Boyfriend Kino
  • the sweetest boy
  • will keep you smiling all the time
  • tickle fights 24/7
  • tries to teach you dances
  • snuggly boy
  • falls asleep on you
  • “you look so pretty”
  • “wow you look beautiful”
  • “I’m so lucky
  • flirts so much but still a little shy about it
  • cute jokes
  • shares food with you
  • hugs you from behind while you cook (or just anytime really)
  • as caring as a mom
  • loves kissing so much
  • will make up any excuse to kiss you
  • “your lips looked cold”
  • “it’s been too long since we kissed”
  • “hyunggu we kissed like five minutes ago”
  • “that’s still too long”
  • “can we get a puppy? or like seven?”
  • you’ll probably end up with twenty dogs tbh
  • hums or sings softly to relax you
  • tummy rubs
  • back rubs
  • more snuggling
  • he wants your attention all the time
  • if you aren’t paying attention to him, he’ll pout and lay on top of you until you do
  • cute nicknames
  • shoulder kisses
  • looks at you and admires you a lot
  • cute dates at comfy cafes
  • matching sweaters
  • taking lots of cute pictures together
  • saying “I love you” over and over
  • everyone is jealous of your relationship
  • you’ll constantly love how cute he is
  • you can’t ever stay mad at him
  • it’s literally impossible
  • gives tummy kisses if your stomach hurts
  • the ideal boyfriend
  • his smile is just bright and wonderful
  • he would make you so happy
  • he tries his best for you
  • and it works
  • basically, he’s the sweetest boy and you will love him forever

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But do you remember this post from 54 minutes ago (or however long it’ll be until I post this)??

I was picturing it as a Shallura AU and j ust

Shiro would be the perfect baker. Per. fect.

Meanwhile, Allura would 100% kill a man to keep that independent bakery with the cute owner and the to-die-for croissants afloat.

Just think. Allura has been chatting with Shiro every morning for months when she comes in to get a breakfast, and maybe every other day on her lunch break, too. So, when he starts looking more and more haggard, more and more thin and gaunt, she notices. And when she walks in one morning and sees him with his back to the door, practically begging someone over the phone to please not close down his bakery and sounding on the verge of an emotional breakdown, she just marches over, snatches the phone from his hands, and by the time she gives it back five minutes later she’s negotiated one more month to get the bakery up and running.

I just

I want a slow burn fic about this young businesswoman who probably is heir to the huge company AlteaCorp (much to Shiro’s surprise, because damn, he knows her as the cute girl who shows up every morning for a croissant) helping out this small-time bakery owner who probably is an amputee war vet (much to Allura’s surprise, because damn, she knows him as the cute boy who makes the delicious croissants). They work on the advertising together. Allura helps him find part-time help by introducing some dirt-poor college students. Lance is great with the customers, and can probably convince them to triple their order if he wants to, even if he does tend to be a bit flirty. Keith does busywork, but he’s actually good at it; anything that can be summarized with fairly simple instructions, he does quickly and efficiently. Hunk is practically as good of a baker as Shiro is, and they perfect some recipes together. And soon enough Pidge is spending all of her time hanging around, buying muffins and peanut-butter cookies every few hours and quickly becoming their best customer.

Allura helps him turn this tiny bakery barely breaking even into this huge phenomenon that everyone starts talking about with their friends, and, at the end of the month, instead of getting kicked out, he’s approached by someone who wants to open up a second location across town, and he just??? cries and hugs Allura, thanking her over and over??? Because after he lost his arm, and after the army, and after the war, he just wanted to open up the little bakery of his dreams and live a more normal life. But he had been so sure that he wasn’t going to make it once the bakery started going under. And she was the one who dragged him out of the ashes.

And then Allura is like, “You know how you can thank me? …With one of those croissants.” And they sit at the one free table and eat croissants together and just talk while Lance wolf-whistles loudly, Keith eavesdrops not-so-subtly, Pidge keeps wiggling her eyebrows at them from across the room, and Hunk is in the back, tearing up and getting really emotional because his OTP is canon.

You can’t take this away from me.