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I totally didn’t expect the lovely feedback my little silly cross-over comic got, so to show my appreciation - and of course I heard the Sidon whispers - have one more of the sort. :)

Part 1: Urbosa Reaction
  • Inojin: Sarada?
  • Sarada: Yeah?
  • Inojin: Do you think the Uchihas have fire as their speciality... because they're so hot?
  • Sarada: (blushing) Shut up!
  • Inojin: Heh. (proud he made her lose her cool)
  • Sarada: (recovers) Wait... (smirks) you think my dad is hot?
  • Inojin: ...I've walked right into that one.

It is still so wild to me that monosexual people exist.

Like I support anyone who only likes one gender and I am not going to shout at someone for being An Lesbian or An Hetero I just???? can’t really grok it. i can’t really alieve that that’s normal. I believe it, but I can’t alieve it. 

There are so many attractive people in the world??? why would you only want to be intimate with half of them???? 

why this hapen?? 

Okay, but one of the things that I noticed right off the bat the first time I watched the Balmera arc is the design of Shay’s people.

I didn’t immediately connect Shay’s voice to her on-screen character because I was expecting a very feminine design to match a female voice actress; in almost every story about an alien or fantasy race, you immediately know who’s female in the bunch because they look exactly like human women, as compared to the males who can pretty much look like anything.

Case in point:

So when I didn’t see a stereotypical female design for the Balmerans, it threw me for a minute. Because Shay and her grandmother look very similar to Rax and the other male Balmerans. They have thick, knobby skin and sharp claws rather than slender arms and graceful fingers. Maybe their earring-things differentiate between genders (who’s to say Balmerans are only male/female?) but I’m seeing a distinct lack of boobs, makeup (long eyelashes, lipstick) and long hair that usually identify an alien woman.

Nope, still not seeing it.

It’s a super small thing and not very important to the overall story of Voltron, but this is one of the first times I’ve ever seen alien women designed like this and I think it’s so cool. 


some stiles & lydia doodles i made a little while ago???? i havent been up to date w the new season (sue me) so nO SPOILERS I WILL HURT YOU but yeah ;))

Casual reminder that this is the FIRST TIME Isak has complimented Even on his physical features.

Inktober Day #20: Worried

It’s not even that cold outside, but Mob is still kinda getting over a cold and his friends/brother are…a bit worried…

Tumblr wouldn’t let me upload this last night so you’re getting this now :P


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If somebody says they have health problems, and that’s why they are using mobility aids, believe them. Sure, some people may fake, but when you automatically think everybody is a fake, you completely invalidate those who aren’t. I don’t care how hot or healthy looking somebody is, they can still have a chronic illness. They can still have chronic pain, or organs that don’t work, or malfunctioning enzymes, or anything. These diseases are called “invisible illnesses” for a reason. Hell, sometimes we can need a cane one day, a wheelchair the next, and nothing the next. Our bodies do what they want, and we usually just have to accept it.

People who are healthy don’t typically pretend to be dying, people who are dying typically pretend to be healthy. So next time you see someone who looks healthy use a cane, or walker, or crutches, or anything of the sort, don’t walk up and tell them they don’t need it. Don’t tell a stranger that you know more about their body than they do.

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How Hot is Kazuhira “Kaz” Miller?: A Breakdown: 

1. He never takes off his stupid sunglasses so he constantly looks like a bug. 
2. Seriously I bet he wears them inside and at night too. What an asshole.
3. His hair has got to be chemically made up of at least 50% hairspray. The man’s at risk at all times of his head spontaneously combusting. 
4. An ascot? Seriously? I’m getting douchechills from all the way over here. 
5. “Business in the front and party in the back” is bullshit. Get a fucking haircut. 
6. Where the fuck are his nipples at? You’re gonna go to all the trouble of doing everyone the disservice of seeing this fucker almost naked and you don’t even bother to give him nipples. 
7. I can see why Big Boss likes him so much, his face looks like a fuckin cardboard box. 
8. Seriously it’s like a witch invited him to a party and said “be there or be square” and he didn’t show up so now he’s cursed 
9. Probably smells like Axe Body Spray, didn’t he invent that shit? 

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