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‘It doesn’t matter what you can or can’t do Ezra. Whatever he does. What ever he says. It means nothing’

‘You may have this ‘Potential’ but you’ve used it for good. You’ve used it be who you are… and that’s what matters’ 

Small sketch of Ibunduur the plant zombie and a birb! Ibun used to be an Orrian wizard who lost his body while messing up with forbidden magic, then hundreds of years later Wooch found his soul, went full Frankenstein and made a sylvari-like body with a human skeleton base for the soul to accomodate.

Ibun actually has a terrible personality so Wooch got him a raven chick to make him a bit more compassionate. It only helped a little, if at all, and the raven is Ibun’s partner in crime now.

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What if Steve has a serious aversion to water and almost drowns during a mission before Bucky saves him? (Ps love your writing! 💞)

Thank you so very much! <3

Steve wakes up in a fit, crying. But then there’s hands on his face and a nose pressing against his own. 

“Stevie,” Bucky says, wiping away Steve’s tears, “sweetheart, you’re okay. Baby doll, I’m here, love.” 

Steve stares up at him. His bottom lip trembled. He’d been on a mission and nearly drowned, until Bucky saved him. And now, that night, he keeps reliving it - the cold, icy feeling of being utterly helpless. Like he losing it all over again. 


Bucky swoops down and kisses him, “it’s me, darlin’. I’m here, I got you.” 

Steve whimpers and clings onto Bucky, burying his face in the brunette’s chest. They are curled up on their bed, covered in thick blankets and yet the warmth does nothing to slow his racing heart. 

“I’m scared,” Steve whispers, looking up at Bucky with doe eyes. 

“I’m here,” Bucky kisses his forehead, “I promise. I’ll be here to protect you, all the time. Okay?” 

Steve nods and sniffs, tucking himself into Bucky’s arms again, knowing that if the nightmares came back, Bucky would be there to protect him. 

One of the things that never sit well with me is the whole “Vader deliberately deceived the Noghri to make them his loyal subordinates”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s less about thinking he couldn’t do such horrible thing, but more… why Vader would bother to manipulate Noghri in such way, when it could so easily turn against him? I mean, Anakin - be it a Jedi or Sith - was widely recognised as a great warrior. The moment when Noghri stood against Vader and his imperial troopers, he was impressed by their skills and decided to spare the alien warriors.

Providing Noghri with real help would only strengthen the bond between Sith Lord and the alien warrior race. Hell, even one of Noghri leader told Leia once that her clan members would serve Vader because everyone of them were so impressed with such warrior and the chance to “go between stars” was so appealing to many. They would go with him, even without any promise of help from Empire. They decided to serve him, and therefor Empire. Vader used Noghri warriors as his own personal bodyguards, sent them on the most dangerous but at the same, the most important missions. He had them (and their skills) in high regard. Not many human imperials was even close to such honor. If anything, taking care of basic needs (keeping Honoghr from total ecology destruction) wasn’t even that big problem for Darth Vader. The Sith Lord once promised to keep Empire from a planet Aridus just to ensure that Wrenga Jixton will be his agent. So providing care for destroyed Honoghr wasn’t even that big deal.

That’s why I’m still not buying why Vader would allow such ill treatment when the truth could turn Noghri against him. Like, if Palpatine found that his disciple had become too powerful, he could use that info againt him, thus deprive Vader of the faithful and lethal servants. There was no benefit for Vader from such deception. And despite his fierce nature, Anakin always was pragmatic person.

So I believe it was either 1) Thrawn’s idea to ensure Noghri’s loyalty after Vader “gave them” to him in their mutual exchange of favors or 2) the situation was somehow forced by Darth Sidious who wouldn’t let his apprentice to have a whole race of dangerous AND fanatic loyal ONLY to him warriors.


it is a period of civil war. rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil galactic empire. during the battle, rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the empire’s ultimate weapon, the death star, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet. (insp)


We are not our enemy. We are Alderaan. We answer rage with wisdom. We answer fear with imagination. We answer war with hope. If one life with a single drop of Alderaanian blood survives, Alderaan survives. If one life with a passion for Alderaanian creativity survives, Alderaan survives. And we are, each of us, important. - Princess Leia (2015)