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Some long thoughts on a few #Gates

Right, I’m back and plan on reopening my asks soon-ish. Before I do that, though, I just want to address a few of the big dramas that unfolded in my absence. This is mainly so that I won’t end up addressing these questions through various ask replies, so if I don’t respond to your message it’s probably because I’ve said the last thing I’m going to say about it here. Onward!

On #RomanceGate

As we have previously established thanks to a tweet from David Kamp with the full, unedited transcript of the excerpt of the interview pertinent to romance, the published Vanity Fair article did not fully reflect what Rian was actually trying to say about the question of romance in Episode VIII. The Vanity Fair article said this:


A big, central-to-the-plot romance. For all the fan-fiction fantasies of “Reylo” (an imagined union of Daisy Ridley’s Rey and Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren) or “Stormpilot” (the same, for John Boyega’s ex-stormtrooper Finn and Oscar Isaac’s pilot Poe Dameron), Johnson says that The Last Jedi offers “no one-to-one equivalent of the Han-to-Leia, burning, unrequited love. In our story, that’s not a centerpiece.”

And this is what was actually said between Kamp and Johnson in the interview:

Now, what initially seemed to rule out any inclusion of romance in The Last Jedi actually suggests something quite different - Rian seems to be saying that he was keen to include a big, sweeping romance, but that when it came to it the characters didn’t seem to be in the right place for that to happen. He doesn’t at all rule out subtle traces of romance or flirtation (as Kamp highlights in his tweet), thus the classic ‘wait and see’-style response. 

It is also very important to point out that the references to Reylo and StormPilot were clearly Kamp editorialising. While terms like ‘imagined’ and ‘fan-fiction fantasies’ sting to anyone familiar with all of the misogynistic BS female fans have to deal with for daring to be interested in the human relationships in these stories, as I see it the references to popular ships are simply there to provide context for the mainstream audience and boost SEO rankings. Rian Johnson has been very emphatic about distancing himself from Kamp’s phrasing, and the full quote makes it clear that no specific relationships were raised in the context of the original interview.

So, while I still think we need to be cautious and keep expectations for an overt Reylo romance in The Last Jedi low (as Rian says, there is no central romance plot in his film), I certainly think that the full quote should relieve the anxiety that love and attraction won’t be in play to some extent. Although I don’t think that we’re going to get a Reylo kiss (that’s my opinion re. The Last Jedi - come back to me after December to get my thoughts on Episode IX), it clearly isn’t out of the question that The Last Jedi will progress Rey and Kylo so that they are ready for a full-blown romance in the next film. I can’t stress enough that Rey and Kylo end The Force Awakens on different sides, with Kylo having killed his father and Rey having just slashed Kylo’s face open. They both have huge personal journeys to go on (Rey has to come into her own in the Force, and Kylo has to wake up to Snoke’s evil and show remorse for his terrible mistakes) before they can truly go on a journey together. Essentially, to progress from the current state of affairs to a consummated love affair in the space of a single movie would, to put it mildly, be pushing it. 

Speaking for myself, I would be ecstatic if The Last Jedi simply shows Rey and Kylo developing empathy and perhaps even compassion for each other. Rey has already defeated Kylo in a duel, so their journey together going forward won’t simply be one of antagonism - as J.J. said in his commentary (which was recorded after he had read the script for The Last Jedi), Kylo is “a character who [Rey’s] going to have a very interesting relationship with moving forward”. In short, I have no fear that the dynamic between Rey and Kylo Ren is going to remain static or be less important going forward. Rey and Kylo are crucial to each other’s stories, and we have every reason to believe that Rian is honouring that. 

On #PlotGate

These are the tweets that started the famous #PlotGate:

Now, this actually didn’t worry me at all. But why would I - one of the people who has written thousands of words analysing the minutia of The Force Awakens - be unconcerned by the suggestion that Rian could do whatever the hell he wanted in The Last Jedi? Why am I not freaking out when there doesn’t seem to be a plan for the trilogy?

Well, the simple answer is that I’m not alarmed because these kinds of sentiments are far from new. From the very beginning, the narrative has always been that each filmmaker has a considerable degree of freedom to tell the story they want to tell. For a great explanation of how the early development of The Last Jedi worked, see this quote from J.J. Abrams from November 2015 (particularly the bold bits):

The script for VIII is written. I’m sure rewrites are going to be endless, like they always are. But what Larry and I did was set up certain key relationships, certain key questions, conflicts. And we knew where certain things were going. We had meetings with Rian and Ram Bergman, the producer of VIII. They were watching dailies when we were shooting our movie. We wanted them to be part of the process, to make the transition to their film as seamless as possible. I showed Rian an early cut of the movie, because I knew he was doing his rewrite and prepping. And as executive producer of VIII, I need that movie to be really good. Withholding serves no one and certainly not the fans. So we’ve been as transparent as possible. Rian has asked for a couple of things here and there that he needs for his story. He is an incredibly accomplished filmmaker and an incredibly strong writer. So the story he told took what we were doing and went in the direction that he felt was best but that is very much in line with what we were thinking as well. But you’re right—that will be his movie; he’s going to do it in the way he sees fit. He’s neither asking for nor does he need me to oversee the process.

There are endless quotes from J.J. and Kathleen Kennedy supporting this picture, and I think this is exactly as it should be. Rian is not making The Last Jedi in a vacuum - he is building it on the foundation set by The Force Awakens, and had a say on the development and presentation of that film so that it would weave seamlessly into his movie. Rian even reiterated this sentiment himself in the main Vanity Fair article on The Last Jedi:

J.J. and Larry and Michael set everybody up in a really evocative way in VII and started them on a trajectory.

Rian is insistent on stressing his independence as a filmmaker at every stage because people are keen to paint him as a slave to the Walt Disney Company’s whims. At every turn, he has to deal with people assuming that The Last Jedi will repeat the trick played by The Force Awakens by mirroring its famous and beloved antecedent - for The Force Awakens this was Star Wars, and people expect it to be The Empire Strikes Back for The Last Jedi. Understandably, Rian wants to stress that The Last Jedi is his baby - it’s infused with his own creativity rather than studio notes and nostalgia. 

But, at the same time, that doesn’t mean that Rian can do whatever the hell he wants. I can almost guarantee that Rian would have received furious correctional notes if he had tried to pitch a story where Rey Rey Binks died in the second act. There will be certain strands established in The Force Awakens that The Last Jedi will nurture and evolve, and Rian will be taking pre-existing characters and relationships and building on them further. As Pablo appeased an anxious fan on Twitter:

In short, there absolutely is collaboration - between the individual filmmakers, and between the filmmakers and Lucasfilm. Rian is free to tell the story he wants to tell, but that story has a baseline in The Force Awakens and also has a responsibility to establish a platform for Colin Trevorrow to build on with Episode IX. The filmmakers are talking to each other, and there is absolutely collaboration and handoff between them so that these film will ultimately make sense as a trilogy as well as on their own terms. 

In other words, I really don’t see much to worry about. I have seen nothing but praise for the script for The Last Jedi, and Rian’s filmography amply demonstrates his talent as both a writer and a director. 

I’m as excited for The Last Jedi as I ever was, so I hope I’ve been able to put some people’s minds to rest with this. Bring on December!

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Jason makes Billy promise not to tell Zach that Trini and Kim are already dating because Zach is hilariously unsubtle in his attempts to set Trini and Kim up on a date. Zach even calls himself "The Ultimate Wingman"

A/N: Back at it again with some Trimberly :)

“I don’t understand why we can’t tell him about them.” Billy frowns as he trails behind Jason. “Doesn’t Trini and Kimberly want all of us to know?”

“Yeah, but it’ll be funny not to tell him just yet.” Jason explains as he pauses at his locker. “Trini and Kim said that they’ll tell him this weekend at our movie night.”

Billy furrows his brow, “And I can’t say anything to him?”

“Not a word.” Jason smirks. “Promise?”

“Promise.” Billy nods.


“Kim, a little harder with your uppercut.”

Kimberly rolls her eyes at Jason’s order but follows it without question. The five teens let out soft grunts and (in Zack’s case) loud, dramatic war cries as they practice with Alpha 5 and the fake putties. Eventually, the exhaustion hits them and Jason can see that he has gotten the best he’ll get for now. All at once, the teens clamber for their water bottles and Zack watches as Trini offers hers to Kimberly.

“Hey, you never share with me.” Zack huffs.

Trini flashes him a look, “That’s because you’re you and Kim is Kim.”

“Interesting.” Zack nods as he guzzles his water before he wipes the back his hand over his mouth. “So, how do I get on the level of being Kim?”

“You don’t.” Trini snorts.

Zack pouts as he looks between them before he glances at his friends, “I want what you guys have. Jason, share your water bottle with me!”

“Like hell, dude.” Jason chuckles as he finishes the last of his water before he tosses the red bottle aside. “Alright. Thirty minutes of putty fighting and then we’ll call it a day.”

Trini nods as she accepts her water bottle back from Kimberly, with a wink the older girl steps away and morphs. The other four follow her lead, and Zack makes it a point to fight alongside Trini as he watches the way she flashes Kimberly small glances every few minutes.

“So, you like Kim?”

Trini looks his way and puts her fist through a putty’s gut, “I don’t think now is the best time to talk about this, Z. I’m kinda in the middle of something.”

“Oh come on.” Zack whines as he rolls away from a fist. “Now is the best time to talk about it! Everyone is distracted. So, tell me your plan.”

“Plan?” Trini scoffs.

“Too woo Kim!” Zack chirps as he slams his foot into the knee of a putty before adding a hard knee. “I mean, there has to be some kind of plan, right?”

Trini doesn’t look away from him as she slams her fist into a putty, “No. No there does not.”


“I said no.” Trini grumbles.

Zach sighs as Trini dives into a battle between a putty and Kimberly. His eyes narrow behind the safety of his mask as he sees how well Trini and Kimberly bounce off each other and move with ease. He is only shaken from his staring when he takes a swift punch to the gut.


“Is it wrong that we’re hiding this from him? I mean, we told Billy and Jason.” Kimberly frowns as she looks across the table. “We should just tell him.”

“But it’s so fun to torture him.” Trini huffs as she stabs a fork into their slice of their strawberry cake. “You should’ve saw his face when I told him that I didn’t want him to help me woo you.”

“If only he knew that I was the one who did the wooing.” Kimberly teases as she waves her fork playfully towards Trini. “You were too busy trying to climb up cave walls to avoid me.”

“You kissed me when I least expected it. You played dirty.” Trini whines as she snaps her fork against Kimberly’s. “I panicked, alright?”

“I thought it was cute.” Kimberly assures her as she moves to grab the last bite on the plate, but a fork quickly intercepts her. “I don’t think this is cute though.”

“What are you talking about?” Trini purrs as she slides the bite towards herself. “This is our thing. It’s adorable.”

Kimberly rolls her eyes and lets her girlfriend take the last bite.


“Don’t you think Trini and Kim would make an awesome couple?” Zack asks as he sets his putter over his shoulder. “I think they’d really balance each other out.”

Jason smirks as he takes a shot and watches the golf ball soar through the open air, “I agree, but the last thing I want to do is meddle in their business.”

“Dude, I’ve been meddling for weeks. I’ve been giving Trini all kinds of advice.” Zack shrugs as he readies his own shot. “I think she might be ready to grow a pair and ask Kimberly out.”

“And what makes you say that?”

Zack balances himself as he looks out at the the field where Billy is digging through different rocks, “She stopped blushing anytime I mention Kim, and they’ve definitely been hanging out more.”

“And what makes you so sure Trini even has a thing for Kim?” Jason demands as he leans his weight on his putter.

“Trini told me ages ago.” Zack scoffs as he finally takes his shot before he looks back at Jason with a bright smile. “I’m totally T’s ultimate wingman.”

“Wingman?” Jason repeats.

“Yeah. I give her advice and make sure she stays confident. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it.” Zack sighs. “All I need to do is figure out if Kim likes Trini.”

“And how do you plan on doing that?”

“Easy. A little jealousy always brings the truth out of people.” Zack smirks as he holds up his hand in time to catch the ball Billy throws his way.

Jason frowns nervously, “I don’t think that’s such a good idea…”

“Oh please,” Zack snorts. “What’s the worse that could happen?”

“Famous last words, dude.”


Zack keeps a close eye on his friends as they sit together at lunch; he loves this, being with them. They’re all so happy, and he glances to Trini to notice her lopsided smile. He loves how happy she’s become, he has watched slowly as she has come so far from the girl who forced herself to be invisible. Now, he has learned that she barely ever shuts up; and that she was entirely infatuated by Kimberly.

“Kim, doesn’t Trini look hot?” Zack blurts out, and four gazes snap to him. “I really like that shirt, T.”

Trini watches him with a frown, “Thanks.”

“Has anyone ever told you you’re beautiful? Because you are.” Zack grins, and he throws a quick look to Kimberly who watches on in confusion. “I bet you’d love my cousin, you should meet her. She’s just like me.”

“I’d rather punch myself in the throat, Z. Sorry.” Trini snorts as she arches an eyebrow at him. “Are you feeling okay today?”

“I’m great.” Zack assures her.

“You sure?” Kimberly demands

Zack perks up at the harsh tone Kimberly uses, “Oh yeah, totally. I was just thinking that my cousin and Trini would make a really cute couple.”


“I doubt Trini has time to date.” Kimberly cuts in with a scowl. “We all have our plates full with training, school, and keeping the world from ending.”

“You don’t think you can squeeze a little date in?” Zack frowns as he pouts his lower lip. “I’ve told Lena about you, and she said she was interested.”

The creak of wood catches his attention and Zack glances to Kimberly in time to watch as Billy grabs her hand to keep her from doing anymore damage to the table. A thrill of satisfaction rolls through him as he flashes Trini a quick wink, but all he gets in return is a wide eyed expression.

“Trini, we have that Biology homework to finish.” Kimberly grumbles as she stands to grab her bag. “Come on, we can go finish it in the library.”

Trini shrugs and stands, “Let’s go.”

Zack beams as the girls slip from the table and out of the cafeteria. He has to keep from squealing like a girl as he watches Billy struggle to put the table together while Jason chews his hamburger and shakes his head in amusement.

“Wanna know something hilarious?” Zack hums, and a laugh bubbles in his throat as Jason and Billy look to him. “I don’t even have a cousin named Lena.”

Billy shakes his head and gives up on the table, “That’s messed up, man.”

“Yeah.” Zack nods. “But it worked!”


“I was thinking that we should tell Z.”

Kimberly looks up from her textbook to watch as Trini twists a strand of hair around her finger, “Yeah?”

“He’s been trying so hard to set us up, and he has a right to know. I feel bad about fucking with him like this.” Trini admits as she meets Kimberly’s gaze. “Wanna tell him tomorrow?”

“If that’s what you want.” Kimberly shrugs as she playfully tosses a pencil towards Trini who easily catches it. “I wanted to tell him when we told Jace and Billy.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Trini mumbles as she rolls her eyes, the younger girl pushes her books off her lap and moves to kneel. “So, are you done studying?”

Kimberly arches an eyebrow as Trini begins to crawl towards her, “Well, I wasn’t but I think I can be persuaded.”

“Oh?” Trini hums as she pulls Kimberly’s books away and swings a leg to straddle her waist. “And how can I do that?”

“Well, this is definitely a good start.” Kimberly assures her as she slowly sits up and allows Trini to get comfortable in her lap. “Got anything else?”

Trini laughs softly and ducks her head to brush her lips over the shell of Kimberly’s ear, “I have a few other tricks up my sleeve…”

Kimberly simply turns her head and captures Trini’s lips with her own; Zack is all but forgotten as Trini shows Kimberly just how many tricks she has.


Zack gives a cry of excitement as he plunges into the water and swims his way through the wall of the spaceship. He knows he’s late for training, but he figures Jason can excuse him for taking a small nap; things had been a little intense in his house lately, and his exhaustion had definitely taken over.

With a sweep of his hand, Zack clears off the small residue of water as he walks towards their training room. Just as he steps through the threshold, his feet skid to a stop as he watches Trini tilt her head up to press a soft kiss to Kimberly’s lips.


Trini stumbles back and looks wide eyes towards Zack while Kimberly simply arches an eyebrow. For a moment, he simply stands there before he jumps up in excitement and pumps a fist. With a shake of her head, Kimberly curls her arms around Trini’s waist and ducks her head to rest on her small shoulder.

“So, my advice worked?” Zack beams.

“What? No.” Trini snorts as she glances up at a grinning Kimberly. “Kim and I have been dating for about three and a half weeks, Zack.”

“Wait…” Zack scowls as he looks between his friends and sees their looks of utter amusement. “Are you telling me that you’ve been dating this entire time?”

“Yep.” Trini chirps.

“So, I used my wingman skills for nothing? All that free advice was wasted?” Zack whines as he crosses his arms over his chest. “That’s just cruel, crazy girl. I thought I was helping you.”

“You did.” Trini shrugs, and Zack perks up in excitement.

Zack looks to Jason and Billy with a smug smirk, “Told you guys I was an awesome wingman. See what happens when you doubt me?”

“Sure, man. Whatever you say.” Jason laughs as he nods his head. “Alright, team. Let’s get back to training.”

They jump straight into the order and all five teens are on their A game as they dodge rock arms and legs. Zack takes a hit to the stomach that winds him, but he doesn’t complain; he’s too busy smiling and watching the way Trini and Kimberly look at each other. He gives himself a mental pat on the back, his wingman skills really came through.

The Black Parade as different kinds of emos
  • The End: wears a black parade jacket everywhere, insists tbp is the greatest album of all time
  • Dead!: really bitter, favorite movie is American Psycho, watches Death Note
  • How I Disappear: calls people they don't like preps, teases their hair
  • The Sharpest Lives: hates Twilight, is always talking about how vampires are way cooler than werewolves
  • Welcome to the Black Parade: has been a fan of mcr since 2005 and thinks they're better because of it, gets annoyed when people only know welcome to the black parade
  • I Don't Love You: not actually emo it's just getting over a bad break up
  • House of Wolves: kinky, calls Frank daddy, jerks off to live videos from Projekt Rev
  • Cancer: is fascinated by death, has been working on their novel for 3 years
  • Mama: sinful, has probably vandalized a church, into witchcraft
  • Sleep: insomniac, listens to Twenty One Pilots, drinks lots of coffee
  • Teenagers: thinks they're rebellious, "you don't understand me mom!", thinks they're a Mama emo
  • Disenchanted: cries over Electric Century, cries on march 22nd, just is always crying
  • Famous Last Words: has been through hell and made it out in tact, doesn't take anyone's shit
  • Blood: does everything ironically, calls themselves emo as a joke but doesn't actually think they're emo (is actually really emo)

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Do you think there has ever been a time where the suitors has done something really stupid and ended up genuinely hurting themselves? ( Like idk jumping on rooftops in the rain then slipping off and breaking an ankle or something?)

Omg this is great anon! This def has Sid and Nico written all over it.

Sid - Was probably was running his mouth about something (as usual), ya know, he’s tall and fit so he’s pretty intimidating. He probably got drunk and got in a fight. Black eyes all around, probably had a bottle broken over his head, and maybe a cracked rib.

Nico - his famous last words are “watch this.” His latest escapade was getting some wooden skis and attempting to skijore with one of the carriage horses. He would have been fine and all but the ramp he made, ended with a broken femur (ooooouch).

Leo - besides multiple paper cuts from furious page turning, he wanted to be romantic and scale the vines to his lady’s bedroom for a late night visit; only bone(ing) it ended with was a broken radius (I suck at puns).

Alyn - was showing off his “cool swordsmanship skills” when he swung too hard, lost his grip (fortunately it was a bokken) and knocked himself tf out- he’s fine, but had a big ol’ bump on his head for a bit (and hurt ego).

Robert - was speed painting while listening to Sebastian Bach on the phonograph, whipping that paint brush and palette around, turned and ran smack into a sculpture - black eye (no one knew tho because he painted the other and just said it was his aesthetic for the week).

Giles - how else would Giles hurt himself besides sex? Pulled a hamstring. That’s when he was young and impulsive tho. He’s sure to stretch now before any sexy time- also does yoga regularly.

Byron - climbing on the roof of the castle once, he thought he could get a better 360 degree view with his new telescope, he slipped and went tumbling into the garden bushes- broken clavicle.

Albert -overly aggressive arm wrestling with Nico; torn rotator cuff. That’s what happens when you arm wrestle with a spider monkey, lololol.

Rayvis -he’s not a show off, but he is competitive and he couldn’t turn down a challenge- badminton is not typically dangerous, but he was really gunning for that shuttlecock, that’s how he ended up with a dislocated patella.

Louis - when some new Duke was dancing with the Princess, he got jelly and decided to up his game- when he got the Princess back in his arms they were spinning so fast she tripped on him and he tried to catch them both before falling- he saved her but sprained his ankle.

fun sam things you’ve probably never thought about but get to now: when it comes to prolonged smoochin’ / making out, her hands will almost always end up in her partner’s hair. in the event that they’ve taken a great deal of time to style it, she’ll make an effort to reach no higher than their shoulders, but she’s likely to subconsciously reach for it anyway. sam’s a physically affectionate person, platonic or romantic or otherwise, and it isn’t uncommon to find her leaning against someone she’s close to or her sharing a personal bubble ( i.e. she’s used josh as a cushion and beth as a footrest before ). sharing a bed with her is like having a space heater wedged into your side, but it’s comfy. she’s always up for handholding. you wanna hold hers? 9 times out of 10 she’s up for it. she isn’t the biggest fan of pda, but she’s not against stealing a quick peck. hold her hand and let her play with yours, put your head in her lap and let her play with your hair ( or vice versa ) and you’re gold. 👌


for cattycas, who requested a cracky retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, cherik-style, for suggesting the best name for my fish. hope you enjoy!

with thanks to garnetquyen for brainstorming with me and keeping me company, and also providing the awesome cover art! :D

no harm came to the color blue during the writing of this fic.


ONCE UPON A TIME, not to be confused with yesterday, last week, or even that one time at your cousin’s wedding, there lived a strapping young lad with the bluest eyes in all the realm who resided in a large house at the edge of the quaint little village tucked up against the side of a mountain.

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Context: We were fighting a villain named King who started every single sentance with “The king has made a declaration…” Our Cleric and Sword-cerer decided to try something that worked on our last big bad.

Cleric: For the love of all that is fluffy, just give up.

King: The king has made a declaration: FUCK ALL THAT IS FLUFFY!


King: The king has made a declaration: YES

(entire party pauses to process how to react to this)

Sword-cerer OOC: ….I cast Meteor Storm.

House Words Wednesdays: House Tarth

Hello, everyone!

So as you may have seen, I have started a feature on the Tumblr called House Words Wednesdays. Each week, I take a House without known canon or semi-canon words and present what I think could make sense as that House’s motto. You’re free to suggest more as well, if your favored House has not yet been suggested; take a look at this link to see what has already been suggested, and shoot me a tweet or ask through Tumblr if you have another House you’d like to see.

Last week I decided on “Our Word Yet Lives” as the motto of House Dustin. For this week, we move south, to an island I would suspect everyone reading this knows quite well, if only by name - Tarth, the Sapphire Isle. Its most famous daughter (at least in our limited knowledge of the House) is Brienne, the warrior maid, but House Tarth has a long history in the Stormlands. The Tarths were kings on Tarth during the time of the Durrandons, although they eventually bent the knee when Durran the Fair took King Edwyn Evenstar’s daughter for his bride. The Tarths were thereafter loyal Stormlands vassals, with blood ties to the Durrandons, the Baratheons, and more recently the Targaryens (I am almost positive this last is a marriage between one of Egg’s sisters and the Lord of Tarth, to hush up a child conceived between the princess and Duncan the Tall).

The Tarths also have a strong connection to what I guess you might call celestial iconography. Their sigil is quartered, with two suns on rose and two white crescent moons on blue. The head of House Tarth is called “the Evenstar” (suggesting that Planetos has some equivalent to the evening star of our own heavens, the planet Venus), a style which the Tarths argue goes back to the dawn of days. Likewise, the ancestral seat of House Tarth on Tarth is called Evenfall Hall. Sun and moon, the evening star, evenfall … there is an emphasis on twinned light and darkness that I think would work well for the Tarth words.

Therefore, I like In Darkness We Rise as the words of House Tarth. There are obvious connections between the Tarth sigil and imagery and this motto: the sun and moon both rise in darkness, and the evening star begins to shine when darkness starts to settle over the land. If Evenfall Hall is the seat of Tarth power, then Tarth power waxes - rises - at the darkness that accompanies the start of evening. Moreover, it works for me on a symbolic level as well. Darkness is a trying period, a period of physical and psychological challenge before the reprieve and warmth of dawn. The Maid of Tarth, for one, has certainly found herself in a number of trying circumstances, and has proven herself not merely physically able but steadfast in her commitment to her vows. Tarths of the past might have also comforted themselves and their children with those words, reminding each other that it is in darkness that the evenstar shines brightest, and in darkness that they would find the strength that would never come out in the light of day. (Plus, that motto also ties in nicely to the midnight meeting Lord Selwyn allowed for Davos, to argue for Stannis’ accession.)

Let me know what you think - if you like these words, if you have even better words for the Tarths, tell me. Next week’s house also has Targaryen connections - not through marriage, but through sheer blood devotion to the dragons’ cause.  

The Queen Regent (NFriel)


rule of thumb: if it’s under the sink, you don’t eat it.

I made the collage so please give credits if you use it

So the day has finally come, MY BABY TURNED 15! And 11 days after his birthday is mine! I just wanted to say how proud I am of Hayes. I can’t still believe he has turned 15! He’s turned into this amazing person in the last few years. He’s so sweet, loving, caring, funny, good with his sister, loves his family, he’s making his dreams come true. I am honestly and truly inspired by him, at such a young age, he’s achieving dreams and has become a famous person. His effort and strength brought him to where he is now. I cannot express in words how much I am proud of this boy. I know he’ll never see this but that’s okay, I’ll pretend he can. Hayes is such a inspiration to me, his smile could make my whole day and I’m sure it makes many other peoples days. I remember at first I didn’t really mind him cause I thought he was just Nash’s brother, but then I saw small things like his laugh and smile that really made me realize he was a great person. To be honest, his laugh is what captured me at first. I loved how he just laughed so freely, he wasn’t insecure about it, he just let it out, and it made me laugh too. I really want to go see him at Digifest but I don’t have the money, but I hope I can see him maybe next year. Anyways, I know this came out pretty long, but I just wanted to say that I love this boy and I am so so proud of him, I hope he gets real far in his life and achieves many more things. I hope all his dreams come true and when he looks back at himself, he is proud of what he did, because I know all of us are. To sum it up I love Hayes and I hope he has a wonderful 15th birthday!

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Are there fics where Derek accidentally hurts Stiles during sex or does something Stiles reacts badly to? Otherwise, fics where there is bad sex at first? Thank you!!

I love the bad at sex trope. I also love the really confident great at sex trope too. I think maybe there is a pattern here. What can I say. - Anastasia

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Public indency is a crime sir ;) by WolfKomoki

(1/1 I 514 I Teen)

“I needed a drink of water after my shower but I forgot that I opened the blinds to my balcony and you just saw me walk into my kitchen naked.”
Or Derek accidentally flashes his neighbor Stiles and they end up in bed together that night literally.

Try Again by vampireisthenewblack

(1/1 I 1,000 I Explicit)

He’ll have some scars, but years from now all he’ll remember is the night Derek kissed him for the first time.

Bad at similes (okay at sex) by subnivean

(1/1 I 1,538 I Explicit)

The day after they had sex, Stiles’ whole body ached.

How in the Hell is ANY of This MY Fault? by Illyah

(1/1 I 3,326 I Explicit)

One shot, very porny. Some feelings.

Just a one shot I wrote to help combat block I’ve hit in my multichap.

But apparently I can’t write porn without a little bit of plot, so here goes.

Derek has so many feelings. Stiles doesn’t realize it. Isaac has a big mouth.

Five Sexual Misadventures and One Averted One by theaeblackthorn

(1/1 I 3,852 I Explicit)

Stiles has been wheedling Derek into trying novelty condoms for ages and eventually he agrees.

“You’re wearing it, though,” Derek says, eyeing the box of ‘Fire & Ice’ condoms dubiously.

Stiles nods. “That’s fine by me. Look it says warming and tingling sensations to both partners. How awesome does that sound?”

Derek’s still eyeing the box dubiously. “I’m not a hundred percent I want 'fire’ anything in my ass.”

“It’ll be fun,” Stiles cajoles. Famous last words.

Yahtzee! by callievalpoli

(1/1 I 4,536 I Explicit)

Who knew a dice game could be so much fun?

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, and One Giant Leap for the Things We’ve Shared by Sheepnamedpig

(2/2 I 11,535 I Explicit)

Stiles and Derek have sex. It’s awful, but things get better. And better and better and better.

False Start by thepsychicclam

(1/1 I 15,941 I Explicit)

Dating Derek Hale was supposed to be freaking awesome - and having sex with Derek was supposed to be even more awesome than that. Too bad the first time it happens, it’s a colossal disaster.

Wait by cutloosemcgoose for verity

(1/1 I 22,431 I Explicit)

Sitting on his couch, staring at the wall, it feels like Derek is watching his whole, miserable, lonely life flash before his eyes. He’s twenty four and he’s alone. No family, no friends, no real pack. He’s six days away from spending one of the most family-oriented holidays of the year trying to avoid any human interaction. If anyone could see him right now, they would tell him he looks pathetic. If Laura could see him right now, she would probably beat the crap of him and then tell him he’s a loser.

In Treatment by tzzzz

(22/22 I 166,940 I Explicit)

Derek hires Stiles, a professional alpha sex therapist, to help him through his heat.

honestly whenever an NPC threatens geralt unlike other RPGs i just cant take them seriously like i just cant ever be afraid of a violent encounter theyre literal peasants meanwhile geralt is built like a brick shit house, has cool cat eyes, casts minor spells, has two fucking swords, is the adoptive dad of daenerys targaryen, has two hot wizard girlfriends….. you have nothing on him go plough the field or something before u get hurt boy..

My Thoughts During The Black Parade
  • The End: Never before has dying sounded more lonely
  • Dead!: This song is a list of terrible things to say to someone and it is so much fun
  • This Is How I Disappear: I don't know who Gerard is singing to, but I hope they stayed
  • The Sharpest Lives: I'll blow Gerard. I don't care about the kiss before she goes
  • Welcome to the Black Parade: Never has dying sounded more fun
  • I Don't Love You: Colton Haynes
  • House of Wolves: Am I angry? Am I scared? Am I aroused?
  • Cancer: What did I ever do to deserve to feel this sad?
  • Mama: *Furiously air-guitaring* MA-MA, MA-MA, MA-MA AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • Sleep: Never before has dying sounded more depressing
  • Teenagers: I would recognise this opening riff while dead
  • Disenchanted: "You're just a sad song with nothing to say about a lifelong wait for a hospital stay" is the most longwinded and emo way to say "shut up" ever
  • Famous Last Words: Never before has dying sounded more life-affirming

35 v 36 and growing. I swear I wake up every morning with more girth. (TWSS?) Some days I think this really isn’t so bad and other days I have to will myself to get up. The pressure. Oh, the pressure. While I was rejoicing the fact that I have a long torso and haven’t been suffocating this pregnancy, the bambino has decided that this means she’s free to nestle deep within my nether regions. Her head has been so low for weeks that every midwife has commented how low she is. As if my aching pelvis and I’ve-been-on-a-horse-for-three-weeks waddle didn’t give it away.

But I’m still loving it. I’m sure there are so many people out there who’d love to blog smack me for having such an easy pregnancy and daring to even be enjoying the experience, but I can’t complain. At least not yet. Famous last words.

I may have to scale back on the workouts though. I went for a hearty walk this morning and by this evening felt like my pelvis was going to crumble into pieces. Now I have some idea how my poor arthritic Gran felt. No wonder we worked through so many bottles of Vicodin towards the end.

I finally finished Carry On this evening. It’s not generally the sort of book I’d reach for, but I love Rainbow. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It was similar enough to Harry Potter that it felt like greeting an old childhood friend but at the same time it felt too familiar, like a place I’d already visited. Like I said, I’m not really the audience for this one so I’ll be interested to hear what others thought.

It’s now somehow midnight and I seem to have forgotten to go to bed. Pregnancy amateur.

For We Are The Ones Who Dance Among The Stars

My writing comes in short little spats so here’s one. My take on the Soul Mate AU where you have their last words on your wrist. There was quite a debate about what Han and Leia’s wrists would say and I decided it made sense for it to be their rather famous exchange. The idea being that they each gained their sayings after Bespin in which they died the first time, though maybe figuratively. This alleviates the fear of repeating this to each other because they have, in a sense, already died. When they actually die it happens to be their last words, but then again they always knew it would be.

Everyone Leia knows has words on their wrists. Everyone.

Winter has them; old Alderaani that flows across her wrist. Mama has them; an elegant speech that wraps up her arm to her elbow. Papa has them; a simple phrase that Mama favors. Even Leia’s Lady’s Maid has them; “my love, my light, my life” snaking around her wrist.

But Leia doesn’t. There are no words anywhere on her, no favored phrases, no terms of endearment, no cries of anguish or shouts of joy. Nothing. 

Winter always says it means her future isn’t set in stone, that her future can be changed, that she is a child of the stars. But the cruel daughter of a Noble once suggested that it meant she was to heartless for a soul mate and it stuck in Leia’s brain.


She tries not to think about the girl’s cruel words but it comes back to haunt her after Alderaan. Not even the idea that she would never get the chance to meet her soul mate upsets her like the idea of being cold and unlovable.

She becomes convinced she’s the only person in the whole galaxy who is loveless until…

…until curious, innocent Luke Skywalker asks what her wrist says. When she holds up both hands for inspection, nothing but pale skin to see, Luke gives a gasp of surprise. Instead of answering her questions about what has him so shocked he simply drags her to the Falcon, right up to Han Solo.

Luke proclaims them a matched set, seemingly without soul mates, instead just one of the galaxy’s tricks. 

Leia is sure it is Luke who is playing a prank until Han turns over his wrists and, nothing. There is nothing there. Luke is right. They’re a set…

…but that doesn’t make them soul mates as she and Han both argue. They’re only two of the galaxy’s oddities who happened to find each other. Surely there are others like them. Surely they’re not the only ones.



After the incident with Luke, she and Han avoid the subject. Their wordless wrists are a fact, not a conversation topic.

That is, until their long haul to Bespin.

One night Leia finally gets up the courage to ask if anyone had ever had any ideas about his seeming lack of a predetermined match. 

He laughs at first but then settles down to seriousness to tell her that some had suggested he would die before meeting his soul mate or that, maybe, his soul mate could change depending what happened in his life.
But someone had once suggested that it might depend on her. Maybe something would happen to her. Or maybe something so dramatic had changed that she would never even exist and he would be left not knowing what had happened or who she’d been.

These thoughts frightened Leia. She truly cared for Han; what if he had to spend the rest of his life shuffling as those who cared for him moved on and found those they were destined to be with?


She stands in the carbon freezing chamber on Bespin, staring into Han’s eyes, desperate-

“I love you!”

“I know.”

Her wrist is burning and she doesn’t know why but she dare not look away. She is determined to be the last thing Han sees. If he died she wanted him to know that he was cared for, he was loved.


Luke sits in his room on the medical frigate, tracing the words on his left wrist with his new hand. Familiar words, words he has known all his life, are there. “Don’t get all sentimental on me, I just wanted to say I love you.” He is comforted by the idea of being loved.

Leia sits next to him, her wrist red and burning. “I know” is written there, the letters slanted and sharp as though their speaker wrote it there with his own hand.

She hates that they’re there, hates that they’ve made their appearance now when she feels she’s truly lost him forever.

She leaves to join the search a week later; hitching a ride on a outgoing supply shipment and planet hopping to meet up with Chewie and Lando.

She will not lose him now.


Fireworks blossom in the sky overhead as they lounge in a bed of leaves, a few feet from the nearest fire. They have discovered they both gained something on Bespin, words from a soul mate.

But where Leia’s “I know is scrawled, Han’s “I love you” is in an elegant script. He makes Leia write the words out so he knows it’s her handwriting. It’s something no one else has ever seen before, but then again they always prided themselves on being difficult.

Her asks her to marry him as they watch the night sky. She says yes.


She cuddles deeper into his embrace, murmuring “I love you” over and over against his chest.

He wraps his arms tightly around her, stroking her hair. “I know, Princess. I know.

And then they sleep forever. Lovers who died twice.


Or maybe, it’s only for a moment. They open their eyes to a brilliant star field, to the arms of their loved ones long gone. They never leave each others side again.

The end.

Or maybe, the beginning?

crazedmindofmuses  asked:

Okay, so I've been stalking this blog forever cuz I love Steter and it is awesome having a place where I can go to leave the rest of the world behind and enjoy at least some kind of happiness. Sooo, could I get a drabble where Peter is alpha and Stiles decides to be his emissary? Pretty please?

Here you go:)

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