why does my heart burn this way?

EXO Reaction ~ Biting Them On Their Shoulder During Sex To Keep Yourself Quiet

Request: Hiya, not sure if you do this kind of thing, but could I request an exo reaction to you biting them on the shoulder whilst trying to keep quiet during le sexy time
A:N: Sorry I haven’t posted in two days, I’ve been extremely ran off my feet because of college and just uGH


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“It looks like a dinner for two tonight then baby girl” *suggestive wink as he goes down on you* 


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“Water u doing…??” *Gives you a disapproving look*


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“So… Now that you’ve tasted me, Is it my time to taste you?” 


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“Why are you muffling up your moans baby girl? I wanna hear my name spill from those pretty pink lips of yours” *insert an attempted sexy wink*


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Well hello there, gorgeous~~” *reks u with his lip bite*


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“Oh shit, that’s going to bruise…” *plasters shoulder in contour hoping no one would notice*


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“yE-FUCKING-HET BABY! I Get to tAsTE YoU NOW RIghT?” *Looks at you like you’re a piece of meat*


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“Nothing we can do about the bite mark on my shoulder now, I’ll just have to teach you a lesson or two”


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*Pins you down and starts marking you all over with love bites* “My Turn!”


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“Shit… Right on the sensitive spot Jagi…” *Instant sub*


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“What the fuck… Why is there tooth marks in my gucci ass, expensive skin?” *looks pissed but turned on*


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“Next time I want to hear your dirty little moans, Princess, Don’t want to make Xiudaddy mad do you?” *#xiUDADDYMODEUNLEASED*