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For my LGBT followers

Just a list of queer films I’ve been watching, thanks to Hola and my free month of Netflix :) NB: when it comes to intelligent stories with queer narratives, forget Hollywood or US television. They are miles behind.

Freier Fall: 4.5/5 = Great acting, beautifully filmed love scenes, story a bit cliched but my favourite out of the bunch so far. (German, with English subtitles)

Sommersturm: 4.5/5 = Great coming of age story. Mild triggers for homophobia / gay slurs, but nothing too severe. Really lovely film to watch for teenagers struggling with their sexuality. It’s a bloody shame it got an R rating in America - I’m sure many US teens would benefit greatly from watching it. (German, with English subtitles)

La Vie D'Adele (Blue is the Warmest Colour) = 4.5/5. Another brilliant coming of age story. Unfortunately it suffers from the male gaze during certain sex scenes but the acting makes up for all of that. Adele Exarchopoulos = INSTANT LOVE. (French, with English subtitles)

Out in the Dark: 5/5. = A definite must see. It’s a love story between a Palestinian and a Jewish Israeli who are torn between the clash of their countries and their relationship with each other. It is so, so good. (Israeli/Arabic, with English subtitles).

The Bubble (Ha-Buah): 4/5 = Not only a good gay film but an excellent story about youth and youth activism. It’s another story between a Palestinian/Israeli couple and it has such a great cast of young queer people. A really good film. NOT ONE TO WATCH if you want a happy ending, though. (Israeli/English/Arabic with English subtitles).

Yossi & Jagger = 3.5/5 = Two Israeli soldiers secretly carry on a gay affair whilst patrolling the Lebanese border with the rest of their troop.

Rubén como Rubén y no como Rubius siempre me ha parecido una persona de lo más dulce, juzgando a partir de vlogs de otros donde él no cumple con su personaje de rubius y por los de él mismo donde toma plan seriedad, está de más decir que se ve que es listo, o sea, que no deja que las cosas pasen y ya. Lo veo como una persona de la que, si le dejasemos que tomara plan serio más seguido, aprenderíamos mucho porque se ve que ha tenido vivencias que buah, te dejan marcado. Y así como alegra cada día a pesar de tener el número de haters que ha mantenido pues es una gran cosa, y ando sensible y lo decidí escribir.