For those of you who don’t know me I’m a severely mentally ill trans dude (autistic, bipolar, ptsd, adhd) celebrating his third month of testosterone, and am starting school for the first time in three years.. My general relief money (while I’m waiting for SSI) has been cut off for a few weeks now + wont start again until October and I have yet to get my financial aid due to a mailing/reissuing error and I’m desperate to get my school supplies, and since I have art classes it’s a little expensive.. I have some prints of my glitch art and one illustration available, they’re 10 dollars each with 5 dollar shipping (will combine of course!!) the smaller square ones are 10″x10″ and the larger ones are 10″x12″-14″ and they’re on a thick cardstock paper. ((also for those who do know me who are wondering, I am currently on a waiting list for a service pupper : > ))
Here are the ones I have available..! 

I’m not taking print requests currently, as these are ones I have left over from my art show with @akikoworkart and I have no money to print others. All orders come with a hand written thank you note and one lucky person will get an old traditional drawing of mine.. Please spread this if you can’t buy.. even when my general relief comes back on I only have around 30 bucks to myself to keep after rent, and it gets really hard. Thank you. (the green and orange marks are NOT on the prints, just for labeling. the prints look just as vibrant as the originals, trust me! 


Okay,I know this isn’t anything matsu related and that this blog is tiny but I need as many reblogs as possible.

Recently,there has been a man on instagram who’s obsessed with Marzia and even says that she’s in love with him.Whether he’s mentally unstable,or that he’s just playing a prank,we need to play safe. ( @/ angryanalyangus )

I am extremely worried about Marzia’s safety.Please don’t let another case of “fans killing idols” happen again.Remember what happened to Christina Grimmie? Please,I beg all of you,help keep Marzia safe.

I’m not saying this because I love her or that I’m biased or anything,but I don’t want to see another innocent life lost,again.

Please help.



Please Help / Signal Boost

TL;DR version: I am a mentally and physically disabled transgender autistic who is spending more on bills each month than I am taking in. I have a small savings account which is almost empty. I WILL BE HOMELESS IN JANUARY. I need to earn the difference, which is several hundred dollars, just to keep myself and my trans girlfriend and our dogs off the streets. More details on how to help me are included below, cut for length and  triggers. If anyone could please signal boost this post it would mean the world to me!

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guys hi, I’m in a HUGE bind right now, I got a text from my parents telling me that I’m in a negative balance of -$785 right now. im in full panic mode because I can barely breathe, I can’t pay this right now because I have NO FUNDS in my bank at all ( obviously ) && I can’t pay it until God knows. My overdraft fees are doubling every possible day I leave it.

i’ve contacted my bank && they told me to contact the other bank && i’m currently sitting in a 15+ minute hold && getting nowhere && finally speaking to a person they said thy couldn’t find shit because i don’t have a card yet. i’m being transferred from department to department with no resolution && the clock is ticking til i get another overdraft charge. 

edit as im writing this: the bank i’ve been on hold with has no information of me doing anything && thus i’ve probably been frauded : )

so essentially i’m pretty fucked right now. 

i REALLY NEED HELP to get out of this overdraft badly since i’m getting the feeling things won’t really go down well.

i’m taking any donations right now from 1 dollar to anything at this point —- with a donation please contact me && you will get some icons or a graphic in return as thanks. if you cannot donate please reblog this, im so fucked right now && stressed to the max.

my paypal for donations is megatronofficial@hotmail.com

i’ll keep you all posted with updates as things progress. 


it seems like everybody prefers he tian x mo guanshan but i don’t??? like yeah i fucking love them but i still prefer jian yi and zhan zhengxi. i think their story is beautiful and deep and i love it so much. maybe it’s because jian yi is my favorite or something or because i’m weird but i really do prefer the main pairing.