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The evolution of my relationship with Skam

tumblr: here’s some cute boys eskimo kissing and cuddling in bed

me: hmmm that looks great but I’m sure they’re just one small plot in a big show and I’m not sure if I want to sift through videos following just their story line

skam website: oh no actually they’re the main story line and there’s 5 episodes up already

me: ok but I don’t speak Norwegian

tumblr: well we have wonderful people that have subtitled all the episodes for you

me: ok I’m in

skam website: oh and guess what we actually don’t just show the episode every fri, we update throughout the week in real time with clips and messages between the characters

me: well isn’t that cool

10 days later

me: has norwegian-english google translate tab open all the time, can calculate the time difference to norway instantaneously, has refreshed the skam site 1000s of times, writes fan fiction for the first time, learns editing software to post videos on tumblr

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DAISY JOHNSON WEEK ✿ Day 7 → Favourite Moment
↳  Skye, we’ve been made. Come on.  No. I tipped them off.

Bad Boy!Taehyung

MY BBY, my squish, my loveliest lil love this got kinda long bc I l o v e Tae and I especially love bad boy!tae also did you guys see the pic of Jin that was posted bc I’m so ?!?!?!?! (also happy birthday Jinnie!) over it but onto bad boy!tae

  • Visuals first
  • Lip piercing (probably snake bites bc have you ever seen edits of tae with snake bites hell yes) definitely a tongue piercing, probably an eyebrow piercing
  • Has a sleeve on one of his arms probably has a reference tattoo to his favorite anime/manga character on there somewhere
  • His hair is forever a different color
  • He has purple for a few months then it’s blonde for a month then it’s black for a week then it’s back to brown and you can’t even keep up tbh
  • He’s always in his leather jacket and skinny ripped black jeans and these worn out boots
  • I’m sure everyone remembers War of Hormone!Tae bc that is bad boy!Tae is a 5 minute video
  • He’s a natural flirt, even when he doesn’t mean to be
  • Doesn’t help that anyone who catches his attention for more than just a passing gaze basically melts bc that boy is n i C e
  • He doesn’t really get into the fighting aspect but if any of his boys ever need some help he’s not gonna hold back
  • So he tends to use his voice to his advantage when it comes to scaring people off
  • He just gets this look in his eyes that’s basically daring anyone to try and start something and then he deepens his voice a bit
  • “Is there a problem?”
  • He’s always with either Jimin or Kook who are both the fighters of the group so if anyone does decide to say something he has immediate backup (not that he needs it bc Tae can handle himself but it’s nice to know)
  • Forever has a lollipop
  • You two meet really randomly tbh
  • You of course shared a few classes but he always sat in the back with Jimin and you always sat in the front
  • You were in the library to find a book for your upcoming project when you hear the door open and immediately two boys’ loud voices are echoing into the once silent library
  • The librarian immediately shushes them and you can hear them snickering but they do quiet down a bit
  • The only reason they’re bothering with the project is bc Jimin bet Taehyung that he could get a higher grade and Tae wasn’t one to back down from a challenge
  • They separate to find their books and Tae happens to choose the aisle you’re in
  • You’re minding your own business, curled up against the shelf with your earphones in and a book in your lap
  • He just takes the lollipop out of his mouth and crouches down next to you to see what you’re reading
  • He gives you a lil smirk when you look up and asks you for your help
  • He explains the bet and how he really wants that week worth of Jimin having to do whatever he tells him to 
  • At first you’re kinda rolling your eyes bc you actually cared about getting a good grade for the sake of passing but these boys just considered it a game but the more he talks, the more interested you are
  • He’s got this vibe that makes you want to know everything about him, why is his hair orange? why the lollipop? why the tattoos? and you figure now’s your chance to find all of that out
  • So you say yes and he gives you this wide grin that shouldn’t go along with the leather and piercings but somehow does
  • It all happens really quickly honestly
  • You two aren’t three study sessions in before he’s asking you on a date
  • You tell him you’ll only go out with him if he gets a good grade on the project and that just gives him another reason to work harder bc he actually really likes you
  • The day he gets his results back, he waits until you’re out of your last class for the day to hold the paper up with a proud look in his eyes bc 97% qualifies as a “good grade”
  • He takes you to this lil arcade for your first date
  • Turns out the "bad boy" is actually a large child
  • He’s louder than the actual machines and he’s running from game to game and vows to win enough tickets to get you one of the big prizes
  • At first you’re a bit confused bc when he showed up to pick you up, he was all cocky smirks and flirty lines but the second he stepped into the arcade it’s yells and jumping up and down in excitement
  • You decide to just go along with it and find yourself jumping along with him and getting just as competitive as he did
  • When you two were playing the basketball game, he comes up behind you and grabs your hands to guide you when you throw the ball and it’s really casual and smooth but you can feel his heartbeat against your shoulder and you feel it beat faster so you know it wasn’t as casual as he made it seem
  • You two end up deciding to ditch the idea of a huge prize and just get a bunch of little ones
  • You walk away with a bag full of goodies and a plastic tiara on your head
  • Halfway back to your house, you lean over and place the tiara onto his head 
  • He just gives you this look of “really?” but he’s actually holding back laughter and he ends up letting you get away with it
  • You two fall in love pretty quick tbh
  • He’s not hard to love to begin with but when you have him passing notes to you in class and getting you to sneak out with him and basically just making each and every day fun, it’s hard not to love him
  • He’s the type to carve both of your initials into a tree trunk and that’s where you two have your first kiss
  • He has a habit of letting himself into your home bc your parents absolutely adore him bc he was the politest lil bby whenever he was around them
  • You often wake up to find him asleep next to you and at first you’re so ??? bc when the hell did he get into your house but eventually you get used to it
  • He’s a total sleep cuddler
  • Whenever he stays over, you always somehow end up in his arms, you could be on the complete other side of the bed but when you woke up, you’d be tucked into his side
  • He also really likes being the lil spoon but he’d never admit that bc this is bad boy!tae
  • But whenever he’s around you, he’s not all that concerned about keeping his reputation up
  • Whenever he wakes up with you, he always take a moment to look at you and he’s basically just majorly in love
  • Wakes you up with kisses
  • G I G G L E S
  • So much giggling
  • Especially when it’s late at night
  • He’s such a pillow talker and most of the times he doesn’t even make sense bc one second he’s talking about penguins and the next he’s asking what the meaning of life is
  • His voice is lazy and his fingers are slowly trailing up and down your spine and he’s just staring up at the ceiling and letting anything and everything he thinks about out
  • You find out a lot about him in those moments bc that’s when it’s just true and there aren’t any walls up around either of you
  • He also loves playing with your hair while you two are just laying there talking about the future but also talking about puppies
  • It’s just basically the cutest relationship filled with smirks and lollipop sharing and giggles and s o many kisses and affection and I want bad boy!Tae tbh
Jane Austen’s Iris

My submission for Westallen At the Movies (or at least the first chapter of it)! The Flash in the style of modernized Emma, by Jane Austen. I expect this story will have six chapters, which will be posted in completion in a couple weeks, when voting is over. (It is mostly done; I just have two chapters yet to write, but voting has taken priority.)

As this is still unfinished, it is also unedited, so please consider this more of a preview of the story than the concrete first chapter as small things may change in editing.

Title: Jane Austen’s Iris, or Struck by Lightning

Rating: PG

Synopsis: A Flash AU, inspired by Emma.

Chapters: 1/6?

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Professor Sreemoya Dasgupta “Childhood’s Books” recently visited Special Collections. The class worked with at a variety of children’s stories and how they were depicted across time and by various author’s/interpretations. Included was The Jungle Book, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Peter Pan, and “Jack” stories. They analyzed the differences both within and among the texts by viewing first editions, fine press printings, pop-up style, abridged illustrated editions, and Disney editions. For extra credit, students had the option of submitting Tumblr posts, which we will feature throughout the week.

Alice’s Adventures Through Time

Alice In Wonderland, Grossett & Dunlap, 1957

Alice in Wonderland (also known as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) has been popular since its inception in 1865. There have been a variety of adaptations, from various different illustrations to alterations of the text. The story has not just survived, but also thrived in the past 150 years. From spin-offs to movies to colorful pop-up books, the illogical, imaginative adventures of Alice have been enjoyed by all ages throughout all this time. The particular Alice book in question is a 1957 version illustrated by Maraja that stays true to the original text by Lewis Carroll. Libico Maraja was a popular Italian post-war illustrator. He was well-known for his works on classic stories such as Alice in Wonderland and Peter and Wendy.

His drawings are rather realistic for a children’s novel, especially compared to some other Alice illustrations kept in special collections. The pictures, while colorful, are often made up of quieter, duller colors, as opposed to bright ones that might draw in a young reader. The text however, is very plain and large, making it easier for a child to read, and the book itself is larger in size, most likely to be easily handled by a child. I also noted that there was at least one illustration on every page of the book, including even the back cover. From Alice growing big and small, the tea party with the mad hatter, and playing croquet with flamingos, every infamous Alice scene is depicted beautiful and detailed drawings.

-Abby Morrison,


“The Talented Italian Artist.” WordPress. Automattic, 6 Oct. 2013. Web. Nov. 2016. <https://illustrationmaraja.wordpress.com/>.

F O U R  S C Y T H E  C H I L D

Katrina Crane in 2x12: Paradise Lost

foundingavenger  asked:

✖ How has Tumblr RP changed since you started?

Mikala’s Salt Mine

How dare you call me out like this!


Small text, container themes, fucking themes in general! Aesthetic posts, promos, online/offline posts, moodboards, 100x100 things, NOT USING GIANT FUCKING GIFS, formatting, drafting shit, mun fcs activity, bias lists/follow forevers, xkit, comic icons, edits, EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT! MY FIRST THEME WAS A GRID THEME AND WE KNOW THAT DOESN’T WORK FOR RP SHIT (I changed it after like a week when I actually found one I was into)

I’ve been here too long. I’m so old.

Usually if I post a photo without makeup I’ve filtered it or edited it to hide blemishes, but today I’m gonna tell you about LUSH’s coalface soap.

My biggest insecurity is my skin. I’ve been on medicine that has made me ill for it, I’ve tried the harshest and mildest washes, and nothing REALLY helped.

The first photo was taken the first day I used this soap. Second photo, third day. The last photo? JUST SEVEN DAYS.

After a week my skin looks and feels so much better and I’m so excited if your skin isn’t too sensitive I recommend this stuff it has saved my life

Come Back To Bed

Forgive me! None of this is edited, but wanted to post something today!This week has been hectic and today has been my only day to write! Enjoy! xo

Riker: I roll over and reach for Riker, not feeling his warmth against my skin. I open my eyes slowly and rub them to clear the blurriness from my vision, and see him nowhere in sight. I let out a sigh knowing exactly where he was. It was my first night staying over. He gave me a tour of the house, and said the garage was his favorite place. It’s where he got to express himself, and could run to if he got an idea in the middle of the night. And I had a feeling he was down there.

I peel the covers back and quietly open the door before walking down the hallway. I walk down the stairs and across the house and open the garage door slowly. There he sat on the couch, his back to the door, his head nodding a little writing something down, and then his fingers brush against the bass strings. He was extremely attractive in his element, but I just wanted him back in bed with me.

I sit behind him on the couch and press my lips against the back of his shoulder blade, I snuggle my head against the back of his back and close my eyes.

“What are you doing up, baby?” He asks quietly continuing playing the same chords.

“I couldn’t fall back asleep because you weren’t there.” I say tiredly as I hear the chords stop playing, and the rustling of papers. “Come back to bed.”

“Okay baby.” He says setting the bass on the stand before taking my hands, and pulling us off of the couch. “Did you sleep walk down here?” He asks with a chuckle.

“No.” I mumble following him back up the stairs into his room. Once my head hits the pillow, and feel his chest against my back I instantly fall back asleep.

Rocky: Rocky begged me to join him in bed three hours ago. I caved in and slept for two hours, then ran back down stairs in panic about the fear of being kicked out of the class. I had five more chapters to write, and a paper to type up before my 8AM class in the morning. It was almost one in the morning, and the writing on the pages were getting blurrier, but I had to finish this. I had to get this done or my teacher would kill me. Being sick for the past week, and he said even if I was still sick I had to come to class, hand in the papers in person.

I hear footsteps against the wooden stairs and I knew it was Rocky. I don’t peel my eyes from the laptop screen and continue typing the intro paragraph. I feel warm arms wrap around my neck, and his facial scruff brush against my cheek. “Come back to bed, baby.”

“I slept for two hours, I have to get back to it.” I say as I feel his hands stop mine from moving across the keys. “Ro-”

“You’re going to make yourself more sick, baby.” He says pressing kisses to my jaw. “C’mon. You look like you’re about to pass out.”

“I don’t think I could make it back to bed if I even tried.” I say causing a tired chuckle escape his lips. He presses a kiss behind my ear before turning me around on the breakfast stool and lifts me up instantly. I don’t fight him when he walks up through the dark house and up the stairs, where soft snorings fill throughout.

“See, everyone else is sound asleep but you.” Rocky says setting me back down on his bed. I roll my eyes as he crawls in beside me. “Now get some sleep.”

“What if I fail.” I choke out as he wraps his arms around me, pulling me close against his chest. I bury my face into the crook of his neck and let out a shaky sigh.

“You won’t fail. Everything will fall into place.” He says pressing  a kiss to the crown of my head. I slowly close my eyes, “Now get some sleep, Y/N.”

Ellington: It was his first night back and was exhausted. He slept all day while I went to the grocery store, two of my classes, and managed to get laundry done. He woke up just in time for dinner, and I knew it was the smell of the pizza that woke him up. We sat in the living room talking about the last part of tour that I wasn’t able to tag along with. He talked about the fans, the places, the food, the shows. You could see the exhaustion, but the light in his eyes that it was all worth it. He couldn’t beat the feeling.

I fall limply on the bed happy to feel the mattress under my heavy body after a long day. Ellington was downstairs putting the last of his clothes in the dryer. I instantly fell asleep when I felt his body pressed against mine, and let the heavy sleep take over. It wasn’t hour laters until I heard the loud noise of the sound of guns shooting. I let out a sigh and roll onto my back and rub my eyes before opening them and locking them with the tv across the room, on, and Ellington on the floor with the game controller in his hands.

“Ell.” I say sitting up a bit to get a better look at him. He was wide awake, his fingers working fast against the controller. I turn my head to the alarm clock and see it’s five in the morning.

“Come back to bed.” I say before a yawn takes over my body.

“I never went to bed.” He says not taking his eyes from the screen, “I waited for you to fall asleep, and I’ve been here since.”

“Six hours.” I say knitting my eyebrows together. That just wasn’t healthy. He finally shuts off the gaming system after the final kill, before climbing back onto the bed.

He instantly curls up against my side, resting his head against my chest. “I’m just not tired.”

“It’s the jetlag baby.” I say running my fingers through my hair. “Tell me about your parents visit.”

His words soften, the more he talks, and I feel his deep shallow breaths against my chest I knew he talked himself to sleep. I smile thankfully and press a kiss to his head before falling back asleep as well.

Ross: Once I hear the beeping off her alarm, and the shifting of the bed I knew Y/N was getting ready for class. I surprised her last night after two days of her calling me crying. She cried from stress, and saying that she wanted to come home. She was six hours away, and it was her second year. She was stressed with the six courses, and two labs. But she also knew if she wanted to graduate on time she had to stay. So I surprised her the night before, and knew she had one class early Friday morning.

I let out a sigh as I hear her running into things, and throwing books into her backpack. The quieter Y/N forced herself to be, the louder she actually was. It was adorable how she would fumble, and trip over things that weren’t there; just to make sure she didn’t wake me. Yet I’ve been awake since she left my arms forty-five minutes ago.

I open my eyes once I hear the sprits of her perfume, and the sweet smell fill my nostrils. That was the last thing she did before throwing her bag over her should, grab her keycard and then would leave for the day. I open my eyes and watch her throw her bag over her shoulder, and slip her key into the back pocket of her jeans.

“Come back to bed, baby.” I say huskily causing her to turn to her bed, and a smile spreads across her lips. “Just skip class.”

“You know I can’t do that.” She says walking over to me and presses her lips against mine. I kiss her back and travel my hands down her sides, and sneak into her back pocket grabbing her keycard. I smile cheekily slipping it under the pillow that laid under my head.

“Ross that’s not fair.” She says looking down at me not impressed with my antics. “I need that to get back into the building.”

“I know.” I say with a mischievous grin. “Guess you can’t go to class.”

Once she throws her bag onto the ground,and tosses her jean jacket on the floor I knew I had her.

Ryland: When Y/N surprised me after the soundcheck I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. I wanted to hold her, kiss her, and hug her close never wanting to let her go. Physical contact was the one thing I missed most when I was on the road. She always would subconsciously curl up against me in her sleep, or would peck my lips goodbye before leaving for class or an errand. Her small frame fit against mine perfectly and I felt like myself when she was around. She was my other half; the perfect puzzle piece.

I open my eyes slowly and see the lamp on the nightstand between Rocky’s and my bed on. I notice Y/N wasn’t curled up into my side, and Rocky was passed out sound asleep. I chuckle at his uncomfortable choice of sleep and sit up a little, and scan the room for the familiar Y/H/C.

I spot her curled up on the small chair by the large window, her eyes looking out at the Paris buildings, and her fingers holding the pencil working against the sketch paper with ease.

The only way Y/N managed to see me, and miss three days of classes was if she took sketches of the buildings, and the art around her. Her teacher said Paris was filled with art, and she couldn’t let it slide. Yesterday morning she want to museums while we did press, and then surprised me at the show. While I was getting ready for bed, she gushed to Rocky and I about all of the art pieces none of us knew, but she was like a kid on Christmas. So we kept our mouths shut.

“Y/N.” I say in a hushed voice not wanting to wake up Rocky, “Come back to bed.”

“Hold on.” She says barely over a whisper looking back out the window. Her eyes were glued to the structures as if it was out of hypnotism. Her concentration unable to break until she was done.

She places the book and pencil on the table before making her way back to the bed. She was dressed in nothing but one of my shirts, and looked beautiful. She had bags under her eyes, and looked dazed. I knew the jetlag was finally hitting her, but she was always quiet not wanting to wake anyone up.

She curls up against my side and lets out a pleased sigh. “There we go baby. Let the exhaustion take over.”

“It’s so beautiful here.” She says tiredly as I run my fingers through her hair.

“Well it’ll be here when you wake up.”

Comics to Read, May 11

Hope you all had a good Free Comic Book Day/Captain America weekend. I hope it brought some new comic readers into comics. There are a few comics that are designed to do that as well as some first issues. Let’s take a look.

The future of the Supergirl TV show is up in the air but DC Comics finally has a Supergirl comic on the shelves. This is a collection of the digital comic by Sterling Gates and Bengal (with covers by Cat Staggs) and it is a great complement to the TV show. Last week DC also brought another edition of the much loved and long out of print Supergirl’s Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade so that’s two books for fans, young and old, of the series.

IDW has a new SciFi title out today and it has a female lead. Who is a bounty hunter. I liked it. Let me know what you think.

Black Panther is getting a big push from Marvel including his role in Captain America: Civil War. This is the second issue of the new series. The first issue was a strong debut by National Book award winner Coates (with the amazing Stelfreeze and Martin on art). Pick this up.

Another digital to floppy comic which just continues to be one of the most fun comics on the market.

Maps forever!

That’s it for me. 

Also out today is Penny Dreadful #1 from Titan Comics. Let me know if that’s any good.


maybe i dreamt you


Tokyo Ghoul Week √2 - Day 7: Sloth

Desire for Rest, lack of desire to actually do some work.   

mbc has approved / reviewed two new originally composed songs by jonghyun to be played on their stations. the first is entited “내일쯤 (around tomorrow)”, while the second is entitled “산하엽 (skeleton flower)” (which is a flower that turns translucent with rain or dew). (s/n: the assumption is that these two songs were finished by jonghyun for his third edition of his special songwriting segment on the show, “the man who writes songs”. it was confirmed weeks back that another would soon be coming up and jonghyun has teased twice in the last week that the next broadcast of the segment will, more than likely, be occurring this week.) (source: sullaem)

1000th post!

I’d like to say a quick thank you to everyone who has supported, encouraged and inspired me since I started this blog.

Cheers for all the likes, comments and messages plus special thanks to all the awesome rebloggers, taggers and curators - far too many to mention here :)

I’d like to add how great it has been to have seen my pictures reimagined and refashioned into fantastic new creations by other artists.

An unexpected learning experience has come about through sharing, collaborating and editing pictures of other photographers. In particular philopenshaw has been involved in working on several projects, the latest of which features a comprehensive, photographic survey of a building of great historical importance in Leeds, The First White Cloth Hall. This can be found at: http://white-cloth-hall.tumblr.com

Have a lovely week everyone!