How about blogger Grantaire who posts those aesthetic text posts which say things like “justice for immigrants” and “your sexuality is valid” and other stuff that Enjolras loves and reblogs everytime. Of course Grantaire realised what enj was doing and posted one aimed at the blond in comic sans. Enjolras was so conflicted on whether to reblog it because “it’s perfect but I can’t take it seriously ffs”

I’m so proud of this dumb joke I just made to my friend, and I can’t even explain it very well because it’s in danish

me: hey, you know what I want?
her: Mexican food? [the Danish word for food is ‘mad’]
me: you’re missing an ‘n’ in ‘mad’. [referring to the Danish word ‘mand’, meaning ‘man’]

hamilton, act 1:

hamilton, act 2: