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Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

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Sherlock’s back and he’s in love.

Sherlock’s back and he’s in love.

Sherlock’s back and he’s in love.



The whole James Roberts/Megatron controversy is wayyy overblown and people are treating James Roberts like he’s writing Megatron as if he never did anything wrong but let’s not forget the following points:

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There’s nothing you can do.

Negan helps Rick set up an Instagram account thinking he’ll never use it but then one day a few weeks later he checks it and it’s full of poorly framed pictures of lizards taken on their front porch

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but what about when Daisy finds out exactly what Robbie had to promise the Ghost Rider, in order to save Mack 😭😭😭 she was already so affected when she heard what he went through, as a result of having to drag Eli down to Hell with him. I give myself all the feels

Aww, there there, anony! :)

I swear she needs to marry that man. He treats her and everyone she cares about so well, she could do no better. <3

Anyway, I’m sure she’d be surprised about the new deal Robbie made, but it only confirms the suspicion she had deep down. She still can’t believe Robbie would make such a deal after all the years he spent wanting to get rid of the Rider (so many years spent trying to justify what he was doing with the Rider and still slightly hating himself for this monster he was).

Robbie would be all nonchalant about the whole thing (“It’s what I needed to do”). I think he feels he has a sense of duty to be the vessel of the Rider after all these years since he’s grown to it. He also feels like it’s his responsibility because he sees himself as a terrible man who deserves it (sort of like his own form of penance).

Still, Daisy can’t thank him enough for what he did. She feels she probably can never stop owing him for it (and is a wee bit guilty because maybe this wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t force herself into his life and mess it all up).

please consider: tiny baby kuroo and kenma on leashes


“Know this before you give any weight to their suspicions, Natalie Renee Shields Walker: I don’t fuck women.”
“And I don’t kiss heathens,” she said, in as cheeky a tone as she could manage, and Andrew wheeled back to look at her. She smiled and said, “So it’s not going to be a problem for either of us, right? We’ll have to settle for being friends.”

goodnight!! i hope the month has treated u well!! remember to take care of urself n that i lov u!! i hope july is amazing for u!! u deserve it! ♥️


Olicity 3x01: “I told you as soon as we talked it would be over.”

Olicity 3x20: “Well, let’s not say goodbye this time.”


— a whisper from someone, anxious to find comfort.

i’ve been a fool, all this time. 
wondering about the empty sheets,
for something that only could be found in a smile.

i’ve been lost in the thought of
a dream that was no more than reality,
a touch to refill my broken bones.

i was a girl who never believed
that love could ever be.

yet i found myself being a woman
hoping it finds me.

but how fool was i,
to think i was worth of it all.

hiatus note

alright, I guess this means tumblr hiatus for I don’t even know how long.

I don’t have the time or energy right now to keep this blog updated when tumblr doesn’t even bring me much joy anymore like it used to. it all got boring and repetetive to me, maybe that’ll change with some time of not being here. but as it is I’ve been barely active for a year now anyway, so I doubt my absence will be even noticed much.

until then!