Killing Hex

Pairing : Percival Graves x Reader

Request :  Hey :) I wanted to ask if I could request one where the reader broke up with Percival because he’s constantly working and he really regrets that and tries to get her back? Cute and a little smutty maybe? Only if you’re comfortable with that! :) ❤

Warnings : The f bomb is dropped.


You broke up with Percival Graves two weeks ago. 

And the both of you weren’t doing so well. 

It had all been too much. He would cancel dates last minute, not pay attention to your romantic gestures, he barely even talked to you. You tried to understand his situation.  He was after all the big bad Director of Magical Security, a post that came with a plateful of responsibilities. 

But, you weren’t exactly walking though field of roses either. Being in charge of crime investigations required the same amount of dedication and work. And yet, you still found the time for him, trying hard to save what’s left of your 9 months relationship. 

Then, it got too one sided that enough was enough. The worst part was that you were sure you were in love with the man. But, loving a man who didnt have time to return your feelings wasn’t ideal. 

The image of kissing his cheek, muttering how you didn’t want to hold him back anymore, how you wanted more than what was going on what still fresh on your mind. 

Now you weren’t sure if you could handle this much attention. There was countless enchanted messages that were being sent to you asking for forgiveness, for a second chance. Percival would try to reason with you, pass lingering looks in meetings.

At first, you felt angry and bad for him at the same time. Then when the anger faded,  you decided to have some fun with it, basically wanting him to feel how you did when you was in his position. 


A whip of air surrounded you as you apparated to the scene. ‘Look for anything that indicates Grindelwald himself was here.’ you ordered your team members. ‘ Be safe, guys.’ Three of them nodded in response, quickly running of to different directions with their wand at guard.

You held your wand in your left hand as you forcibly pushed pass the remains of blown up wood and glass. You had arrived on the scene after receiving information that Grindelwald’s fanatics had caused another commotion, but this time they left behind a big clue, so naturally it seeked your expertise.

Your grip tightened on your phoenix feather wand when you caught a glimpse of another person standing ahead of you, wearing what looked like a long black cloak. 

You quietly tiptoed towards the person, making sure to not make any sound because the mysterious figure clearly was one of MACUSA’s. You could make it out just by the way the person was standing, far from your but wand at the ready for attack. 

Then it all happened so fast. In a split of a second, a streak of green light was aimed towards you from the unfamiliar figure, and an usual twirling sensation from an apparation took over, all before you could counter attack the owner of the hex.

‘What the hell were you thinking?!’ a deep, panicked voice asked you, holding onto your arm roughly. 

That voice. 

You didn’t have to look up to know Percival had apparated you from the scene, hiding the both of you in a small storeroom in the restaurant. 

You quickly pulled your arm away. ‘What the hell did you do? I almost had him!’ you exclaimed, annoyed. 

‘That was an death hex. What if you missed your aim back?’ Percival asked, reaching towards your arm to examine for any injuries. 

‘What do you care, anyways?’ You asked, gruffly. 

He immediately stopped his actions, took a step back and leaned back against a wall. ‘I don’t usually miss the opportunity catching an outlaw for someone I didnt love.’

Your heart stopped slighty a the word that he had said with no difficutly, hesistation or whatsoever. 

Not knowing how to react even after 5 seconds of awkward silence, you cleared your throat, tearing your gaze away from him. ‘I think… I er think they should have le-left.’ You weakly muttered out, hands on the doorknob. You had to get away from him, to think and process what he had just said.

A hand held your wrist, stopping you from leaving. ‘ I am sorry for how I allowed the relationship to turn out. But, I love you. And with that, I promise you that from now on, things will be different when it comes to us. You have to believe me.’

You were about to walk away and ignore his pleads, but a small voice in your mind remimded you that you wanted him back just as much as he wanted you. And, it was time to forgive.

 ‘Oh, fuck it.’ you heard yourself whisper out as you pulled him by the collar, crashing your lips to his.  

The both of you stumbled in  small space, your hands eagerly pushing his coat off.

Both of his hands cupped your face, deepening the kiss. Percival pushed you further against storeroom wall, pulling your hair to another side, kissing the bare skin on your neck. His hands clumsily unbuttoned your white button down as his mouth lightly sucked on the skin below your ear.

‘Good, because I love you too.’ You confessed, your right palm tangling themselves in his hair. His hands lifted your right leg, holding it at the side if his waist as he pushed against you, heating up the moment even more.

A sharp bang on the door caused you two to pull apart. ‘Oh, we were looking all over for you Mr Gra-’ you heard Tina’s come to a halt when her eyes widened at the sight of your half unbuttoned shirt and Percival’s messed up hair, coat and tie thrown on the floor. 

‘Well, I’m err. I’m going to pretend this never happened.’ Tina said, throwing a wink at you before shutting the door close in a hurry.

A small giggle erupted from you at her reaction as you pulled Percival by the collar back to you, a smirk plating at his lips. 

‘Where were we?’

A/N: I HOPE I DID JUSTICE TO YOUR REQUEST DEAR ANON ! PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU LIKE IT. Not gonna lie, this took a lot of editing so that’s why it came out rather late. The first one was too smutty and she sounded wayyy to clingy in the second one. But, feedback is really appreciated. Also, guys send in requests! I would love to write more for yall. 

Blanket Fort - Joshler

Josh takes Tyler gently by the hand and leads him into the bedroom where Josh begins gathering pillows and blankets in his arms. He hands Tyler a small stack of blankets and Josh decides to carry several pillows into the living room where Josh began to construct a fort around the TV.
Josh pushed the couch closer to the TV, spinning it around so he could use it to drape the blankets over. The whole fort took maybe thirty minutes because Josh wanted everything to be perfect, despite Tyler telling him the fort was perfect 15 minutes ago.
Josh then places the pillows inside of the canopy and arranges them into a comfortable makeshift bed. He smiles to himself when he’s finished, he’s actually proud of it. He allows Tyler to climb inside first and he immediately lights up like a Christmas tree. His eyes were wide open, it was too cute and Josh couldn’t stop biting his tongue in that silly smile he always does.
He lets Tyler adjust for a moment before Tyler pokes his head out of the entrance. He’s smiling so big, he’s completely speechless. Josh kneels down to join him in the fort, but before he does, Tyler very quickly kisses Josh’s lips and duck’s back inside. The kiss happens so fast that Josh can’t comprehend what Tyler just did until he found himself being tugged inside of the fort by his forearm.
“C'mon Jishua!” Tyler encouraged.
He was already lying down across half of the pillows, so Josh took up the spot behind him. For some reason, Josh was so anxious. He was afraid to lie behind his best friend. It was the first time Josh had felt so anxious in Tyler’s presence and he wasn’t completely sure why, but it only intensified when Josh lied down. They were too close for Josh to rest his arm on the pillows and he didn’t want to make himself, or Tyler, uncomfortable by putting his arm around his friend.
When Tyler didn’t feel Josh’s arm around him he felt a little a disappointed. He wanted Josh to cuddle him so bad. So Tyler gathered his courage and turned around. He nuzzled into Josh’s chest and he gently draped his arm over Josh’s middle. A small smile crept across his lips, he was so smitten.
Josh, however, was in panic mode. His heart started racing because now that he’s this close to Tyler he’s suddenly forgotten how to breathe. Tyler is so soft and fragile against him, and Josh loves him so much, but of course, not in the way Tyler loved him. But Tyler was cuddling even closer now, and even though Josh was shaking terribly, he put his arm around Tyler. At Josh’s soft touch Tyler sighed and relaxed deeper into Josh’s chest, moving his legs closer with the intent to tangle between Josh’s. Josh stiffens. He can’t help but thinking about just how close Tyler is.
Tyler hums softly and now that he has Josh’s attention, he slide closer so their bodies are pressed completely together. He hooks his leg around Josh’s because he’s never been able to be this close to Josh before, and he wants to act upon every urge he’s had since day one because he’s wanted to express his feelings for Josh for so long and now they’re flooding out all at once.
Tyler could hear Josh’s heart racing, so Tyler hums a a little louder for Josh to hear while he slowly began rub Josh’s back up and down, dragging his nails softly against the fabric every once in a while. Josh began to relax into the smaller boy and he even found himself sighing at Tyler’s touch because to Josh, this moment was much more intimate than sex.
Josh’s eyes drifted closed at the sensation of Tyler’s nails gently dragging over his T-shirt. He was shapes on Josh’s back as he scratched and Tyler could hear Josh humming back at his touch. It made him smile wider and he wanted to get every hum out of Josh that he could, so he slid his hand beneath the hem of Josh’s shirt and scratched directly onto his skin.
Josh held Tyler a little tighter around his waist and he leaned his head back to get a better look at Tyler with a contented smile. “Mmm,” He hums groggily. “You keep doing that and I might fall asleep.”
This makes Tyler’s heart jump. He looks up at Josh and he smiles innocently, and seeing the way Josh was lying before him made Tyler he really wants to kiss him, but he could still feel Josh’s heart thumping wildly in his chest. Oh god, he thinks. Tyler wants so badly to feel the gentle pressure of Josh’s mouth.
Tyler starts chewing his lower lip a bit and Josh immediately picks up on the nervous tic. He looks directly into Tyler’s soft eyes. “What’s wrong Ty?”
Tyler makes a split second decision to say what’s on his mind before he could talk himself out of it, because Josh looks so lovely. So Tyler sits up a bit, leaning into his elbow so he could look into Josh’s eyes. “Can, um,” Tyler suddenly becomes overwhelmed with nerves, himself. He looks away and begins to trace his fingers along Josh’s collarbones. The soft touch is totally driving Josh wild. “Can I…kiss you?”
The question gets Josh’s heart racing again but he gets stuck staring at Tyler’s lips and all he is be able to to is nod. Josh has never had the chance to actually kiss Tyler, and now that Tyler was asking to kiss him Josh couldn’t resist living out his thoughts.
Tyler slides his hand our from beneath Josh’s shirt and up to cup the back of Josh’s neck. He starts to play with the hair at the base of Josh’s neck as he to leaned closer. He could hear Josh’s breath hitching because he’s so nervous and he wants to be perfect for Tyler after keeping his feelings buried for so long.
As their lips begin to brush, Tyler whispers against Josh’s soft flesh, “It’s okay Josh, it’s me.” And before he kissed Josh he takes a second to watch the way Josh’s eyes hooded. He slides​ his fingers along Josh’s neck and into his hair, causing Josh to sigh and close his eyes.
Tyler already had a huge grin before he pressed his lips into Josh’s, and when he did Josh allowed himself to lean back against the pillows. He slid his hands up to Tyler shoulder blades to carefully guide him downwards, slotting their bodies together perfectly and Tyler’s other hand gently cup Josh’s cheek.
Tyler rubs his thumb gently on Josh’s cheek because he still can’t believe he’s finally kissing him. Josh mirrored Tyler’s awe by slowly running his hands down Tyler’s back to where his spine dipped. From the back of his throat Josh hummed loudly, making Tyler smile again into his lips. He hums and groans over and over because Tyler makes him so happy, and Tyler’s so infatuated with Josh and his sounds that he can’t help breaking their lips apart to stare.
Josh is breathless and Tyler drinks in every inch. His warm chocolate eyes, his blush-filled cheeks, his messy cotton candy pink hair, his kiss swollen lips, the hot skin of his cheeks beneath Tyler’s fingers; it’s all so perfect and Tyler can’t help himself from smiling.
He pressed their lips together almost as fast as he broke them apart, keeping the kiss gentle and they would naturally part their lips at the same time as if they’ve done it a million times before. They tangle their tongues together, keeping the kiss slow and loving as they explore and taste each other for the first time. Taking in the gentle flow they’ve created of swirling tongues and gently nibbling on lips drives Josh completely insane.
They get so lost in their kiss that even when a small line drool began to dribble down Josh’s chin, they didn’t stop.
They didn’t stop because kissing Tyler was so cathartic and it made Josh feel weightless. But Tyler noticed the line of moisture and he gently wipes away the streak with his thumb and a light giggle. Tyler’s laugh sounds so pure and so sweet to Josh that he definitely couldn’t help himself from kissing Tyler again, enveloping his lips in a series of soothing waves.
Josh rolls so they could both lie on their sides but Tyler was relentless and he refused to break their lips apart, so they lied there in the fort, completely ignoring the movie and kissing each other deeply until their lips eventually began to slow against one another and they both fell asleep with their noses pressed together.

You’re Late

Characters: Bucky/You

Description: I would really like an imagine about Bucky coming home late from a mission and you’re really worried about him. So when he finally gets home you two cuddle and it’s just very fluffy. Also if you could incorporate a height difference I’d  melt. Thank you and your writing is amazing btw 💜💜💜 (requested by anon)

A/N: This prompt is super cute! Thanks for requesting :)


“Where is he?” you mumbled to yourself, plopping down on the couch.

Bucky was supposed to be home almost 30 minutes ago.

Don’t worry too much yet, you told yourself. He’ll be home soon.


“Should I call Steve?” you wondered out loud. “Maybe he knows what’s going on…”


“Okay, that’s it, I’m calling Steve,” you sighed, picking up your phone. An hour and a half late is a reasonable time to worry, right?

“Hello?” Steve answered when he picked up his phone. His voice sounded groggy, and you instantly felt bad.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you up?” you asked.

“I was just about to go to bed, so it’s fine. What’s up, y/n?”

“Bucky was supposed to be home an hour and a half ago, and I’m starting to get really worried about him,” you explained. “He’s usually never late, so this is really weird for me.”

Steve was quiet for a moment, considering how he should reply. Finally he said, “Try not to worry. Sometimes there are complications on the way home, but everything ends up okay. He’ll be home before you know it, alright?”

“Okay,” you sighed. “If he isn’t home by 1:00, is it okay if I-”

You paused mid-sentence, hearing the door open. “y/n?” you heard a voice call, and you broke out into a smile.

“Never mind, he’s home!” you said to Steve, hearing him laugh before you hung up. You threw your phone on the couch and stood up, smiling even wider when you saw Bucky standing less than 10 feet away from you.

“Bucky!” you exclaimed, running towards him.

“God, y/n, I missed you so much,” he whispered, picking you up and holding you tight.

The two of you stayed in that position for almost a minute, before you said, “Aren’t you tired?”

Bucky set you down before answering, “I’m more tired than I have been in a really long time.”

Without saying anything, you took your boyfriend’s hand and led him to the bedroom, letting him get undressed before the two of you crawled into bed.

Bucky’s arms instantly wrapped around you, and you were pulled into his chest. Your legs were intertwined with his, and your face was pressed against his shoulder.

“Why do I have to be so short?” you grumbled, scooting up so that your face was in front of his.

“I think it’s cute!” he smiled, kissing your forehead and squeezing you lightly.

The two of you were quiet for a few minutes, just enjoying each other’s company.

Breaking the silence, you told him, “I’m glad you’re back.”

“Believe me, I am, too,” Bucky agreed, smiling in contentment. He was finally back in your arms, and everything felt right.

A/N: Okay this one is kinda short, so I apologize. Some of you have probably seen the post about my mom, so you guys know what I’m going through. I’m going to continue to post imagines, though, so don’t worry! Thanks for you guys’ support :)

dating calum probably:

• sending ur recent emojis to one another over text
• him asking for nudes constantly which leads to u constantly saying no each time
• (( but u end up sending him some anyway ))
• him getting customised temporary tattoos for u bc ur too scared to get a real one
• lots of hand holding
• teaching u how to play bass
• football lessons
• him being effortlessly cute
• always staring at u and saying “ god how did i get so lucky”
• tight hugs
• him flexing in front of u 25/8
• begging u to give him a lap dance even tho u just gave him one 15 minutes ago
• him sneakily putting unnecessary shit in the trolley at the groceries whilst ur looking away
• u telling him to put it back
• but he ends up getting his own way bc i mean have u seen that pout n those big brown eyes ??
• him being the little shit he is and smirking afterwards
• him texting u endless amounts of “hi"s whenever u are giving him the silent treatment
• giving him blowies & handles during slow traffic cuz u were both bored
• ice cream dates
• picnic dates
• pizza dates
• cinema dates
• basically just loads of dates
• adopting like 34567 dogs
• u being amazed by how pretty his hands are
• “babe they’re just hands”
• promise rings / necklaces
• u siding with the boys whenever they make fun out of calum
• apologising to him by letting him adopt another dog ((( or sex ))))

Jongin with his friends at an internet cafe

jongin came to this internet cafe with his non-celeb friends and a korean guy who says it was his first time seeing a celeb that close got his autograph and he was impressed by him for something random.

This guy’s working there and he got Jongin’s autograph.


He left about twenty minutes ago.

He was playing lol (league of legends) with his two friends who are not celebs. He bought bongbong and yakwa (TN: they’re my favorite snacks too ㅠ_ㅠ)

They were here for about three hours. No girls with them and he was acting just like a normal boy..like a boy next door.

It was my first time seeing a celeb this close so i couldn’t really look at him directly but i could hear them.

But seriously he seemed like really nice. he was losing and it was sooo bad but he kept saying ‘ let’s 즐겜’ (gamer slang : literally means enjoying/having fun gaming) and told his friends it’s okay. He didn’t even swear. He was so chill and nice. If it was me, i would’ve given up that game a long time ago but he didn’t. He was enjoying it until the end. 


anonymous asked:

How about firefighter Kagami meeting his s/o when he has to save them because they got stuck in a tree trying to save that cat that is also stuck. You're doing amazing with the blog, too. Thank you so much for doing these.

fuck this is so cute omg kagabae would fall in love at first sight.

Kagami stared at you hanging off from a branch, holding onto a cat and passing it down to the kid, only to find yourself in a compromising position. “Oops,” you huffed, wondering how the hell you were going to get down from there.

Just twenty minutes ago, you were watching a kid look up a tree, gesturing for whatever it was to come down. You stood next to him as he urged his cat, Lazerballs (surprise surprise, and yes lazer with a z), to come down. Then he started crying. Oh crap, oh crap. “Okay, okay. Calm down. Let me see if I can get it for you, yeah?” You smiled, trying to reassure the kid – and yourself – that everything was going to go as planned.

Halfway up the surprisingly not-so-short tree, you began to wonder how you were going to get down. Oh well, that’s a thought for another time – specifically, five minutes later. You reached to the highest branch where the kitten sat peacefully. This little demon. Attempting to grab it, the kitten hissed at you, holding out its claws. Jeez, you were just trying to help.

After a while, this became a spectacle, including for professional firefighter, Kagami, who just happened to be on duty. He was walking down the street when he noticed a bunch of people staring up a tree. Curiously, he walked over there too only to find you trying to pull off the cat that was clawing at your shirt. “Ow! Stop that you dumb cat!” You growled at the kitten and the kitten glared back at you. You decided to flip to your front and hang from the tree, handing the kitten back.

And that was when you realized the grand mistake you had made. “Shit,” you cursed. Kagami watched in amusement though, his lips twitching slightly. Really, how could anyone hang on in that kind of position? You were hanging upside down and swinging around your arms to try and get the nearest branch to pull yourself either up or down. “A little help?” You asked the audience but most of them began to walk away.

Huffing, you hung there for a little while, wondering what the hell to do then, when your knight in a black t-shirt came up. “Jump down,” he ordered gruffly. Hell no. He was terrifying with his flaming red hair and spiky eyebrows? “Come on. I’ll catch you.”

“How do I know you won’t drop me—“

“I’m a firefighter.”

“Once you catch me.” You finished. “Like on my head or something, just for fun.”

He barked out a laugh, “Really? Why would I do that?”

“’Cause you look scary and evil.” You stuck out your tongue at him.

Kagami’s lips quirked up on each side. He wasn’t even trying to hide his amusement anymore at this point. “Alright then, I’ll be going.” He took slow steps towards the sidewalk when you called out, telling him to wait. He turned around and raised an eyebrow at you. The jerk. “Can I help you?”

“Fine, catch me.” You huffed. He waited, crossing his arms over his chest. Rolling your eyes, you sarcastically added. “Please.” With a smirk, he stepped down beneath the tree and held out his arms. “Really, that’s all you’re going to do? Can you get me a trampoline instead? Isn’t that safer? Where’s your ladder, firefighter? Hey, that almost rhymed.” You rambled when you were scared and at that point, you were scared shitless.

It was his turn to roll his eyes. “Just jump. I’ll catch you. I’m a professional.”

You took a deep breath, closed your eyes and let yourself fall, shrieking the whole way, only to land on a pair of strong, muscly arms. Opening your eyes, you thanked God that you survived that and pledged to avoid cats in trees forever. The next thing you said to him was: “Do you use that line on everybody?”

And that was the story of how your lovely tale began. The next week, though, after two dates, you called him on his phone. “Sweetie, I’ve got a problem.”

“Again? Really?”

“The old lady looked like she was going to cry with her pet lemur up there okay!”

Felicity was breathing through her mouth, mostly to avoid the smell of the ocean that had started giving her a headache ten minutes ago. She liked the beach all right, when it was sunny out and she was shoulders deep in cool water. But that wasn’t in the cards for their sunset stroll.

She checked her date out from the corner of her eyes and bit her lip. He was handsome; he knew it too, but confidence could be attractive when it was balanced right. They met, as cliched as it was, in a coffee shop. If she’d known visiting her aunt for the summer would mean cute boys, she might not have complained to her mom so much about going.

Eh, she was here now, and on a date with a boy whose smile made her heart leap up into her throat.

“So. Is this where you take all your dates?” she wondered, arching a brow at him as she walked in the surf, her sandles hanging from one finger. 

Arms tucked behind his back, Oliver shrugged. "Honestly, I’m pretty sure the beach is more romantic in theory. Sour fish smell, sand everywhere, not the best place for a first date… Probably not my best plan.“ 

She laughed under her breath. "No, probably not." 

"Definitely not good for a first kiss either. The boardwalk, maybe. If I push my luck.”

“Smells a bit up there too,” she reminded. 

“So no kiss. Yet.” He looked over at her, half-smiling. “How about a race?” He pointed down the long line of the beach, where seagulls swooped down toward the sand and over the water. “You win, I’ll take you wherever you want. I win, you pretend I didn’t come up with such a terrible date idea and give me a second chance to think up something better." 

She nodded. "Deal.”

Rubbing his hands together, he said, “All right, so on the count of–”

“Go!” Felicity was off like a shot, laughing all the while. 

“That’s called cheating,” he shouted after her, amused as he quickly caught up to her. 

Felicity merely laughed. She didn’t really care who won. She ran down the beach, smiling, and knew, at some point tonight, she was going to kiss him. And she didn’t care where that kiss happened, as long as it did. 

watching sassy go go


Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo were so easy to ship. they’re fucking cute and Ha Joon and Kim Yeol are so fucking easy to ship, they’re ride or die and now Ha Joon and Yeon Doo?

they’re cute too. i’m mad.