ha ha too hot

Casual reminder that this is the FIRST TIME Isak has complimented Even on his physical features.

Inktober Day #20: Worried

It’s not even that cold outside, but Mob is still kinda getting over a cold and his friends/brother are…a bit worried…

Tumblr wouldn’t let me upload this last night so you’re getting this now :P


send these to ur special ones :-)

Alright, I know it has only been a few episodes, but I really need Gabriel Luna to play Robbie Reyes for as long as possible. He is freaking killing it! I don’t care how or why, I just need it to happen. Whether he becomes a regular on Agents of SHIELD or he gets his own spin-off, it doesn’t matter. I just need to see Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes on my screen for as long as Gabriel wants to do it or for however long the MCU is a thing. Please! He is freaking amazing!