ha ha lmao what was I getting myself into

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How do you do it? How do you just move on and not give af? I want to be happy with my life and move on from this negativity but it's difficult.

Because when u realize nobody is gonna give a fuck about you as much as you give a fuck about yourself.. no one is losing sleep over you.. None of these people will be there the day you die.. None of these people jumping in hot water for you. Which one of these people about to catch a bullet for you 🤔 NONE no ones opinions about to pay your bills I can go on but I think u get the point, only permanent thing in this life is me myself and i. I’m about to trip over a situation that happened months ago?? Im not about to trip over temporary shit, I have 40+ more years to live do you know how much shit im gonna go thru?? i aint about to sit in the past lmao for what…..Im about to lose sleep over a hoe I met 3 years ago? Bitch my body has been here for 19 years and my soul has been here for eternity and none of these hoes been with me since the jump?? Nobody knows me better than i know me. Period!

This chick who’s supposed to be my friend seems to think I’m a “fake ass hoe trying too hard to be pretty” because I posted a picture of myself with fake freckles and my eyes looked blue when they’re really green. You’re 24, why are you starting shit? I mean damn, this girl has a kid she never sees because she’s “trappin” lmao (her bf sells weed). She lies about everything and then forgets what she lied about, she is completely codependent which is why I stopped hitting her up, she has nasty ass dread locks that are bleached to hell, and she’s slept with all of her bfs friends. She even tried getting with me by saying it’s not cheating because we’re both girls and she’s “not gay”… ugh this is why I have no friends, I hate so many people

About the “Colorist Controversy”

If ya’ll are so concerned about how Hakyeon feels then why don’t you ask him instead of making assumptions about how he feels. Because apparently a 26 year old man can’t think for himself. Ken has stated how he thought N made a great first impression because of how handsome he is. Hongbin has stated how N looks sexy on stage and always stands out. Leo literally draws N as a black stick figure as a sign of distinction and Ravi is like almost N’s skin color lmao. N DRAWS HIMSELF AS A BLACK FIGURE WITH HIS STARLIGHTS. Hongbin is a sassy little shit and gets in trouble for it but I see nothing that hurtful with what he says. I say worst things to my friends and no feelings are hurt. I myself am tan and don’t feel affected by any of there comments. Ya’ll are so oversensitive for no reason. NOT TO MENTION in the video that is SO controversial about Hongbin teasing N for his skin color, Hongbin literally asked N “Why do you even want to look whiter?” Vixx loves Hakyeon and all of you who aren’t closely related to him IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM get all defensive. If N has any problem with his own skin just remember that this is an issue he dealt with in highschool not something that sprouted within Vixx. Pretty sure he is mire confident now than he ever has been. ALSO REMEMBER that Asia is a different culture than ours and things we find offensive are not offensive to them. Rather than spitting hate at Vixx you should just send lots of love and support to N. Ya’ll are so quick to judge people holy shit. Now I wil say this, Hongbin needs to shut up in order to avoid anymore problems with oversensitive people. Btw u hating VIXX or any of the members, doesn’t make Hakyeon feel any better. If you want to solve the issue of colorism or racism then you should target the country as a whole and fix their perspective on beauty. Furthermore, let’s not forget the fact that Hongbin has literally mentioned rihanna as one of his ideal types.