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Important Post

I have an important post to make about some candy called NyanKore (Nyan Collection).

The candy itself is just run-of-the-mill, standard fruit flavoured hard candies, so there’s nothing to see here, right?
WRONG, you fool, you imbecile. It’s not about the candy.

It’s about the packaging. Each candy packet has a cat on it. The photos of the cats were all submitted by their owners. This is the second series.

but that’s not all. we get to learn about each cat. For example, this one…

Name: Fukumoto Subaru
A clumsy cat who falls off things a lot.
the cats surnames are, obviously, their owners surnames, but it makes it extra charming.

how bout this bad boy

Name: Kikuda Hisashi
Even if its raining or snowing, he loves being outside.

try this one for size

name: Motoyama Toro
if he goes to sleep he can’t be woken up

anyway that’s all

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95:“Have I mentioned, I fucking hate Halloween.” Katsudeku qwq?

Katsuki absolutely, honest to fucking god, hates Halloween. He hates sweets and candy–which are every fucking where this shit holiday–He hates talking to people, especially strangers–which are all lined up at his fucking door on this shit holiday–and he absolutely hates having to dress up.

But what he absolutely hates the most about the holiday is how his fucking boyfriend told him he has to hand out candy to all the kids that pass by while he fucks off to a Halloween party at Todoroki’s place. Deku had told him it was payback for something or other he did a few weeks ago, so now he’s forced to sit here on a hard ass stool with a big bucket of candy he hates while he hands it out to kids with as close to a non-threatening smile as he can get.

Katsuki rips open a new big value bag of mixed candies to pour into the large cauldron bucket for when the last of the stragglers came along. It was nearing ten o’clock now, so he shouldn’t have to worry about kids trying to overcrowd their porch and shoving their way to the front to get an extra mini Snickers anymore.

He sets the bowl down on the stool so he can stand and stretch his legs, shirt riding up his stomach as he stretches his arm over his head. The door bell rings again, and he curses under his breath. The little monsters of their neighbourhood were always relentless on this fucking holiday.

Katsuki answers the door with a scowl, only to be stunned into silence as a very sexy Playboy Bunny dressed Deku stands before him. It was absolutely not the outfit he’d seen him leave in, yet he finds he really doesn’t care.

“Trick or Treat.” Deku purrs, leaning against the doorway waiting to be let in.

Katsuki pulls him in by the waist, planting a firm kiss to his lips while sneaking a hand down to grab Deku’s ass. He closes the door once his teasing shit of a boyfriend is inside, locking it behind him and flipping off all the porch lights.

“Closing up so soon?” Deku teases, throwing his arms around Katsuki’s neck. “All the kids will be so disappointed.”

Katsuki scoffs, picking Deku up by his thighs to wrap them around his waist as he carries him to their bedroom. “Don’t give a shit.”

Deku laughs as he gets tossed onto their mattress, giggles quickly silenced with a mouth placed on top of his.

“Have I mentioned I fucking hate Halloween?” Katsuki teases in-between harsh kisses and roaming touches.

“Only every year.” Deku chuckles, moaning as Katsuki’s fingers start playing with the hem of his bodysuit that dips between his inner thighs.

He hates Halloween with a very vibrant, very fiery passion–but sometimes, he’s willing to admit that some of the best treats are given out that night. And right now, all he wants to do is unwrap the one laid out beneath him.

Helena at Halloween Headcanons


•Helena is the favourite batfamily child at this point of time because she puts so much effort into it

•Helena’s go to Halloween makeup is usually some sort of skull

•But of course she spends literal days before Halloween binge watching YouTube make up tutorials

•goes to all the Halloween parties with her girlies aka Harper, cass (if they can drag her), Babs, Steph and Kara

• buys so much candy

•has the strongest pumpkin carving game

•she makes sure that she does at least one thing with each of her brothers

•Dick and her will greet the trick or treaters together and for every kid that they get a bad vibe off they get a chocolate coated brussel sprout

• she will force Damian to go trick or treating with her (can never be too old ;))

•she sometiems goes with Tim to Gotham’s annual haunted maze

•Tim always claims that Helen is hiding behind him but we all really know that Helena has to catch Tim when someone pops out from behind a fake wall or something

•and of course she binge watches horror films with Jason who is literally never scared of them but watches them for amusments sake

•This is of course that she doesn’t have to patrol

•in which case she hums “this is Halloween” till Bruce just sends her home

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How do the other brothers see your relationship? I hope they support you in some way!!


Karamatsu: Hey…

Ichimatsu: I entered the room when they were making out… I kinda figured it out already, somehow they´re not good at hiding it… and I ask them: Can I watch? and they said “Yes Ichimatsu, every time you want”

Karamatsu: !!! Ichim-

Todomatsu: Personally I hate this situation, they don´t care if we´re in the room or not! I hate it, if they can just leave the house and fuck wherever they want I would be better!

Karamatsu: HEY! What´s that about Aniki and Choromatsu going out!?

Todomatsu: Karamatsu-niisan… how long have you been living in this house?

Karamatsu: What do you mean “how long”? All my life.

Ichimatsu: And you didn´t notice ANYTHING weird? … … ever?

Karamatsu: No… besides… they didn´t tell me, no one told me anything…

Todomatsu: They didn´t tell anyone… it was something way too obvious.

Karamatsu: Since when?

Jyushimatsu: Mmh… I started to notice things about five years ago >:D

Ichimatsu & Todomatsu: Me too…

Karamatsu: Five years…

Ichimatsu: If you ask them, they will let you watch… 


Choromatsu: Ichimatsu!! That´s a lie!!!

Todomatsu: Ah! we´ve been caught up, run!!

*footsteps sound*

Osomatsu: Geez these people…

Choromatsu: You should talk with Karamatsu…

Osomatsu: eh… maybe later…



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