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I have something to say .. seeing all this star wars discourse.
Especially to Prequel fans but to all fans

Don’t propagate the cycle that existed and exists in Prequel bashing and tearing down actors and fans.  Don’t do it to the Sequel’s whether you loved them or hated them.

Because it does everyone a disservice. It does not uplift you .it does not make you better. It propagates another cycle of people bashing and hurting one another because they feel invalidated their vision of what they saw./or didn’t get what they desired. 

if the Star Wars fandom has taught me anything. it is bullying. it has shown me people stepping on my feelings. but it has also taught me to look at myself and to not become what I hate.. so at the VERY worst and this speculation, not fact. IF TLJ was awful. if I hated it.. if I felt It RUINED SW .. I would not want to become the SEQUEL bashing people who tear down others because I did not get what I liked.   because when the prequels came out .. they meant so much to me… but many people HATE/ED  them and felt they ruined Star Wars.. they tore it down.. and I don’t want to become just like the people that hurt me.

 I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone.in a brief moment, I was potentially bitter and I had to look into myself and think. does this bitterness help me or does it make me closer to the people of my youth who made my Star Wars experience so awful in regards to the Prequels and Anakin/Hayden? I don’t want to propagate that pattern based on assumptions. Especially having not even seen and formed my own opinions

If you love it or hate it. Let those who enjoy. Enjoy. and if you dislike it. Enjoy the parts that make you happy.(In Star Wars Over all) Do not tear other people down. I am not saying be placated by what you get. Have your own opinions. But do not hurt others in turn because you are hurt.

Do not become bitter.  Become more than those who came before you. Isn’t that what Tumblr preaches SO VERY OFTEN


I seriously think I might be the only person who will be waiting til TLJ comes out on Netflix, lol. 

Does that make me an inferior fan?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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