Jongin with his friends at an internet cafe

jongin came to this internet cafe with his non-celeb friends and a korean guy who says it was his first time seeing a celeb that close got his autograph and he was impressed by him for something random.

This guy’s working there and he got Jongin’s autograph.


He left about twenty minutes ago.

He was playing lol (league of legends) with his two friends who are not celebs. He bought bongbong and yakwa (TN: they’re my favorite snacks too ㅠ_ㅠ)

They were here for about three hours. No girls with them and he was acting just like a normal boy..like a boy next door.

It was my first time seeing a celeb this close so i couldn’t really look at him directly but i could hear them.

But seriously he seemed like really nice. he was losing and it was sooo bad but he kept saying ‘ let’s 즐겜’ (gamer slang : literally means enjoying/having fun gaming) and told his friends it’s okay. He didn’t even swear. He was so chill and nice. If it was me, i would’ve given up that game a long time ago but he didn’t. He was enjoying it until the end. 



Been a crap day and just got my computer working….sort of.   

PewDiePie tweeted this out earlier today (20Sept16). Got stuck in my brain.

Still can’t get photoshop and lightroom to run so don’t know about photos this week.

I blocked half pewds handle for today just because I seriously dislike the word he used (Yes, that’s my hang up)

Edit (22Sept16)

@pewdie  (PewDiePie)  just uploaded this video…..too cute.

Also his twitter handle today

about 20 minutes ago it was Jacksepticeye@pewdiepie   


So here’s the story:

(It’s Christmas today, Hiccup and Jack are going to celebrate in X’mas costumes. Jack is already dressed in Santa suit while Hiccup is still inside the room getting changed.)

Jack: Hiccup? Is everything’s fine back there?

Hiccup: Y-yes, I’m coming…

Jack: You said it 15 minutes ago, let me take a look.

(Jack goes to see how Hiccup is doing)

Hiccup: Hey! W-wait, you didn’t even knock!

Jack: C’mon, I don’t have to knock…(he is like I’m your boyfriend so why would i knock)

(Hiccup actually finished changing already, but is too embarrassed to come out)

Jack: (stares at the reindeer costume) ……Oh. My. God. Hiccup, you’re so cu-

Hiccup: No! No no no no no! You don’t say THAT word to a viking! (blushed)

Jack: What’s the matter being cute? You’re always cute.

Hiccup: (with a face like alright, you said it anyway) -_-///

Jack: (comes up to Hiccup) Now, would you kindly take off your leg?

Hiccup: …This is getting weird (takes off his peg leg)

Jack: (shows Hiccup a package) TA-DA!!! Here, open it.

Hiccup: Oh, a present? I didn’t expect that-

(Hiccup opens the package and finds out what is inside)

Hiccup: …Well, didn’t expect THIS either…

Jack: What? THIS IS AWESOME!! Let me help you try it on!! (he is like YAAAYYY!! >:D)

Hiccup: Jack, where did you get this…?

Jack: I had a little help from North.

Hiccup: ……I thought you’re at the top of the naughty list?

Jack: You remember? We wiped the slate clean (with a smirk on his face)

Hiccup: Right……

Jack: Alright! Try walking with it (finishes the job with a satisfying smile)

Hiccup: Hm, it’s……quite nice I guess? (starts walking with the reindeer peg leg)

Jack: ……You know what, you are adorable.

Hiccup: Are you serious? With this? (means the reindeer costume)

Jack: Yes >:3

Hiccup: Okay, if you think so……(grabs Jack’s waist)

Jack: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA omg those ears- (starts to laugh at the reindeer headband)

Hiccup: Enough talking (kisses Jack)

Jack: (surprised by the sudden kiss but naturally kisses back)

Hiccup: Merry Christmas (smiles warmly at Jack)

Jack: M-merry Christmas///// (now he is the one blushing because Hiccup is too cute and attractive)


I think it kinda shows their intimate relationship with Jack adjusting the peg leg for Hiccup, so:D

You’re Late

Characters: Bucky/You

Description: I would really like an imagine about Bucky coming home late from a mission and you’re really worried about him. So when he finally gets home you two cuddle and it’s just very fluffy. Also if you could incorporate a height difference I’d  melt. Thank you and your writing is amazing btw 💜💜💜 (requested by anon)

A/N: This prompt is super cute! Thanks for requesting :)


“Where is he?” you mumbled to yourself, plopping down on the couch.

Bucky was supposed to be home almost 30 minutes ago.

Don’t worry too much yet, you told yourself. He’ll be home soon.


“Should I call Steve?” you wondered out loud. “Maybe he knows what’s going on…”


“Okay, that’s it, I’m calling Steve,” you sighed, picking up your phone. An hour and a half late is a reasonable time to worry, right?

“Hello?” Steve answered when he picked up his phone. His voice sounded groggy, and you instantly felt bad.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you up?” you asked.

“I was just about to go to bed, so it’s fine. What’s up, y/n?”

“Bucky was supposed to be home an hour and a half ago, and I’m starting to get really worried about him,” you explained. “He’s usually never late, so this is really weird for me.”

Steve was quiet for a moment, considering how he should reply. Finally he said, “Try not to worry. Sometimes there are complications on the way home, but everything ends up okay. He’ll be home before you know it, alright?”

“Okay,” you sighed. “If he isn’t home by 1:00, is it okay if I-”

You paused mid-sentence, hearing the door open. “y/n?” you heard a voice call, and you broke out into a smile.

“Never mind, he’s home!” you said to Steve, hearing him laugh before you hung up. You threw your phone on the couch and stood up, smiling even wider when you saw Bucky standing less than 10 feet away from you.

“Bucky!” you exclaimed, running towards him.

“God, y/n, I missed you so much,” he whispered, picking you up and holding you tight.

The two of you stayed in that position for almost a minute, before you said, “Aren’t you tired?”

Bucky set you down before answering, “I’m more tired than I have been in a really long time.”

Without saying anything, you took your boyfriend’s hand and led him to the bedroom, letting him get undressed before the two of you crawled into bed.

Bucky’s arms instantly wrapped around you, and you were pulled into his chest. Your legs were intertwined with his, and your face was pressed against his shoulder.

“Why do I have to be so short?” you grumbled, scooting up so that your face was in front of his.

“I think it’s cute!” he smiled, kissing your forehead and squeezing you lightly.

The two of you were quiet for a few minutes, just enjoying each other’s company.

Breaking the silence, you told him, “I’m glad you’re back.”

“Believe me, I am, too,” Bucky agreed, smiling in contentment. He was finally back in your arms, and everything felt right.

A/N: Okay this one is kinda short, so I apologize. Some of you have probably seen the post about my mom, so you guys know what I’m going through. I’m going to continue to post imagines, though, so don’t worry! Thanks for you guys’ support :)

Felicity was breathing through her mouth, mostly to avoid the smell of the ocean that had started giving her a headache ten minutes ago. She liked the beach all right, when it was sunny out and she was shoulders deep in cool water. But that wasn’t in the cards for their sunset stroll.

She checked her date out from the corner of her eyes and bit her lip. He was handsome; he knew it too, but confidence could be attractive when it was balanced right. They met, as cliched as it was, in a coffee shop. If she’d known visiting her aunt for the summer would mean cute boys, she might not have complained to her mom so much about going.

Eh, she was here now, and on a date with a boy whose smile made her heart leap up into her throat.

“So. Is this where you take all your dates?” she wondered, arching a brow at him as she walked in the surf, her sandles hanging from one finger. 

Arms tucked behind his back, Oliver shrugged. "Honestly, I’m pretty sure the beach is more romantic in theory. Sour fish smell, sand everywhere, not the best place for a first date… Probably not my best plan.“ 

She laughed under her breath. "No, probably not." 

"Definitely not good for a first kiss either. The boardwalk, maybe. If I push my luck.”

“Smells a bit up there too,” she reminded. 

“So no kiss. Yet.” He looked over at her, half-smiling. “How about a race?” He pointed down the long line of the beach, where seagulls swooped down toward the sand and over the water. “You win, I’ll take you wherever you want. I win, you pretend I didn’t come up with such a terrible date idea and give me a second chance to think up something better." 

She nodded. "Deal.”

Rubbing his hands together, he said, “All right, so on the count of–”

“Go!” Felicity was off like a shot, laughing all the while. 

“That’s called cheating,” he shouted after her, amused as he quickly caught up to her. 

Felicity merely laughed. She didn’t really care who won. She ran down the beach, smiling, and knew, at some point tonight, she was going to kiss him. And she didn’t care where that kiss happened, as long as it did. 

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How about firefighter Kagami meeting his s/o when he has to save them because they got stuck in a tree trying to save that cat that is also stuck. You're doing amazing with the blog, too. Thank you so much for doing these.

fuck this is so cute omg kagabae would fall in love at first sight.

Kagami stared at you hanging off from a branch, holding onto a cat and passing it down to the kid, only to find yourself in a compromising position. “Oops,” you huffed, wondering how the hell you were going to get down from there.

Just twenty minutes ago, you were watching a kid look up a tree, gesturing for whatever it was to come down. You stood next to him as he urged his cat, Lazerballs (surprise surprise, and yes lazer with a z), to come down. Then he started crying. Oh crap, oh crap. “Okay, okay. Calm down. Let me see if I can get it for you, yeah?” You smiled, trying to reassure the kid – and yourself – that everything was going to go as planned.

Halfway up the surprisingly not-so-short tree, you began to wonder how you were going to get down. Oh well, that’s a thought for another time – specifically, five minutes later. You reached to the highest branch where the kitten sat peacefully. This little demon. Attempting to grab it, the kitten hissed at you, holding out its claws. Jeez, you were just trying to help.

After a while, this became a spectacle, including for professional firefighter, Kagami, who just happened to be on duty. He was walking down the street when he noticed a bunch of people staring up a tree. Curiously, he walked over there too only to find you trying to pull off the cat that was clawing at your shirt. “Ow! Stop that you dumb cat!” You growled at the kitten and the kitten glared back at you. You decided to flip to your front and hang from the tree, handing the kitten back.

And that was when you realized the grand mistake you had made. “Shit,” you cursed. Kagami watched in amusement though, his lips twitching slightly. Really, how could anyone hang on in that kind of position? You were hanging upside down and swinging around your arms to try and get the nearest branch to pull yourself either up or down. “A little help?” You asked the audience but most of them began to walk away.

Huffing, you hung there for a little while, wondering what the hell to do then, when your knight in a black t-shirt came up. “Jump down,” he ordered gruffly. Hell no. He was terrifying with his flaming red hair and spiky eyebrows? “Come on. I’ll catch you.”

“How do I know you won’t drop me—“

“I’m a firefighter.”

“Once you catch me.” You finished. “Like on my head or something, just for fun.”

He barked out a laugh, “Really? Why would I do that?”

“’Cause you look scary and evil.” You stuck out your tongue at him.

Kagami’s lips quirked up on each side. He wasn’t even trying to hide his amusement anymore at this point. “Alright then, I’ll be going.” He took slow steps towards the sidewalk when you called out, telling him to wait. He turned around and raised an eyebrow at you. The jerk. “Can I help you?”

“Fine, catch me.” You huffed. He waited, crossing his arms over his chest. Rolling your eyes, you sarcastically added. “Please.” With a smirk, he stepped down beneath the tree and held out his arms. “Really, that’s all you’re going to do? Can you get me a trampoline instead? Isn’t that safer? Where’s your ladder, firefighter? Hey, that almost rhymed.” You rambled when you were scared and at that point, you were scared shitless.

It was his turn to roll his eyes. “Just jump. I’ll catch you. I’m a professional.”

You took a deep breath, closed your eyes and let yourself fall, shrieking the whole way, only to land on a pair of strong, muscly arms. Opening your eyes, you thanked God that you survived that and pledged to avoid cats in trees forever. The next thing you said to him was: “Do you use that line on everybody?”

And that was the story of how your lovely tale began. The next week, though, after two dates, you called him on his phone. “Sweetie, I’ve got a problem.”

“Again? Really?”

“The old lady looked like she was going to cry with her pet lemur up there okay!”

iKON reaction: gf being late for their date?

Hanbin: Really worried Hanbin trying to call you. “ Jagi, hurry up. It’s cold and I don’t wanna look like a kicked puppy in a restaurant.. “ 

Bobby: Bobby would be as late as you. “ I just got here, sorry I’m late. “ “ Oh, you are? I got here 2-3 minutes ago too, so I wouldn’t know. “ 

“ Aishh.. you’ve said 4PM and you’re here at 5?! “ Never let Jinhwan wait, he would go on a date with himself if you’re more than one hour late. 

Chanwoo would play angry but nothing can make him too serious. “ Sorry, Y/N-noona, I couldn’ help myself, you’re cute when you’re angry. “ 

Yunhyeong: Let’s get started ! You’re here so I don’t care you’re late. C’mon we’e having dinnet at my place since we’re late to our reservations. 

Donghyuk: He would wait, maybe buy a coffee and sit in that cafe . “ O, you got it herefinally. How was your day? Are you tired? “  

Junhoe: Very angry at first , super worried 2-3 minutes later. He may be a sass king but he’s good guy. “ O my god, I though you got into an accident or something. DONT YOU EVER BE LATE AGAIN. “ 

© gifs not mine.

– admin def-yoongi

Sweet Sam

Summary: You’re a hunter who’s been hanging out with Sam and Dean ever since they “saved” you from a ghost. Sam worries about your carefree lifestyle and feels like it’s his job to protect you.

This is my first Sam story! It was kind of hard to write because watching the show has put me in the mind set that Sam is just so cute and sweet, so I decided to just include that in the story lol.

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Sam, Reader

Pairing: SamXReader

Warnings: Cussing, maybe? Some kissing, nothing too naughty.

He’s waiting for you.

You splash cold water on your face. Your cheeks are hot and flushed, your body feels like it’s on fire. Less than 10 minutes ago he had come into your room. Less than 10 minutes ago he had taken off his shirt and offered you the deal of a lifetime.

10 minutes earlier…

“Sam, what’s up? It’s really late, you okay?” You had been lying in bed half asleep when he walked in without knocking.

He had stared down at you, and you became painfully aware that you were only wearing white lace panties and a matching tank top. He seemed upset, even a little angry. You sit up quickly and ask again, “Sam, what’s up?”

He swallows hard. He seems nervous. “Well, um, it’s like this, Y/N. I can’t keep worrying about you.” 

You blink in surprise. “What are you talking about, Sammy? I’m fine.”

“Don’t call me that. I’m not a little kid.” He snaps. 

You stare up at him in surprise. “Sorry. You gonna tell me what you’re talking about? I’m lost here.”

“Like I said, I can’t keep worrying about you. You do know it’s not safe to go home with guys you’ve picked up in some random bar, right? You could get hurt.”

You burst out laughing. “Sam, I’m a freaking hunter. No one is going to hurt me.” 

“You may be a hunter, but you never know what could happen. Some jerk could drug you or attack you. It isn’t safe.” He insists. 

You laugh again. “Sam, I realize I’m not you or Dean, but I can hold my own against some drunk guy trying to feel me up. I promise you that.” You are starting to get annoyed with him. What the hell is he trying to say, that because you’re a girl you can’t protect yourself?

“All I’m saying is, I can’t keep sitting here, wondering if you’re okay, wondering when you’re coming home. It’s driving me nuts.” He tells you. “I don’t want to do it anymore.” 

“Well Sam, you don’t really have a choice. I like meeting random bar guys and letting them take me home. I may not be a big rugged manly man like you, but I do have needs, if you catch my drift.” He blushes. “So unless you have a way for me to satisfy those needs without the occasional bar skank, I’m gonna need you shut your trap. It’s none of your business. It couldn’t be less of your business, actually.” You snap at him.

“Well, actually, I’ve been thinking, and I have a solution.” 

You can’t help but smile. “Always using that brain Sammy, um, Sam. So, what’s your solution? Become a lesbian? Masturbate?” His whole face turns red. “Oh God, do you mean abstinence?” you say it like it’s a dirty word. You weren’t a slut, but on occasion, you needed some release.

“No! Not any of that.” He stutters.

“Then what’s the plan Sam? I gotta get my kicks every now and then ya know. So how exactly am I gonna do that if I’m not screwing bar guys, chicks, myself, or no one at all?” You’re having so much fun with this. He’s red and flustered, it’s freaking adorable. You stare at him hard waiting for an answer.

He looks like he’s about to throw up. Maybe you took it too far, but you can’t resist the opportunity to make Sammy blush. It’s probably the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. “Well? I’m waiting? Who am I gonna take my frustrations out on?” you ask again.

“Me.” He blurts out. 

Your smile fades. “What?” you ask in shock. Surely you heard him wrong..

 “Me.” He repeats. “You can take your frustrations out on me.” 

You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. You start to giggle, but you notice the intense determined expression on his face. “Oh God, you’re serious? You expect me to have sex with you whenever I get an itch I can’t scratch? Sam, you can’t be serious!”

He looks hurt. “I just, I, well, I’ve seen how you look at me. I thought, I thought maybe you were into me.” He’s stuttering. He looks so mortified and your heart lurches. You didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. 

“Sam, I’m saying that I can’t do that to you, not that I don’t want to do it. You’re ridiculously hot, you know that. But you’re my friend. I just can’t.” you explain. You stand up and cross the room, wrapping your arms around him. “You’re the cutest thing ever, you know that? Just when I think you can’t get any sweeter, you do this. You’re freaking adorable.”

He growls. His hand grabs your hair and he jerks your head upward, almost painfully. He kisses you hard, his lips bruising yours. You start to pull away, but to your surprise, heat starts to curl in your stomach and drifts downward. You’ve always been attracted to Sam, hell he’s gorgeous, but you never acted on it. Sammy was too sweet, too good and innocent for you. You would have felt like you were corrupting him, but right now, with his tongue between your teeth and his hand in your hair, you feel like maybe he’s corrupting you.

You break the kiss, breathless and panting. His whole face has changed, it’s like you’re seeing a completely different person. His eyes are dark, his features hard, his lips swollen from your kiss. It’s surprising erotic. “Jesus Sam, what was that?” you manage to get out.

He chuckles, his expression never changing. “A taste, Y/N. Just wanted to show you what you’re passing up. You think your drunk bar bitches can make you feel like that?” he demands. You know they can’t. You’ve never felt so turned on from just a kiss. Seeing this side of Sam, this angry, passionate Sam is definitely arousing. 

You want him, but can you do this? They’ll be no going back from this. You’ll never see him as sweet Sammy again. He’ll be Sam, the man who screwed you sideways. Can you handle that?

“I just need a minute, okay? Stay here.” You croak. He smiles at you, and you can see your Sammy under all the angst. It’s comforting. He pulls his t-shirt over his head, exposing his broad shoulders and muscular arms, chest, hell, muscular everything. You think you might drool. He’s staring down at you, gauging your reaction. He sees the lust flare in your eyes and grins. You do want him. He’s been right the whole time. You practically run to the bathroom.


He’s waiting for you.

You dry your face and stare at yourself in the mirror. Sam Winchester is half-naked in your room, offering you, well, him. You want to say yes so badly. You can imagine him in your bed, his hands on your body, his cock swelling inside you. You groan out loud just picturing it.

Sam is your friend though, one of your best friends, and you know you don’t want to lose that. You shouldn’t risk losing him. If this goes bad, the whole dynamic changes. Then again, what if it goes good? What if it’s great and you guys are totally content?

You have no idea what to do. It’s Sammy, for crying out loud. Sweet Sammy. Sexy Sammy. Sexy Sam. Lord, you’re getting nowhere. You know he’s waiting for you. You have a decision to make. You leave the bathroom and walk back to your bedroom. You stand in the hallway for a minute, just staring down at the door knob. You think back to when you met Sam, how sweet he was, how he jumped in front of you to protect you from a ghost. He hadn’t known you were a hunter then, and he thought he had to keep you safe. He still thinks he has to keep you safe, otherwise, why would he offer this? Is he just doing this because he wants to keep you under his thumb, or does he actually want you? Does it even matter if he wants you? You want him, and you always take what you want, no questions asked, no explanations owed. You suddenly know what you’re going to do, what you have to do.

You slowly turn the door knob and open the door…

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Dan finding a stray puppy outside the office and bringing it in showing it to everyone.

Ahh, what a great prompt to start out with! Thank you, dear anon!

Fluffy drabble prompts are open!

Dan couldn’t help the huge grin he had on his face as he walked into the Grumps Space. Even as he was being stared at. Or rather, the puppy he had in his arms.

Ross was the first one to break the silence. “Um, when’d you get a dog?”

“Five minutes ago,” Dan replied casually, setting the pup down so he could get used to the new environment. “He was sitting right in my parking space. Had no choice but to move him.”

“Aww,” Suzy cooed, kneeling down and beckoning the puppy over. “He’s so cute!”

“I know, right? And he’s chill as fuck too.” Dan watched proudly as the puppy meandered over and gave Suzy’s hand a gentle lick. “I’ve been calling him Scooter.”

“Why?” Ross asked, eyebrows furrowed together.

“Watch,” Dan said, then sat down several feet away from Suzy and clapped his hands together. “Scooter! Come here, boy!”

Scooter turned from the hand running through his fur and looked at Dan for a moment. He then stretched out on his stomach and began an army crawl towards him. Dan cheered him on until Scooter finally reached him, tail wagging excitedly.

After giving him a good scritch behind the ear, Dan picked Scooter up and stood to his feet. “Think Arin will let me do our sesh with him in there?”

“I don’t see why not,” Suzy answered. “Just as long as he doesn’t piss on anything.”

Dan grimaced. “Then maybe you guys should watch him for me…”

watching sassy go go


Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo were so easy to ship. they’re fucking cute and Ha Joon and Kim Yeol are so fucking easy to ship, they’re ride or die and now Ha Joon and Yeon Doo?

they’re cute too. i’m mad.

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19 and jeffmads? >.<

19: “i’m sorry, but who are you?”

The List

James walked quickly into Thomas’s office, running late on his first day. His first day! He should have been there five minutes ago. Early was on time and on time was late in his book.

He glanced up at Thomas shyly as he closed his office door behind him. “Mr. Jefferson, I’m so sorry I’m late. I set my alarm too late I guess, didn’t anticipate the traffic–”

“I’m sorry, but who are you?” Thomas looked James over, an eyebrow raised.

“Uh, I’m sorry, sir, but weren’t you at the interview? I’m your new assistant.” James glanced bashfully down as Thomas looked him over. “I guess I shouldn’t have barged in here, nonetheless. Sorry.”

“Ah, yes. I reckon I have too many things going on to keep track of everything. I also reckon you’re right on time,” he said with a chuckle. “How’d I manage to hire someone who apologizes so much?”

James took off his coat and hung it over the back of a chair in Thomas’s office, revealing his broad chest and shoulders. The button-down and blazer he was wearing barely stayed together over his muscles.

Oh. That was how.

Thomas watched, clearing his throat and looking away when James looked back over at him. “Right. Anyway, let’s get started. I’ll show you my planner and have you take care of a few phone calls.”

James nodded, sitting down across from him where he had hung his coat. “Sure. I can do that.”

Thomas pulled out his planner and picked a day that week where he didn’t have anything in the evening. He wrote down Dinner with James? and left a yes and a no for him to circle. He then showed James the planner, explaining what he needed done, and left him with it, waiting for him to notice.

James worked quietly all day, taking care of his list efficiently. Even after lunch, Thomas had not heard one word about the question. Surely he had noticed by now, right? It was a day nothing else had been written in. He had to have seen it. 

When it was time to leave the office, Thomas was anxious out of his mind. James was an extremely quiet worker, leaving each of them to their own thoughts during the day. For Thomas, this meant thoughts of doubt, and fear of rejection. Had James not said anything because he didn’t want to? Was he even attracted to men? Thomas supposed he should have thought of that before he ‘asked’. 

James got up after packing his things and grabbed his coat, draping it over his arm. He placed the planner on Thomas’s desk, open to the same page. “See you tomorrow,” he said softly, flashing Thomas a small smile before leaving. Thomas felt like his cheeks were on fire.

He looked down at the planner, making sure everything had been crossed off the list before allowing himself to look at the question. Yes was circled, and James had written a smiley face next to it. Thomas smiled to himself before closing the planner, stashing it in his desk drawer, the warm feeling in his cheeks spreading over him as he got his things together.

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Hank rambling on about something, and you've lost track of what he was even saying ten minutes ago, because he's just so cute and smart and holy shit you love him so much. So you just kiss him, and he sheepishly asks "Was I talking too much?" His whole life, whenever he's rambled about stuff, he gets asked to shut up because people find him annoying. But you tell him "No, I just thought you were really cute." IMAGINE HIS FUCKING SMILE, HOLLY. IMAGINE HOW HAPPY AND IN LOVE HE'D BE. FML