ha ha ha i've been meaning to make this for a while


                                                        May I be excused?
                                              You’ve barely eaten a thing.


Hello! It’s been a while, so I decided to make a quickie updatey:

After all that has happened during these past months, I have now managed to find a place where I can live on my own. My first ever OWN APARTMENT! Wow!
I will probably move into it within the next couple of weeks. I’ll be living alone, which means I will finally get some frickin’ calm in my life! FINALLY!

There’s still some paperwork left to be done and some furniture to buy, but after that I am fully settled and can get on having my own life. I might even have time to actually do some askblogging stuff, which has constantly been stalled by the lemons life has continuously been tossing at me!

Here’s hoping all goes well!

See ya if it does~