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Q: Jungkookie: What is Jimin’s existence to you? Why?

Honey ♡

Translation notes: JK’s answer looks like 굳 (good), so the original fan asked for clarification the next day. Jungkook confirmed that he actually meant “honey.”


[CF] Addiction Cheek Polish - MONSTA X Shownu & DIA Yebin

Właściwy mężczyzna zapragnie dać Ci więcej niż możesz sobie wyobrazić. Ten niewłaściwy - nie dostrzeże, że jesteś warta wszystkiego.
—  ‘Ten właściwy’ - Nie znam autora.
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M!A Start! :Child! 0/7 

//I spent way too much on this– it’s hard to draw on firealpaca with a mouse–
Plus I edited the sound myself too,in Audacity.//

On Feb. 4, 2017, my 93-year-old grandmother began rehab, following knee surgery to repair a broken patella. This afternoon, Feb. 27 (Day 24 of rehab), she received orders from her orthopedic surgeon that she should pack up and move back home. Hereafter, she’ll do out-patient PT and OT a couple of times a week; the only time she needs to wear her knee brace, now, is when she’s putting full weight on her leg. Despite her age and recent injury, she can return to living a fully independent life, including serving as editor of our family business, a Jewish community newspaper. 

Needless to say, she is thrilled to be going home. Discharge from the rehab facility where she’s been holed up for the past nearly four weeks is expected to happen this Wednesday, hopefully.

My grandmother has humored me throughout her recovery process by allowing me to document (via 120mm film) her steps, literally, each day. I suppose this means that this project is going to wind down sooner than later.

With the demands of work, teaching and trying to buy a house at the same time–we’re aiming to close on the property at the end of March–I’ve fallen a bit behind on the film processing (14.5 rolls to be precise), scanning and posting on this blog. I plan to get caught up soon and obviously will share the results and the happy ending to this story. There will be a book when the project is complete.

More than anything else, this experience has given me some much-needed time with my grandmother. Without a doubt, she is one of the strongest, most resilient and most inspiring people I know.

Once again, thank you to all my tumblr friends for your kind and uplifting words of support throughout this journey.


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…well I wasn’t going to give Stiles tattoos in the Alpha & Emissary ‘verse BUT NOW THAT I’VE FINISHED SCREAMING OVER THIS I might have to change that idea…