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Movie Night: ft. an angry teenage son who is done with his sappy gay dads (but still cares)

Sorry for not posting anything for some time! (it’s been weeks), but I’ve been pretty busy with a big move coming up (>_>)… Meanwhile my fanart blog has reached over 3,000 followers and I just want to thank you all for sticking around and sending all the encouraging comments! (It means so much to me ;_;)

 I hope you all enjoy some sloppy drawings of our loveable podium family and their floofy poodle.

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Mutsuki’s Habit

Mutsuki have habits that a little like kaneki, when he was hiding something. the different is mutsuki would squeeze his shirt. i don’t think he was lying but he just hiding something or just unsure about something.

there a lot panels that show Mutsuki squeeze his shirt (im sorry if i miss something) :

1) when he was asked by shirazu about what’s wrong with haise

 2) when he called cute by haise

3) when he was asked to become an investigator

4) when he was asked about what happened to his family

5) when he said that the person who kill his family is a ghoul

and i think mutsuki itself doesn’t know his own habit.