ha ha ha famous last words

Context: We were fighting a villain named King who started every single sentance with “The king has made a declaration…” Our Cleric and Sword-cerer decided to try something that worked on our last big bad.

Cleric: For the love of all that is fluffy, just give up.

King: The king has made a declaration: FUCK ALL THAT IS FLUFFY!


King: The king has made a declaration: YES

(entire party pauses to process how to react to this)

Sword-cerer OOC: ….I cast Meteor Storm.

rather than trek off to find the fire tower, matt and em return to the lodge in time to find sam wandering around in a towel. after a few moments of whisper-shouting tales of murder and how they need to get everyone to safety, josh appears, gas canister in hand, and bip bop bam this was not part of my plan.


rule of thumb: if it’s under the sink, you don’t eat it.

House Words Wednesdays: House Tarth

Hello, everyone!

So as you may have seen, I have started a feature on the Tumblr called House Words Wednesdays. Each week, I take a House without known canon or semi-canon words and present what I think could make sense as that House’s motto. You’re free to suggest more as well, if your favored House has not yet been suggested; take a look at this link to see what has already been suggested, and shoot me a tweet or ask through Tumblr if you have another House you’d like to see.

Last week I decided on “Our Word Yet Lives” as the motto of House Dustin. For this week, we move south, to an island I would suspect everyone reading this knows quite well, if only by name - Tarth, the Sapphire Isle. Its most famous daughter (at least in our limited knowledge of the House) is Brienne, the warrior maid, but House Tarth has a long history in the Stormlands. The Tarths were kings on Tarth during the time of the Durrandons, although they eventually bent the knee when Durran the Fair took King Edwyn Evenstar’s daughter for his bride. The Tarths were thereafter loyal Stormlands vassals, with blood ties to the Durrandons, the Baratheons, and more recently the Targaryens (I am almost positive this last is a marriage between one of Egg’s sisters and the Lord of Tarth, to hush up a child conceived between the princess and Duncan the Tall).

The Tarths also have a strong connection to what I guess you might call celestial iconography. Their sigil is quartered, with two suns on rose and two white crescent moons on blue. The head of House Tarth is called “the Evenstar” (suggesting that Planetos has some equivalent to the evening star of our own heavens, the planet Venus), a style which the Tarths argue goes back to the dawn of days. Likewise, the ancestral seat of House Tarth on Tarth is called Evenfall Hall. Sun and moon, the evening star, evenfall … there is an emphasis on twinned light and darkness that I think would work well for the Tarth words.

Therefore, I like In Darkness We Rise as the words of House Tarth. There are obvious connections between the Tarth sigil and imagery and this motto: the sun and moon both rise in darkness, and the evening star begins to shine when darkness starts to settle over the land. If Evenfall Hall is the seat of Tarth power, then Tarth power waxes - rises - at the darkness that accompanies the start of evening. Moreover, it works for me on a symbolic level as well. Darkness is a trying period, a period of physical and psychological challenge before the reprieve and warmth of dawn. The Maid of Tarth, for one, has certainly found herself in a number of trying circumstances, and has proven herself not merely physically able but steadfast in her commitment to her vows. Tarths of the past might have also comforted themselves and their children with those words, reminding each other that it is in darkness that the evenstar shines brightest, and in darkness that they would find the strength that would never come out in the light of day. (Plus, that motto also ties in nicely to the midnight meeting Lord Selwyn allowed for Davos, to argue for Stannis’ accession.)

Let me know what you think - if you like these words, if you have even better words for the Tarths, tell me. Next week’s house also has Targaryen connections - not through marriage, but through sheer blood devotion to the dragons’ cause.  

The Queen Regent (NFriel)