I am trying to thoroughly prepare for this interview. I’m touching up my cover letter, I’m getting help from my two of my professors and my friend, and I’m using the interview questions & material from my “Intro to Internship Experience” class I had last Spring…….. but I don’t think I’m going to get this job. I don’t have my license and this job is going to require me to drive different places, and even though I’ll tell them I will have my license by the end of June, I don’t think they’ll care. Yeah, I actually thought I’d be successful. OH, WELL.

anonymous asked:

Jake Pentecost in marshy and f1?

No one has asked me for this marvelous reluctant action hero that was the best thing from the sequel, so this asks gets priority. Also I feel like this emoji is perfect for Jake. I imagine he’s doing it toward his drift partner to make him flustered in the middle of something important.