • “no. the ________ i know is never this clumsy and most definitely wont freak out when they look at me. what’s even weirder is that you were so uncomfortable around me today. what’s wrong?”
  • Daniel knew you like an open book, you knew you couldn’t escape
  • “this is gonna sound stupid but i am still in love with you. i know it’s been so long and iwas the one who broke up with you, but i just keep thinking about you - how youre doing and coping with all this? and the way you treated me today, it makes me think that you still have feelings for me. i just- i dont know. i really missed you”
  • both of you sat in silence once again
  • you cant believe that you blurt all of that out, now he’s gonna think that you’re crazy
  • but instead, he embraced you in his arms, combing his fingers through your hair to calm you down, like how he used to
  • “i still do have feelings for you. i missed you, like crazy. you have no idea. everyday, i wish i could find you and tell you to take me back. i tried to find out where you were but i couldnt,”
  • his hands held your face gently as you made eye contact - this time you didnt back away
  • “let’s get back together. i miss the days when we were together. the days when we were happier and better. it drives me crazy that im not with you,”
  • “but, remember what happened then? what if-“
  • “no ‘what if’s. we’re gonna make it work, i know we can,” he kissed your forehead

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i'm sorry it why do you ship junkrat with mei?? if you haven't noticed or actually played overwatch, you'd know that mei hates junkrat, they despise each other and they're total opposites. and no, opposites don't always attract.

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a first!

In the two or so years I’ve had this blog, I’ve never had an antagonistic anon before. Then again, I only ever started branching out into non-Soul Eater things in September, so maybe this is just what happens when you start to create content for bigger fandoms? 

First things first: If you don’t like the content I post, I suggest that you either unfollow my blog or use blacklist to block the tags for content you don’t like. Your Tumblr experience is curated by you. I’ll tag my content to help you blacklist topics you wish to avoid, but it’s ultimately up to each user to take the necessary steps to tailor their dashboard.

Secondly, in sending me a rude ask, you have given me an excuse to talk about a favorite ship of mine. So buckle up, we’ve got a long post incoming!

Why ship Junkrat and Mei? Why ship any two characters?

Take a gander at this post by @chaoticlivi. It’s a pretty exhaustive list of reasons people get invested in the relationship between any two characters. They span from aesthetic and visual tastes (these two look great together!) to more in depth, thematic ones (their relationship embodies a theme I care about). Basically, there are many many reasons to love a ship, and canon rarely has much to do with it.  

In general, canon is a box of scraps. This is especially true for Overwatch, which despite its exhaustive lore leaves many holes in character stories and relationships. Nothing in the game itself (which I do play often, btw) is ‘canon.’ The voicelines you hear haven’t actually happened. They are meant to give us insight into the characters, their histories, and their relationships, but you can’t quote them as something Mei or Junkrat have actually said.  

In-game content is also in flux. As more shorts and comics come out, as the actual Overwatch lore grows, the game evolves too. It’s possible what’s canon within the game now will change later on. 

What I’m saying is, you can point at two voicelines and wave around words like ‘hate’ until you are blue in the face, but that won’t 1) make it canon that Junkrat and Mei will be at odds forever or 2) make me any less likely to ship them.

Now that I’ve got the “shipping doesn’t need a canon basis and Overwatch shipping is a crapshoot built on nearly nothing anyway” part done, I can actually talk about Mei and Junkrat.

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Its ya problematic anger boy

With the recent heroes gauntlet, I’ve seen several posts in the Tellius and FE Heroes character tags wondering about this Boy right here. Some people are disgruntled about the lack of info on him too and they dont like the wiki SO

Who is he?

Why do so many Tellius fans like him even tho he’s so rude and Problematic just in Heroes alone?

Why is he always with Ike and why does no one ever talk about him outside of Ike?

WELL I replied to someone before but decided to make a separate post about this.

A brief (lol no) summary on Soren as a whole


Soren is a character who’s been deeply hurt and abused in his past and it really shows through his initially cold, rude and uncaring personality. He has severe trust issues and doesn’t start off being an entirely “good” person either but more on the “chaotic neutral” side (sometimes almost slipping into “evil” territory imo). Outwardly, he’s extremely snappy + sarcastic to everyone, only showing a softer and more emotional side of himself to Ike.

His snark is sometimes pretty funny while at other times being fucked up but with the shit he’s been through, it’s honestly realistic.

Def not a happy sunshine guy at all and instead really shows how jaded trauma has left him. Soren’s a very flawed person, pragmatic to a fault and extremely skeptical of people’s intentions.

If the type of characters you usually like lean more towards “lawful good” and you dislike grey morality, then this boy is probably not for you.

Somewhat Brief Backstory:

Because of all the trauma and abuse he went through as a kid at the hands of humans and Laguz (animal shape-shifters like Taguel and Kitsune) of Tellius, he holds a deep resentment for all people, especially for the Laguz as their form of abuse was especially horrifying to him and made him feel as if he wasn’t meant to be alive.

He was a starving and homeless mute child for a while with no means to get food. A certain blue-haired boy saved him from starvation but later on disappeared under very violent circumstances.

The reason Soren was abused so much throughout his life is directly because of his “race”, as he’s a “branded” (a child born from the mix of a human and a Laguz). Soren spent most of his life not knowing anything about his own heritage though, so he had no idea why people hated his existence so much.

Because of this, he starts out as callously prejudiced against the Laguz people, calling them slurs and almost getting Ike killed by them cus of it.

Soren’s racism gets to a ridiculous point that it almost starts a full blown war against the Laguz at the beginning of PoR but Ike manages to defuse the situation (by almost dying while protecting Soren) and forgives Soren when he realizes what a dumbass he’s been and apologizes for being such a shitty asshole.

Not much later, Soren learns he is half-Laguz himself. This causes him alot of personal angst, especially when another character notices his brand and tries to convince him to move in with him.

Ike keeps noticing that something is wrong with Soren and that only causes the boy to suffer more cus he fears what Ike’s reaction will be when he realizes Soren’s a branded.

What’s to like about a snappy fictional racist?

That’s where character development comes in through the games. Soren works on his racism and changes notably by the second game, a fact other characters comment on as well.

He starts treating the Laguz as equals and even forms a budding friendship with two of them. He gets pretty close to the Laguz Prince of the Beast Tribe (its even said in game that he “enamoured” the Prince lmao) and also to Ranulf (everyone’s favorite catboy and Ike’s 2nd paired ending choice).

Titania also describes him as a very sensitive boy who ultimately knows whats right. He starts finally opening up to others more and it’s also the stat to accepting himself as a “branded”.

Why is he always glued to Ike goshdangit

As for why he’s constantly shown with Ike in art and other fanworks (even without taking shipping into account) it’s cus:

  • A) Most of Soren’s character development and backstory is extremely spoilerific (Seriously, the identity of his parents is one of the biggest plot twists ever and makes him a really Big Deal in Tellius).
  • B) It’s canon that even though Soren learns to open up to people more, the only person he truly trusts is Ike (actual text on his ending).
  • C) Soren and Ike have known each other since forever. Due to Soren’s and Ike’s shared spoilerific past, a sizeable part of his character is very entwined with Ike’s. It’s like how obviously Niles from Fates will have part of his character entwined with Leo’s as Leo is so important to his story.
  • D) Soren and Ike share an important moment in time together when they were younger that a certain character wiped from Ike’s memories to “protect” him from something horrible. That moment they shared is what saved Soren’s life so a bunch of fanworks of course allude to this.
  • E) Soren only supports with two characters in the first game: Ike and one other character. The support with the other guy involves Soren angrily refusing that guy’s offer to go live with him so THAT’s not very conductive for cute fanworks.
  • F) You need to actually get the true ending in RD to fully unlock everything Soren related. If you only played PoR, there’s still a bunch of Soren characterization and That One plot twist in RD.
  • G) Ike’s “canon” paired ending is with Soren

So this explains why Soren and Ike are almost always shown glued at the hip and why not many posts go into detail about Soren on his own.

A lot about Soren includes a bunch of important story spoilers so then what’s left is fanworks and posts of him with Ike as both important aspects of his character and also the least spoilerrific.

(I still wanna see more posts about what would have happened if Soren had grown up with his father or mother. The possiblities are endless holy shit)

answering asks!

just picked 20 this time. ill open asks again next week

some of the questions i got were answered in the faq too! pls read that before sending questions, even if you think your question wont be there.. it probably is JKFLD;JFS

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{Special}College!AU Youngjae
  • major: hospitality management 
  • minor: advertising 
  • sports: …..no
  • clubs: cooking club, pianist in the university’s orchestra 
  • people have always told him that he is charming and attracts others so when he was in high school everyone told him to be a hospitality major and basically work in a hotel or a restaurant because his positive personality would be sure to make it a success
  • he plans to open up a restaurant when he graduates and he’s always seen hanging around the culinary majors trying to see if anyone is good enough for him to want to partner up with after graduation, but he hasn’t found someone yet and he gets bummed about it a lot
  • bambam is always like “youngjae, let me be your chef. my mom owns restaurants. i was born read-” and jb’s like “bambam you’ve set the communal kitchen on fire literally 4 times this semester and it’s only been 2 weeks into classes.”
  • youngjae took up advertising too just because he wanted to be able to learn about it for future reference and he’s so cute because now he makes lil advertisements for the cooking club he joined and it’s like little clipart of dancing pots and pans and youngjae thinks it’s the funniest thing ever and no one has the heart to tell him it’s kinda corny because he looks so giddy putting up the ads,,,,he’s an angel
  • speaking of cooking club youngjae’s in it and he’s always trying hard but for some reason his dishes always end up burnt or undercooked and the teachers like,,,,,well the effort counts
  • and youngjae frowns and literally in that moment it begins to rain, the sun disappears and everyone is put into a horrible mood 
  • jackson is usually called in to make youngjae laugh again and then peace is restored. 
  • as long as youngjae is smiling = the sun in shining and everyone’s passing their classes
  • he’s also the pianist for the schools orchestra and he performs a lot with them and he actually gets to pay for his tuition through a scholarship he got through his piano playing
  • he looks extra cool on stage and it’s the only time people see him wearing a suit ,, other than that he always looks extra comfy and wears those big hats and it’s so cute
  • everyone on campus including teachers love him and know him on a first name basis and whenever he’s in a group chat to study he sends pics of dogs. he’s that kinda person
  • youngjae everyday: “jb let’s get a dog for the dorm.” jb; “does jackson not count?” jackson: “FIRST OF ALL HOW DARE YOU also it’s against the rules to have animals in the dorms im sorry youngjae”
  • you get to know youngjae thanks to cooking club because you’re in it too and let’s just say you and youngjae have been partners a couple of times and it’s always a Disaster
  • not you guys but the food
  • like you both tried to follow the recipe to make some lemon pie but what came out of that oven was ……a lemon nightmare 
  • and youngjae is always smiling while he cooks and he’s always singing to himself and you notice that he has this adorably small mole beneath his eye 
  • and basically he’s your cooking club crush and you’d only be half lying if you said you still go to the club just to spend time with him LOL
  • but like that’s all it is a one-sided crush even though fellow cooking club member nayeon is like “you and youngjae look so cute together!!!!” and you’re like whAT n o,,,,,,,,,,no please dont say that outloud he might hEAR you
  • but of course youngjae has noticed you too, the cute way you line up all your utensils before you start cooking and the way you always give him a cheer when he goes up to the teacher to get his food evaluated like 
  • he knows you’re there and he’s endeared by your little quirks and your cute smile but god he has no idea how to express it???
  • like he goes back to the dorms and he’s like “jb,,,,,,,how do i become,,,,,nice,,,,,,” and jb is like ur the nicest person i know and youngjae is like “nononono nicer too,,,,someone specific,,,,,like extra nice,,,,,,,,,super nice,,,,,,aggressively being nice intensifies???” 
  • jb looking at youngjae from across the room like what the hell are you saying and youngjae just shouts and flops down onto his bed like FORgeT i t 
  • and for the longest time basically you and youngjae refuse to act on how you feel because like you guys have a nice friendship going and it’s all sweet and neither of you wants to ruin it
  • until youngjae finally spills his crush on you to jackson and you spill your crush to nayeon and well nayeon and jackson are friends and BOY thEY have a P L A n
  • and like as it’s nearing break nayeon is like heY the dance majors are going to throw a party and you’re like ??/ ok cool but im not a danc- and she’s like “you’re invited, momo told me to bring a friend so im bringing you!!!1 see you there” and you’re like “wh-” but nayeon has already skipped away and you’re like,,,,,why do i have a weird vibe about this
  • and across campus jackson backflips up to youngjae and is like “me and the dance majors are throwing a party so you have to come.” and youngjae’s like jackson you know parties aren’t like my thing- and jacksons like there’s gonna be free food and youngjae is like you now im in see u there
  • and you can probably see where im going with this but basically nayeon and jackson meet up and snicker like little kids because ok good you guys will meet at the party and true love sparks will F L Y (a pun, i know
  • but tbh @ the party you’re standing awkwardly in a corner with some drinks while the entirety of the dance practice room gets trashed and all the dance majors are grinding on each other and you’re like Oh Why Did I Agree To This,,,,,, 
  • but then you see someone familiar and you’re like ??? is that youngjae and he sees you two and like you’re both the only ones not ,,,,,,, getting it on and the only ones who actually are holding drinks like two very confused freshman or something so 
  • its only natural that he gravitates toward you and you’re like hey and he’s like hi!! and laughs like “i take it, you’re not a dance major either?” and you shrug and point to jackson who just did like a split and you’re like “im definitely not if that’s what dance majors can do…”
  • you make youngjae laugh but then it gets a little awkward and silent and youngjae’s like,,,,,,,,,, “hey do you want to….leave?” and you’re like “yeah kinda,,,,,why?” and he grins and is like “we need to escape now while jackson is distracted!!! otherwise he’ll pull out the aegyo to make us stay so c’mon!!”
  • youngjae puts down his drink and carefully wraps his hand around your wrist and tugs you through the strings of people until you guys are out of the building and the coast is clear and you’re like 
  • “being outside is much better” and youngjae’s like “i know how you feel” and like neither of you really know what to say because it’s like midnight and you guys just ditched a party and you want to be like weLL i guess ill go back to my dorm but youngjae’s like 
  • “since we have nothing else to do, do you want to come down to the orchestra room with me? i wanted to get some of my music notes - it’s ok if that’s weird to ask haha” 
  • and you can see him getting nervous, hiding the little tremor in his hand by scratching his neck and you bite your lip because you’re excited that he’s invited you
  • and this is just so pure the first time you two get to be alone and you’re both flustered but you nod and tell him you’d be happy to tag along
  • once you guys get there though youngjae cant find his notes and you guys spend like an hour looking through the rows and through the sheets of music and youngjae seems so defeated when you cant find them so you’re like !!! i need to cheer him up so you ask quietly if he could play you something
  • and youngjae’s like haha im not that good though!!! and you’re like boy are you playing games youre in the schools damn orchestra and like 
  • you see that he’s actually really humble and doesn’t think much of his talent and it kind of pierces your heart because here you are knowing how great of a person he is,,,,but he cant see it
  • but youngjae like takes a seat at the piano and you can’t help but admire how good he looks and how long his fingers are and as he begins to play its like a spell ?? the music is so beautiful it enchants you
  • and youngjae looks over nervously to see your reaction but all he sees is you with your eyes closed, smiling and swaying to the melody and in that moment youngjae swears he’s never seen anyone more stunning
  • and he stops playing and you open your eyes and slowly he gets up and comes over and you’re like “youngj-” but he just leans down and tilts your chin and against your skin he’s like 
  • “im sorry, but i think this is going to be my only chance to do this-” and he kisses you ever so gently, like a soft sweet peck and you can barely breath let alone react
  • and youngjae immediately bursts into a loud apology and like pulls his hat off to hide behind it and you’re like at a loss for words and he’s like i better get going and before you can stop him he’s running out of the room and you’re like
  • shocked but also you’re like i need to run after him but once you get outside you don’t know where he went and you’re not sure if you should feel hurt or surprised or happy all of the above like ?!!??!?!?! what is this some drama whyd he jsut do that
  • and youngjae whose like hiding behind the campus library is like beating himself up about it and he’s like whY didn’t i j U s t see it through why god
  • and he thinks its the end like you’ll just avoid him from now on because like he just kissed you out of the blue like who wouldnt think that’s weird
  • but the next day as he’s sitting next to jb on the quad going over his tourism class project you tap him on the shoulder and as he turns around you lean in and kiss him
  • and it’s so surprising his damn hat falls off and jb drops the book he’s holding and everyone on campus turns to face you two
  • and youngjae is like ???? when you pull back and you’re like “n-now we’re even…..” and he gets up and he’s like “i dont want to be even” and you’re like excuse me and he like puts his hands on your shoulders and pulls you in to kiss you 
  • and then you’re like “wait what now i have to kiss you to be even” and youngjae’s like ok kiss me again and so you do and it takes you a bit but you’re like 
  • oh my god wait are you just going to keep kissing me so i keep kissing you and youngjae’s like yes that was the plan
  • and jb is sitting there looking at you two like jesus h christ and you and youngjae burst out into giggles
  • and jb is like “i think this is the part where you guys decide you’re going to date?” and you and youngjae are like sure!!! that sounds fun then we have even more excuses to kiss each other
  • and you and youngjae, no matter how much he hasnt shown in off before, are sosososososososo mushy for each other
  • like now that you’re an official thing you guys hold hands in cooking club and feed each other from the same spoon and literally make everyone in the club wish they were in a relationship 
  • and like its kinda cheesy but you’ll be like “youngjae, you make me so happy……are you a magician?” and he’ll like fall to the floor laughing because your jokes - no matter how much they make other people roll their eyes - always make him so happy and he’ll lean in and like give you an eskimo kiss after he’s done laughing and be like “maybe i am!!!! or maybe im a doctor because i can tell my heart beats only for you~~~”
  • like it’s cringy to others but you guys are in your own love bubble and its cute you deserve to love and support each other
  • you try to help youngjae plan for his future restaurant and when he talks about it you can tell he’s got passion and just smile and listen to him and watch him and when he’s done he’ll apologize for boring you but you’re like i could never be bored listening to you,,,,,,,,
  • jackson and nayeon hear the news that you two are dating and they’re like THE PLAn WORKED and you and youngjae are like ???? the plan ???/
  • and jackson is like nothing i said nothing nayeon did you say anything no i dont think you did anyway i have to go- and youngjae chases jackson like twice around campus until he collapses and you have to help him up
  • but nayeon is just like “yeah we invited you to the party to set you two up” and you’re like what and nayeon is like you and youngjae at a dance majors party basically meant you’d have no choice but to talk and well ,,,,, now we’re here and that talk turned into true love
  • and you’re like nayeon i hate you (but i love you so much thank you for this) nayeon: (^:
  • you and youngjae are cuddling like all the time and its the kind of cuddling where you’re facing each other and youngjae can kiss the tip of your nose and you can kiss the little mole on his neck
  • when he practices the piano you sometimes will come over and just sit in the empty audience and do your work while listening to youngjae’s melody and its the most calming thing in the world
  • he’ll see you dozing off over your homework and purposely play a super loud chord and startle you and you’ll pout but he’ll be like do your work!!!
  • you love youngjae’s little posters he makes for the cooking club you keep a copy of all of them in a little scrapbook and when youngjae sees it his heart swells and he pulls you into his lap and kisses all over your face
  • and your relationship is literally just the two of you always encouraging what the other person wants to do
  • mark once described you and youngjae as being addicted to each other and literally it’s the truest thing. like you text each other when you cant see each other and you call just to hear youngjae’s laughter and he calls just to tell you he loves you and when you’re together you’re always touching in some way 
  • and its just warm and fuzzy
  • one day during cooking club as you’re trying to flip the pancake in the pan, youngjae wraps his arms around you from behind and helps you out and ofc the whole room is like oooooooooooooo but feeling his breath on your neck and his hands around yours
  • when the club meeting is over you basically grab him and you’re like we need to find some empty room now 
  • and well club just finished so ,,,,,,, the cooking club room is empty and to make things short you end up ontop of one of the counters and youngjae probably makes a joke about whipped cream
  • that is all i am saying 
  • ok wait one more thing: youngjae’s hands are so gentle and like you remember back to that time when you saw him playing the piano and you’re like he’s good…..with his hand s o k ay moving on
  • whenever youngjae misses home you two go out for some late night seafood snacks and if you have time you go down to the beach to see the night sea
  • and youngjae wraps you up in his arms and tries to get his sweater to fit around the both of you and you giggle into his chest and he kisses your hair and it’s  s o   f t
  • youngjae keeps spamming the got7 group chat with pics of dog memes that you sent him and you get a text from bambam like “your boyfriend keeps sending us photos of puppies that he said he’s getting from you so im here to ask you to stop”
  • all you do in response is send more photos of puppies and youngjae calls you like “bambam said he’s never looking at another puppy again, you sent too many.” and you’re like good he deserves it and youngjae is like this is why i love you
  • you playfully try on the floppy hats youngjae owns and he’s like,,,,,,,,,you look so damn cute he takes photos and like creates a ‘i love my significant other in hats’ post on which jb comments: one of those is mine and youngjae is like; ill block anyone who wants to be negative about our love LOLOL
  • apparently youngjae’s an avid gamer and sometimes you’ll see him hunched over his computer and you’re like hehe cute but all you have to do to distract him is literally sit in his lap and youngjae is like im logging off bye i have more important things to do
  • like watch ‘secret life of pets’ with you while you eat ice cream out of the same tub with the same spoon
  • you and youngjae crying at the pet store over cute puppies together 
  • you comparing youngjae’s smile to the sun and to the flowers and to gold and he tells you to stop while laughing and you just tell him you can’t ,,,,, his smile is everything to you and that just makes him fall for you more
  • whenever you two are apart, youngjae sends you the same message; “you should be here with me.”
  • you guys singing along to your favorite song at group karaoke and making it into a duet and the rest of got7 is making gagging noises but jb is like snapping his fingers for them to stop because seeing youngjae this happy to be with you is a blessing and all of got7 should appreciate it lmfao

it’s his birthday, so i decided to post this ~<3 lovely youngjae! hope your birthday was bright and fun!

college!vixx (here) & college!bts (here)

find college!woozi (here),  college!wonwoo (here)college!seunghceol(here), college!seokmin (here) , college!jun (here) college!mingyu (here), college!jeonghan (here), college!hoshi (here) & college!joshua (here)

find special college!jb (here), college!mark tuan (here)

and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus 

Scared Now?

A/N: A little late night Friday Fic, Friday the 13th edition. I feel it’s trash, but it’s also because I feel like garbage. Currently undergoing health problems and lots of testing. Hope you enjoy it! 

You and the team explore an abandoned, and supposedly haunted, hospital. They are skeptical though, especially Pietro.

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: language, spoopy things

Words: 1,081

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jean and the trojans
  • jean moreau is a morning person
  • he had to be with the ravens but now he’ll get out of bed with a genuine smile on his face
  • he is still hesitant when it comes to the trojans, but they all try and coax him out of his shell, but let him be when he needs to be
  • he listens to punk music thanks to renee (i read this somewhere n i love it?) but when he’s alone he prefers soft music, something like select songs from the cranberries or bon iver
  • his bed is also covered with masses of duvet and pillow and he just sinks like a feather into it
  • i dont know where i was going with this 

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anonymous asked:

i was reading your post on trans!lars and wanted to know what you meant by lars and sadie having sex at least once. I dont recall that ever being implied. Could you explain

I’m glad you asked this, Anon, bc I’ve seen at least one person take issue with this in the tags, too (maybe you even are that person, if so - hi!). Their argument was that they were uncomfortable with that bc su is a kid’s show and implying sex would be… creepy? I actually thought it was 1) pretty clear and 2) not creepy at all. Like, I thought it was heavily implied; I’m sure the same would fly right over the head of any child who is too young for that kind of stuff in their cartoons. That’s why it’s implication and not outright statement.

So this is not an exhaustive list, but just off the top of my head Sadie says a couple of things that I took to mean she and Lars have done… non-platonic things with each other, even while they seem to be not actually in a relationship and more like some kind of a loose on-off thing that also includes long periods of awkwardness and nothing much at all happening between them.

Sadie: “ I didn’t think much of it, but when I got to his house I saw he cleaned up his room a little, and he got a big box of Oyster crackers. They’re my favorite. He let me be his Player Two, and we spent the whole night together.“

This is from Season One’s “Joking Victim”. Sadie tells this to Steven, and when she gets to the “whole night” part you can see from her expression and tone of voice that she’s recalling fond memories. She even gets lost a little in them until Steven snaps her out of it.
Now obviously this can mean “we spent the whole night playing video games and nothing more”, but I definitely took it to mean there was something else going on. When do you ever say “we spent the night together” if you don’t mean, you know, together together? The phrase just carries a romantic/sexual connotation. Add to that the balance of propability – Sadie and Lars are both not children anymore and are well withing their rights to have sex if the want without that being anything scandalous, and they definitely have feelings for each other, even though it’s complicated – and it’s more likely that not. If not outright sex, I’m pretty sure they’ve done at least something.

Sadie: *tearing up* That night we played video games, I don’t know what it meant to you. But ever since then, I can’t get the thought out of my head that you’re a good person. *grabs his hand* That night, I really thought…

I mean, that is almost textbook “we had one night together but now you seem to feel different about it that I do and I don’t know what to do about that”-dialogue.

And this is very recent; from “The New Lars”:

Sadie: Oh, yeah, they’re closing shop to get those gulls out of the vents. Any plans?
Would you… want to come by my place? I know it’s kind of been awhile, but we could get some food, watch some movies.

Same as above: you can read this as totally innocent if you want, but the language is still suggestive. From her hesitation to “it’s been a while” to the tacked-on sort of “you know, we can just eat and watch movies if you… want to keept it at that…” because Sadie seems unsure of where exactly they stand with each other. Lars tells Steven right after: “we aren’t getting married. We’re not even dating”, which is true… but there’s also not nothing going on between them.

The thing that Sadie and Lars keep struggling with throughout the show is intimacy (especially Lars has a lot of issues with this). Theirs is not a will-they-won’t-they scenario. I honestly think they “have” already. But that doesn’t matter much in the long run because what they need to work out is the other part; the How close are we really, how much can we show that to each other, how much are we willing to invest in this relationship, are we better off as friends? It’s a constant drawing back and getting close again. In “Island Adventures”, it’s a big deal when Lars tentatively strokes Sadie’s hand, but when they start to make out right afterwards, it feels not really like a first time. Those are two very different sorts of closeness, and they’re still feeling their way around the first.

That’s my take on it, at least. I don’t mind if it turns out I’m totally wrong on this, but until then i’m going with my gut feeling.

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any good hidge fics?

oh BOY you have come to the right place. here’s some gud guds

Smells Like Team Spirit - garrison trio fic, super hunk-centric, hints of hidge. STELLAR characterization of hunk and super interesting side characters, the slowly developing friendship b/w lance n hunk and pidge is really sweet to watch. hasn’t updated in a long time and last update ended on a bit of a cliffhanger tho. i’m still holding out for an update :”) i wont give up on this one its too good

Splanky - HIDGE GROUP CHAT REQUIRED READING LOL… all we do is yell about it tbh. it’s a modern swing dance au, finished, 18 chapters. slowburn hunkpidge but not to the point it’s annoying lol, dance scenes that are Really Well Described to the point it got me into swing, shay and pidge are roommates and actual friends and i luv their relationship, side klance and shalluratt, hunk and shay dated but shay isnt portrayed as a bad guy and still has healthy friendships w hunk and pidge, Dancing Is The Vertical Expression of A Horizontal Desire: The Series

 (( mom @ladymac111​ wrote it and she could probably describe it a lot better but TRUST ME IT’S REALLY REALLY GOOD. ladymac writes a ton of hidge (sfw and not) my other fav is T4 because chronically ill!hunk and yall know how mod rover lives for disabled and chronically ill characters ))

Exceptions - my fav mf fic of all time… cfpepperz is my idol… mostly friendship, hunk n pidge shenanigans that gets serious sometimes, ongoing, COMES WITH ART!!!!, chapters feel like they could legitimately be episodes of the show. pepperz just has this WAY w them i would literally die for her pidge… neurodivergent pidge, Hunk’s Hug Bank, more dancing, cool original alien species, Careless Whisper memes, hints of side shallura and klance

‘Til We’re Old And Stinky - pidge can’t cook for shit: the oneshot, basically. i love it i love shenanigans like this

A Dream From Far Away - i couldnt describe it right, best group chat could come up with is “ basically this atmospheric psychic scene between pidge and hunk just like … clinging onto each other so they’re not alone after the wormhole thing “ … it’s a super pretty and eerie oneshot and i love it. it evokes so much Feeling that i cant describe its just super pretty imagery and thats the best i can put together

you have pretty eyes, he wrote. - only good coffeeshop au on the got dam planet. side shayllura and klance, hunk writes notes on pidge’s coffee cups, i would take a bullet for hunk

Keith Kogane’s Guide To Extracurricular College Planning - ok this one is klance centric and i usually dont rec klance centric stuff bc im desperate for hidge content where the hidge is actually the center but… this one’s got REALLY good side hidge trust me. kickball game scene cleared my skin and watered my crops

Troubleshooting - another cute oneshot bc boy i love them. hunk codes and pidge tries to fix it

Debriefing - set right after tears of the balmera. hunk and pidge discuss events of the week and pidge tries to prevent hunk from starting to crush on a boy that doesn’t exist. sometimes i forget this one exists and then i find it and reread it and get excited again

Drafted Confession - i got oneshots for days my guy. pidge is too chicken to send an email and allura can’t figure out who she keeps bringing home drunk from college parties

there’s more out there but you gotta dig thru the tag, if i remember any other gud ones i will update. the tag’s less than 200 fics so it’s not that hard to look through rip

- mod rover

The Pack Survives (Roman Reigns): Chapter 1

Originally posted by oncetwiceandoveragain

Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Writing Masterlist

Summary: Andromeda has spent years overseas trying to outrun her past. She finally decides to come back to Florida to try and settle down in the house her grandmother left her. She meets Leati and feels instantly drawn to him; but there’s something he’s not telling her, a secret he’s hiding. A secret that may cost Andromeda her life if she can’t accept it.

Warnings (for the fic over all, not specifically this chapter): cis-female OC, 18+, mentions/flashbacks of previous physical and/or mental abuse, smut at some point, werewolves. I will be switching between their wrestling names & their actual names in this fanfic, im sorry if it gets confusing (I’ll make sure to mention who’s who below so yall dont get the twins mixed up lol)

Andromeda Drakos (OFC) Face Claim: Naomi Scott

Word Count: 2019

A/N: Did I really steal the title from that Game of Thrones quote? Yes I did lmao, dont @ me. I don’t really know where I’m going w this fic, I’ve had about 3 chapters written since may, so we’ll see where it goes lol. I love my werewolf shit, but I also love my Hellenic/Greek stuff so it might get confusing im sorry. Also idk why it wont let me tag some of yall, dont hate me.

Tag List: @savmontreal@vivalavonvon@hardykat@racingandreigns@inkedirishbbydoll-blog-blog@fivefootxo@lovetusk@captainrogersbucky​ @imamoxbrose24 @kamdog0014@empress-with-the-crown@sabrina-blyton​ @littledeadrottinghood @vanity1385@wweburnitdown@maahsrandom@glowrioustrash@roman-reigns-empire-1996

Roman = Leati
Jimmy = Jon
Jey = Josh

Andromeda’s house:

Andromeda huffed as she hauled box after box into her new home; a large house in Tampa left to her by her grandmother when she passed. Meda was beginning to wish she’d just sent all of her stuff with the moving trucks that would arrive in a day or so, but she needed stuff for that day itself.

As she walked back out to get the third box from the back of her truck she spotted two men standing by it. A smile stretched across her face as she recognized them. 

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small town!vernon

(requested by @puppycat-eyes sorry its so short lmao) 

  • probably lives in one of those towns with a weird name tbh
  • he’s not rly one of the Popular Kids in town, he’s just cool with everyone and everyone knows who he is u feel me
  • is known as the Fashion Icon tho
  • everyone looks up to him and if he wears something it becomes a trend
  • isn’t part of any clubs or sports or whatever
  • tbh the most he’s contributed to the school is convincing students not to fight each other like timothy,,,,,,the only thing that’s going to come out of you punching kyle in the nose is a three-week suspension.
  • everyone finds him kinda mysterious tho bc they never really see him outside of school???
  • it’s just that he hangs out at places no one rly pays attention to
  • like he skateboards in abandoned parking lots and does homework at those lowkey, tacky diners and flips through dusty records in the record store downtown
  • he knows all the rly good places to eat and shop bc of this tho
  • and sometimes he just goes on long drives to nowhere bc he’s bored
  • (speaking of driving, he’s mastered the art of avoiding potholes)
  • the only time he really runs into people from school is at the 7/11 and the mall bc 1) 7/11 is cheap and 2) the mall has everything
  • when he’s not out-and-about, vernon’s in his bedroom with a dr. dre record spinning and looking through street fashion blogs
  • his bedroom is rly,,,,,,,,,,,him
  • he has one of those cool tapestries hanging up behind his desk, which is a mess of headphones and sketches and food crumbs tbh
  • he put up a bunch of photos from the nyc trip with his family and he’s always like tAke me baCk i’ll live on thE stReeT pLs
  • in his closet he has old drawings from sofia hung up that she doesn’t know about and he’s not gonna to tell her about bc like,,,,,,pft,,,i’m not  a softie for my nOob sister,,,,,,,pft,,,,,,
  • that is false.
  • one time sofia wanted to get this dress but it was rly expensive so vernon spent 5 months making it for her
  • not a softie my ass
  • he does like to blare his music just to annoy her sometimes tho
  • only goes to block parties if there’s food tbh
  • one time he snuck a bag of chips out but he didn’t get caught so???
  • this is where ¼ of the movie night snacks originate oOps
  • and u know vernon because u live and the same town and have been best friends since like elementary school
  • he still teases you about your crush on seungkwan in 6th grade and that time you tripped and fell into the pool and blamed it on mingyu
  • u haven’t let him forget that time you two were in a thrift store and he screAmed when he found a wu tang clan tshirt tho
  • ur mom loves vernon and vernons mom loves u so like ur always at each others houses, sometimes even if the other person is home tbh
  • you pretty much welcome yourselves into each others houses like vernon knows ur garage code and u just knock before going into his house 
  • one time tho vernon snatched some food from ur house so u changed the garage code and he got !!!!!!!!offended!!!!!!!!!!!
  • but like ur close with vernon’s friends too and u tag along to their movie nights sometimes
  • u, vernon and svt have a tradition of going out for deep dish pizza after football games and tbh the owners of the restaurant give you a discount bc u go there so often and they know you by name
  • and tonight is one of those nights when u all walk into the restaurant, looking a little sloppy after a crazy friday night game, and sit down and u and vernon order the usual pizza that you two share bc the other members can’t stAnd ur topping choice(s). 
  • mingyu once called u a “Disgrace To The Pizza Gods”
  • so u put a pepperoni in his drink
  • he refuses to forgive u
  • but like the owner of the restaurant comes over to say hi as usual
  • and everyone’s chatting when she goes
  • “so, y/n and vernon, when’s the wedding hahahahah”
  • and vernon’s like :o (yk his meme face he does ye that’s him)
  • and ur like hUh
  • ur face = tomato
  • and soonyoung’s like !!!!!!!ooh they’re blushin!!!!!!!
  • do u wanna be pepperoni’d boi
  • but the topic changes quickly and it’s like it never happened
  • at least to the other members
  • u and vernon r dead quiet
  • like u can’t even look @ each other
  • (vernon keeps glancing at u tho lmao u thought)
  • the night goes on rly awkwardly and tbh u wanna leave but whatever
  • u and vernon are walking home after seokmin dropped u two off and ur like on one side of the sidewalk and he’s walking in the grAss bc its so aWkwarD
  • all of a sudden vernon like
  • reaches out and brushes his hand against urs
  • ur like !!!!!!!!!!??????!?!?!??!?!
  • u both stop and u look at him rly confused
  • and he’s like c-can i…….holdurhanditsfineifusaynoijust-
  • u grab his hand and keep walking
  • no offense but vernon is on cloud nine like he’s trying so hard not to smile rly big bc he’s vernon. he has to stay Cool and Mysterious
  • u two walk in silence for a bit 
  • (vernon’s trying to muster up the courage to Say Something meanwhile)
  • he suddenly goes “i like you. like more than friends. imsorryishouldnthavesaidanything”
  • and ur like blushing like crazy thank god it’s like 11 at night
  • when u don’t respond vernon starts freAking out like oH my gOd they dOnt liKe mE fRick
  • u two finally reach ur driveway where u stop and look up @ vernon and ur freaking out like shOuld i??????????????????
  • ur contemplating ur choices and u like unconsciously squeeze his hands a few times and finally he’s hAd it he’s Up To Here with you
  • he leans in and quickly kisses you and he’s looking at you to see your reaction
  • ur basically a human question mark like wtf just happened,,,,,,,,,,,
  • vernon kisses you again, longer this time, and says “let’s do something tomorrow. you choose where.” and ur like oK yEp and run inside bc if u have to deal with his cuteness for one more second ur gonna spontaneously combust  
  • u get to ur room and look at the window and he’s still at the end of the driving
  • he looks like a lunatic
  • he’s like jumping around and running his hands through his hair and he finally yells “yEs”
  • spoiler: u too go to an arcade and vernon gets upset when you kick his ass but u give him lots of lil kisses to cheer him up

anonymous asked:

heyyy welcome to the Osomatsu-san community! Can i request how all the matsu's first kiss with the reader went?

Thank you so much! and Of course you can!. I hope to involve myself more in the community eventually UuU!

Osomatsu - Osomatsu talks a big game but he’s actually really nervous to kiss you, he’s not sure if he should ask you or if he should just go for it. Date after date he says he’ll do it but he chickens out. Finally it probably comes out after you make him really excited somehow.

“You’re the cutest, y/n! I could just kiss you right now!”

“then why dont you?”

He sees it as his oppurtunity and strikes.

Karamatsu - Karamatsu honestly respects your boundaries and wouldn’t want to force himself upon you in anyway. He knows he has to be sure that you are really as interested in him as he is with you. After a few dates his heart yearns to be with you. He texts you to meet him at the place you first meet each other (like the cliche he is). He waits for you there with a confident pose and roses, and proceeds to proclaim his love for you for the whole world to hear.

“y/n! The prettiest flower in my garden, my light in the dark! I can no longer bear another second without being able to call you mine!”

He’s all down on one knee and holding your hand like a marriage proposal. After saying yes, he stands and kisses you. You don’t realize people are clapping until the kiss is broken. You love this man but now you have no idea if you should let the small crowd know he was just asking you out.

Choromatsu - Bless his huge nerd soul this boy has no idea how to kiss you what so ever. Just the thought of it makes him so nervous that he almost forgets to breathe. When he’s with you, he stares at your lips but when he thinks of even leaning in he can hardly look you in the face. He’s really scared that maybe you wont be into kissing him, or maybe you weren’t interested in him like that. You bother had so much in common but that didn’t mean that you wanted to date him, much less kiss him!

You might have to make the first move, gotta make it smooth yet subtle, like the pocky game!

You bring pocky the next time you hangout with him, snacking on a few first before sticking the end of one in your mouth and offering it to him. At first he’s confused, and then flustered before he agrees and puts him mouth on the other end. It goes so fast before he realizes it, you chomp a big piece out of the stick to get to press your lips against his. After a few seconds and the break of the kiss, he swallows the bit of pocky he actually got to chew before you rushed in. His face all red and flustered, he doesn’t know what to say.

There’s an awkward silence between you two before he speaks up

“…..c-can we …..pl-play it again?”

Ichimatsu - This boy wont admit it but he is super afraid of kissing you. He can’t imagine anyone like you would kiss him, he was just grateful that you seemed to enjoy his company. His cat friends seemed to grow just attached to you as they are to Ichi. You truly are something special.

His brother’s catch him smiling when he thinks of you and they tease him about it till he leaves the room.He doesn’t want to ask his brothers for advice because he knows that none of them would have any advice that would actually help him.

It kind of just comes out of nowhere, honestly. You both decide to go to this time-to-time walk to visit Ichi’s little cat friends. You both go to the store to get snacks for them first, stepping out from the store the wind starts to pick up a little bit. You weren’t prepared to face the cold wind today and Ichi notices it as you hug yourself and shiver. 

“Do you want my sweater? im wearing long sleeves underneath it”

He starts to take it off but you insist that its not a big deal but he pushes it and continues to take the sweater off. You grab his arms to push his jacket back on him in protest when both of you freeze and find yourselves looking into each others eyes. Something just said that the time was right as you both leaned in and kissed.

As you pulled away, you’re flushed cheeks kept you from shivering to the wind. Embarrassed, Ichi looked away, his cheeked just as red as yours.


Jyushimatsu - Jyushimatsu loved you so much and there was no denying that. Everytime you were both together he couldn’t help but do everything in his will to make you laugh. Even if you were down, he would listen closely to what was bothering you and he always knew what to say and how to make you feel so much better.

Jyushimatsu was a little more careful though, after his first heartbreak he wasn’t sure if he could take another like that. It took a while before he actually asked.

You both planed to have a picnic that day, he provided the cute printed blanket as you provided the home-made food. 

“y/n! You’re such an amazing cook! If i could, i would love to eat your food everyday!”

You couldn’t help but respond with a big smile.

He couldn’t help but look at your mouth for a while. You both sat in gleeful silence as he looked at you staring off into the distance, enjoying the scenery.



“should we kiss?”

“….well i dont see why not!~”

Todomatsu - He’d keep you a secret from his brothers for a LONNNNNGGGG time. His brothers were THE LAST PEOPLE he would ask on how to kiss you, not to mention probably the least qualified. 

He had this whole thing planned out in his head, he had an image to keep. Not to mention he wanted to look like he knew what he was doing. He planned to ask you to hangout the following day, just to walk around town, go out to eat, and do whatever you really wanted to do.

 His plans went south quickly though because his brothers ended up being everywhere around town so he wasted that time with you, avoiding running into them. He lost his wallet and you ended up having to pay for your and his food (which you insisted wasn’t a big deal but it was a disaster to him) and ultimately he was so bummed out in the end.

The day was coming to an end, you knew he was acting strange all day so you wanted to do something special for him. Taking his hand, you pulled him to a park. Within this park you found the most perfect spot on a hill to show him how beautiful the sky was as the sun was setting. His smile was so worth it, he felt a wave of relief as he stopped worrying about what happened today. He turned to you with a wink and a smile,

“y/n, we should kiss, ok?”

matt and aaron thoughts pt3

pt1 ; pt2

  • aaron doesn’t know why he spent so long distancing himself from matt or any of the upperclassmen
  • andrew has renee. why couldn’t aaron could have had matt or dan?
  • he’s always been one to never regret the things he says because he doesn’t say things without meaning them, just like andrew. it’s one of the few things him and his brother can relate to each other with
  • but aaron is hung up on the fact that when he came to matt’s dorm after him and neil switched, he told him that they would never be friends
  • that him being his roommate would be it
  • he told matt never to speak to him
  • aaron’s not about to apologise out of nowhere but he still feels guilty

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i was tagged by uhhh several people so. here

Rule 1: Tag 9 people im not doing that
Rules 2: Highlight the statements about you that are true

  • I am 5'7 or taller
  • I wear glasses
  • I have at least one tattoo
  • I have at least one piercing
  • I have blonde hair
  • My abs are somewhat defined
  • I have or have had braces
  • I love meeting new people
  • People tell me I’m funny (bitch im hilarious)
  • Helping people with their problems is a big priority to me (nope nope nope. i actually cant stand being put on the spot to give advice to someone. kind of harsh but im really bad at helping others and giving good advice)
  • I enjoy physical challenges
  • I enjoy mental challenges
  • I’m playfully rude to people I know well
  • There is something I would change about my personality
  • I can play an instrument
  • I can sing
  • I can do 30 pushups without stopping
  • I’m a fast runner
  • I can draw well
  • I have a good memory
  • I’m good at doing maths in my head
  • I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute
  • I have beaten at least two people in an arm wrestle
  • I know how to cook at least 3 meals from scratch
  • I can throw a punch
  • I enjoy sports
  • I have learned a new song in the past week
  • I’ve gone running at least one week in the summer
  • I work out at least once a week
  • I have drawn something in the last month
  • I enjoy writing
  • I have done martial arts
  • I have had my first kiss
  • I have watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting
  • I have had alcohol
  • I have scored a winning goal in sports
  • I have been to an overnight event
  • I have been in a taxi
  • I have been in hospital/er in the past year
  • I have beaten a video game in one day    
  • I have visited another country (canada for like 10 mins LOL)
  • I have been to one of my favourite band’s concerts
  • I have at least one person I consider a best friend
  • I live close to my school
  • My parents are still together (my dad just recently died, so uh…no)
  • I have at least one sibling
  • I live in the US
  • There is snow right now where I live (FLORIDA ???)
  • I have hung out with friends in the past month
  • I have a smartphone
  • I have at least 15 CD’s
  • I share my room with someone
  • I have a crush on a celebrity
  • I have a crush on someone I know (sort of. still trying to figure out whether it’s a crush or not but i do like him and think i’d be perfectly happy with him)
  • I have been in at least 3 relationships
  • I have asked someone out or admitted my feelings to them (IT’S ALWAYS BEEN OTHER PEOPLE TELLING ME lmao)
  • I get crushes easily
  • I have had a crush for over a year (not atm but previously, yes)
  • I have been in a relationship for over a year (longest was 2 years)
  • I have had feelings for a friend (funny story: my best friend and i both had a crush on each other at the same exact time but never said anything. we both grew out of it tho and we’re both glad we did)
  • I have break danced
  • I know a person called Jamie
  • I have made a new friend in the past year
  • I have had a teacher with a last name hard to pronounce
  • I have dyed my hair
  • I am listening to a song on repeat right now
  • I have punched someone in the past week
  • I have known someone who has gone to jail
  • I have broken a bone
  • I have eaten a waffle today
  • I know what to do with my life
  • I speak at least two languages


a sequel to this drabble following that same “morning after Julian’s route” theme. i don’t know how to write. i just thought it’d be cute if Nox made a pretend fuss about where she hit him with the bottle (granted there are a few more Feelings in this beyond that)

idk @wolfsskull im gonna keep tagging you because you asked me to even tho i should probably stop lmao

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anonymous asked:

Would you do a Tyki/Allen reclist?? <333

YES, i certainly WILL HAHA

if you know me then you know i love my tykillens 100% consensual and thats. That’s a bit tough, cause not many in the fandom seem to agree with me lol.  it’s a bit of a wasteland in ao3 not gonna lie but the tag there has recently been blessed, and I’ll dig out some old gold too <3

Honestly it’s uh. It’s probably gonna be easiest to organise this by authors and then I’ll like. Pick a couple of my favourites from each of them, and link a few randoms i like at the end. 

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what im weak for this week

remember when i used to apologize for being two weeks behind?

neither do i because it’s literally been months. as such, even tho there were TONS of amazing fics from august until now, i’m only going to be doing the ones since last week (Nov. 13 onwards), because otherwise i wouldn’t be able to cover everything ;A; i’ll try to keep this updated, though!!!

ps it long.

ps is there a myungjin drought wtf is going on my friends

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