ha cha cha!


Y'all we’re so late, the Fairly Odd Parents predicted the Breathless MV way back in 2005. Cosmo and Wanda have been playing us all along.


When you’re really happy to see your old friends, but you forgot how tiring they can be….

5 minutes in and they’re already ribbing him about his girlfriend!
After a while they started calling her “sister-in-law” and requesting for a nephew….
Ruthless brothers hahaha!!

Still, everyone looked so happy to be together and Joohyuk promised he would be back on the show as a guest for a whole episode, not just for a short appearance! See you soon Gutaeng-ie hyung~

Fic: Where there is love. 

Robert has a nightmare, and with Aaron in prison Chas is the one there to comfort him afterwards.

“Aaron no, please don’t. Aaron.”

Chas is woken to the sound of shouting, screaming, coming from Robert and Aaron’s room. It’s still dark outside, and a quick glance at the clock confirms that it is too early to be awake.

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