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This winter break I hung out with… absolutely no one haha. Why do I only have one irl friend– TT TT

Okay, since I’ve already seen a post defending S.E. Hinton and telling people to try and ‘write original stuff for once’ I’m just going to throw this out there.

Not everyone wants to be a published author. Some people write for fun. It’s a hobby. Some people even write original work for fun as a hobby with no intention of ever showing it to anyone or having it published. Being a published author is not the be all and end all to putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

Also, you can be a published author and be a terrible writer. You can be a published author in a field that holds no creative interest for you at all, but hey, you’re published. You can be a published author because you took a university course and your dissertation was published - as was everyone else’s - regardless of how good it actually was because that’s part of the academic life where you live (Oh look, that one’s me!).

And you can be a published author by writing tie-in novels for a TV series or films and those, amazingly, look a lot like paid fanfiction. 

This idea that publication is what everyone should strive for, or that publication makes you more original is one that needs to be shelved. Creativity should not be measured by the amount of money it could theoretically make you. 

You are a writer if you are writing original fiction or fanfiction. You are a writer if you are published or not. Original fiction is not better than fanfiction. Fanfiction is not better than original fiction. They both are mediums we can use to express ourselves. 


Imagine Woozi blushing when you said something suggestive but is oblivious to it’s meaning.

BONUS: When you realize what you just said, you looked away, embarrassed. Noticing this, Woozi chuckles at you and mutters “how can someone be so cute ?”