ha hahahah haha ha

Wanna One’s group photo after Taiwan Fanmeeting…



Let me tell you something baby
You love me for everything you hate me for.

Here’s a Maria bust I worked on today as well, because I Love Her, and needed more bust practice for the aforementioned opening of commissions, hahah.

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Hi! EXOs reaction to you asking them to shower with you?? Thank you! :D

Omg I’d die of embarrassment asking anybody to shower with me (_/////_)

Xiumin: thought you’d never ask


YiFan: hurr hurr… a shower?.. hurr hurr.. okay

Suho: *freaking out* ‘holy crap is this like a shower or a shower shower?’

Lay: uh-uh oh-o-okay!

Baekhyun: *in the middle of being a dick until you ask him* HOLY SH- w-wa-wait a minute! wh-what did you j-just say? sh-shower? you said shower right? shower??

Chen: i knew you couldnt resist me

Chanyeol: heh heh i just took one but okay!

D.O: ha ha.. shower haha as in lots of water hahahah but not lots of clothes hahahaha with just us two hahahaha in a closed environment with steam and HA HA HA HA……………………………. okay.

Tao:*smirks* after you~

Kai: a shower?!?! AHAHHAHAHAHAHAA *loses his shit*

Sehun: nah im good but look at this cool sword tao got me 


Hope you liked this! ^3^

- Admin K

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10 am ? pretty early ? PRETTY EARLY ??? You know how LUCKY you are to be able to say that right ? RIGHT ???

Yeah, I have to learn 90 extended questions for three most important in my LIFE finals for Monday, just dripped my coffee, my cat hasn’t showed up for 24 hours after the stupid thunderstorm and yes I’m the luckiest girl alive.