Snapshot, Taipei, Taiwan, 隨拍, 台北, 台灣 by Bryan Suen


Sitting on a water lilly, Taipei


mustdotravels Shifen Waterfall - One of the most scenic waterfalls in Taiwan in which the water flows in one direction and the rock is sloped in the opposite

Have You Heard of the Taipei Slasher Attacks?

In 1956, local press coverage of random attacks by an unknown person with a razor created two weeks of widespread fear. At least twenty-one victims were reported. The media’s reporting of the victims and their suffering caused a panic to grip the city. Parents were afraid for their children to school, families were afraid for their loved ones to go to work.

Then the police announced: there was no slasher. Of the twenty-one reported injuries, “five were innocent false reports, seven were self-inflicted cuts, eight were due to cuts other than razors, and one was a complete fantasy.” This had just been a case of mass hysteria, inflamed by the press coverage. The Taipei Slasher was dead.