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Hello Mary! I was just wondering if you would ever cosplay a character with a proper outfit on? Since most of your cosplays have been of characters with bikinis, short shorts and a lot of skin showing, I kinda get this feeling your only doing cosplay for showing of your body. Don't you want to aim higher and really challenge yourself with cosplays of characters with layers of clothing or really detailed outfits? Now it seems you just take the easy way. Have a really good day. :)





I should DEFINITELY not cosplay characters that I feel connections with if their outfits are “revealing”. Cause we all know that women who don’t “show off” are more valuable, more intelligent and more important than women who wear whatever they want to wear!

I could continue being passive aggressive like you were in your ask, but tbh this is such a huge issue that I need to be serious for a second.

A woman’s value is NOT DETERMINED by her clothing. A woman is NOT less valuable or less intelligent because she’s comfortable wearing “bikinis, short shorts and a lot of skin”. 

I’m an amateur cosplayer. I’ve only been creating my own cosplays for LESS THAN A YEAR. I have done 7 in that time and I think that’s an awesome start. And you know why it took me so long to actually get into cosplay, despite it being something that I’ve ALWAYS been interested in? People like you, who tell women that they aren’t aiming high enough simply because they aren’t already a pro.

I am constantly learning more about clothing, sewing and costume design. I didn’t study textiles at school and I’m all entirely self taught when it comes to cosplay. So yeah, I’m not in any possible way sorry that you believe I’m taking the “easy way" when I’m still learning

All great cosplayers started somewhere. Jessica Nigri’s first cosplay was her pikachu creation in a bra and mini skirt, and now I see her making AMAZING hard armor cosplays that obviously take hours and hours of pure dedication and skill to create. Do NOT EVER shame a cosplayer for being a beginner. 

All you’re doing is making the community exclusive, sexist and straight up embarrassing. 


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