ha cha cha!

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Mortimer: Ha cha cha! Hello there foxy lady,i heard you have a thing for rats!~ Wern:*sends our his cat bot*keep your handz off mein Franny,arschloch! Cat bot:*hiss*

Itโ€™s best if you better run, Mortimer.

i really love the holy trinity of the astro ships they have their own unique dynamic like 

socky is the innocent, budding puppy-like affection, the incessant, playful squabbling in relationships, the foolishness and childishness of youth in love, the purest of the pure intentions

binu is the one with the obvious sexual tension, the disgusting lovesick gazing 24/7, the longing and lusting, the cloying romance, the sKINSHIP, 10/10 would elope 

myungjin is the grow-old-with-you kind of love, the i-want-to-spend-the-rest-of-forever-with-you kind of cheese, the would-be-parents, the couple with lasting commitments, the tRUE LOVE 


“I never even dreamed of becoming as pretty as Soo Ah is. Not even Ji Hyo. I would’ve been happy with looking like Jung Boon or Eun. Had I looked like them, I would’ve never gotten anything done.”