Amaterasu - Currently recruting

Who are we? Short and simple, Amaterasu is an Othardian sanctuary, for those who have lost their homes. And those who are determined to join the fight to take back what belongs to us. Currently the organisation is being held in a small apartment, but if the numbers grows, it will move to a larger location. Looking to take on contracts that will benefit the cause, and to help fund the mercenaries and adventurers who wants to help. 

Who are we looking for? Currently the organisation is looking for those who wants to join the cause, and are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. Soldiers, medics, builders, chefs? All welcome, we will offer you protection (and soon a place to stay). Depending on what you are interested in, you will get contracts from different parts of the company. Are you a healer who only want to help those in need? Koneko is your girl. Maybe you are desperate for coin and not scared of doing what has to be done? Bounty hunter? Those contracts can be dangerous, but scars are sexy and Ririsu will make sure you have work. There’s your dash of morally grey!

How do I join? Still interested? Of course, why wouldn’t you be! All applicants wishing to join us should full out the application form! Giving us as much information you can. And after looking through it, Drazi Rae or Koneko Hidenka will contact you, either in game, or somewhere else! pleasejoinus.

OOC information
Amaterasu is currently open for recruitment on Balmung, we wish to create a positive, close knitted group of members who wants to have fun and help each other develop their characters and plots. You wish to host your own event? Of course, please do! Are you new and want to learn? Don’t worry, we will help. Even if we want to try and be a Heavy/Med RP FC, we will still want to do PVE stuff together, or play other games! Most importantly, something that sometimes is forgotten, is that we want to have fun. Due to sometimes mature plot content in our RP, as well mature conversation on Discord, we do enforce an 18+ policy for applicants.

We look forward to seeing you all around ♥

Adventures in Heterochromia

A Continued Reply to the HELL drabble per @sable-longclaw

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“Fuckin’ bullshit!  Mace said he’d be alone, that dumb fuck!” Sable yelled half to herself and half to her companion as the bullets sent up their shrill tidal wave of ricochets and sand into the air.  Her pistol held tightly in one hand as she did her best to keep to the cover of the berm they’d dived under in the initial burst of lead and fire.  Fishing into her belt she began to pull shot forth and reload with natural ease into the heavy pistol in her hand, “How many you think there fuckin are?  Five?  Six?”

Zexx lay flat against the beach, lucky for the cover as the bullet storm began to slow and stop to a few final shots here and there.  Watching tree line behind them sway and shiver from the full brunt of the blows from their quarry, he did his best to help clear the ringing in his ears from the bombardment.  "No idea, hell maybe it’s one guy with six guns?  Hang on…“  As the firing slowed down to a halt, he would keep low and roll to his right crawling for the edge of the dune, inching his way to catch sigh t of the bounty.

Thunder exploded in on the shore line as the bullets fell at them sending up a new sandstorm of sand foliage, scrambling back from the attack came Zexx cursing the whole way as he reached beside Sable again.


“Good news, it not one guy with six guns, ” Zexx said in a matter of fact tone, his hand reaching for his shield to survey the damage it had initially taken. 

“No shit.” Sable rolled her eye with an exasperated look at the older man’s fool hearty nature for such a dumb idea.

“It’s one guy with six arms, ” Zexx nodded as he found the shield holding up fairly well despite the caliber and rate of fire he had been unloaded on, never noticing Sable’s eye widen.

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I wonder if Alward would be upset if he knew what I know now that he killed my blood family, I don’t hate him for it, I just hate that he lied to me. I’ve been staring at the flag I was given when he died, I miss him the man that raised me, gave me a chance of an honest life. But at the same time I resent him, he lied to me the whole time he knew me.

Got talking to Annadora today she’s actually a very nice woman, Ala Mhigan by birth. I wonder what keeps her here, now that she could be helping in Ala Mhigo, It’s far too early to ask I suppose. I also spoke with Daring Bear, a woman of few words but enjoys her tea, I think we’re going to get along.

I’ll be explaining how I load my carts to Annadora and Daring tomorrow, so they know where the more expensive goods usually are kept. Dante will be talking to them about how he defends the carts usually, he’ll be coming along to help them on their first run. I’m hoping everything goes well, I’m hoping to leave sooner rather than later.

G'night Journal

Howling Skies Formally Invites Each and Everyone to an Open House!

Howling Skies is a new RP/PVE guild hosting an open house on Thursday, September 28th. There will be catering and entertainment as the members get acquainted with each guest as we hope to expand and grow in the RP community! We hope to see as many new and old faces as possible. Everyone is welcome.

What to Expect: Food, entertainment and a socially safe environment! We ask that you bring along naught but your formal wear and a bright smile, as we of the house will be doing the same.

When: The Open House will be available from 5pm PST to 6pm PST on Thursday, September 28th.

Where: The Lavender beds, Ward 11, plot 33, is where the Open House will be held. We ask that you stay within the house and do not go into any rooms which may be left open.

Questions? Concerns?: If you have any desires regarding the event, please message @bellsisokay or @kohatheseeker, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. There are no dumb questions!

Howling Skies formally thanks everyone for reading, and we hope to see many people there! 

Insomnia starters
  • "It's nearly two in the morning, what are you doing up?"
  • "I'm pulling an all-nighter."
  • "I can't sleep."
  • "I'm having nightmares."
  • "Will you stay awake with me?"
  • "Why am I still awake?"
  • "I should've gone to bed by now, but..."
  • "I don't think I can sleep after that."
  • "It's past midnight, why are we still up?"
  • "Do you normally go this long without sleep?"
  • "God, I wish I could just pass out right about now."
  • "I'm an insomniac, this is just normal."
  • "I work best at night."
  • "It's that late already! But it feels so early..."
  • "Can we stay awake together?"
  • "Everything is prettier when everyone else is asleep."
  • "I like being the only person awake sometimes."
  • "Is it too late to go to bed, or should we wait for the morning?"
  • "I can't sleep - I've tried everything."
  • "Let's get you some sleeping pills."
  • "You should really get some rest."
  • "I don't want to fall asleep without you."
  • "I'll stay with you while you're up."

What do you think about my portrayal?

👎 - it’s not good

👇 - not that bad, but definitelly could use some improvement

👌 - it’s ok, but there’s some space to improve

✋ - your character’s personality is too bland

🤞- your character’s appearance is too simple (not unique/they have very common traits)

✍ - I’d love to know more about your muse’s backstory

✌ - your character has engaging personality

🤘 - your character has unique, interesting appearance

👊 - I like the way you portray your muse

👍- your portrayal is great

👏 - others should learn from you

🤙 - can you teach me how to portray my muse that well?

A Late Oliver Wood is here for Quidditch.

Fred: “Late again Woods.”

George: “This is the second time this week.”

Oliver: *ignoring them, continues.”

Oliver: “Harry’s not in detention, Fred and George aren’t in detention.”

Alicia: “Oliver, why are you wearing a Slytherin Jumper?”

Oliver: “Crap.”

@madamemoony @wingardiumleviosnah

((OOC: Hey if you guys want to come on a a quidditch player it would be hella cool, if you don’t want to that’s chill too.”))

Hi! I’ve created a survey for the roleplaying community! If you would,  please fill this out. This is an open complaint box for people who may have qualms over certain things in the RPC.

This is an attempt to fix some issues that may be hurting the community. Please reblog this post and spread this survey. Thank you so much!

Happy Roleplay!


[H-RP] The Renegade Collective (WRA)

General Information:

Guild Master: Xen’aji

Officers: Valdyrim, Zen’Atal, Mythical

Faction: Horde, but welcoming of all races.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Guild Status: Currently recruiting!

About The Renegade Collective:

IC  Information:

The Renegade Collective is a World of Warcraft guild that brings together soldiers, ruffians, and vagabonds alike. Led by Xen'aji, the team seeks out the toughest work that most would turn away from and without the worry laws and politics, the guild gets their hands dirty for those who cannot find justice on their own. They strive to strike fear in those with villainous, treacherous hearts and work towards earning the respect of the community. just like the Warchief that brought good to the Horde, Xen'aji aims to make Azeroth a better place.

OOC Information:

We’re looking for friendly people and characters willing to roleplay with their other guildmates and participate in events. We provide engrossing storylines, regular events and a fun, laidback atmosphere. We’re an 18+, LGBT+ friendly guild who strives for a welcoming and accepting environment.


Combatants: Those more inclined towards might and strength would become combatants under the Warlord, Mythical.

Tacticians: Those more inclined towards battle strategy and discipline would become tacticians under the Commander, Valdyrim.

Adepts: Those more inclined towards support and healing would become adepts under the Corpsman, Zen'atal.

Hoodlums: In character, beginner rank. All characters will start off at this rank.

Punk: OOC Character rank.


Information: x

Rules: x

Application Submission: x

☽☆ Menphina’s Blessing LS ☆☾

☽☆ Balmung Server ☆☾

☽☆ Are you tired of having your moon kitty cold and alone living out of a cardboard box in Pearl lane? Have you tried to explore your tribal heritage but found no other? Well look no further! Here are Menphina’s Blessing we strive to connect Moon Keepers everywhere! We are happy to facilitate LFRP and discussion on headcannon keeper lore. We are a OOC linkshell created with the intent for people who play Keeper characters to make contacts and find more Keeper orientated roleplay.

☆☾ “We respect everyone who is a mooncreeper! Sunpeepers go, make the shroud great again!” - Naah Jomalah

☽☆ Rules: Be Kind. Be Respectful. Be Tolerant. Be LGBTQS friendly. Be Mature (Not the R rated Mature, No Lewd in the Linkshell please, keep that for your /tells). 3 Warning system, unless the violation is extreme and reportable to the GMs.

☆☾ How to get an invite: Send me an IM here in tumblr with your Keeper’s IGN, or find me in game on Nikytta Tayuun or Levin Tayuun. Alternatively, whisper Naah Jomalah, Etani’a Sedi or Vexiras Redain (more nominated leaders will be listed as they are selected).

☽☆ Credit to @etani-a.tumblr.com for the cute as banner they whipped up while we were discussing making this Linkshell ♥