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WIP for a friend, go check out @peachbaebee their art is wonderful and their bnha OC ria (left) is a doll 💛

Laurens: High five Alexander!

Alexander: *gives him a high five*

Laurens: *intertwines fingers*

Alexander: Wh-

Laurens: I’m in love with you

mic, but he’s lived in/visited australia for a period of time in his teen years, and a lot of the english he knows is australian slang

aizawa, who can’t fucking speak english, and what he DOES know is australian slang learmed from mic when he was in school

class 1-a takes a trip to the us or britain or some other english-speaking country. some of them struggle to speak, some get a conversation going, some can only read the signs. they all, however, recognize the fact that when aizawa-sensei speaks they have no idea what fucking language he’s speaking in

“sensei, what language is that?” midoriya asks, always curious.

aizawa stares. “it’s english.”

the class stares back.

“sensei. that is not english.”