ha ha hah a ha

Things @sand-catt and I Have Overheard At School As IT Characters (ive had to redo this three times)

- “No, we have a suicide pact! You can’t do it without me!”

Bill @ Stan every time Richie speaks

- “Second time. The joke isn’t funny. Learn your comedy, Jake.”

Stan @ Richie (aka Jake)

- “God gives out free rubber bands on Tuesday.”


- “Well there–”


Ben and Richie

- “I’m gonna hoo hee ha ha hoo hah your hoo hee ha ha!”

*Deadpans and looks into the camera like he’s on the office* “Is that a threat?”

Richie and Eddie

- “Have you ever had a dream you you you you were you were in a you were in in in a you were?”


- “Will you please stop looking up anti-Dutch propaganda?”

Stan @ Ben

- *puts rubber band on head*

“I’m Jesus”


- “I was gonna put a bet on a gang fight…”


- *throws a calculator into a pack/group of math nerds* “Fight for it” *bolts*


- “Daniel just walked and locked himself out of the classroom for getting something wrong.”

Bev talking about Eddie

- “Mr D, you aren’t going to survive Chicago. We’ll see on the news: ‘Local Teacher Dies After Cheering on and Trying to Take a Picture With a Gang During a Gang Fight’!”

Stan @ Eddie (aka mr d)

- “Mr D, what are you even going to Chicago for?”

*kid who wasn’t in the conversation* “Gang fights.”

Eddie is Mr D, the kid is Richie

- “Every time Jake comes by me, I rub my legs as a defense mechanism!”

Richie and Bev

- “Only white people eat salt and vinegar chips!”

Mike @ Ben

- “Hey, guess how many markers I have stuffed in my leg right now!”

Georgie @ Bill

- “Zoe’s worst fear is One Direction [NKOTB] dying or breaking up!”

Ben is me


Legolas reports back to his father.


Miscellaneous Objects from Mystic Messenger! (。-∀-)

I really don’t have any explanation for these but take them. (Textless versions under the cut!!) ԅ( ˘ω˘ԅ)

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