your daily reminder

that taiwan was never meant to be an “east asian” country - it was and still is the homeland of indigenous austronesian tribes that share language roots and ancestry with filipinx and other pacific islander groups. taiwan is colonized land. taiwan is colonized land. stop using “taiwanese people” as synonymous with sino/Han/east asian. taiwan being grouped with china/the rest of east asia is NOT A NATURAL PHENOMENON. it is the result of the near-complete erasure and decimation of taiwanese aboriginal people, cultures, and languages. taiwanese as synonymous with Han ppl and culture only perpetuates a legacy of genocide, colonialism, erasure. if u want to learn more about this: google the Dutch Pacification campaign, spanish imperialism, indigenous resistance to brutal Japanese colonialism, forced sinicization. remember that taiwan was never supposed to be a mandarin-speaking, Chinese/Japanese-influenced, Han-inhabited place. 

to all the brown taiwanese ppl deemed savage/lesser in their own country: i see u!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pokemon Go players in Taiwan