Okay deadass but greg is probably one of my favorite characters on steven universe like he is such a good dad and his whole world revolves around spending time with steven and being there for him and he is just living trying his best at his relationships with the gems and the BEST THING is he always kept his distance from pearl because he knew her feelings on him….even though greg thought pearl was cool….he respected her boundaries….like greg is just a good person be more like greg


\Here you go my dude. It took some time as I haven’t been too much in a drawing mood lately. That and I discarded the offer to just do sketches. Pff sketches are for losers. TT u TT 

Ah well. Hope you like it though! I added a few headcanons in the mix, like some pacifist clothes, and heart shaped eyes on Toriel.
Every time I look at her sprite I always imagine them to be hearts, for some reason. Heh.
And Frisk is both pacifist and neutral run in their image. They tend to vary the most in how I draw, but this is how I draw them the most consistent. 

And this is the first time I’ve drawn Asgore???
He’s like my second favorite character and I’ve never drawn him?? Man… \

Which is worse: Lil Nosferatu insisting upon calling me ‘Dipper’, or that I’m beginning to respond to it.

Better than D-Head or Baileywick, I guess….

Go team dork bros!

New Mutants really hooked me when I was younger because of this non-combative dorkboy and his symbiotic alien buddy.  Doug’s power was to learn any language!  Why turn into a wolf or shoot beams from your eyes when you could do that? And in Marvel’s signature unforgiving yellow hotpants, no less?

Don’t read if you are spoiler-free.

I’m a Daryl’s fan, I have been loving him since the beginning because I could relate to him (especially S1/2/3 Daryl). I really, really love him, like he is my favorite character and above everyone else there probably, BUT I’m also able to be objective and honest. Loving a character doesn’t mean agreeing with everything they do; that isn’t love, it’s blind and useless adoration. People who are not able to differentiate love for a character from their bullshit are just brainless fans imo. I don’t like those types of fans because there are no critical faculties there, and every kind of dialogue becomes totally useless. You are just there to worship the character you like no matter what. They are always right to you. That’s not how fandoms should work honestly. I don’t like Daryl, I LOVE him, and I will defend him ‘till my last day on Earth if I think people criticize him for unfair reasons, but I won’t shut up IF what the spoilers say about what is gonna happen in the lineup is accurate. I won’t shut up about how I’m tired of him getting people killed. It’s not intentional, it’s never been, but he being so emotional and extra whiny, him being so impulsive is gonna get ANOTHER character killed, and you know that if any other character did something like that, you guys would drag that character to the pit of hell. If it were the other way around, you would be mad at Glenn, you would criticize Glenn, you would say the exact same things that Glenn’s fans are saying about Daryl. And you would be right. I have seen you guy yelling at characters for the stupidest reasons; if a character do the smallest thing to Daryl, even if out of love, you guys will totally bash them, so isn’t a bit hypocritical now to act so baffled, outraged and be so mad at Glenn’s fans? This is an attitude that both of my main fandoms have (the Daryl and Carol ones), and I HATE it because it’s just so ugly to act so outraged when you guys turn into Satan himself when any other character do something to your fave. Just be coherent and admit that if Glenn got Daryl killed just like Daryl is almost certainly gonna do to Glenn, you would go furious from here to the end of your own life. Period.

melting-in-feels  asked:

I'm also excited but nervous for Leo's role in the dark prophecy bc on one hand there is so much potential for development and Rick can fix everything but he also could ruin Leo's character more?! I think ultimately I'm happy that it seems like Leo's a main character bc he's my favorite. But I also don't rlly ship Caleo so we'll see how that goes. Gahh I'm so anxious about that. XD sorry for ranting I saw ur tags on the Leo art you reblogged.

It’s definitely gonna be an interesting book. Back when The Trials of Apollo were first announced, I figured he and Calypso would return, but I truly believed it would be just a cameo. I never anticipated that they would be playing such a main, big, and pivotal role in the series. 

Now that it looks clear they will be, I’m really really excited, but also a little cautious. I know I’m in the minority here, but I never had a big problem with Leo’s character in BoO, so I’m not looking for redemption or anything like that…but I am curious to see how he’s developed further.

As for Caleo, I ship it mediocrely. I saw it coming from a mile away; once Riordan announced she’d be in HoO, I knew even from the SoN era that Leo would end up finding Ogygia. Maybe because of that, it didn’t seem as sudden or forced as I can imagine it might seem for other readers? Not sure. 

In either case, I think there’s definitely some foreshadowing for trouble in paradise. During the tail end of The Hidden Oracle, after Leo/Calypso/Festus return and they’re talking about what comes next, Apollo notes that Leo seems a bit anxious and on edge regarding Calypso’s thoughts of returning to the world. Apollo notes that Leo’s probably wrestling with a lot of responsibility. She left the island for him, and now the three of them are about to embark on an extremely dangerous quest. That dynamic could prove to be catastrophic, and I’m intrigued to see how it’s dealt with!

I hope The New Lars gives me a reason to like Lars because he’s still my least favorite character on the show. I even like Ronaldo more than Lars.

Do you know why? It’s because even though he’s still weird and childish and obsessive, Ronaldo has shown some actual progress. He’s been friendlier to Steven and he gets along well with his little brother PeeDee, letting him help with his documentary video and complimenting his camera work. And he treats Sadie better in one episode than Lars has in the whole series so far.

Meanwhile Lars is still the same rude, self-centered jerk he’s always been. He’s still mean to Steven for no reason, and he doesn’t respect Sadie’s feelings. He used to be friends with Ronaldo when they were kids, but they had a falling out that they never actually resolved. All he seems to care about is getting Buck and the other Cool Kids to like him.

Sorry to any Lars fans reading this, but I just can’t find any reasons to like him yet. Maybe The New Lars will show me another side of him and I’ll change my opinion, but for now this is how it is.


9 characters I relate to!

Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)
Almighty Tallest Purple (Invader Zim)
Connie Maheswaran (Steven Universe)
Peter Parker/Spider Man (more specifically, how he was portrayed in Civil War) (Marvel)
Leo Valdez (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) (I had to find fanart of him since he’s a book character and the PJO official art is aWFUL like notoriously awful heheh. Art by viria!)
Skywarp (Transformers Animated)
Benny (The Lego Movie)
Fred (Big Hero 6)
Lowery Cruthers (Jurassic World)

this was super fun but also super hard to do lmao. If any of ya wanna know why I chose these guys feel free to ask!! :0 I don’t get to talk to y’all’s much whoops

I’m gonna actually tag people for this this time let’s do @toykniife @pyrokineticprincess @cauletous-recadency @fangirlandtheories and @oliviikate Y’ALL’S ARE UP

Just purchased my photo op with Billy Boyd O.O Getting a little overwhelmed that THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I stg if he cancels I’m going to cry in my room for like a month this is sooo important to me T.T

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Okay now I really need to see Batmom and Batman fighting at a league meeting and someone(maybe Question?) calling out their bs. Think you can do it? Please and thanks!

I don’t think you guys understand just how much I love the Question … like he is one of my all time favorite characters and I just can’t understand why, but I really like him. Then again, I’ve always been like that I love these geeky characters that no one ever really thinks twice about … or seem to anyway. So this has been added to the list.

minkwaif  asked:

Hello I'm just wanna say you are a hella awesome mink cosplayer he's like one of my favorite characters anyways I'm was wondering if you were going to cons in the near future?

Thankyou !
I’ve had a biiig break but will try do him or more dmmd characters.
I think the only cons I’ll be at this year will be in the Uk, London and maybe Birmingham

This is the continuation of a meta I posted on my Instagram...

…Because I’m so tired of how much the fandom is ignoring this really important part of the plot.

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