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Little Explorer

Request: Dean and Cas watch child angel reader who’s awkward and has a habit of wandering off to unknown places.

Requested by: @bartallenisbae

Auothers note: sorry it’s short and sucks I’m not on my A-game this morning

Dean and Castiel eyes watched as the child angel appeared and disappeared in various places of the bunker.

(Y/n), the child angel, appeared around the library in different places, poking at the books or grabbing different books reading the title.

“What is she doing?” Dean questions Cas his eyes never leaving the spots as he watched the child explore the bunkers library room.

“As a newly born angel she will be adventurous.” Castiel explains, watching as she appeared near Sam in the living room which surprised him because he yelped.

“Well she’s exploring a little to much.” Dean says with his arms crossed over his chest.

“That she is.” agrees Castiel as he sees (Y/n) with one of the angel blades the boys kept.

*slams fist on table* give autistic characters more diverse roles than “precious confused child” or “socially awkward super-genius” you COWARDS


previously undisclosed lore:

back when I was taking care of Wednesday & visiting my family for the holidays, my parent’s cat Marmaduke developed an unrequited (and, in fact, violently rejected) crush on Wednesday.

his strategy was softly, slowly following him about until Wednesday grew tired & lay down, at which point he’d try to lie down beside him. basically if ‘It Follows’ were a buddy flick


anonymous asked:

does tony think of peter as a son?

probably not consciously. he treats him kind of like a son sometimes, but that’s not very unusual for tony. tony has to be watched closely or he adopts stray genius children everywhere he goes.

 mostly it’s pretty long distance–he emails and videocalls them, sets up scholarships, funds research, talks them through school problems, introduces them to employers… i know for a fact that at least half of the starkphone beta testers are sleep-deprived students across the country who tony has run into at some convention or facility tour and decided to keep. some of them come to work at Stark Industries eventually, but a fair number go into other fields.

he has a strange ability to pinpoint exactly which kid in any given cluster is an untapped well of talent looking for mentoring. we have a number of bets running on if he’s doing it consciously or not. 

either way, he does it a lot.

he’s not very cuddly or touchy-feely with them, and he gets hilariously defensive if you poke him about it, but he’s actually a really good mentor, and he does really care. i mean, sometimes he uses the ‘do the exact opposite of what i would do’ method of role modelling, but…

Here’s an unfortunate story for you: Last year my sister got a puppy and named it Pre after the runner Steve Prefontaine. Now I don’t think I can introduce her to game grumps because it would ruin her dog’s name as it has for me (see every instance of someone shouting “I’m gonna pre, dude”). At the time I wanted to say something but I didn’t know how


that awkward moment when you pay your in-laws a visit and her dad pretty much hates you for “seducing his daughter away from home with your heroics” and “filling her head with strange ideas”


cockles panel at jibcon

“Um, so, my kids know very little about Supernatural. They– hold on just, um. We have these little figurines. We have big dolls…”

Poor Ciao Ciao…

The song in question.

I’ve had this in my head since reading chapter 8. I cannot really art, and what even are your eyebrows, Cestino?  but I had to get it out of my system, and it wouldn’t have worked as a text post or chat.

I’ve finally depleted my stock of stupid posts about UMFB&MHA, at least until Sunday. Welp. So soon. Am I even ready?