An Evening to Remember

Tom Marvolo Riddle isn’t what you would call ugly. With shiny white teeth, high cheekbones and steel grey eyes, he was the epitome of aristocracy. As of now, he was in the newly refurbished Riddle Manor,having already graduated Hogwarts, preparing for company. As he bent back up, a knock was heard on the study door. “Enter!“he called and set on a table some whiskey and two glasses.


Starter for @danthesnuggleman if you’re interested in a universe swap type thing! (This involves Berry from my Lady Grumps AU)

Berry groaned under her breath as she awoke, her hair in her face. As soon as she opened her eyes, she knew something was wrong. This wasn’t her room. These weren’t her blankets. She looked around at the slight mess on the floor. “What the hell?” She rubbed her eyes, scrambling out of the bed. Was she going crazy? Did something happen last night? She tugged at the sleeves of her pajama shirt, leaving the room. She had to find out what was going on.

Eddie growled as he listened for any nearby footsteps. “Come out, my love,” he whispered. “We have yet to begin our fun!” He cackled and leaned down to peek under a bed. There were so many hiding places in the large room; he sighed as he realized how much time it might take to find this girl.


Lincoln didn’t hear anyone else awake in the house, perks of being an early riser he supposed. Making his way into the kitchen he supposed he could make a quick coffee before slipping out of the house before his one night stand even woke up. As he spooned coffee into the mug on the counter, he heard a creak of floorboards in the hallway. “Morning…”


Eobard takes a step back from the whiteboard he’s been using and stares at it. He knows his conclusion is wrong, but he just can’t seem to figure out where he went wrong. He’s a literal genius, yet he just can’t do it.

Angrily throwing the marker at the whiteboard and sitting down, Eobard closes his eyes. Maybe he’ll go get his Gideon and make her look over it, this type of science is far too advanced for this time anyways…

Dirty Business
It had been three days after the exchange at the market board. Teledji was suspiciously quiet and content despite his tantrum over the undercut. He seemed to had resumed business but no crates were coming in or out lately. When asked he simply replied he has been studying the market board for good investments.

While not suspicious at first it was on that third day when Mihn approached Tiy once their guest had busied himself with the chocobos at the stable. Oddly enough he seemed willing to tend to them even when he didn’t have to.

“Tiy…” Mihn began, his voice unusually slow. “There is something I heard in the morning.” 

He glanced at Teledji making sure he was indeed not looking at them before he continued, “Do you remember that merchant? The one who caused the hassle? I saw him being questioned and his goods taken. When I asked the guards, they mentioned he’s been suspected with trading aether crystals with the hostile Ixali… Mm…”

Crossing his arms, Mihn inched his head, obviously wondering if Tiy was having the same suspicions as him, “Two days ago, Teledji requested me to escort him to the Ixali for possible trading, he didn’t take too long and said the long trip doesn’t make it profitable at the moment. Do you think….he…?”

[[ @uldahnflamelady ]]

cry-gentle-romancer  for a starter

;;✖ 💋    ——-   Weekday nights meant nothing to wild souls such as Joan’s; People she knew, through friends mostly, threw house parties. She was drawn to them with some magnetic force, always around to the disorderly clash of young adult indulging in cheap beer and liquor.
     The raven-haired girl arrived alone, nodding at those passing faces. A plastic red cup of a bitter drink she acquired, occasionally taking a sip. She found a comfortable spot near a few laughing friends, one hand in her leather jacket, she glanced around the environment to see who else joined the gathering. One particular out of the crowd caught her eye, making her swallow hard that gulp of beer. Stepping out from the bunch, Joan made her way over to familiar blue eyes. 
Within a few feet she faced the girl, and placed her drink down on whatever surface nearby. 
Hey, Nance. Joan greeted with a small smile, for it had been a long time since she had seen the other. 
How are… How’ve you been?

A Prince With No Crown || {Evan & Casper}

Evan didn’t cry at anything. He didn’t cry when he got hurt. He didn’t cry at movies or music or funerals he was forced to go to. It was like all he could do was smile. But now, he couldn’t hold in his tears. Beyond the border, he could see the ruins of his kingdom. His mother was probably dead. Gods knew where his sister was. His whole world, everything, had been destroyed and he had just run. He dropped to his knees, hand over his mouth. He felt a hand on his back that he knew was Casper’s.


“oh the great jace wayland, silent?” Clary teased as she finished up bandaging his arm. The red head may have been in a nephilim for only a few days.Clary could still clearly see the fact that Jace took risks. The blonde shadowhunter had found a new way to make her heart beat in an iregularly rapid manner. This way was without even the smallest touch or word. An iratze already burned into Jace’s skin but she still felt the need to nurse him back to health, to take his pain, and to ensure that he wasn’t hiding any pain. “ You should have just let that thing take me down. I don’t care what you talk about as long as you could talk.”

             Smoke was everywhere. The kitchen smelt
             like burnt rubber, and the microwave was 
             basically on fire. “I swear, it was like this when
             i came looking for my phone.” He lied. Conveniently 
             leaving out the part that his phone was what
             caused all of this.

starter for @djwiththefxre

Chihiro squinted as she was trying fix a virus that Alter Ego received from online, straining her eyes to see intricate dysfunctional and null coding errors. A low rumble came about, but did not break her focus- The second time, it was louder, but she ignored it, faithful to her work. It was quiet for a while, until a third rumble made her look up. It was coming from upstairs- the upperclassman floors. After she was determined to fix Alter Ego, A fourth rumble- an earthquake, rather- Shook the room and startled her into losing her place on the screen. “Keh…” She sighed. Chihiro was slightly irritated- Who could be… And then she listened. Music? She thought. Those rumbles must be the bass. She marched out of her dorm room, laptop in hand, with the intention to work elsewhere- however, then she remembered that the rest of the school is closed at night, she had no choice. She had to talk to the music player.

Chihiro followed the music, as it grew louder and louder.The music lead to a dorm. She knocked on the door once timidly, but decided that the person playing cannot hear. She firmly knocked, as the sound carried through the empty halls. The door flung open, to reveal a big chested woman with dark skin and hair that made her look like she just got out of bed. There was a medium sized crowd- all upperclassmen- having a blast  in a darkened suite.

“Come on in, Shortie!” She beamed.

Chihiro was small enough to get through the crowd with ease, and at the back of the suite, lay a large speaker, and a man with pink hair who seemed in charge of it all. It was time to confront him.She tapped him on the shoulder with false confidence.

“E-Excuse me. Can you turn it down? I’m working downstairs.” She asked politely.