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Beautiful, angry Sammy  (¬‿¬ )

by @liasviel

I’ve got a permission to post it a whiiiile ago, but I thought that I can post it right now. As you can see, it’s an old work, got it on my previous birthday XD

My sister is the most awesome being in this world for doing such a beautiful thing~ A true artist, as you could say!

s-e-kwan  asked:

Do you think you can try doing internal monologues for the S & M brothers when they see Yui actually smiling and laughing when talking to a male classmate who shows an interest in her (cause she never usually smiles around the vampires due to how they treat her)?

:Shu:  What the hell is she laughing about? She should quiet it down…it’s almost as annoying as her whining…and who’s she even talking to?  Some human wimp it seems like…he seems more interested in her body than what she’s actually saying…his dick must be as small as his brain…Why am I getting so fed up?! They’re just some dumb humans…

Reiji: Hmm? Who’s that mortal talking to? A human boy? …that’s not a wise decision she’s making… How ignorant could she be? To choose to talk to some foolish dimwit like him! …Why am I fussing over this? She’s just some human girl… Just another sacrificial bride…

Ayato:  Ha! I can’t wait to pull this prank on chichinashi…Huh?  Who the hell is she talking to…she doesn’t even know anyone at this school other than us…HAH!? How dare she smile and laugh at another man other than me…Tch he isn’t even a man…more like a pathetic little pansy…His dick is probably tiny…he doesn’t have what it takes to please a woman

Kanato: Who is he? Is that a boy? A human boy? Why the hell is she talking to him!? She should only be talking to me!! …Was that a smile? Did she just laugh! How dare she! She never laughs in front of me!! I’M GONNA KILL THIS STUPID HUMAN!!! …what’s so great about him anyways? He’s not even cute… Why couldn’t he have bothered someone else!?! I WILL KILL HIM!!

Laito:  Eh, Bitch-chan is talking to another boy~? And  I thought she loved me~ What a naughty little Bitch-chan.  Six men can’t satisfy her~? So promiscuous~. I’ll make sure to give her hell for this nfu~.  She obviously hasn’t learned who she belongs to yet.  All human women are the same. They always want more and more but never give back~

Subaru: Tch, who the hell is that guy? I’ve seen him in a few of my classes… He’s not all that great, what does she see in him!? Okay, calm down, she probably doesn’t even like him… But she’s smiling, and laughing… Tch that fucker better step away from her… I don’t wanna have to punch him, it’ll kill the son of the bitch. He’s just a weak human! 

Ruki:  To think that she lives with 4 men yet she runs off and wastes her time with this mortal weakling… Her smile….it’s disgusting to think she’s smiling and laughing at another man.  That mortal is just as pathetic as she is.  It sickens me. I will make sure to punish her for talking to him.  She’s my Livestock and she needs to know her place…

Kou: Hmm? Is that M-neko-chan talking to another boy? …Interesting… Stupid, actually, that she’s fond of this mortal boy when I’m the idol. Who would choose some average boy over a popstar? Not to worry, though, she’ll learn her lesson sooner or later. I’ll get it through her mind that I don’t wanna see something like this again…

Yuma: Who the hell is that son of a bitch? Is he bothering her?? …No, she’s laughing… Tch does she like him?? He’s just some stupid human boy… Maybe I should walk up to him and punch him square in the face!! That’ll show him not to talk to my girl!! He doesn’t know who he’s messing with…

Azusa:  Has she…lost interest in me? How come…she’s showing him…her smile…and she’s laughing too…She never laughs for me…That’s unfair…I showed her my friends…and hurt her….Pain is good, right? I care for her more…than he ever will…I won’t let him get in the way….no one…will get in the way…

okay, i know it’s useless to get worked up over random things like this, but, why is charlie out in the middle of the city and no one’s paying him even a tiny bit of attention?? i’m sure i would’ve noticed the giant gray man walking down the street okay