anyways can you believe that besides willhelm everyone grew and saw through their mistakes and learned from them but willhelm is literally still out there making it all about his feelings and makes noora feel like shit because i can and he literally is an asshole i’m sorry but there’s no way to excuse his behaviour any longer, it’s always just about him and his feelings and he left noora alone again and drowned himself in work because he was so disappointed in her and he literally learned nothing at all

please imagine fahc early days where its Jack who takes in Michael, much in a similar way to how Geoff takes in Gav. where Jack finds the stray maybe in a bar fight, maybe racing cars, maybe just off the street. Where Jack takes him in, asks him to join their tiny little crew, help run heists and jobs with them. The one who gives him a place to stay with her, showing more trust in him than he’s probably experienced in years. Showing more gentleness to him, a kind privacy than Michael understands.

And its Jack who is able to break through Michael’s guard dog front. The first to get him to drop it, to get him to feel comfortable to let his guard drop. To let him speak back however he wants without fear of punishment. To let him learn that he doesn’t need to always be the silent soldier the crews he’s grown up in has forced him to be.

And its Jack who helps Michael with the anger that comes with that deeply infused soldier mentality. Because once he slowly learns to be himself again, once he slowly learns to be a normal human again, there is just this unrelenting fury to replace it. It’s terrifying, the anger that fills him. Anger for every person who mistreated him, for everything thats been done to him. But Jack is there to help him through it all. She’ll silent direct him to the gym to work it off, drive him to the shooting range to scream and shout as he shoots, hand him explosives as they stand outside some old buildings set for teardown, letting him see the destruction he needs, feel the earth rumble beneath his feet, see the fire consume the world around him.

Its Jack who listens to his rants, lets him ramble and rave, just sits silently besides him. She never speaks until he’s done, never tells him to stop, never tells him to shut up, even when the rants can last during the entire night. She never judges and more importantly never gives him pity. Understanding yes, sorrow at whats been taken from him, whats been done to him, but never pity. And when he’s done, when the shouts bleeds to whimpers bleeds to sobs, she’ll gently wrap her arms around her, hold him tightly. She’ll gently remind him thats its all over now, that his future is better with whatever he wants to do with it. She won’t comment on the tears other than handing him some tissues, she’ll give him the space he needs to piece himself back together. And she does it all expecting nothing in return. 

Its her patience and kindness that gets Michael to stay with the crew, join the family that was starting, and breeds the terrifying Mogar that grows out of it.

this is not goodbye
this is not the end
this is good luck

Today’s a day that a lot of us have been dreading for a long time. Today, TOP begins his military service. There’s a lot of emotion going around at the moment as the prospect of no TOP for two years becomes reality.

But I am not sad. Sure I worry for his health and safety, but that’s a natural part of my anxious nature. Instead, I see this as a day of courage. TOP, like every able-bodied man in Korea, has a duty to his country to fulfil. It is a scary thing to face, not only for us but for him too. We’ve seen him lose weight and heard stories of his tears and it hurt my heart to have seen him like this.

We all have to face frightening things in our life. For example, I have an intense phobia of needles. Everything about them - the sharpness, the cold steel, the pain and invasion of my body - makes me want to run and hide and never face them. But I also know that vaccinations are vital to protecting not only my health but the health of others around me through herd immunity. So no matter how scared I am of needles, I still get them. Because it’s something that needs to be done.

See this time of TOP’s service as a vaccination. It’s important for him to do for his country and even though you may not want him to go away, it has to happen. And, like vaccinations, it’ll be over before you even know it.

TOP is a strong, loyal, capable man and even though it’s only the first day, I am already so proud of him. I hope he will serve well and stay healthy and happy throughout these next 2 years.

Good luck, Choi Seunghyun. <3

Gafou AU where gaston is a patient who comes to therapy for anger management and lefou is a patient who comes to therapy for sexuality crises

they meet in the waiting room

♥GLORIA_Hampstead Theatre

I’m alive.
I survived.
My soul is at peace now. I saw Colin Morgan a few meters from me… live, during his performance, saw how wonderful he is and how he’s great as an actor. Well, all the actors were so brilliant!!! The whole play was so wonderful!
But when he got up on stage my heart dropped on the floor…
It’s not like to see him on pc, on tv, it was really a big emotion! He’s wonderful….. ok, and a lovely dollophead because he didn’t come out for autographs but anyway I’m so happy!!! 
Go to see his play, really!!! He’s so beautiful! 

thank you @elokid per avermi convinta ad andare a vedere Gloria ♥


carwood lipton
requested by @seeungri

not to be That Guy but

Meg Giry is a well-developed character with a crucial role in the plot of The Phantom of the Opera, and her relationship to the whole Opera Ghost situation is already unique and important without her being headcanoned as Secretly In Love With Erik The Whole Time, or pitted against Christine, her best friend whom she loved dearly and would never have hurt


From the first day I met you, you never let anything go. You’re the most stubborn, on track person I know. You stick to your guns and I’ve always admired that about you. This… This is the first thing you ever let go of something, especially something so fundamentally important to you. Wanting a big happy family is in your blood, your family’s blood, your ancestors blood. Something I never thought you’d compromise, but at that dinner with your parents before our wedding, I realised how much I mean to you.

- S