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Mccree totally has to spend the first 30 minutes of being awake in the morning trying to remove himself from hanzos death grip. Its got to a point where his body naturally wakes him up 30/40 mins earlier than he normally did cause of the sheer amount of times hes nearly pissed himself.

Even when hanzo does release him the archer is still half asleep but unwilling to let his cowboy completely go so he sleepily follows him to the bathroom and sometimes to the dinning area.

The first time genji saw this he was so shocked. Even in the old shimada home hanzo never had a half way stage to his mornings. He was asleep and then he was awake. End of story. The younger shimada doesnt even give his bro that much shit about how cute the very dangerous, very strong, very mature shimada hanzo is because hes just so happy that hanzo has found a place… or a person that makes him feel this safe.

Genji also learnt his lesson when he tried to tease his brother about his new morning clinginess and zenyatta brought up all the pictures of genji drooling on the omnic surrounded by teddies and floating harmony orbs to ward off nightmares.

Neither shimada brings it up again.

Sombra sure does though.

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Can you believe Andy and Danai never rehearsed their kiss and it was still straight fire

Nope, I honestly still can’t. That whole moment was so natural and realistic, like I could feel their excitement and the butterflies and the passion. They (especially Andy) kiss like they’ve been waiting to do that shit forever. 

Like how dare he be this confident and assertive in their first kiss? And the way she rolls with it, it seems like they’re doing a dance. And none of it is rehearsed. (Even their van scenes were improvised? How, Sway?) Now that’s what I call chemistry.

I still can’t draw anime but that won’t stop me from drawing comedy (get it because my art is a joke)

More about the 10 Things I Hate About You AU:

- Shiro is Keith’s brother. Allura has a massive crush on him but Shiro isn’t allowed to date because his father wants him to focus on getting a football scholarship. 

- He makes a deal with Shiro that he can go to the dance with Allura if Keith gets a date, but Keith has been extremely antisocial since Shiro lost his arm in an accident.

- Allura and Coran make plans to find someone to seduce Keith into going to the dance with them, but everyone is too scared to talk to him. Then finally they ask Lance, who is a self-proclaimed dating expert and claims he can woo anyone. 

- Allura and Coran trick Lotor into paying Lance money to ask Keith out by having Allura flirt with him. 

I really need krystal ‘sarah manning looks nothing like me lmao love those leda makeup products’ goderitch and alison ‘there’s a giant clone conspiracy on and people are always out to get us but I’d rather host a potluck and throw birthday parties and pretend everything is perfectly normal’ hendrix to meet up and have a denial contest while wearing extreme amounts of pink.

  • Namjoon: Hyung, I'm hungry.
  • Seokjin: Hi hungry, I'm Seokjin.
  • Namjoon: I'm serious.
  • Seokjin: I thought you were Hungry.
  • Namjoon: STOP.
  • Seokjin: Ok, ok. I'm sorry.
  • Taehyung: *busts through the door* HI SORRY IM TAEHYUNG