ha ha that out of context quote SEEMS GREAT

anonymous asked:

What do you think Veronica meant when she said “We had this date with each other from the very beginning, Archiekins.” ?

it’s a quote of “A Streetcar named Desire.” 

And the way it was presented originally is … pretty horrible (Spoiler: Stanley says it to Blanche before he r/pes her). I honestly have NO idea why the writers chose that quote. Out of the original context, it seems all fine and great, cute even. 

But I’m gonna remove it from the original context (bear with me) and I think it could possibly be her way of saying “this is how it was suppose to be” or “we were inevitable.” The thing about Riverdale is that it has 75 years of history. Yes, they aren’t concerned to keep it ‘true to the comics’, whatever that means, but they definitely nod at the comics every once in a while. And Varchie, too, has 75 years of history. So I think that quote definitely was meant to make reference to all that history they have together. 

And in the spam of the s1, Veronica and Archie definitely were beating around the bush around each other. Episode 2, Veronica prioritized friendship over Archie and clearly distanced herself from him. And then episode 5 hits and they are being flirtatious and playful and it’s all great, but then he has a thing with Valerie going on. So until episode 10 (and even then), they kept distancing themselves from each other, whether it was done for Betty’s sake or because he was in another relationship. it was never the right time for them to explore any chances of a relationship. And I think epi 11 Veronica said that very well. She just doesn’t have the bandwidth, and I don’t think it had been a matter of her liking him any less. They clearly had strong feelings for each other and they felt that pull toward each other; it was just a matter of it never being the right time. So then episode 13 hits, and they are finally allowed to be together, so I think Veronica saying that quote was her expressing those feelings – almost like a thank god, we can finally stop beating around the bush around each other and just be together since we both felt the same pull toward each other and her reassuring him that she, too, felt the same thing he must have felt toward her.