ha ha final finals

with Yasha gone, I like how the group dynamics are:

  • Caleb and Nott, who have been close for an indeterminate amount of time
  • Fjord and Jester, who go way back
  • Beau and Molly, who just met and already Greatly Dislike each other

do you have very unique and specific mchanzo au ideas?

one of mine was a soccer/football player au

Hanzo plays Japan national football team and jesse for the US national soccer team.

Hanzo is a Defender and Jesse a Forward

They met at a world cup and kept touch since

They never make it to the finals in world cups but they try anyway.

now that you’ve seen the promo for 415… discuss! 

don’t be like “Paige”, and look at the whole picture and/or wait til you’ve seen it all before overreacting to a few moments from the promo

tag yourself: bts members edition

jin: always there to comfort people. cherry blossoms. contagious laughter. likes satisfying videos. really kind and thoughtful. adventurous. eats the last slice of pizza. sends compliments on anon. pure aesthetics. has different shades of highlighter. fashion icon.

yoongi: sleepy 24/7. grabs coffee every three hours. curses a lot. awkward but fun when you get to know. straightforward. sarcastic at times. have a soft spot for puppies. everything is black. good drinking buddy. a chill person. doesn’t understand gaming. puts phone under the pillow before sleeping. acts tough but is an actual softie.

namjoon: messy room. always carrying a book. knows when to talk and when to listen. likes to recommend songs. opinionated. “quality over quantity” mindset. prefers beer over vodka. astrology addict. snores when asleep. blanket hogger. likes to watch sunsets. loves deeply.

hoseok: likes sunny weather. athletic. uses “lmao” a lot. gets drunk easily. always the center of attention. charismatic AF. says “i’ll fight you” but won’t actually fight you. wears heart on their sleeves. trendsetter. powerful yet unaware of it. dances in the shower. likes forehead kisses.

jimin: knows how to charm people. hardworking. loves compliments but gets shy. laughs a lot. daydreamer. likes to be the little spoon. has A LOT of pictures on their phone. clumsy. good listener. hates conflicts and resolves them. loves looking at the moon. goes with the flow.

taehyung: dog person. video games. sunflowers. knows how to adapt on social gatherings. clingy and loves long hugs. takes a long time to wake up. uses nicknames to people a lot. likes anime and old movies. doesn’t know what’s going on most of the times. likes to wear pajamas. intellectual yet complicated to know.

jungkook: night owl. cares more for others than oneself. has a ton of unread messages. competitive and hates losing. likes to send memes. always bored. god-tier on games. follows instincts. hopeless romantic. enjoys all genre of music. hot chocolates and marshmallows. binge-watches series after midnight. kid at heart.

hux coming back to the Finalizer with the news that snoke is dead and kylo ren is supreme leader now

outfit swap

tbh whenever i see speculation in the kh fandom about whether or not vanitas is gonna be in kh3 and if so what side will he be on in the inevitable clash with xehanort and will he get a redemption arc or not all i think about is how i can’t imagine things with vanitas playing out any other way than